Gran Turismo 5’s Replay Deficiencies

Gran Turismo 5Weekly Race Series 68 March 1, 2011 by

The recent 1.06 and 1.07 updates have provided improvements to many areas of GT5 and even new features which have expanded its appeal and accessibility. However, it appears that these latest updates have made it even more difficult to conduct a fair and clean time trial competition of significant size where adherence to regulations and restrictions can be suitably monitored and enforced.

Even now that GT5 offers private lounges as well as open lobbies with up to 16 spaces, there is still a place for time trial competitions, evidenced clearly by the fact that GTPlanet’s own Weekly Race Series for GT5 attracted 175 competitors in its first week! The enduring appeal and relevance of hotlap competitions is further evidenced by the enormously successful and popular first time trial phase of the GT Academy, still their preferred format for distinguishing the most talented virtual racers of a given region or territory. So what needs to be changed to keep such popular time trial competitions alive and fair?

In order to make competitive Online Racing time trials viable on GT5, to provide unprecedented flexibility for event selection while making significant improvements to verification tools, we as organisers need the following solutions added in the form of a game update –

• Skid Recovery Force (SRF) aid indicator visible during replays
• Performance Points (PP) of vehicle visible during replays
• Horsepower, torque and car weight visible during replays
• Indication of tuning parts that were in use visible during replays
• Settings/Options used visible during replays
• All vehicles from participants’ garages made available for use as Arcade Mode vehicles, without tuning.

With these additions, GT5 will provide the platform for OLR TT’s to thrive for many years to come.

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