Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions Expansion: Here Are All 30 Achievements

Just in case you missed yesterday’s big E3 reveal, or just still can’t believe it, Forza Horizon 4 is getting a new expansion pack on June 13. It’s by some margin the craziest thing ever to come to any Forza title: LEGO Speed Champions.

Yes, the world-famous Danish construction toy is now part of the Horizon universe, and you’ll be able to drive virtual versions of the Speed Champions cars right alongside the real virtual ones. Fancy racing a McLaren Senna against a LEGO McLaren Senna? This expansion will suit you down to the 32×32 baseplate.

Of course the expansion pack means there’s a whole new set of Achievements for you to aim for too. There’s 30 of them in total, worth 500 Gamerscore if you can bag them all and become the Speed Champion.

Here’s a list of them all, and look out for an unrelenting barrage of brick-based puns…

  • Brick Built – Discover the LEGO® Speed Champions Barn Find (10)
  • Brick Horsepower – Complete the LEGO® Goliath in the LEGO® McLaren Senna (10)
  • Clutch Isn’t Just for Cars – Start building your Master Builder’s House (10)
  • Danish Hasty – Unlock the Brick Challenge ‘Danish Hasty’ then maintain 200mph in the LEGO® F40 for 10 seconds (10)
  • Flawless Brickstory – Earn 27 Stars in the LEGO® Speed Champions Horizon Story (10)
  • Master Builder – Become a Master Builder by finishing your House (10)
  • Microscale Explorer – Discover all the roads in LEGO® Valley (10)
  • Mini Adventure – In the LEGO® Mini Cooper, drive from Oasis Island to the Lighthouse in under 1 minute 45 seconds (10)
  • Out-of-Towners – Have your House visited by some unexpected guests (10)
  • Smashing – Smash 500 Bonus Cubes in LEGO® Valley (10)
  • Swamp Gas from a Weather Balloon – Collect all Alien Debris in LEGO® Valley (10)
  • Welcome to LEGO® Speed Champions – Arrive at your Master Builder’s LEGO® Baseplate (10)
  • 75890 – Win the LEGO® Speed Champions F40 event (20)
  • 75892 – Win the LEGO® Speed Champions Senna event (20)
  • Attraction to Traction – Earn all stars possible from Speed Zones in LEGO® Valley (20)
  • Eat, Sleep, Race, Repeat – Complete all the Race Events in LEGO® Valley (20)
  • Elementary – Smash all Bonus Boards in LEGO® Valley (20)
  • Eventful – Complete all ‘Event’ Brick Challenges (20)
  • Fast Forward – Earn all stars possible from Speed Traps in LEGO® Valley (20)
  • Gotta Smash Them All – Complete all ‘Smashable’ Brick Challenges (20)
  • In the Brick of Time – Earn all stars possible from Trailblazers in LEGO® Valley (20)
  • Learning to Fly – Earn 3 stars from the Airport Leap Danger Sign twice in under 45 seconds (20)
  • LEGO® of Your Fears – Earn all stars possible from Danger Signs in LEGO® Valley (20)
  • LEGO® Valley Tour – Complete all ‘Discovery’ Brick Challenges (20)
  • Scandinavian Brick – Earn all stars possible from Drift Zones in LEGO® Valley (20)
  • Seeing Stars – Complete all ‘PR Stunt’ Brick Challenges (20)
  • Wyldstyle – Complete all ‘Skill’ Brick Challenges (20)
  • You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Tote – Complete all ‘Collectable’ Brick Challenges (20)
  • Speed Champion – Become the Speed Champion (30)
  • Winner, Winner, Brick’n Dinner – Win all the Race Events in LEGO® Valley (30)

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