What would you recommend as the best car to start drifting with?

Discussion in 'GT4 Drifting' started by Rogue8, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. HiyakuShiro


    It's ok but I'm not that big a fan of the looks.:indiff:
  2. Hiroke


    For me the best car to start with is the Mazda MX-5 equiped with N2's. It doesn't have enough power for power-oversteer, but it's predictable handling is perfect to learn how to cope with oversteer. Then one can step up to something like a Nissan Silvia (also fitted with N2's) where you can use the power a bit more to control the slide. Well that's my personal opinion.
  3. nosturbo


    Personally i found my 500bhp M3 GTR to be my first and favourite car to drift with mainly because you can control it so easily but any european car will do just as good.

    Some tips that i could give you are:

    Dont be afraid to gas it (im not saying that you are.) when exiting a corner having the car wheel-spinning can help you set up for the next turn.

    Know what corners are your 'strengths and weaknesses' so you can improve and impress.

    Sorry but thats all for me, because as like you, i am Very new at this.

    Good Luck:tup:
  4. guska

    guska Premium

    Well, I just want to offer some advice and encouragement to all newbie GT4 drifters out there.

    I am a newbie drifter myself, but thanks to the friendly people on these forums, and the setup depot, I have shown 300% improvement in about an hour and a half. Still not up there, but getting there.

    I started with the Monaro (as I am Australian, and a Holden fanatic), however I found it to be too whippy and tempermental to control as a first drifter. I am now using the '88 Silvia K's tuned as per one of the setups (i forget which) on this site. I am practicing on Motorland, and seem to be getting the hang of it quite quickly, using the throttle control method (it's the only way i can stop the flickback on exit). I have gone around every corner sideways, although, not all in the same lap. I am yet to complete a lap without either just driving off the track (unintentionally), or sliding/spinning off.

    To other newbies out there, the age old saying (which has also been repeated here umpteen million times) "practice makes perfect" really does apply here, so keep at it, and if you start to get frustrated, take a break, clear your head, and then get back to it. If you stuff a corner up, just think to yourself "I will try again next lap", if your corner is a bit sloppy, think "next time, I'll nail that one". Besides it's a game, it's meant to be fun, so have fun!

    Okay, rant over

    Thanks everyone, you have been a great help! :)
  5. KaidoRacer


    i started with my rx-7 its a good starter car for drifting. im gonna try hks s15 now. =) i love silvias!!
  6. GT40 MKII

    GT40 MKII

    United States
    me it was a d1 car(by mistake) and i learned a few tricks here and there then i practiced and practiced and boom.... im freestyiling on gymkahana sideways. By the way the car was the hks S15 silvia
  7. ImprezaAddict


    try a stable car or a miata...i started with a miata
  8. pzygho_freak


    Pick up a Silvia for starters. Put on N2 Tyres

    Try to tweak the Suspension settings for drift. If you don't know how, then look for settings. Power should be no more than 250HP.

    Your technique should start with standard steering by mashing the gas. You can also try and touch the brakes while steering at the same time.
  9. [GT]Legacy[GT]


    I have the perfect advice for you :)...
    Read this or skip it if you want and go the the Bottom Section
  10. Drifter_K


    Any MR, FR, and some 4WD cars I would recommend. Since they all can 'drift', it's just how you manage to do it :D But preferably 240SX [S13, S14] Silvias are good.

    Remember also that it doesn't have to range all 'drift' in the Japanese Car areas. European cars have some of the best drift cars too. Ooh! And American cars too! LOL Those Muscles *drools* Lalalaa~

    Have fun :)
  11. KurementoX


    I'm more of a japanese car fan but when it comes to drfiting, I'm all for classic american muscle such as the 70' Dodge Charger, I found it exceptionally easy to drift with
  12. AD27


    Because your starting out i wud suggest that you go on the wet courses to get a feel for drifting. When i started i used a supercharged MX-5 on the wet course at tusckuba. leave every thing else on the car stock and work the engine up to 200BHP. then just try and get the tail out on the finial long corner and then once you've done that try linking your drifts through the slower corners on the course. After your linking drifts well, try and move to a dry circuit but remember there's more traction on dry tarmack so increase the power so the car doesn't grib to much. Have fun:)

    MX-5_2.JPG (click to enlarge)
  13. blindside


    i think the best cars to start of with are silvias..real easy too oversteer..all aids off..if u feel that its still too much of power,maybe u could try an mg?:)i learned how 2drift in an mg(arcade mode,seattle circuit)...try it out..:p
  14. jadster


    to start use a suzuki cappacino, there cheap and as long as you use N1 tyres really easy to get sliding, hardly ever spin!
  15. SouthSideSlider


    start with a 1986 Toyota MR-2 G-limited SC stock anything ofer 70mph the sucker wants to drift and if you can control it it becomes amazing at anyspeed
  16. chrishardcore1


