Gran Turismo Sport Could Have Been Called ‘GT7 Sport’


Alongside dropping the news that GT Sport is currently 70% complete, Kazunori Yamauchi has also revealed an interesting insight into how Polyphony Digital view the latest entry in the Gran Turismo series.

Spin-offs are nothing new to the franchise: Prologues and Concept editions have peppered the series history, along with the handheld entry that featured on Sony’s PlayStation Portable system. However, for those who expect that Sport will join these titles in being a spin-off, Yamauchi has revealed where he believes GT Sport sits in the Gran Turismo spectrum to Chinese gaming site A9VG (translation provided by community member michael chen):

“GT SPORT is a regular title of the GT Series. The gaming contents is so ample that you can consider it as ”Gran Turismo 7“. It is titled ” GT Sport“ because the “Sport Mode” of the game is important. If I have to change a statement,maybe “Gran Turismo 7 Sport” is more correct name.”

Tokyo_Express_Way_Gr3_03_1465878853“Gran Turismo 7 Sport” would be a more representative name for the game with its breadth of content and new eSport focus according to Kaz. It’s an interesting thought, and one which seems to provide further evidence to support the claim that GT Sport will receive hundreds of new cars post-release. Perhaps this quote will calm fears that in chasing a new gaming experience, the unique Gran Turismo experience will be forgotten.

This isn’t the first time that Kazunori has commented on the nature of the game’s title. MotorWorldHype conducted an interview with the Gran Turismo director around the time of E3, where a similar question is asked at the start of the video:

Kazunori comments that:

“For me, Gran Turismo Sport is Gran Turismo 7. Gran Turismo Sport is something that marks the beginning of a new generation or era. When you consider Gran Turismo 1-6 as the first era, GT Sport marks a new generation moving forward.”

Based on these remarks, GT Sport should not be viewed as a spin-off, but a natural step forward in the modern age of gaming — where online functionality is valued just as highly as a core single-player experience. Add in the surge in popularity of eSports/competitive gaming and it becomes clear why PD wants in on the action. The title will remain ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ but the spirit of GT7 (whatever it may be) is definitely evident.

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  1. Calibrated187

    Absolutely stunned by this.

    What happens to the 1k+ car list? All the tracks? I have been waiting for Seattle for years, all my favourite cars gone :( My primary joy in GT was to pick up some 80’s and 90’s stock cars and start tuning them…With GT sport this will not be possible to the extent previously available in GT games.

    If this is a new era then Kaz can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    This game is effectively a demo in comparison to what a GT game is.

    RIP Gran Turismo….

    1. durbanpoison100

      Absolutely, agree. This is a joke!

      “I don’t think it’ll be a Prologue,” he said, confirming that the full Gran Turismo 7 was next on Polyphony’s plate. – “Sport” is a fancy mask sporting the prologue face!
      THIS???>>>”I doubt that we’ll be throwing away the standard cars,” said Yamauchi. “Each car has its own fans. So I think we’ll hang on to the archive. In the meanwhile, some of those cars we may be able to make into Premium cars as they become available – but basically we’re more focussed on increasing the number of premium cars.” Where the hell is this statement applicable to GT Sport? Kaz is either stupid, thick or just plain retrarded. He knows he has a huge fan base and has become complacent in the sense he can do anything and not justify it. 1000+ cars down to under 200?!?!?!

      Well, I’m looking for someone with ebola to kiss so I can then spit in Kaz’s mouth!!!!! I am bloody livid! Don’t waste your money on this demo game. Sport is a testing ground for future academy related gaming. Wave your classic cars goodbye folks!

  2. DYLAN777-is-not

    I think what people including me want is a forza game but with gt graphics and gt physics. It’s just that simple. I feel like forza has a better racing game soul then gt does now because polyphony is so slow at making a complete game. The whole PS3 era was a failed attempt at making a full well polished racing game. And now it’s been like 5 years with next gen and they can only muster a 70% complete watered down GT demo game. It’s really sad.

    1. infamousphil

      Lol. I think what people really want is a GTA version of GT so we can blow up the knuckleheads that don’t know how to enjoy a clean race ;)

  3. infamousphil

    Again with the translator? Sorry Mr. Chen. Just because people clamor for words from a horse’s mouth doesn’t mean the horse should be heard.

    An abreviated version of the next GT is coming. Its gonna be better, faster, funner. There is no doubt in that yall.

