Gran Turismo 5 v1.06 Available Now: Full Details

The latest version of GT5, v1.06, became available early this morning, and it’s a big one. As promised, remote B-Spec racing (“GT Anywhere“), the game save file bug, and corner-cutting and collision detection algorithms have all been addressed. Notably, the update also introduces “multi-monitor” support, allowing you to play the game using three different screens! Here’s all the details via the official announcement:

[Major Changes and New Features]
・Remote Racing

[Remote Races] have been added to the bottom left of the [GT Mode] – [Community] screen.
Here you can start a fully automated B-Spec race using yours and your friends’ “My Drivers”, and gain rewards and experience from it.
For details please see section 8-4 [Remote Races] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu, and also the new “Remote Race” page on, under the GT5 product information section.

・Remote Racing from a Web Browser
In [Remote Races], you can visit the official “” website using a web browser, and remotely control your PS3® at home. You can start races, monitor its progress and check results from the website. This is a new playing style allowing you to play Gran Turismo anywhere.
Sign in from the [GT5 My Home] button on the upper right corner of the website to get started.

・Using the Course Maker in Online Races
You can now use one of the “My Courses” created in [Course Maker] for your online races (in Open Lobby, My Lounge), or select themes and generate courses on the spot. (Please note you’ll only be able to use My Courses created after this update).

・Introduction of Performance Points in Online Races
We’ve now introduced Performance Points (PP), a numerical index of a car’s performance for online races. You can set PP restrictions in the online race regulations (in Open Lobby, My Lounge) to limit participating cars.
For details, see 6 -15 [Performance Points] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu.

・Increased Rewards and Experience Online
The amount of rewards and experience gained from online racing (in Open Lobby, My Lounge) have been increased.

・More Event Settings in Online Races
[Auto Race Start Cycle] and [Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption] have been added to the event settings for online races (in Open Lobby, My Lounge).

・More Penalties for Special Events
Penalties for improper driving such as driving off course and hitting walls have been increased for the [Special Events] under [GT Mode] – [GT Life].

・Event Rewards and Experience Adjusted
The rewards and experience gained in [License] and [Special Events] in [GT Mode] – [GT Life] have been adjusted. Experience for A-Spec and B-Spec events have been increased, while rewards have been reduced back down to levels seen before the 1.05 update.

・Car Loan in Events
In A-Spec, B-Spec and [Special Events] in [GT Mode] – [GT Life], you can now borrow cars that your Friends have set to share with friends.
For details see 6-16 [Borrowing and Lending Cars] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu.

・More Car Settings
Gear ratio adjustment, power limiters, and weight adjustment have been added to the settings. For details see [18. Settings Guide] in the [Manual] accessible from the main menu.

・Multi-Monitor Feature
From [Options] – [Hardware] – [Multi-Monitor], you can now access the multi-monitor display settings using multiple PS3™ systems.
You can now enjoy Gran Turismo 5 in a wide display environment combining multiple PS3™ systems and TV’s/monitors.
For details please see the support section on

[Changes and Additions to Gameplay]
– It is now possible to replay and save [2P Battle] races.
– [Controller Steering Sensitivity] has been added to [Driving Options].
– [Corner Bank Angle] has been added to the section settings in [Course Maker].
– In A-Spec events including endurance races, a confirmation prompt has been added before restarting a race from the beginning.
– In replays, B Spec and while watching races, you can now change viewing targets directly from the screen without having to use a separate window list.
– Personal BGM can now be used when voice chat is disabled in a [Lounge].
– Cars in your garage that are not registered as ‘Favorites’ can now be used in a [Lounge].
– When tire restriction is enabled in a Lounge regulation, only cars with tires that qualify will be displayed in the garage.
– Driver and car display selections during races will be saved.
– Karts now have [Quick Menu] settings.
– You can now select multiple items in some important menu screens, such as when registering your favorite cars in your [Garage].

[AI Adjustment]
– Race choreography and opponent car AI controls for licence tests and A Spec events have been adjusted.
– Opponent car AI controls during B Spec races have been improved.
– The evasive maneuver of opponent cars when a players car blocks the track has been improved.

[Correction of Issues]
– Corrected an issue where it was possible to gain points unfairly in drift trials.
– Corrected an issue where it was not possible to view the 4th sector in the live monitor.
-Corrected an issue where the sound effects would not change when replacing the exhaust system or turbo kit.
– Corrected an issue where the save data becomes unable to load when exceeding a certain file size.

[Other Changes]
– A searchable item called [Race Type] has been added for room creation in the [Open Lobby].
– The lap times for the [X Challenge] in [Special Events] have been adjusted.
– Game save speed has been optimized.
– The HDD access warning message that was displayed at game startup has been disabled for faster startup.
– Car demo backdrops during an [Auto Demo] is now displayed randomly in 4 types (Morning/Day/Night/White) as is in the [Dealership].
– The “S-AWC” integrated four wheel drive system of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X has been adjusted.
– The [Force Feedback Strength] of the Thrustmaster T500RS can now be adjusted across a wider range.

GT5 Photomode image by GothamGent.

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Comments (272)

  1. ToreDL87

    Still needs more cockpits (ae86, Z`s) but other than that, allthough a much delayed update, it is certainly well received, now start making cars ffs cuz at this rate we`re gna die of old age before the game is complete :P

  2. Markus Vhane

    what i want is to for them to fix the reverse button. I’m using a DFGT wheel. I should be able to reverse using the shift stick, lowering down the gear until it says R (reverse) rather than using triangle button (or any button assigned fot reverse) if you know what I mean…

    1. ApexVGear

      Actually, this is something I applaud Kazunori on, the moment I saw it in GT5. FINALLY, they changed the shifting so you can’t throw a car in reverse accidentally while rolling forward. Game developers have been doing this for years, , it’s lazy–I just want to take each on of them out in a car and say, I challenge you to get this car in reverse while we’re rolling forward at 10mph. You can’t do it in the real world (unless you ruin your manual transmission, or you destroy a multi-million dollar F1 car in an instant). It’s about time somebody got this right. Thank you Kazunori. THANK YOU!

  3. SirB

    I love the new update!

    But what about the speed feeling? Really want some blur when going fast. I think it looks like 31 mph when going around 186 mph sometimes … :P

  4. Jeniczech

    Did they fix the problem with DFGT? I haved difficulty with chalange Lotus Elise in Top Gear.. I have drived this car, but it´s just something completely different than the experience from the game, where Steering wheel doesn´t react as it should when is car oversteering. You just can not feel, that car is oversteering and in one sec you spining like on centrifuga.. :D This is not how should car behave (and it´s not, how real car behaving).

