What did you do in GT7 today?

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I'm down to the last 10 or so cars. My main objective at the moment is to get 1 of all the cars. My second objective is to get, and max tune/wide body all the cars that it's worth doing on, and I still need to buy a bunch of BMW VGTs for my garage. Doing the 15-20 million cars makes the rest seem like a piece of cake!
My collections currently at 142. I have limited time to play, so I usually just do races that I enjoy instead of the grinds. The rarest car I own is probably the GT40, but I only grinded for that because it's one of my all-time favorite cars. I really want to save for the Mclaren F1, but I usually get too tired of not having new cars to tune so I end up spending it all. would you say that the f1 is worth the 20 million and the time it takes to grind for that? I'm considering doing the work and buying the next F1 that comes in the lcd.
Did the weeklies using a couple of classic cars I like, the C3 Vette, the E30 M3 and this '84 Ferrari, I don't dare to name without googling any more.

I also had a kind of special race with @Pesselles and @Lomic with bone stock Willys on Nordschleife.
It worked more or less and was great fun :dopey:

After that I lworked on the KTM TT. The car remembered me some austrian guys I know. If you learned how to take them you can have a great time together :D

Finally bought a 300 SL from LCD because it seems to be fun with intense tuning and I apply permanent parts just to unicorns I have multiples of.

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would you say that the f1 is worth the 20 million and the time it takes to grind for that?
Objectively, no. It's good, but it's no better than a bunch of cars a quarter of the price. But then I'm of the school of thought that if I keep playing the game for long enough, everything will come.. rather than the grind mentality. If the F1 is a car you are otherwise fond of, then I doubt it will disappoint.
Today I improved my time in the Online Time Trial at Road Atlanta with the X-Bow, sold more cars from my garage, then I drove the Shelby GT350 R a couple of times at Watskin Glen weekly challenge event. That's a car I was meaning to drive for a while, then came the weekly thing and I finally put it to use.

Also I made a 5 minutes livery for it, inspired by the Eleanor. It's a nice car and I've added to my favorite tab.

It was a nice GT7 day.

so much more time in lap...its actually funny
919 2016 nordschleife
i said before 5:13 is possible after march 2023 "handling changes"
i did 5:08 before...when analyzing lap i did at least 3 major mistakes..
I did a couple more of the weekly challenges, namely the Special Event at Laguna Seca, and the WTC 600 round at Spa-Francorchamps. The latter of which is where I used a Charger Hellcat, albeit with greatly reduced power, and I had to put it on Sport Hards to get it below 600PP. But when I actually did the round, it was genuinely a fun challenge, and I got a clean P1 to boot. Got a four-star ticket, which netted me a Carbon Prop Shaft for the Lamborghini Murcielago.
Having not had time to drive since Friday I've done the SuperBird (weight reduction1, long gears and sports hard) special at Laguna, the front rear American challenge at Watkins (also in the Plymouth) and the European clubman at Barcelona in a classic mini (engine swapped, turbo and racing hards) this left me a couple of miles short of the daily miles so I entered the mini at the Nordschlief in the Schwartz league. Car spins it's front tyres in 1st to 4th if you push on hard in the dry so when it started to rain 2/3rds of the way through the lap I ended up getting passed by everyone when you can't even make 30mph in a straight line it's time to reset.
Daily wheel 3* gave me = 5k.
Why is the McClaren F1 back in the legends so soon? Are we expecting to use it to TT next week?
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I'm back after a week's vacation. On the GTP account, I got 1,000,000 Cr. from the Fuji Toyota GT-One time trial, then rented a X-Bow to set a very-marginal silver time at Road Atlanta. Of COURSE the game welcomed me back with a 3-star Wheel of Despair, and of COURSE it was the low-showing 10,000 Cr.

