Gran Turismo 5’s Replay Deficiencies

March 1st, 2011 by Synwraith

The recent 1.06 and 1.07 updates have provided improvements to many areas of GT5 and even new features which have expanded its appeal and accessibility. However, it appears that these latest updates have made it even more difficult to conduct a fair and clean time trial competition of significant size where adherence to regulations and restrictions can be suitably monitored and enforced.

Even now that GT5 offers private lounges as well as open lobbies with up to 16 spaces, there is still a place for time trial competitions, evidenced clearly by the fact that GTPlanet’s own Weekly Race Series for GT5 attracted 175 competitors in its first week! The enduring appeal and relevance of hotlap competitions is further evidenced by the enormously successful and popular first time trial phase of the GT Academy, still their preferred format for distinguishing the most talented virtual racers of a given region or territory. So what needs to be changed to keep such popular time trial competitions alive and fair?

In order to make competitive Online Racing time trials viable on GT5, to provide unprecedented flexibility for event selection while making significant improvements to verification tools, we as organisers need the following solutions added in the form of a game update –

• Skid Recovery Force (SRF) aid indicator visible during replays
• Performance Points (PP) of vehicle visible during replays
• Horsepower, torque and car weight visible during replays
• Indication of tuning parts that were in use visible during replays
• Settings/Options used visible during replays
• All vehicles from participants’ garages made available for use as Arcade Mode vehicles, without tuning.

With these additions, GT5 will provide the platform for OLR TT’s to thrive for many years to come.

Read the Full article, rationale, history and join the discussion here.

You can help by Voting for Enhanced Replay Functionality in the Feedback Forum.

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  1. Mar. 5, 8:58pm

    We’re representing the GTPlanet OLR community. This is a play to make our competition as fair as possible.

  2. Mar. 5, 7:03am

    Huge thanks for the support to for front-paging this.

    Just another example of another GT community who regularly run TT competitions in need of these features.

  3. Mar. 3, 6:59pm
    Berlino Bear

    That list of demands is funny as hell. If you don’t do it, the bunny gets it.

  4. Mar. 3, 9:25am

    I would just like normal video controls, slow mo, ff, REVERSE, etc.. COME ON KAZ!

  5. Mar. 3, 5:50am

    Better yet, have production car only. As soon as a part is applied make the car ineligible for competition, quick fix.

  6. Mar. 2, 10:21pm

    I just want the ability to fast forward or rewind by an entire lap at a time!

  7. Mar. 2, 5:45pm
    Ken Barth

    What about the Monthly Race Series.

    I understand the complaint by the time trial community; but is not a priority for me.

    I am waiting for GTPlanet actual sanctioned races where I could improve my GTPlanet Registry ranking; rather than by racing by myself on a track; chasing a ghost of myself.

    An example; when I am available I love racing in the GTPlanet Concours Club-it would be nice to improve my registry division and/or bronze, silver gold ranking by racing other GTP’ers

  8. Mar. 2, 3:53pm

    I don’t get why people on here are downplaying that things need to be changed, it’s a known fact that GTP does have a voice when it comes to things GT. If you have nothing constructive to add, don’t comment. This is incredibly ridiculous, grow up please why even be on GTP if you aren’t about positively affecting the game and the community?

    Everything stated in the main post is needed, I was looking for it every time I watched a replay. I wanted to see the power, tires, what aids were in use. Also I enjoy the idea of having your garage cars available in arcade mode but with on the the ability to change the tires and nothing else. PD can add this, give us more customization. We must keep this up to keep giving PD more feedback that way the next time the build a GT game they will already have a solid foundation of things that are known to be accepted by us all as basic necessities for a GT game.

    • Mar. 4, 6:22pm
      – SZRT Ice –

      Not downplaying, just seeking to understand what makes one opinion, more relevant than thousands of others, wich in turn, seemingly hold more weight. I mean, cool idea, yeah, great, but I could imagine 10+ other things that are seemingly higher in rank with consumer demand. This seems personal.