  5. Craigles

    Got somthing else to add to the uptade list concerning the DFGT. You can now change your driving aids in GT Mode (not that i use any of course except ABS) (because its terrible without it on it just locks the brakes. Thats it.
    Im still waiting for a bigger start menu with more options like changing the transmission (if i switch between wheel and controller)
    Somthing like f1 2010s would be nice

  6. Latud09

    This update sucks. Until I get my save option for both championship races and endurance races I am still not statisfied. I don’t give a F if I could do this Remote racing, I just any to enjoy the game fully by being able to save the game during endurance pit stops and after races without burdening my ps3 to stay on for such a long period. The idea of having to sit through 120 laps of the formula championship and sitting through 24 hour races is just totally contradictory to what the game booklet advises that is to take 15 minutes of breaks every hour. How can you do this if you are attempting to do A spec 24 hours which in itself is bad for the health. PD should fix this matter quickly if they are to be taken seriously.

    1. ApexVGear

      I don’t know if Kaz is even considering this–he’s all about realism and “taking the journey.” I just finished the 9-Hour Tsakuba endurance race this weekend, and for that and the other endurance races, I’ve been getting “past” them initially by using the X2010, driving for about 30 minutes to lap the other cars 20-30 times, then I “park” the car (don’t pause) and take a 45-minute to hour break. I then do some work, chores around the house, etc, and keep an eye on my position. Even if they pass me, if there’s still a few hours, you can usually catch back up quickly, lap them again, and park and take another break.

      Yes, your PS3 must stay on (make sure it’s clean and well ventilated), and you may have to pause if you’re leaving or sleeping.

      If GT5 (or 6?) is to become the best driving game ever, the endurance races would at least allow you to select two B-Spec drivers, or even better, allow you to race as a team with friends for a “realistic” endurance race event–and the game should allow each team member to get credit and experience for their participation. Real endurance races (Dubai, Le Mans, Nurburgring) allow driving teams to share the task (number depending on regulations and class), though there are some drivers with the stamina that can do it solo.

      Of course, if we’re going for “ultra-realistic” the cars could take damage, need repair (with necessary repair time with regulations), and allow for DNF if the car totally fails and can’t be repaired within those regulations.

      Since Kazunori invested so much time participating in the 2010 Nurbuurgring 24-Hour (and not working on getting GT5 “finished” and release on time), he knows all about this. Maybe we’ll see this in the future.

  7. ApexVGear

    Anyone fortunate enough to have at least three PS3s, three copies of GT5, and three screens to try out the multi-screen setup in this latest update? We’re budgeting to buy a setup (business expense :-)) to test out and demo the multi-screen mount for our updated stand. It’ll be a few months before that accessory is completed and test-build parts are produced (too many other accessories right now), so I won’t be multi-screening for a while.

  8. stickyfiddle

    No more accidental restarts!! :D:D

    Menus now much quicker, especially the garage.

    Well done PD- good stuff :)

  9. Gtw

    I have the savegame file issue of the insufficient space on hdd. It occured after the 1.06 update and my filesize is only 600 something kb.

    When I delete the game data and go back with only the gt5 game disk (taking out my internet connection), my savegame works normally. And after I update the game again to 1.06 this error of insufficient space appears right after it wants to load my savegame file.

    Pls help

    1. ApexVGear

      Is your hard drive actually full, or is there some other problem? I know it’s easy to upgrade the original PS3 hard drive–I upgraded my 40GB to a 250GB for about $40. You have to buy the correct type of laptop hard drive, and you need a USB external hard drive, or thumb drive large enough to back up your PS3 files. Google and YouTube-search PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade.

    2. Gtw

      No there is something else. I have over 100gb free space of my 160gb disk.
      They say the bugfix for this problem in 1.06 should fix this but it actually occured in this version. The weird part is I played gt5 after the update a several times without problems.

      I cant understand why this suddenly would happen since there is a fix..

  10. Zettou_01

    Hi guys! I’m in desperate need of your help… I downloaded the 1.06 update last friday and all if a sudden ever since the update was installed, the loading time in GT5 has been excruciatingly long – to the point that it sometimes seems to freeze or hang but will load after around 5 (or more) minutes. Have any of you guys experienced the same thing because of the update or could there be a problem with my internet connection or the PS3 itself? I don’t think it’s the PS3 because my unit is just about a month old.

    1. mobiletone

      delete the data from your game data folder and redownload the update. could have corrupted when installing etc?

  11. RPM

    TRUE TRUE, people, we’re HOPING that the next update will include the uploading of the saved replay into a computer or have a Youtube support. :)

  12. Alfredo

    Finished last night the X challenge easily in bronze.
    Nice to rework on those lap times even though I’m a season GT veteran who still uses controller to play.

    Just waiting for another update that will address the in-race save function and it will be quite easy to complete A-spec mode.

  13. mobiletone

    just a small point, when remote racing via my laptop and PS3 set to that mode the friends on the laptop list highlights people with shared drivers, yet doesn’t do so on the PS3. seems a bit odd.

    also did the 1000km Suzuka today, it rained for 5hrs out of 6.5hrs and my shoulder sockets feel wrecked, damn force feedback wheels, loved every grey wet hour of it! the 1,200,000xp made it well worth the pain.

    1. mobiletone

      cancel that, seems my friends who have shared drivers also have user icons, the others are just not bother with the whole online profile side of things.

      would be nice to have users with shared drivers highlighed though.

  14. Xenosapien90125

    Jordan, please make a remote race forum! Remote races will be a lot smoother that way, in my opinion at least.

  15. ApexVGear

    Okay, after a few hours driving in A-Spec after the update, GT5 now “feels” right when I’m driving. It was the big thing that was bugging me, behind all the other problems and shortcomings, I just wasn’t really enjoying driving in A-Spec. Wish I had that feeling during the first round of GTA, I would have actually put some effort into it, and enjoyed it. Just wasn’t doing it for me.

    Driving simulators (and, yes an occasional “fun” arcade racer) are a part of my business. With this latest update, I’m getting that same feeling when I blew away my first weekend (including the Friday, almost 72-hours straight) playing GT1. There will be future updates, and I think before long it’ll be more “icing” than anything else.

  16. BillinGA

    Seems to have exposed a new issue, morphing cars. I have cars now that have disappeared in my inventory, but have dups where I didn’t before. Check your inventories for missing cars and duplicates!