The first two Weekly Challenges went rather easily - Catalunya in 3:05 with the Mercedes-Benz 190 E and Watkins Glen in 4:18 in a 2015 Ford Mustang. The Special Event, on the other hand, was not fun. After over 148 miles in the lightly-tuned Superbird of restarting after offs, restarting after contact, restarting after offs, restarting after contact, restarting after getting punted from the lead, restarting after offs, restarting after contact, and restarting after getting punted from the lead in a vain attempt to get a clean win, I pushed through contact to get an unclean win in 7:23.

Spa was a bit easier, done with a Ferrari F430 in 10:56. I somehow lost the CRB in the Chevrolet Corvette Gr.3 at Daytona, but after 18:57, I wasn't about to hunt it down.

My eyes were shot after the GTP run, so no Plus run.
-Drove the Jaguar F-Type Group 3 around Brands Hatch.
-Drove my SR20 swapped Nissan Z 432 around Deep Forest.
-Drove my engine swapped Toyota MR-2 around Sardegna B.
-Drove my modified Porsche 911 GT3 996 around the Red Bull Ring.
After a strong weekend i got a 1966 Ford GT Mk1 and a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray race car.
I drove them in various races (that Vette wants a little more wide range of shifts because it has power for more speed than 220 km/h!!!)
After that i will do for the big fishes!!! (8-12 mil cars)
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The last few days I've been setting up the new rig and trying favorite tracks with it just to get the feel. It's such a big change from what I was using that there is a learning curve. Changed all my settings in the wheel to ones that seem to really take advantage of the stiffness I now have.

My favorite thing in this game is the snow. I know most of you hate it and I totally get it, but it's a ton of fun once you figure it out. Anyway, I went through all of the LL challenges with a few different cars. I also managed the 30 lap Tsukuba mission for gold which I hadn't been able to have the patience for. It felt pretty nice to get through it the way I did after having such a hard time with it to this point. Hard level as well. Maybe I just didn't commit to it before, but either way, one more down. CRB even.

The wheel gave me a million for my daily marathon. I have found that if I put the PS5 into rest mode while still in game in the sport mode time trial challenge I have a better chance at a far better daily marathon ticket. I have not tracked the data but since I've started doing it, it really seems like I get a bunch more 4-6 Star tickets than normal. I think this is the third 6 Star in a couple months which seems like a higher frequency than normal. They are a rare bird for a daily workout.
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I realised that one of the last 10 cars I'm yet to get is not actually a LCD car but the much more reasonably priced P1 GTR... still can't afford it, but I'd been assuming it was a 20 mil car, so that was kind of a result.
Wrapped up this week's challenges by doing the WTC 800 round at the Daytona road course, using the same Corvette C7 Gr.3 that I've been using for almost every WTC 800/Gr.3 event. Got a clean P1, collected the 500k credit ticket, and then the four-star roulette ticket netted me another half a million credits!

So now I have over 4.8m credits - hopefully I'll have enough to buy the Porsche 911 GT1 Street by the next time it appears in the LCD, specifically in white or silver. But I think that's a reasonable enough goal, especially since I typically get silver for the online time trials, plus we got three championships coming up where we can each win a ton of credits for our standings.

I refuse to grind at any rate; I only repeat a World Circuits event that I've already cleared if it's part of the Weekly Challenges.
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I finished up the weekly challenge. Since it was close to midnight after that I used the Valkyrie at my favorite track LeMans and did a 2 lap time trial to get the daily marathon. So I ended up with 2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🎫s . Got a 2nd RE Amemiya RX7 in a week and 10k cr
First of all I deleted all <100.000 Cr parts the glory roulette gave me. Now just weight reductions and nitrous are left making the thing a bit more transparent.

Then I finished my 300SL

After that I had a glass of red wine.
No, this is not off topic. This was necessary when I realized that I installed a couple of permanent parts to a 20M car 😅

Now I have an appointment with @Pesselles and his 300SL in the Eifel.
The only problem is that the wine 🍷 is still there 😅


This screenshot (saying nothing about positions but is just beautiful) is a must have!
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Today I bought the Shelby Cobra from the LCD, test drove 3 more american cars at Watskin Glen, engine swapped the VW Sambabus and added this tune to my "to do list".