    • Mar. 4, 7:14pm

      It is personal, that’s why I gave Maz the go-ahead to post it here. These time-trial events are one of the things that has made the GTPlanet community great over the years, and obviously I’d like for that to continue.

  9. Mar. 2, 3:23pm


    GTP got over 400 qualified members. That not everybody participate in the same event at the same time ain’t strange. But over 150 participating members in WRS week 1 is a very big turnout. Aand besides that GTP isn’t the only forum that runs time trail events.

    Thanks you

    And PD will listen to there closed fans. The possibitly of saving while running a endurance race is on this way aswell, what people were asking for ;)

  10. Mar. 2, 12:57pm

    Polyphony Digital don’t learn along the years (or they don’t want to) what the hardcore gamers want, in my eyes they are only focused on the big mass and on the selling, some time ago I had Kazunori Yamauchi as an idol due to his perfectionism but this isn’t the case anymore.

    Since GT5 was released I expected to see in a replay what kind of driving aids others used in that lap to make a fair and a leveled playing field but they don’t listen anyone and I’m afraid they won’t read this text either.

    It’s like praying in the desert.

    I already gave my votes for this replay feature and if I could have more remaining votes I would add them.

    • Mar. 2, 2:28pm

      I agree.. they really need to see the two side of this game. One is what the casual gamer needs / wants.

      The second part is what the old timers, who have played GT games over a decade now, need / want / would love to have.. it’s not more premium cars or anything that silly. It’s more what gives us freedom to enjoy the game like we have learned to enjoy it, or giving mor eways the enjoy it.

      I understand the need to listen the “bigger audience” that makes the profit for Sony & PD, but in my mind they should never forget the core of their players.. many of us have been enjoying the series over a decade, we have grown with it. The things we “need” are much smaller than someone shouting “we want all of the Porsches!!!”

      The thing I don’t “get” here… is that taking into account the scale of making GT5, the things we, as the “old people here” need.. they are really small. Maybe a few days work for one skilled PD worker. 5 years, still not a clue of what is needed inside the “core” of the fan base. We pay the bills. For over a decade now.

    • Mar. 4, 6:14pm
      – SZRT Ice –


  11. Mar. 2, 12:30pm

    The need for arcade versions of every car you own doesn’t extend to just WRS races; it’ll give infinite playability to GT5’s current arcade mode, which is disturbingly limited for a ‘free, unlimited race mode’ which it’s really supposed to be.

    We need the same system as in GT4, where unlocking a car in the career made it available to drive completely fresh, stock and in any colour in arcade mode! Please PD, this feature in particular will certainly take one heck of a long time to implement, but it will prove so, so useful to everyone, as well as making the arcade the enjoyable, unlimited experience it’s meant to be.

  12. Mar. 2, 9:53am

    +10 for the last suggestion. arcade versions of garage cars would make ad-hoc online races MUCH fairer.

  13. Mar. 2, 9:42am

    I’m surprised this didn’t mention an even bigger problem introduced in 1.07 with various ghost replay files not even showing up sometimes when you are doing a time trial. And it seems to be very random, you can back out and re-enter the track and they may magically be available to load as a ghost.

    • Mar. 2, 3:33pm

      Hmm, haven’t seen that one yet, but I rarely run with my ghost turned on. Was that while you were running laps for GTA, or something else?

    • Mar. 3, 1:49pm

      Yes I noticed it there, but also in practice mode. Some ghost files simply do not appear when you do the “load ghost replay”, and it even seems to vary by machine for me. They appear on one PS3, but not on another even when using the same game save.

  14. Mar. 2, 6:53am

    Remove the car gift restriction, this will not just benefit GTPlanet, but all communities. lol

    • Mar. 2, 6:56am


  15. Mar. 2, 3:05am

    Great post Maz,

    Yes,this IS worthy to be posted on the main news page because it is important ,not only for our own WRS,but also (like Maz mentioned above)for other communities who run or want to run their own fair(!!)competitions…

    If in this way it will get noticed sooner by PD ,than job well done!!