    1. ApexVGear

      I just noticed I have five Caterhams. Think I had three before the update, like to buy them when they show up in used cars to gift to friends (good for the British Lightweight challenge).

    2. BillinGA

      If you have extra of one car, its a morph from a different car. I think it has been going on before this update, I have been told of people missing cars before it. I went through my cars just before the update and found like 10 duplicates and was kind of alarmed. I know I did not buy extras of these cars. Someone I talked to last night said he had the same car disappear that I did, so it may be an issue with certain models. Cars I have had disappear are Mazdas, Subarus, Nissans and a Mini, the ’02 model.


    Whiners stop whining, just report ’em to PD and let them know. If they can’t fix ’em, there’s nothing you could do so just enjoy the game itself or gtfo.

    Something feels weird though, after updating, I can select/highlight/whatever items a little quicker than before.

    1. The U.N.

      Nope, we all took a vote. We’re going to keep whinning just so that you can keep whinning about it. Seems to be one of your favorite activities. Didn’t want to rob you of it.

  18. praggia

    Would be great in the next update if they could add a feature where you select time trial and specific track but dont have exit completely to change your car…in GT life

  19. praggia

    Will these updates be similar to PS3 firmware updates? ie all previous updates also included in the latest update? Not all of us can connect to the net all the time?? The updates so far have been rather lackluster and seem to favour the online component of GT5 mainly. And why dont they make these updates available to download via PC anyway? I’m sure there are alot of GT players who play online and so too are there many who dont play online like me cos its just too prohibitive cost wise where I live.

  20. Dilbert 4 President

    Ehh, I think most of this is good, but I think they created more glitches in the process. My b-spec bobs show all maxed out, but I know they are not. Weird.

  21. Sam

    I am really surprised by the comments about the shadows… and the lack of comments about the framerate/tearing.
    That shows how people just want nice graphics… even if that means crappy animation.

    This is so disappointing.

  22. Antony Henley

    Some people are never happy and thus need to troll to have some sort of point to make. its just the sad lives they lead im afraid.


  23. The troll is back

    you can tell Greyum is back trollin because of the smell of fail in the air. Must be miserable that so many are happy, and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Silly troll, tricks are for kids. roflmbo…..

    1. Obli

      Greyum, since when has the word ‘excellence’ been synonymous with ‘failure’? Also, perfection doesn’t exist, but not a lot wrong in trying to achieve it in my eyes.

  24. Olegonic

    Hi,I have problems with internet connection now so update isnt avalible for me at least one week…Question – Does this update bring drift events to online with drift points or it just filtering the rooms with Drift race describtion? How do those drift events ( if any ) work online now? What about any changes in oline drifting at all?
    Many thanks!

  25. Robert Bullock

    This update was a big leap forward. Kaz and the Crew should be applauded with all that they have accomplished with this download. Sure, there are people complaining that the game is still not perfect. If it were up to Polyphony Digital they would like it to be the game of all games. More realistically I believe in a quote from Don Shula (head coach of the Miami Dolphins when they went undefeated). He said, “Strive for Perfection, Settle for Excellence.” It takes a little to make the big fixes, and it looks like PD is not being lazy at all. They want Gran Turismo to evolve and get better forever.

  26. Nicky_loves_GT5

    Um i dont know..but the shadows does not bother me at all… Is there something wrong with me :o! or is it that i enyoi the game :) to much to notice those little bugs?

    1. gargo moochanner

      I think it has an effect mainly on the photomode crowd. I can understand how it would frustrate some people in that regards.

    2. IDCI

      I think this was kinda fixed, ther are some new features that r not on the list, like on ucd now you can see what cars you already have.

  27. Hypergolem

    I noticed something strange: I wanted to check if they really fixed the shadows. So i took my fellow Fairlady to Tsukuba in practice mode and the shadow was really nice, no jagged borders, no flickering (checked also in photomode)
    then i tried a standard car (a citroen c5) and same good shadows. Then i checked in a Seasonal event (Madrid was the track) and the shadows were not that good anymore… at least in photomode they looked pretty bad again.
    So I tried to race in Tsukuba and the shadows were good again. Tried a few other tracks and the shadows were again jagged and flickering. It looks like only Tsukuba has better shadows (which is strange… why would Tsukuba have better shadowing?) Anyways i didnt try all the tracks. Anybody noticed this?

    1. Scarg

      Yep, I don’t know that it’s something new to this update, but the shadows go from good to bad depending on the load on the PS3. I’ve seen them switch between good an blocky durring a single camera angle on a replay, just because other cars come into the view, or more scenery pops up.

    2. Hal 5000

      I don’t think it’s doing that is new, but I could be wrong. They haven’t made any claim of doing anything to the shadows this time round though. I doubt they will ever be truly “fixed” anyway. Too much graphics, not enough hardware.

  28. Nicky_loves_GT5

    Is there a way to download the update to your pc then place it in the ps3 with a saving device and then run it?

  29. sr20detblacktopdrift

    I like everything except: when you look for friends to join online you have to take a few extra steps to select “online Id”. It organizes the list by “rank” by should be “online id” by defalut. GT5=Best game ever imo.

  30. sr20detblacktopdrift

    The Horn button now works on the DFGT wheel. Is this new? I just noticed it last night… honk ..honk!

    1. Craigles

      No. Its always worked but this happened to me aswell for a while. It took a couple of days for the horn to get going for some reason.

  31. Yaycandy69

    No X2010 has the best pit crew animation. They just pull the wheels through the wheel plates like they are not even there and the gas man nossel of the gas can is like a foot from the car.

    1. ApexVGear

      Yes, pretty lame. Every time I see the GT5 pit crew, I remember those astounding clips from the teaser videos showing all the cars and pit crews at Daytona. Apparently that didn’t make it into the final release. They look like models and animations from a PS2 game. Kaz’s claim that the PS3 hardware just can’t handle it? Stop racing and going to car events, get back to your office, and make GT5 what you envisioned. Look at Uncharted and F1 2010… PS3 can’t produce incredible graphics, shadows, animations, and effects?

  32. ApexVGear

    Has anyone noticed the different view when you enter the pit lane and stop? Before, you were stuck in the car, now you get to see the car and watch the crew (if there is one, what’s with Tsakuba?). F1 2010 has the best pit crew animations, but this is definitely an improvement for GT5. Also, the AI is definitely better and the evasive action they take if you park (or crash) on the track is much better. The also don’t seem to swerve in front you so much if you’re passing at a much higher rate of speed.