    BTW, as more folks invest interest into this genre, it won’t take a halfyear to one up Kaz’s dream

  4. celtiscorpion73

    I’ll give the series(and Kaz) a chance to make this a decent game. However, I prefer the way the games have been set up in the past as far as the race series are concerned. Personally, I’m not a fan of racing against other people online. If I want to play against someone, I’ll hook up a second controller. Who knows, maybe I’m the exception and most people do want to play online and that’s fine as well. My point is that the game needs to have Career Mode for me and for those who prefer the Online races as well. Without both aspects, Gran Turismo will be officially dead to me and to others.
    It would be a real shame, especially since I’ve been with this franchise for so long, I don’t really want to leave, but if PD wants to take it in a different route, I will.
    However, PD needs to make all the other GT titles playable on the PS4. This way, those of us who don’t move on with the franchise can play the way we want to.

    1. YZF

      Speaking about career mode vs online… why separate? How about “career mode online”? That’s basically what people (racers and teams) do in real life: they race against each other and each driver has his own career at the same time. If GTS implements that – this is good. It’s more real, it’s more fun and it’s not old and boring thing we had before. Don’t be afraid of people, online can be fun

    2. celtiscorpion73

      It’s not really a fear of people. I just don’t feel it’s as fun as sitting next to a friend playing a game. Granted, the fact that you can play against any other player in the world is intriguing, but we seem to be finding ourselves enjoying things with people far away from our own friends and family anymore. At 42, I would rather have the enjoyment of sharing with those close to me.

    3. YZF

      You can create your own, private, online room, where only your close friends can meet and race…this is nothing new, and people have been doing this for years with other racing games. Either way, you are still playing against real humans and not stupid AI which will be dumb forever.

  5. CorvetteConquer

    Here is the paradox that is Gran Turismo: The series needs a reboot, right? You can’t call it GT7 without it sounding incredibly stale and boring. So they decided to call it GT Sport. Ok, fine. But the real problem is that the reboot should occur at Polyphony. Kaz should be rebooted. Scratch that. Just booted.

  6. Dennismarinos

    Ever since the delay after delay after delay for gt5 i dont believe a word this knob says anymore, if the game drops and its good the good luck to him and i might buy it. But until its actually out and i have read some reviews about it im not going to bother.

    This isn’t ps3 days we now have games like assetto corsa on deck. This gts is shaping up to be a candy ass prolouge game under a different guise. Hopefully its not and it has decent content cause a love a good gt game like the rest of us but it doesn’t look like its a proper full game.

  7. TeamCZRRacing

    Protip: don’t scroll past this comment if you don’t want your sanity brutally ripped away from you.

    You’ve been warned.

    1. RodolphoPNeto

      lol It’s so funny to watch you swinging your sword, fighting with blind loyalty, it’s beautiful… basically everyone is crazy… must be real tough to be you mate…

  8. m00ndancer

    I’m disappointed at the ineptitude from PD. The reality has surpassed the GT franchise. I still play GT4 on my PS2 and GT5/GT6 on my PS3. Always offline. I get my online fix from AC, pCars and rF2 on PC. With this ambiguous statement there is still no reason for me to get a PS4. Even if, and that’s a big if, GT7 will be released as a separate game, it will be too little too late. Sure FIA sanctioned racing is nice but it’s not the spirit of the GT in my opinion. I’m an endurance race nut and are still looking for that “perfect” racing sim to simulate all those great races. With AI or with people or both, day to night transitions, sun and rain, pitstops and an evolving track surface. Sadly no one has picked up the ball since the old PS2 LM24hours game. Then we have all the fun with cars in older GT…

    1. karelpipa

      yes, PS5 is just around the corner (i would say 2018). So it is better to hold off and wait what the next GT (8?) will offer when released on PS5 in 2023 :D

    2. Donnced

      Mmmmmm did you try the endurance series of project C.A.R.S??? There you got all what your asking for.. WEC in 3 category’s (LMP1, LMP2 or GT3) European endurance, trination endurance.. 3H zolder in a mclarenF1.. 25H madness on bathurst, 25H madness on the ring.. 24H of le mans.. 24H nurburgring with GT3’s…

      All with day-night cycle, dynamic climate, lot’s of cars on track, pitstops,mechanical damage and visual, ambient and track temperature that changes..
      All that you have it in the career mode.