  16. Mar. 2, 3:00am

    There´s also an incompatibility between for example US replays and EU replays, which will not play on the other´s system. Got a US replay from a friend which is impossible for me to import on my EU console, EU version of GT5 installed. It only shows up on XMB, that´s all.
    Does maybe anyone know a work-around for this?

    • Mar. 2, 8:23am

      Same issue was present on Prologue. At this point, you need to buy a PAL copy of the game if you want to view PAL replays. And, if someone has a download version, you won;t be able to view their replays either. Great point, and a “nice to have”. We’ve been able to work around this issue, to date, as have the other OLR communities.

  17. Mar. 2, 2:31am

    Although i do agree with this, and that it would be great, i do think that some people are taking pd for granted.
    Although they are keeping amazing updates coming thick and fast, it doesn’t mean they can do everything.

  18. Mar. 2, 2:30am

    Excellent write up Maz, hopefully this will create some more exposure for the problem facing not just GTPlanet, but all the big GT forums such as GTRP, GTHQ and GT5rs.

    Oh and remember not to feed the trolls, people who have contributed nothing to these forums in comparison to the likes of yourself, Kev, Vaxen and Jerome ;)

  19. Mar. 2, 1:48am

    Great post Maz! I’d still rather see the online TT leaderboards that we had in GT5p. Using Arcade mode isn’t my favourite option.

    500 combos without tuning (stock cars) & 500 combos with tuning made possible would go far.

  20. Mar. 1, 11:25pm

    Smart idea putting this on the main page. Someone should also tweet Kaz the link to it every day till we get it. :) And after this I want some way of transferring the rest of my cars to my GTP account!

  21. Mar. 1, 11:12pm

    I hope PD will read this issue.. This is a very important thing that we know that PD MUST fix. :) About the Replays online or even at practice “Best lap times” they MUST make a link where our saved replays can be uploaded in the computer via youtube. :)

  22. Mar. 1, 10:40pm

    I want a built in video editor where replays can be fully customized and edited and then recoded to video to be exported to an external device. I want to be able to switch perspectives of the race and camera angles (for which there should be more options), pick between mics that focus on engine sounds, tires, exhausts etc, choose slow motion, color, blur, lense flare, focus, zoom, you name it. This would make for some truly epic Youtube vids. I feel including this would be Kazunori’s dream as well, since he love the art aspect of cars. What is more artistic then making a video of cars in a race? I basically want to produce replay recreations that look like the intro movie!

  23. Mar. 1, 10:19pm

    Why not just make your own game? Call it GTPlanet, then you can do whatever you like. Geez.

  24. Mar. 1, 10:08pm

    This is what i call constructive criticism. Not the useless whining and complaining we find in the forums.

  25. Mar. 1, 8:59pm

    I wanna see the stupid car gifting restrictions gone before this

    • Mar. 2, 2:33am

      GTPlanet’s race series are about racing and competing with people around the world on even terms. To makes sure everything is fair this is needed.

      To paraphrase Russianmule below: “Why not make your own game? Call it Dupers planet or something. Geez(sic!)”

  26. Mar. 1, 8:18pm

    Good to see Jordan putting something like this on the main page so it gets the exposure it deserves :)

    • Mar. 1, 8:26pm

      Oh geez, it wasn’t Jordan it was Synwraith! Sorry! But… still, kudos.

    • Mar. 1, 8:38pm

      It wasn’t jordan

    • Mar. 6, 10:21pm

      It’s his website.

  27. Mar. 1, 7:56pm

    The thing is- This isn’t news. Its a glorified ask for PD’s attention. Its kind of odd we go to the extent of a news post to ask for replay features, but not things people wanted more (in race saves, DLC, shadow fixing, etc.) Just seems greedy by the GTP WRC to practically call their need/idea worth more than everyone else’s in the Feedback forum. I hope you see what I mean. But this doesnt hurt me in any way, so im not directly complaining, and new features are always welcome. Im just trying to make a point.