    1. Ok then

      Greyum has been too busy spaming the comments section today to be bothered with silly things like knowing what he’s talking about. Excuse him, he just needs a life.
      AI has in fact changed has listed in the changes:

      [AI Adjustment]
      – Race choreography and opponent car AI controls for licence tests and A Spec events have been adjusted.
      – Opponent car AI controls during B Spec races have been improved.- The evasive maneuver of opponent cars when a players car blocks the track has been improved.

  33. Foxiol

    Nice work PD!!! Now i´m back cause i left the game for a week cause 12 and 24 hs almost kill me and my PS3…
    Still we need some things for G25 and G27 wheels and Save during races and a couple of things more and i will be pleased! Thanks again.

    1. AleX

      I’m still praying for the G27 support and the Playstation Eye head-tracking to work in GT Life. Thanks PD, the game is getting perfect!!

  34. Carlos

    When they said adjust the times on the X challenge they should have done ALL times. Not just bronze. Because of this it’s impossible for me to get a platinum, as I’m limited to a controller.

    1. Boohoo

      PD never said anything about new tracks They did mention that at least a few cars would be released, but not when, an certainly they didn’t say soon. But, Greyum, watching you throw a kiddie tantrum, over what you’ve seemed to have convinced yourself of up in your head, is worth the wait, if not the price of the game.

  35. AuToNoMy

    Excellent keep up the good work everyone at polophony digital thanks for the update and keep em coming Gt5 getting better and better with every update is definitley my game of the year :)

  36. jamaicanbwoy

    a little off topic, but i heard a rumor (and when the game was first released)that pd would at some point impliment a true free roam in the game with traffic laws and etc.

  37. Obli

    Online is much improved now, with entire garage available, PP system (who doubted it before 1.06 released?), weight ballast and power limiter. Custom tracks online (and generation of them on-the-fly while in the lobby) is a great addition to the game.

    There is an odd bug where PP’s are not immediately shown as adjusted if you change tyres… can’t recall the exact steps to reproduce.

    If matchmaking and further online lobby search filters were added, that would be fantastic. Also, it would be nice to show who got the fastest lap, which lap it was and the time in the race results screen.

  38. Hypergolem

    Just checked the shadows… oh my god, they made an amazing job!!! There is almost no flickering and they look really good now! Check it in photomode during a replay!

  39. ApexVGear

    FINALLY, Gran Turismo 5 is very close to becoming the game we were expecting. I can tell they’ve tweaked the physics (balance adjustment is probably a factor), “sped up” menus (you don’t have to wait for items to load), and the checkmarked cars in your garage are awesome. And now that we have full gear ratio adjustment, and can tweak out every car to match my driving style (fast, accelerated turn exits). Now if they can add the ability to save different settings…

  40. zedextreme8177

    I’ve also noticed that the Audi R10 Tdi now has the correct 5-speed gearbox.

    These updates are going to keep me on the game until GT6 releases.

  41. Cocomoto

    Oh dear God !

    I´ve upgraded GT5 this week, my internet sux and 600Mb+ is to big to me.

    It took a entire night, now… i have to do it again. T__T

  42. Thrrr

    Nobody seems to have mentioned it here but the bug with TCS controls on DFGT not working after you joined an online race is now fixed and everything works as it should.

  43. Suntoucher

    Not sure if anyone has noticed but I am pretty sure some of the races in A spec have been made easier, with regards to how fast the A.I is!

    I used to continuously run the Extreme, European championship, Rome race to see how fast I could get my race cars round the track (and it was a good money earner)In a Peugeot 908 TDi Fap I would normally catch up with the A.I opponents around the start of my final lap (their 4th) and I was completing laps in around 56 – 58 secs.

    Now I’m catching up with them as I start my 4th. And they are generally the same cars! Volvo, 2 lotus esprits, alfa etc

    1. ApexVGear

      This is probably the result of two things–the upgraded AI, and I can swear the game “drives” better. I am certain they’ve tweaked the physics (the added weight balance must be a part of this). I’ve spent a few hours with GT5 this weekend, and it “feels” great! The cars actually feel heavier and perform more like real-world cars.

  44. Greyum

    Hardly a major game changing up date is it? If people think this fixes the game, end of…they are sorely mistaken.

    How about some things that really matter, like new cars, tracks, and race modes? :o/

    1. AstonMartinGT5

      mate, there are 1031 cars and 24 tracks (or something like that) with 72 different variations already in GT5!Is that not enough for you? For me and for many other people here, this update does improve the quality of play mate :)

  45. Spade

    Yes! This was the update we have all been waiting for! I pretty much got all I needed from PD! Now I just hope they can do some smaller patches fixing some of the graphical glitches and bugs. And when is that update coming upgrading some of the Standard cars to Premium? I really don’t care about how good the overall graphics are, I just really want cockpit view! And it disappointed me that they didn’t put any Premium models on something like the Veyron or something.

  46. scoop2004

    I’m much happier with PD now. The game is no longer riddled with WTF bad is true though that the game should have been like this for release. But at least PD listen to us and correct it. Unlike EA who never fixed shift.

    1. HKS racer

      @ Greyum your EA heroes will charge us for this “bug fixing” sequel, at least PD updates are freeware, anyway I still hoping for something else in the next update i.e. no more online/offline different physics, that would be good

  47. Renrag39

    Nice going PD! With this sort of update I think we can expect most of our complaints to be addressed over time.
    I’m sure we can wait and accept that it IS more difficult than it sounds to ‘adjust’ or ‘write’ some code, especially for a game of this complexity.

  48. Erik

    I love the corner bank settings in the course maker. Perfect for making fast but very technically difficult tracks. You can make some proper insane tracks, I made a section on Mount Aso yesterday that was like a corkscrew straight and felt like flying low rather than driving a car. Insane. I love it.

  49. pigboy05

    get some female players on ere if u want whining!!…my G25 steering wheel seems to have no button/steering adjustment and when i go in car the cars wheel doesnt keep up with mine,is that suppose to be that way.seems ok to me?
    i just a simple pig.get australian cars in it.need F1 ferrari’s and FGT

  50. viper1920

    @random stardard cars are horrible, but you better get used to them cause thats all your gonna get, dont expect more premuims

    1. gargo moochanner

      Good question. Why don’t you stfu Greyum? It’d be a good start towards a remedy for the rest of us anyway…..

