Gran Turismo Fans React to First Movie Trailer

The Gran Turismo movie trailer has ignited a wide range of reactions from fans here on the GTPlanet Forums, with opinions spanning from excitement to disappointment.

A recurring sentiment, such as @ICEYOU3‘s, is that the movie appears “corny” or clichéd. Some users expressed their wish for a more grounded approach, similar to films like Ford v. Ferrari or Rush. @JackRyanWMU, for example, shared his disappointment that the Gran Turismo movie wasn’t more grounded, stating, “I was hoping the Gran Turismo movie was going to be something more grounded like Ford v. Ferrari or Rush; and instead it appears to be F&F on closed circuits.”

However, others found the trailer to be better than they expected, with @Seikenfreak saying it’s “more of an actual movie and better than I was expecting.” He believes it will appeal to a younger audience who might be inspired by the gamer-to-racer story. @MagpieRacer also enjoyed the trailer, expressing surprise at some of the backlash the movie received, and stating, “I think it’s a good premise to base a movie on and it looks to have been done quite well.”

Another common theme is the concern over the movie’s portrayal of gamers and the gaming community. Users criticized the stereotype of gamers as “98-pound weaklings” and suggested that the movie could have told the story of a gamer becoming a racer without resorting to such clichés.

The fact the movie is based on a true story also generated mixed opinions. Some users, like @Mr ZX, appreciated the relatability this brings to the film, stating that being based on a true story “does give it some weight and relatability.” However, others were more concerned with inaccuracies and the potential for the movie to stray too far from the actual events.

@ScottPye20 reminded people not to nitpick over such details, as the movie is “based on a true story” and not a proper retelling. He said, “I don’t care if the ‘wrong’ vehicles are used because it doesn’t detract from the story. That is the most important part so if you’re going to nitpick, you’re just stopping yourself from enjoying the movie for what it is.”

The movie’s potential as a marketing tool for the Gran Turismo video games was also discussed, with @sh33p stating that the movie looks “better than I imagined, but not good enough to watch in the theaters.” He added “the movie ultimately is a very expensive advertising campaign for the GT series.” While this aspect of the film may not appeal to everyone, others acknowledged that it could be a smart approach from Sony’s perspective.

The unique story that Gran Turismo can tell was also a point of interest. @hollowkatt found the movie to be a “super neat story to be telling,” adding that “it feels meaningful, especially as more and more Sim Racers get invites to participate in real-life racing and are doing a decent job of it.” They felt the Gran Turismo movie has the potential to inspire people in a way that other game franchises cannot.

Despite the various criticisms and concerns, many fans expressed their intention to watch the movie at some point, whether in theaters or on streaming platforms. @Seikenfreak said, “I’m sure there is a younger audience that is going to really like this and it’ll probably have some impact on them. I’ll watch it eventually.” @sh33p echoed this sentiment, stating he will watch the movie when it comes to a streaming platform.

The overall consensus seems to be one of cautious optimism, with fans hoping for an entertaining and meaningful addition to the Gran Turismo universe. @enthusia shared his hope for minimal melodramatic clichés in the movie, stating, “I know you have to dramatize the story a bit to pull in the general public, but I just would prefer it doesn’t end up being cringe city.” He added that despite some obvious parts, there is still hope for the movie.

Clearly, the Gran Turismo movie trailer has sparked an array of reactions, including concerns about clichés, the portrayal of gamers, the true story aspect, and the movie’s potential as a marketing tool. Despite the mixed opinions, many fans remain cautiously optimistic as we wait for our next look at the film.

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