By buying the Cobra I accidentaly completed the Shelby extra menu and then a 6 stars ticket gave me 1M credits.

It was a lovely GT7 day.

On the Plus account, I doubled up on 4 of the 5 Weekly Challenges, using a stock Ferrari F40 at Catalunya (done in 2:56) and Spa (done in a very-close 11:04), and a super-tuned Superbird (to the tune of 671 PP) at Watkins Glen (done in 4:06) and Laguna Seca (done in 6:39). For the Daytona race, I used the Lexus SC430 GT500 to overpower the field in 18:20.

Much like the last ticket on this account before I went on vacation, and the ticket I got on the GTP account when I got back, the workout Wheel of Despair was of the 3-star variety. It gave the low-showing 10,000-Cr. prize. At least I had been having a dearth of 3-star Wheels of Despair, as I'm now more than 4 behind expected since the 1.17 update changed the odds.

On the GTP account, I banged my head against the Interlagos X2019 Nations Cup again, eventually getting an unclean win in 15:50. The 4-star Wheel of Despair gave height-adjustable shocks.
Yesterday I spent some significant time making my classic mental Mini actually drivable it's supple, goes into corners like a demented banshee and does 170mph once the tyres catch up with the revs. Did two complete laps of the Nordschlief including wet weather and kept the car on the tarmac (and kerbs) on the second lap, key to its handling is to make the fronts just about keep traction as the tyres point sideways. Topped out the daily miles at Alsace in the same. Poor day for credits, big day for smoking tyres. Roulette ticket = yes you guessed right 10k.

My daughter asked for my help with her SuperBird race. I was in second place on lap 3 when I got shoved hard from behind, went off at a steep angle straight into the wall and stopped dead, by the time I recovered to point in the right direction I had no chance to catch the top 3. Second go round I tried to straddle each of the sausage kerbs which seems to be a fast way to get round Laguna, slid past the field of other cars generally up the inside without much hassle, won by 15 Seconds having avoided any kind of significant contact.
Last night I started with the Valkyrie at the 900 pp LeMans race. I got half way through and quit. I wasn't having fun with the race, I think because I was on FM6 and was getting about 5-6 laps on RH and it wasn't fun. So I took the TS020 to Sardegna to race. It was much better ran FM2 so I had to do one stop. If I kept it at FM6 I probably could have done a no stop run. After that I downloaded some decals and added some parts to my swapped Crown. Then I took it LeMans 700 pp for some testing
I did the same license test 118 times and I'm still no closer to Gold, and have nothing to show for that hour or two. Say what you want about GT's grind economy, it's still preferable to that.
Finished the whole weekly thing. Toughest one was the Superbird race with a freshly bought one. Took me a view tries to figure out the brake points. Was satisfied with a 3rd place. No need to torture myself.
The daily marathon distance completion gave me a 6*-roulette ticket for engines. And I think I got the top prize winning the Escudo Pikes Peak engine worth 950k.


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Where do you guys get those nice license plates?
I think there are thousands of them shared and accessible via the ingame show booth.
However, to be honest and clear, the picture you refer to is a real photo of a real Porsche. Guess I should have whitened the license plate ... :rolleyes:
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Today I test drove 2 more cars at Watskin Glen event in the weekly challenge set.

Then I bought 2 Sema cars (the Maverick and the Greedy Fugu) to complete an extra menu, which gave me a 5 stars ticket holding a Ferrari invitation. An useless prize for me.

After that I sold the mentioned Sema cars along with some dups I was keeping for whatever reason, deleted some replays, liveries and decals from my collection/itens.

Decluttering day one may say.

Not a lovely GT7 day.

Edit: corrected some typos
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