  51. Random


    1. xxGREENHELLxx

      really what ever happend to more premium cars. I wish polyphony digital would look on these forums so they can see how many people complain about this so they can pump some premiums out, and dont start bitching people that it takes alot of time to make a car and to just respect what you got. Standard cars suck I rest my case

    2. Will

      I can already tell that you aren’t a serious player. Would you really care how good the standard cars looked if you didn’t use the chase cam?

    3. Erik

      I’m sure there’s gonna be a few more premium cars for special occasions, like new concept cars or collaboration projects like GT by Citroën. Maybe the new winners of the Polyphony Digital trophy can be expected as well? But for the major part of the standard cars I think they’re gonna stay standard because there’s too much work to model 800 cars in premium quality.

    4. Dang trolls

      I believe the name of the game he’s playing is actually “Gran Trollismo 5”. That’s the one where you play a Forza fanboy who is dissapointed so many people are happy with GT5’s latest update, and you have to troll GT fansite trying to ruin the good mood.
      I’d say he’s just started playing. He’s not very good at it.

    5. Craigles

      I think they’ll come monthly. Like who remembers in gt5 prolouge when the Ferrari Calafornia, Lotus Evora and another car which i cant remember (please remind me)
      Anyway i think this will happen each month and we will get 4-5 premium updates each month with thier own cinamatic entrance of course.

    6. Tonderai

      No fan boy, in fact cant stand xbox with its jet engine noise but I must admit I have no use for standard models. I use cockpit view and hope to see more 80’s cars in premium state. I halfway to getting all premiums so upgrades would be great. Please PD! Great game though. 9,5 out of ten.

  52. Wtf PD?

    Oh sweet, skid recovery force is locked in the on position for “Bonus Race series 7”. (note sarcasm)
    Why PD, WHYYYYYYY?……..

    1. Carlie

      Greyum couldn’t drive with it off, so PD fixed it so that he could at least win enough races to level up to level 1 without the shame of having to turn it on himself. Lmbo

  53. viper-69

    You can also now switch views to different AI Drivers in B-Spec b just clicking on their name or car rather than having to go to the camera tab then choose driver you want to watch….

  54. Hypergolem

    It is a great update!!! It is basically all fixed, maybe just some small updates, maybe the leaderboards and matchmaking. Now we can probably start expecting some real DLC new cars, new tracks. This game can stay for years!!!

    1. stan12ly

      PD have already announced that gt5 will not be getting more cars via dlc that they will be saving that for GT6, and I would think they would have added a few more premiums by now

    2. Dang trolls

      EHHH, no stan12ly, quit making stuff up.
      You can easily find confirmation of just the opposite, with the following coming from this site as an example:

      “In the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu (via AndriaSang), Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that [at least some of] GT5’s “standard” cars will be upgraded to “premium” models in future updates to the game. This is good news for many fans who may have initially been disappointed their favorite car didn’t get the “premium” treatment (with a more detailed 3D model and interior view), though we still don’t know, of course, which or how many models will actually be upgraded:
      “Gran Turismo 5 has a mix of gloriously detailed “premium” cars and less detailed “standard cars.” In an interview with Famitsu this week, Polyphony prez Kazunori Yamauchi reveals that there are plans in place to upgrade the standard cars to premium status.””

  55. Yaycandy69

    Well i have like as fast as internet is in my area in the USA. I have 54MBPS with wifi and it took like around 12mins to download to ps3

    1. U_U

      So your “best” service got you an “average” download time, and it was still more than twice has long has my “discount” 10mps service by seven minutes. Sucks to be you. lol.

    2. Scarg

      So at 21.6mbps, his 10mbps connection still whipped yours down the quarter mile, lol. 54/21mbps doesn’t mean a thing if the sending server is jammed up with downloaders trying to get the same file at the same time. When that happens, it’s just luck of the draw.

    3. Yaycandy69

      I updated GT5 on my other ps3 that is right next to my router and it downloaded the update in under 2mins. Just a bad signal strength for my other system

    4. Yugo

      Uhhh, yah, whatever kid. Every news release you make up random crap. Should’ve made up a better time in the first post.

    5. LOL

      Lol, doesn’t understand that the download rate has to do with Sony’s servers, and overall net activity, and has very little to do with PS3 location or his 54Mbps connection. Just made up an number that sounded good.

    6. FiOS

      Nevermind that the fastest ISP in the US only provides a fraction of the Mbps he’s talking about, and on it’s best day, under perfect conditions (not possible), it would take 2 Min and 30 Sec just for the update data to reach his router. That time also doesn’t include comunication between the PS3 and the server, and a few other factors which would add to the download time.
      GTP_Dessy’s 3Min time is about has fast has you could go. lol.

  56. Draftd

    just curious how long did it take to download this. Im sure everyone and there mom is doing it right now cause its crawwwwling.

  57. Craigles

    Anybody noticed AI driver mistakes. I did but i think they over did it. I first noticed it in the formula GT championship on the nurburgring GP.

    1. Yaycandy69

      ya ya right but last turn they all spin out in grass. Well for me thats how it was. Helped me win that race. It did that a few months ago too

  58. BillinGA

    Oh and I know someone else who has had cars appear in the used lot unticked they know they bought, checked and it was gone and had to buy again. So its not just me.

  59. BillinGA

    I have had cars show in the used lot not ticked that I know I have bought. I don’t know if my cars are just disappearing or morphing since the total number has not gone down. I have had to buy about 5-6 cars. I use to keep track of what I have bought.

  60. sweatynumbthumb

    Why didn’t they wait 6-8 weeks and put these important features on the retail game disc; not everyone can access PSN (for lack of internet connectivity).

  61. Limelight788

    Absolutely love this update. I was only expecting Performance Points, the bug fix, and Remote Play, but the fact that Polyphony added so much to the game makes me incredibly happy.

    *Goes on GT5 immediately.*

    1. Benny44

      Can’t remember exactly but I think Suzuka was 2:26, which is ten seconds extra, but only for bronze. The other two have about that much time added as well. And I just finished getting bronze on those stupid challenges two days ago. AAARRRGGG!!!!

  62. Tonderai

    Thrilled as I am,i was hoping they would allow us to chose opponent cars in arcade mode. I am trying to have super gt only races. Can do it with the gtr calsonic and supra provided in arcade only car list. When I try to use my own yellow hat or Arta nsx the race will be made of about 6 cars and the rest are made up of random racers including 1966 jag! Have tried changing race difficulty to no avail. Anyone else have issues with opponent car choice in arcade mode? Really keen on gt500 races cause races are very close and heated and are.a.good showcase for gran turismos AI.