    • Mar. 1, 8:04pm

      The thing is this will not just benefit GTPlanet, but all communities that run time trial competitions…and that’s most of them! Maybe it gains more significance when you see how far back the history of GTP or inter-forum time trials and board challenge competitions go. This story has been featured (though not yet frontpaged) on GTRP and GTHQ as well, because they too saw the significance of this.

    • Mar. 1, 10:27pm
      Madman Apex

      i’ts only important because the GTP admin want it. their ideas/wishlist is better and more important than anybody elses. whenever a new ‘wishlist’ thread is started in the forums it is quickly shut down; or when people start brain-storming about what they want for the next update they are told to put it in the wishlist thread.

      /news article closed, take it to the wish-list thread.

    • Mar. 2, 1:35pm

      +1 to BigMackAttack and Madman Apex

      There are plenty of other issues that need attention first.

    • Mar. 4, 5:41pm
      – Ice of SZRT –

      A vinyl editor will benefit vinyl editors, more tracks will benefit racers, and more photomode locations will benefit photographers. Say you’re just talking about, tabs and settings. How about a feature to turn damage off? That’d improve pictures for people who don’t care about damage. Or an invite feature to invite people to your lounge instead of them searching through multiple screens and PSN i.d.’s. A button preset to let you switch from car to car while watching a replay without the graph constantly coming back up. I could think of a million and one things… But is it news? The feedback section has more requests that have thousands more votes than this “ORC” you speak of with 150+ people. I just don’t get it… Not bashing, just trying to understand… :/

  28. Mar. 1, 7:09pm

    Considering GTP’s official race series relies on this system, I think it’s news-worthy. OLR has been a very big part of the allure with the GT series since ’97, and part of that was that we all could find out, quite easily, what our opponents were running. It peaked in GT3 when a community member by the name of MK created a program that read a replay file and spit out *every* modification and setting, making it very easy to find people who were cheating.

    The fact that most of this info must already be stored in the replay file itself means it should be very minimal work to get it to us in a viewable form, whether in the replay info or on screen during the replay (and of course, give the option to remove all info for those of us who like to just watch a nice replay). PD always changes up their methods, for replays and Arcade Mode, and it’s incredibly frustrating for those who run time trial competitions. The Arcade Mode setup worked just fine in GT4 (buy a car in GT Mode, it’s available in Arcade)… why change it?

    All 3 votes for me!

  29. Mar. 1, 6:54pm

    If that’s the case Jordan, isn’t there a lot of other wanted features that would also deserve the spotlight? Perhaps not. Just a thought.

  30. Mar. 1, 6:52pm

    Since when do requests go on the main page. Perhaps it had been in the past. If yeah, I was never aware of it. I thought the news page was about upcoming features, and actual “news.”

    • Mar. 1, 6:54pm

      This is news. PD continues to release updates, and so far, none of them have addressed the significant deficiencies with the replay system. We are using this platform to create awareness, on behalf of the OLR community.

    • Mar. 1, 6:55pm

      I understand. There is quiet a bit of participants.

  31. Mar. 1, 6:45pm

    Why is this on the main page, it should be just another begging thread.

    • Mar. 1, 6:49pm

      It’s on the front page because time trial competitions, especially officially organised GTP ones have been a part of the online community for years and with over 150 members competing in the GTP WRS weekly at the moment, it deserves the exposure.

      If you take the time to read the full article, you may learn a little more about the history behind the ‘begging’.

    • Mar. 1, 8:35pm

      Wow, 150 people? That’s pretty much everyone.

    • Mar. 1, 8:40pm

      Whether you’re being sarcastic or not, it’s a damn excellent turnout week in week out for any time trial competition organised by a handful of people in their spare time for the benefit of an online community. And that’s just a single example of the competitions and contests being arranged on this forum, never mind the rest.

