Your favorite car in GT6 (normal cars only)

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by VISIONPSA, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. sid_chiclana

    England Norwich

  2. roamer2629

    Argentina buenos aires

    Elise 111R
    458 Italia
    Chevy Nova
    Corvette 14'
  3. Trux

    United Kingdom England

    Watched Clarkson take a Ferrari 599 and a Aston Martin v12 Vantage round Ascari on a dvd of his last night.
    Tried both in game and they were exactly as described.
    599 is my fave at the moment.
  4. Harley45


    GT-R Black edition '12
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  5. pudgiecat

    United States Desert of the Real

    novitec-torado-tuning-program-for-lamborghini_100432188_l.jpg lamborghini-aventador-matte-bluetumblr_m8ebhhzepk1r4xe0so1_-omcobspw.png Lamborghini Aventador
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  6. Rush471


    Corvette Stingray '14
    This is my first post on gtplanet!
  7. pudgiecat

    United States Desert of the Real

    Welcome to the GT madness.......:cheers::cool::gtpflag:
  8. s-oso


    I like classics and I like fast competitive vehicles.

    This one checks both requirements:
    Super low cog, a ton of grip (unrealistically), low weight, above decent power and generously low pp value. Bonafide giant killer.

    And this one only checks one:
    Power is off the charts, still not nearly as competitive when all is considered, but it's just so much joy to drive.
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  9. FussyFez

    United Kingdom England

    My first buy and still my favourite for a spin.

    The AE86, but the normal version. Fully tuned with supercharger on sports hards. So much win with this car when it comes to pure old school, light weight, powerslidey goodness.


    I just bought a nurb edition LFA...

    It's absolutely glorious fun!

    I'm on a wheel, and this thing is the most fun stock car I have found so far. Extremely playful and long elegant slides out of, into and anywhere around a corner that you damn well please! But at the same time, with some smooth inputs, it's seriously fast aswell. Never found a car with such a balanced setup as standard. Although the M4 isn't far off.
  10. NavyJoker

    United States Home of the brave

    Mazda RX500
    Mazda Furai
    SRT Viper launch edition
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  11. DICE ZZT230

    Cuba Middle of nowhere

    Acura(Honda) Integra Type R(DC2)
    Honda S2000
    Toyota 86
    Toyota AE86
    Lamborghini Countach LP400
    Mclaren F1
    Honda NSX Type R '92
    Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32)
    Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06
    Dodge Viper GTS '02
  12. Welsh-Fury


    Scion FR-S '12
    Honda Fit RS '10 (Slap yourself if you think I'm kidding.)
    Caterham Seven Fireblade '02
    Nissan March 12SR '07 (Slap yourself again if you think I'm kidding.)
    Ford GT40 Mark 1 '66
    Lancia Stratos '73
    Chevrolet SSR '03
    Honda Insight '99 (Punch yourself if you think I'm kidding.)
    Nissan Stagea 260RS AutechVersion '98
    Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5 - 16 Evolution II '91
    Mini Cooper 1.3i '98

    Just to name a few, but of all of them, the Scion FR-S takes it all for me.
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  13. FuzzyFassbender

    United States Germantown WI

    Damn, that hurt!
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  14. eSZee

    United States Chicago, iLL

    Tesla S...shame about the trans gearing though.


    Great car indeed,but the sound is ruined :(
  16. FXX isn't street legal but I'll call it normal :gtpflag:. I need to drive it more seeing that everyone on these boards loves it.


    Its a wild car,you need to fight it contstantly,especially under hard braking,but thats what makes it great :)


    Agreed,great car Though,
  19. XDesperado67

    United States Hillsboro Oregon

    Daihatsu Storia X4 '00
    Really wish it was premium just because it's so much fun to drive tuned to 500PP.

    Actually really enjoy driving more offbeat cars like this than the big name type cars.:lol:
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    I had a suzuki cappucino RM in gt5,and LOVED it.its a sad thing people dont drive these low budget cars,cause some of them are more fun to drive than expensive sports cars(like the bugatti veyron,greatly over rated)
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    Good for you :) I just tried the stingray 14,and its great fun!


    *Sigh* AC cobra ❤️
  23. RockRoadKid

    United States St. Louis, Mo.

    Another vote for the LP400 here. I love the way that thing drives. I've been driving the Scion FR-S in cockpit view a lot, as well.
  24. asjacsd


    my chose would be the Subaru impreza '04. Reliving the history of gt4 with that, Its kust awsome
  25. I also find the Veyron to be fun to drive as it's somewhat rewarding when you drive a perfect lap with its terrible steering.
  26. Tommy L

    United States Maryland

    I haven't driven that many cars in-game, being new to the GT Series of games, but so far I found the MG TF160 has lots of potential. Very easy car to control.
  27. PletdeKoe


    My favorite normal cars are abnormally good! So I cannot post any of them...:)
  28. greg666

    New Zealand Auckland

    Agree, PD just need to make the sound more appealing to the customers.
  29. BadDragonzxD999

    Denmark Copenhagen, Danmark

    I'm starting falling in love with FT-1. It's a cute car, nearly a supercar. Nice top speed and handling. Bad that you can't tune it though.:nervous:
    I also love:
    TZ3 Stradale
    Corvette C7 (totally a nice car to have in garage. :) )
    XKR-S ( i wanted it badly in GT5, finally have it. :D)
    MP4-12C (didn't liked how it took corners, now I love it. ^_^)
    LFA Nurb (extremely fun driving it. :) )

    I loved V12 Vantage, GranTurismo S and 8C in GT5. (i still love them though)
  30. Roflwaffle

    Guyana Somewhere

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