  63. Lambob

    When a man with passion is at the helm of his own Game Development Studio, and isn’t a bean counter like the ones from Electronic Arts or Activision, we get games that are Worthy to play and love, such as GT5.

    Thank you PD, and Kaz. I look forward to GT6 , PS4, and everything inbetween.


    I love u kazunori yamauchi. deeeeeeeeeeamn, he knows how to improve and makes me happy. even there are not added more premium cars im like sooo happy to see this update.

  65. Randum

    Nice to see some big improvements. I want to try out this b-spec, and looks like online play is more enjoyable with the points system. Its too bad the game didn’t ship with these improvements, but its nice to see PD active in updating the game. Hopefully they keep improving the game over time and don’t kick it to the curb after a year or so.

    1. Jens_Muff

      You can’t.. You can, however change view during the replays from online races to in-car-view and stuff (for all the cars in the race) That will do for me for now :)

  66. Ahmed

    When are they gonna start turning standards to premiums?! I need incar views for the older rally cars and 80’s japanese cars

    please turn 2 cars at least in the next updates

    1. Tvensky

      I hoped to see some new cars in this update.. but all this new stuff is just great and more than enough for the moment..

    2. J-KiLLA24

      That will take quite a bit of time, as said before that premium cars take about one to two months to create depending on the car model.

    3. LeeC22

      J-KiLLA24: Nobody believes that timescale, especially those of us that work with people that make these car models.

      If it took them that long, then you’d be looking at 200 months work for the premiums, which is 16 years… and that’s just assuming the 1 month per car.

    4. Jman


      The numbers are a bit high, but remember, they do have more than one person making a car. Therefore, wouldn’t it be 200 months of man hours, less in real time?

    5. J-KiLLA24

      They obviously have more than one person working on a model and more than one or two models being worked on at the same time…

    6. damaged_case

      KY said in an interview that if one person were to make one premium car, it’d take that one person 6 months to complete that one car.

    7. Tvensky

      1 person makes car 6 months (that was 3 years ago) now I belive its a bit faster! Still PD have over 120 people working on GT. I belive 3D model artists are more then 20 for sure! rest are programmers, designers etc.

    8. damaged_case

      there’s more to these cars than 3D modeling. that probably takes the lion’s share of time, but they’ve also gotta recreate how that car handles inside their physics engine. they’re recreating the body work and interior almost exactly… there’s no real way to speed up creating that kind of detail, the same way painters never get faster at painting.

    9. Dave-o

      I would actually be surprised if any of the standard cars come out as premium. I would think it more likely that new premium cars would be new cars full stop.

  67. Tvensky

    Hey Jordan, after this update GTP Feedback will give some points (votes) back, because there (in this update) are alot of stuff that people requested is complete. Cant wait to see what is in “accepted” & “completed” tabs. maybe something new will notice.

  68. Sam

    Still tearing and frame rate drops everywhere… Still no saves during championships, not able to remote play the GT B-spec races, only races that bring no rewards (no xp, no money???!!! seriously????), … basically, this update corrects some stuff that should never have made it in the game. It’s still a polishing update. I am waiting for the REAL deal: new cars, optimized 3D engine, etc…

    I can’t believe some people here think that correcting mistakes after 3 months is giving your game a good support. That PD should get credit for it! Come on men: this just shows how unfinished GT5 is.

    1. pudge

      “Still tearing and frame rate drops everywhere”

      VERY minor.

      “not able to remote play the GT B-spec races, only races that bring no rewards (no xp, no money???!!! seriously????)”

      No, not seriously. You do get money and XP (driver XP, I think maybe not user XP).

      “I am waiting for the REAL deal: new cars, optimized 3D engine, etc…”

      3D is a total waste of resources. Almost no one uses it.

    2. Eager Snake

      I really do not understand that type of comments. In fact, I can not even imagine to comment just to demostrate the anger inside for a game that you do not like it. I mean, do not get me wrong Sam, your point is TRUE but is obvious that the game is getting better and better. Maybe the people expect so much more for a game like GT, But no one should ever forget that this is Gran Turismo, a new standar since his creation in Sim Games. Seems that nobody remembers the feeling of immersion that Kazunori has given us for just a few dollars. Being in the middle of the Nurbungring at night is something JUST AMAZING. Anyway, this Update is great. Peace Sam, a big hug.

    3. - Ice of SZRT -

      However true this may be… We can atleast be happy they are correcting their mistakes instead of saying “Oh well, deal with it” Any other company would make you pay for DLC and what not. PD is improving your product, free of charge, giving you an ongoing and ever evolving product. Make your complaints, sure, but be happy with what we have so far.

    4. Sam

      Eager Snake-> No problem man. I take no offense of your answer. ;-) I agree: GT5 provides moments of pure magic… but honestly, especially as it is GT we’re talking about: it should do more.
      MANY problems should never have been there as they just show how unfinished and untested the game is. And, Yamauchi talks crap: he lies, does not keep promises, and spends his time talking about his “vision” when he actually has no idea what to do to make the serie evolve.
      The screen tearing and framerate problems are absolutly obvious and ruin my experience (I just can’t help seeing it and thinking how it’s a pity such an immersive game is ruined by these technical problems). 60fps gives you a visual comfort that no 30fps game can match. But unstable 60fps (GT5 is even 80% around 52fps actually… almost NEVER at 60fps: fact)…that ruins the comfort and all the efforts put by the programers. It’s absolute nonsense. A stable 30FPS will always be better than a unstable 60. At the end of the day, combined with the aliasing, GT5 is not visually comfortable. It’s tiring.
      GT is/used to be my favorite series of all time. But I think it’s time for Yamauchi to go. His vision exists only in his mind. The game he made is broke in so many ways.
      Anyway: I am just passionate so I get angry easily but don’t worry: I don’t forget it s just a videogame. ;-)

      Pudge->When I said “3D engine” I was talking about the engine (not the 3D you’re talking about, with glasses and so on…) I think the graphic engine in GT5 lacks optimization.
      Asfor XP in remote b-spec: are you sure…did not see that.