    Top 10 Of The Best Car's To Drift With For 1st Timer's

    1. 93 Nissan 240SX S14
    2. 96 Nissan 240SX S14
    3. 94 Nissan 270R
    4. 96 Nissan 240 SX
    5. 05 Pontiac GTO
    6. 97 Mazda RX7 RS-R
    7. 00 Honda S2000
    8. 83 Toyota AE86
    9. 97 Toyota MR2 GT-S
    10. 05 Ford Mustang GT
  17. Metar


    Me, I'm a first-timer myself. I started drifting a couple of days ago, with different (stock) cars. All were complete failures. On the list: Honda S2000, Honda NSX, Toyota Trueno S.S. version (simply had a little more power), Mazda MX-5. I didn't really succeed to drift any of those.
    However, today, I tried the Lancia Stratos. I simply saw how good it looked, so I took it for a ride. I forgot the aids on 10/10/7, and also raced on S2 tires (it was meant to be a grip race, like I usually race), but this moster still drifted more than any other car. It simply goes more sideways that straight... So I deactivated my aids, bought some free N2s, and, after about 40 laps of Deep Forest, decided it's the best drifting-car I ever had. With 185HP and everything stock, it drifted more (and was easier to control) than any car i've tested, including a S2000 with everything changed multiple times, with testing, and a 250-560HP NSX (tried to make it slide through raw power).
    Try that Stratos. It's not the classic drifter, but as an MR with aquadate power, it drifted alot.
  18. chrishardcore1


    1999 Nissan Skyline GTR-R34 (4WD) is easy to Drift
  19. gmDRIFT


    I started drifting a few days ago and i used the Toyota Trueno S.S. version and i thought it was a nice and easy cars to drift, i get my settings for it from the settings depot. After about a day i thought id try a s2000 which i did do well in but not as good as the AE86. After hearing all the talk about the MX-5 i went and bought an '89 Mazda MX-5 did an oil change bought a stage 3 turbo and N1 tires and i was off, the MX-5 was like to god of drifting for me. So i would reccomend getting an MX-5 if not either an AE86 or a S2000.
  20. chrishardcore1


    AE86 S2000 are nice but AE86 I dont't know it's like you have to go into the corner with so much speed that you either slide off the track or you get too much Angle and the car dies mid Drift. Plus the AE86 dosen't have enough power too pull it's self out of some the looping corner's in GT4.

    S2000 is alittle better but the problem with this car is that it tends to spend the tires mid Drift too much. So it also dies mid Drift some times and dosen't get that all importaint forward bite up outta the corner.
  21. BrykeSpike0086


    United States
    in GT3, my learner car was a 469HP RX-7 FC. Unorthodoxed i know but i wanted speed and back then i was a ID fanboy and wanted to be like Ryouske but that was just me, GT4 is in a more different terms and my first drift car in GT4 was a RX-7 FD
  22. FC3Sleepah


    My favourite car has been the FC RX7. My dream car, and I currently have two. One in my garage and one on my driveway. Anyways, pretty much grab any car that you like, and try to drift with it. My first GT3 drift car was the MR-S racecar =) ahha.
  23. _Drifter_


    I Start this now to do drift, and my first car r is the AMUSE HONDA S2000 (Street Version ´04) have 300 bhp and drift and is very good do drift is a car N/A Turbo, my best and favorite car is the MITSUBISHI EVO VIII MR GSR, have 551bhp but is very good to drift and u have very control of the car, a have to the BMW M3 GTR, TOYOTA SUPRA 2.5 GT and TOYOTA SUPRA RZ this is a little difficult to control, so if u start now to do drift the best car is the AMUSE HONDA S2000 ´04 Street Version
  24. GM


    Top 5 to start with (in order)

    1. Sileighty
    2. Nissan Silva
    3. Toyota Levin
    4. Mazda MX-5
    5. Mazda Spirit R

    Bottom 5 to start with (top one worst)

    1. TVR Cerbera Speed 12
    2. RUF CTR
    3. RUF RGT
    4. Ford SVT 150 Lightning
    5. 800 Bhp Toyota Supra

    This is only what I think . . .
  25. Ev0 4 drifter

    Ev0 4 drifter

    probably the '99 skyline gtr great car especially with no aids
  26. Spender99


    My first car i use is a 10km AE86, stock, n2 tyres. I tried it at Tsukuba Circuit cause its one of the D1 race tracks.:) Run it up and down the twisting section, making a u-turning after the the dunlop corner. It drifts pretty nice with handbrake turn
  27. Marouan


    rx-7 ... im kinda an rx fan :p

    but on the bathurst version the tail easily pops out ... so when u control it .. u got it :)
  28. Keichi Tsuchiya

    Keichi Tsuchiya

    Watch the Drift Bible, Keichi Tsuchya explains drifting in an AE86 in good detail.
  29. gmDRIFT


    Where can i watch the Drift Bible?
  30. 240^drift


    I just started drifting and im driftin a 240SX (S14), i have about 359HP ------Using a custom supension setup full weight reductions etc. I was trying to decide wether or not to have a stock weight reduction 240, or get all 3 stages..
    So i would go with the 240, i can give any1 my suspension if they want.
    : )