This Week’s FM7 Specialty Dealer: a Bull, a Rex, and a Titan

Forza Motorsport 7 6 November 8, 2017 by

No, the title isn’t the setup for a bad bar joke. It’s the trio of rare cars on offer this week for Forza Motorsport 7 players.

The cars are all from this millennium (unlike last week), but they’ll cost you a fair bit more than that collection did. Okay, it’s actually just the one car that carries a big price tag this week. The rare Lamborghini Reventón clears the seven-figure mark, but on the plus side, that’s still less than what it cost in the real world. Plus, in FM7, it isn’t limited to a 20-strong production run.

Prices are a lot more reasonable for the remaining duo. The cheapest option is the 2005 Subaru Impreza. Known affectionately as the “hawk eye” car amongst Scooby fanatics, the mid-oughts rally weapon is a solid all-rounder.

That leaves the truck. The Titan, as its name implies, is a big, lumbering sort of vehicle. At least it doesn’t appear to have rims made of depleted uranium, as it did in Horizon 3.

Specialty Dealer Lineup: November 7

  • 2016 Nissan TITAN Warrior Concept (53,475 Cr)
  • 2008 Lamborghini Reventón (1,035,000 Cr)
  • 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi (46,000 Cr)

As usual, players will have a week to grab these cars before a new set is swapped in. With the Auction House now open, you should still be able to snap them up afterwards, but the prices may head north by then.

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