    3. TeamCZRRacing

      Donnced, that would be fine if the game itself weren’t pure trash.
      – Moderate at best graphics
      – Psychotic AI
      – Small car/track list
      – Complete lack of progression
      – Horrid atmosphere (the game takes itself MUCH too seriously)
      – Bugs galore
      – Project lead Ian Bell is a jerk who takes absolutely no criticism at all, constructive or otherwise, and surrounds himself with yes men who help him deny and ignore all of the game’s many, many faults

      Yeah, I think I’ll just avoid that game at all costs. The big fields are not at all worth the ****-fest that is the rest of that steaming pile of wreckage. And this is coming form a pCARS beta tester!

    4. Donnced


      AI Psycotic… Yes,in some tracks, but faster than the AI of GT for example.. With work it can be better, for sure.

      For me the graphics aren’t priority on a sim game, i prefer more work on the physics.

      Small car list ….mmmm for me 130 cars are enough, i prefer 30,60,100 cars with good physics, difference between them in front of 1200 cars with 22 miatas and 30 skylines.

      Small track list? You’re sure? Project C.A.R.S is the simulation game with most tracks on console.. No GT Sport, no GT 6 no Forzas.. No assetto.

      Bugs,yes,after 10 updates it still got bugs,some people more, other got less..but still it’s an very enjoyable game.

      Lack of progesion… That’s personal, if you win a championship you unlock other races..
      For me enough, lot off content and races.. And not easy to win some off them with the AI at 100%..and i dont have to repeat a race 100 times to get enough credits for a car.

      Horrid atmosphere… Your opinion again.. I prefer serious sim games.. And the atmosphere in Pcars for me is just what i expected in a racing sim.

      Ian Bell a jerk…yes, i agree 100%

      But call Pcars trash…. Mmm no,in simulation it’s a step above forzas and GT.
      Could it be better.. Yup,for sure, but not only Pcars. All the games on the market. Nobody is perfect.
      In endurance races offline Pcars is the best sim right now on the market and with races better than those of GT4 or GT5….
      For me the offline content of GT6 and GT Sport is just a real shame and garbage for me…i liked more what the four first GT where.

    5. freedom1104

      Donnced, dont you get the point? TeamCZRRacing obviously said that he was a beta tester and he felt its not worth to buy the game meaning that he dint actually played the finished product to be talking all of this. How much update does Pcars had already now ? Its already a different game in my opinion from the beta to v1.0 moreover now the GOTY edition. Hope you get what i meant

    6. Johnnypenso

      You hit the nail on the head Donnced with what looks like a very unbiased opinion of PCARS. It shines in some areas and not in others just like most games

  9. KingK76

    As much as I am disappointed that GTS is going to be mainly on-line focused, I still can’t wait to play it! I hope that there won’t be any delays and we will all be in racing heaven soon!

  10. Obelisk

    Bloody hell, the people in the comments need to chill out…

    I felt like GTS was GT7, so this isn’t too surprising. I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle the post-release car content.

    1. Johnnypenso

      There’s obviously a lot of bitterness and resentment among the fanbase. Telling people to chill out isn’t going to stop the tide.

    2. jm79

      There’s obviously a lot of positivity and excitement among the fanbase. Telling people to stop telling people to chill out isn’t going to stop the tide.

  11. Ryan81

    I knew it. That’s just what I thought when GTS was announced. It’s GT7 under a different name. So many were whining “no this is a spin off, GT7 is coming out next year, all hail Kaz, long live GT best game evah!”
    Now you know

  12. Speedster911

    As usual, Kazunori talking more hogwash. GT is a failed franchise and needs to drop dead already.

    Forza is here, and with the introduction of a new Forza game in addition to Horizon and Motorsport, GT just doesn’t stand a chance… even on a PS5!

    1. Isho

      So you’re telling me a game on a complete different platform does not have a chance because another game on another different platform is coming out? I’ve seen some special people in this comment section, but you, you take the cake. Good job.

    2. ArR29

      Yeaaaah right.. A “failed” franchise that sold more than 15 million copies on PS3 alone. A “failed” franchise that still enjoying by thousands of people online daily. Poor b8 m8 try again next time.

  13. Cobra2245

    This is now even more confusing. I don’t see how the “Sport mode” just makes the whole game completely different from the other 6 GT games. Kaz is confusing himself by trying to make a game that proceeds GT6, but he’s also trying to make a game that isn’t supposed to really fit into the rest of the series. This is even more unorganized than it was before he made this announcement. Come November, the game is probably going to be just as scrambled as Kaz is.