    • Mar. 4, 5:29pm
      – Ice of SZRT –

      Thousands of people want a vinyl editor in the “Feedback” section, amongst other popular requests. Why is it that none of those make front page?

  32. Mar. 1, 6:40pm

    I certainly don’t want all that info on the replay screen. My replays are of my races, so I know what aids I was using… I don’t need to be told that.

    Have it so you can hide it fair enough, but not there all the time.

    • Mar. 1, 6:48pm
      HKS racer

      Of course OP doesn’t mean all this information to appear at the same time, but a menu screen where you can see all the informations need to be sure people are not taking advantage from the weak points of the game. Mr. Kazunori you better listen GTPlanet organizers they know what they are saying and I 100% agree with them.

  33. Mar. 1, 6:38pm

    For the sake of the GT community I hope PD will fix this soon! I gave it the full 3 votes, you should too!!! ;-)

  34. Mar. 1, 6:36pm

    This is paramount for us here at GTPlanet, we hope that you consider making this a top priority. Increasing the number of ‘Favorite’ cars available to play online to say 500 would be great too.


    • Mar. 1, 6:47pm

      You can use any cars there are Premium and Standard tabs as well as favorites for online now so you can use any garage cars online

    • Mar. 1, 6:50pm

      Jump_Ace is probably referring to the cars being available in Arcade mode without the mods attached to the GT Life versions. Again, I urge you to read the full thread before posting any further useful comments.

    • Mar. 1, 6:52pm

      He Means that we need to increase the number of available “Arcade Only” Cars. For organized competitions, these provide a level playing field, since they can’t be tuned.

    • Mar. 1, 6:55pm

      It’s says online in the post though :)

    • Mar. 2, 12:24pm

      he clearly says “Increasing the number of ‘Favorite’ cars available to play ONLINE to say 500…”

      that’s online.
      not arcade.

      so maybe it’s you who should read the full thread.

    • Mar. 2, 12:39pm

      “Additionally, the Arcade Mode of the game is limited to 52 cars that are available from the outset of the game. These 52 cars cannot be tuned in any way. Without the SRF aid issue, these vehicles would provide a nice platform for the operation of several OLR events, but organisers would still be limited to these 52 vehicles. “Favourites” are also available for use in Arcade Mode. However, the Favourites have all of the upgraded parts and tuning flexibility provided to participants in GT Mode. …..In order to make OLR TT’s viable on GT5, we as organisers need the following solutions added in the form of a game update –
      • All vehicles from participants’ garages made available for use as Arcade Mode vehicles, without tuning. ”

      Quote FROM the article. Which I WROTE with EDK.

    • Mar. 2, 5:10pm

      that’s not what Jump_Ace was talking about though. he agreed with adding what the article talks about, then added the addition of upping favorites to 500 for online play. that’s what the qualifier “too” means. which is what this reply thread has addressed.

      GOTMAXPOWER pointed out that the second bit, the upping the favorites to 500 cars for online play, has already been done and actually exceeded by allowing your entire garage to be used online with no limit other than the amount of cars you own. you called him out on it, saying Jump_Ace actually meant Arcade Mode when Jump_Ace very clearly wrote “to play online”.

  35. Mar. 1, 6:35pm

    I have already given my votes for this and I recommend anyone who likes a fair competition based on driver skill should do the same :-)

  36. Mar. 1, 6:33pm

    This would make gt5 life easier by far.

  37. Mar. 1, 6:21pm

    Hopefully this will happen. Updates so far have been great

    • Mar. 2, 8:59am

      With 6.3 million copies of GT5 sold world wide & only 175 participants in the WRS, I doubt PD will consider this a priority. This is just one of a multitude of small problems in GT5, I put it down to PD focusing so hard on technical issues & trying to make the cars look ‘insanely detailed’ that they disregarded many common sense, user friendly features & options. Also, I wish they would let us rename replays to anything we wanted to like in GT4 & get rid of the “Replay 005” names that automatically overwrite certain replays already on the PS3.

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