Gran Turismo 7 “Coming Soon”?

The great debate over Gran Turismo 7’s potential launch date has taken yet another twist today, courtesy of a teaser posted on the official Gran Turismo Facebook account.

Long-rumored to be a launch title for the next-generation PlayStation 5, GT7 was the first game shown on Sony’s first ever PS5 games reveal event. Speculation has come and gone, but as the months, then weeks, and now days have ebbed away, inching closer to the console’s debut on November 12, official word on GT7 has been absent. Indeed we’ve seen nothing of the title at all since that June event.

That’s led to some more pessimism over when we’re likely to see GT7. Realistically, with 22 days until the console launches and no marketing at all, it seems intensely unlikely that Gran Turismo 7 will hit shelves at the same time as the console (regardless of online store dates). However, today’s social media post has rather shaken things up.

It’s a simple post with no actual new content, just seven seconds of video from that original launch trailer. The title of the post is what’s intriguing:

Yes, that’s “GT7 … Coming Soon”.

It seems a pretty clear indication that the game is on its way, but naturally the post doesn’t state exactly when “soon” is. However unlikely GT7 is to be a launch day title, there’s more scope for it to be a launch window title, arriving in the console’s first three months. That covers a period in which Gran Turismo games frequently launch — GT1, GT2, GT4 and GT6 all arrived in December in their respective years.

Naturally, we’ll bring you all the news on Gran Turismo 7 as it breaks. You can keep up with all the latest information on our dedicated GT7 Guide Page.

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