    5. damaged_case

      to get the EXP and money, you have to go to your Driver menu and select the driver. once the screen comes up that has his cornering progress bar, braking progress bar, etc, there’s an icon in the middle on the bottom that’s labeled Receive Prizes. click it to get exp and money that the driver has earned.

      any new cars GT5 gets will be premium models, and Polyphony Says it takes about 6 months of manhours to build a single premium car. i don’t doubt that they’re coming, but i do doubt that they want to publish one at a time which is why we haven’t seen any as of yet. when they get enough for a pack, you’ll get your car updates.

      pretty much everything else is about as good as its gonna get until someone figures out a way to squeeze more resources through the 512mb of RAM the PS3 has.

    6. Greyum

      Exactly Sam, this update is nothing but pretentious spit and polish. Where are the new cars? New tracks? Why is there still massive tearing and shadow issues?

      This game has turned into a total joke, and as such I absolutely will not be bothering with GT6…if they ever manage to make it.

    7. @Greyum

      Uhhhh, yah, (facepalm), they never said we were getting new tracks. Get over it child.
      We are getting new premiums, but there won’t be has many has you seem to think there will, nor will they be released has fast has you seem to think either. When your done getting over the tracks, get over the cars has well.
      In nearly six years of dev time they couldn’t get the shadows right, and you really think it’s going to be fixed in the first three months? Yah right, it’s not even on PD’s “top 20 things to do in the first six months” list i’d bet. Add it to the list of things to get over.
      Then, when your done getting over all your false hopes not becomming reality, grow up.

    8. Gulf_Porsche

      Sam’s points are still extremely relevant. PD should have released GT5 as the best A-spec driving simulator, which glitches, lack of available cars, poor rewards, etc., etc. fully polished. The reason A-spec sucks is that they clearly were trying to do 50 things at once and they didn’t get them all done — there isn’t a segment of the game that isn’t seriously glitched somewhere.

      PD could have released a perfect (>90%) A-spec game at least 2 years ago, and then used online updates to add other sections that most users don’t use, and which — if they worked — were really frosting on the cake.

      The simply fact is that moments of magic are offset by hours of mindnumbing frustration, both with the game and PD. How can a GT4 feature like saving in championships and endurance races be MISSING in GT5?!

      PD is listening too much to Japanese fanboys and foreign bloggers than they are to the vast majority of racers who actually buy the game. After 4 GTs with 100% completion and all-golds, I’m thinking of buying a 360 to race Forza — does that show how totally frustrated I am with GT5?

  69. Craigles

    Hopefully next time they will fix the pit lane entry menus (goes invisible sometines) We need to make PD arware of this.

  70. xxANDYxx

    great update glad to see the seasonal events with big cash rewards back just waiting on in race saves plus whatever happened to upgrading standard cars to premium cars.


    Thanks to Poliphony for to read us in GTPLANET. You fix a lot of bugs that we have reported here. Thanks again for your great job.

  72. Lyvan

    The game for me is 99,9% of my liking…once you can save endurance races…hello 100%.
    Love this game, and really appreciate that Polyphony Digital listens to us.

    1. TRDxxMRBLONDExx

      im talking about the camera views on the online race replays. you couldnt change the camera angles before the update i dont think or could you?

  73. AGNT009

    Still no jaggy shadows update huh? Guess I’ll give up on that. Still no steering lock adjustability for my FF wheel, why the hell not? Those are my two biggest problems with this game, and why its been in mothballs since late Dec when I bought Star Trek Online. They are fixing everything else I could think of, so THATS good. But until my two biggest gripes are addressed, this game will never get a 10/10 from me.

    1. LittleNemoNES

      It will never be ‘fixed’ because something had to give when making a game that looks this good @ 60 fps. The “fix” will be GT7 on PS4.

    2. boblikepie

      The dodgey shadows yeah they’re going to have to do quite a lot of optimising there but there’s no reason why they can’t add a few lines of code so you can shorten up the steering lock. It’s really annoying having to cross your arms so much to get the car to turn well. I went and finished the last 10 license tests that I needed gold in and found that I just wasn’t turning the wheel enough but to turn the wheel enough you pretty much have to break your arms.

    3. MaVe_64

      Why are alot of people whining about the jaggy shadows? Can’t they understand the PS3 is running at it’s limit? If the jaggy shadows is fixed, then something else will have to give…like the 60 fps….
      This is not a software issue, it’s a hardware issue!

  74. NoonenF1

    Awesome update, I’m going to hope online soon and look at all these new goodies.

    Although, I am a little disappointed that there still isn’t a feature (button) to not allow race model cars in online events.

  75. JeanR

    Since the XP reward for the Licences has increased, it will only makes difference for those who has not make the tests yet, or will it auto-correct and gives the difference for the Licences already acquired?

    Great thing to see the cars you already own at the UCD! And the cars at the UCD seems to have different colors now!

    Great update! Tnx PD!

  76. vicious136

    So awesome! It sux that I didn’t check GTPlanet (or fire up the PS3) before I left for work. Now I have to wait till I get home for the update :(

  77. L2D_DarkStal2_

    Very impressed with the update. I’m pretty happy about everything that was added in it..One thing that was very
    handy as well as the ballast.I set up my NSX for GRIP and I was having major oversteer with racing softs on (426hp) I put my ballest in the rear and I can power through now with minor oversteer but she straightens up at the crack of me applying the gas…I love it! She’s really planted to the ground now!

  78. Ersk

    Why in h*** did it have to quit My 24h endurance that i had paused at 21 hours!!!!!!! Now i have to start all over again!! Stupid!!

    1. Ersk

      I can never get my 21 hours back, so only a full garage from polyphone would be a fair compensation. Also i’ll plug My internet cable out tonight since i have 7 hours left of my second try…

    1. crsn891

      They only made getting Bronze a bit easier and honestly, it is far too hard for probably 75% (or more) of the users to achieve this challenge. I have been hammering away at it and have not beaten it yet and I know I will eventually but I don’t have a problem with the Bronze times being adjusted.

  79. Yakapo

    Multiple monitor support! If only I could turn off the screen bouncing effect. I know that most everyone likes that feature. It gives me a massive headache. =(

    1. HKS racer

      Yep some people really suffer that effect, now it doesnt make me feel sick anymore, but I know what you are talking about. They really should include an option to turn it off to prevent headache.

  80. Bolg

    Awesome! Using course maker in online races is one of the main things I wanted.

    I also thought the xp reward for doing the licences was really unfair, I hope there is massive increase of xp but most importantly that it is back dated.

  81. idlestation

    This is a big game changer.. I love the support PD has shown with these updates. They also add new features/content to the game.

    I wasn’t really racing online before, but custom tracks and pp limit will make it more fun now.. I can’t wait to give it a try again.

    Seasonal Events with custom courses sounds like good fun also!

    1. Craigles

      I really wish i had the new restart option yesterday as i accedently pressed restart 70 laps in to the laguna seca endurence.

      I am sooo disapointed that they didnt fix the pit entry menus its so easy to get wrong and ruin your race and also it sometimes goes invisible. Thumbs up if you agree. Oh wait never mind

    1. VasB

      I agree I have a g27 and even on FFB of 5 default it feels at times line it’s going to rip the wheel mechanism with its clunky config.. Very poor on their part I think.. Playing LFS is surreal in FFB.. GT5 not the case… Dead zoning is all wrong.. Hope they fix this in the next update…

    2. IronAces

      The G27 is a PC steering wheel. Yes its excellent for LFS, but it is not designed for the PS3. Why would PD support hardware not even intended for use on their console?

    3. Advertising

      Gee, I dunno, it might have something to do with logitech, maker of licensed steering wheels for GT, stating it’s g27 is compatible with gt5, on it’s web page. I guess PD was the only one not aware they weren’t going to be supporting it. Go figure.

  82. Simon

    Not really any new content though. I really don’t know what’s stopping them adding 200 or more extra events into A-Spec? What can take so long, it’s just code.

  83. lsl

    i don’t have my ps3 atm, can someone post the new Vettel Sepciel Event lap times, and maybe the old ones too?
    it says, they adjusted, so i guess they lowered it, right?

    1. boblikepie

      The bronze times are increased by a couple of seconds because last time I tried before the update I couldn’t get bronze on the last challenge and this time I did it the first time I raced to completion with a couple of seconds to spare and I even majourly stuffed the second lap

  84. type2red

    I’m proud to own this game, aside from GT academy its gets better and better, I can’t help but give credit to gt-planet, this site’s dedication has lead to a lot of these updates being released, this game really is setting itself apart from the likes of Forza and is more and more like iracing and that’s a compliment.

    1. HKS racer

      I don’t think it’s possible but yes, this would be VERY handy.. anyway there is a little trick, go to PS Store download a demo, (I’ve choosed Killzone 3) while you are downloading this demo exit from PS Store lunch GT5 and download the update. It seem my data incoming speed get helped by the PS Store download. It works for me updated in 15 min. Don’t know if it work for you but try it!

  85. PAWEL17

    Some good updates, but still no in-race save, which to be honest, i really badly need! I also love how you can use your created tracks online, and the added extra XP gained from races.

    1. HKS racer

      Quote, a good update, looking forward to try the new PP system online, but we still need the endurance save because normal people don’t have the time to play 24h. And no, don’t tell me to keep the ps3 ON until the endurance is over, it’s a no sense thing.

    2. GT_Die_Hard

      I strongly agree with Pawel17, sice i’ve been racing the 24h of nürburgring 3 times which i couldn’t finish because there are much things i’ve got to do. Like sleeping, eating and oter stuff. That will also cost much more time then 24h, which is allready much!

  86. pudge

    Bummer that you apparently MUST have a friend with a shared Spec B driver, to remote race. Also, correct me if I am wrong, but I didn’t see my driver’s # of races increment … which makes it kinda pointless to me, since I’m already at level 40. And the rewards seem weak.

    Not to be a hater … I love this update, mostly, but unless I am missing something, remote racing is a bit underwhelming (though the technology is cool).

    1. pudge

      Hmmmmm. And Remote Races apparently don’t bump your UCD offerings, so you can use that as a way to get more money for that one car in your UCD …

    2. LeeC22

      I got the initial impression, that remote races were to allow you to complete B-Spec career races, not online “with a friend” races.

      Nobody I know plays B-Spec, and it’s pretty much all I do play. That was the only update feature I found of any interest, as I don’t play online or that much A-Spec.

  87. Humandestroyah

    I can’t wait to fire up gt5 and try this out! Great rundown, maybe people will look at Gt5 with an open mind for once.

  88. Missed_the_Apex

    I got 5 paint items when I logged in today along with the usual museum cards. Not sure if that’s new or not, but it’s never happened to me before.

    1. Tvensky

      lol GT5 is giving me 10 museum cards and 10 paint chips every day (for a month) 100% sure! some days it give me 9, or 8.. but usualy 10.

    2. Antony Henley

      As the name implies its a bonus for logging in every day.
      it maxes out at 10 paint items and 10 museum cards.
      Say if you dont log in tommorow after getting 10 items today, you will recieve 9 of each. if you dont log in the day after that its 8 items. the lowest it will go down to is 3 and the highest is 10. I currently have around 558 paint items at my disposal.

    1. Glitter

      I can whine :) the power limiter is a joke…. the online racing is destroyed if the don’t implement a way of setting it off! Except tjat ir’s a good update

    2. Aaron

      Agreed. This update is fantastic. I personally like the idea of a constantly updating game. An unfinished product always keeps you wanting more, and always Getting it. Love GT5!

    3. Jose

      Reducing cash per wins In a spec and harsher penalties in special mode are just objectively bad ideas.

      I’m still waiting for the update that makes some of the fancier cars affordable. I’d love to participate in the formula seasonal event, but there’s no way I’m going to grind 10000000 credits to do it.

    4. - Ice of SZRT -

      Yo AGn, I’m really happy for you…, I’ma let you finish… But GT5 has one’a da best updates of all time!!!

      J/k, yeah, still waiting for the option to turn visual damage off… I like taking pictures of cars in pristine condition, and one crumpled bumper/spoiler on a teammates vehicle ruins the whole shot…

    5. Tvensky

      power limiter is best! and it exist in real life! Just dont join dumb lobies where host is a joke! find good rooms with proper fair hosting!

      Update is just awesome..

      my favorites is weight balast, power limiter and all other online new stuff.. ohh and the multi selection (cars, pictures, replays is very usefull)

      Thanks PD!

    6. kekke2000

      The PP system will fix one damn annoying thing about online. People who just tuned their car to 643 hp and 1036 kg and opens a server with max 643 hp and 1036 kg. Now I can quick tune to get a proper car for any race :). Btw I just raced online, a Minolta and a stock looking Audi R8 had a good fight. Looked sort of odd but still cool.


    Fully customizable gear ratios! Wheee!!!

    Excellent update, and now you can tell what cars you already own in the dealerships – poifect!

    1. Daniel smith

      Hi I am new to the game how do I do this and I need the BMW gt3 race car o1 to win a race where do I buy or win this car in the game any help would be great thank you Daniel smith

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