  14. richiem2282

    This needs to be something special. Gone are the days when Kaz was number one in the driving games but there was nothing legit to challenge GT. Those days are Long Gone.

  15. B.K

    So they make GTS Sport, which is acctually GT7 and didnt knew it few months before the first presentation that it should be named GT7?

    This shows how ridiculous & unorganized Kaz works. He is changing his mind every day. Thats why people cant trust this guy anymore. Its time to retire for Kaz.

    1. ynot

      He changes his mind everyday you say. Everyone of us changes ours minds everyday. I trust him to make the best game (experience) he can. Just look at the range of comments in every forum on the site. Very wide range of opinions on every topic. Bickering back and forth about everything. No try to make a game, any game, that everyone is going to like. Not possible. Just enjoy the game as it turns out to be and be thankful that there are game developers out there making new games everyday for us to enjoy when we are not working or going to school. You have some good choices in racing games out there right now and some good ones still coming out. Each one has some things you will like and dislike. Grab a few to satisfy all your racing needs. I still think GT Sport will end up being the best one out there. Happy Race Day Everyone.

  16. breyzipp

    Suuuuuuure. Only to release the real GT7 in 2019 or something…

    I totally don’t care about this competitive online FIA championship stuff nor the 1000 landscape screenshots with car layers. Project CARS currently fulfills my needs for sim racing and Assetto Corsa will add up to that in the very near future. Greetings Kaz, from a former GT5 & GT6 player.

    1. kekke2000

      Aren’t you annoyed that pCars is so unfinished? Complicated pit stops and lacks real rules and safety car. Feels too much like a work in progress. I like the game itself. But I wish it was what it could have been.

    2. breyzipp

      @keke. Well PCars sure isn’t perfect either but on my XBox One it’s now the best racing sim I can play. I initially made the switch from PS3 to XBox One because there was no GT game on PS4 and Forza 6 looked so sexy. Well 1 year later it turns out its an ugly grandmother on the inside, nothing sexy left. But PCARS is nice though, the handling (I admit, after a LOT of tuning and tweaking) can be awesome. It’s just not consistant awesome. And it’s the only next-gen console sim with dynamic weather, something I loved so much in GT6 but what they seem to have thrown out of the window now…

      But! I read everywhere that Assetto Corsa’s handling and physics are so much better than PCARS so hence I’m so very much looking forward to that game I have skyhigh expectations (on the handling, not the car count or track list).

      Ooh and FH3 as well, that’s a nice chill out fun arcade-ish racer for sure.

    3. freedom1104

      Yeah~! same ex-Gt6 player here. put about 56xxxkm on GT6 and i quite disappointed to see that the visions that kaz had , gone sour and turn our good ol Gran Turismo into something what we dont want. Totally agreed with the FIA and Scape thing which i also dont give a sheet about all this. Just give me good ol GT with ps4 capabilities graphics , better sounds and most importantly, better clutch. There you go we have a Best PS4 racing game.

  17. kekke2000

    Im sorry Gran turismo. I think we should see other people. We had a good 15 years. I will always remember that red Lancer Evo 2 in GT2, but it’s time to move on.

  18. blackjack

    Does the “Spirit of GT7” come with the game on release day or is it to be added at a later date?

  19. jm79

    I’m OK with this, but I can see why people aren’t.
    After all, most people on this site are here because they love the way GT 1-6 worked…

    1. YZF

      Well looking at the sales numbers, GT6 was a definitely a sign of ‘its not so interesting anymore, something needs to be changed’. ~4x less sales than GT5? So that’s probably what they were thinking and doing

    2. ynot

      YZF, I think at the end of the day GT6 sales were down because it launched the same time as the PS4. That’s tough to compete against. I think it did pretty good considering that alone. Let’s see what GT Sport does in sales. Hoping it turns out to be the best racer out there.

    3. YZF


      The numbers for GT6 are between 2.5 and 4.9 million (depending on source). Ok let’s take optimistic “marketing numbers by PD” – 4.9. GT5 (Prologue + Main game, which is basically the same game – 17.3 million. So roughly the same as I said. In other words – sales dropped dramatically

  20. letdown427

    Should they now change the subtitle from ‘The Real Driving Simulator’ to ‘The Real Racing Simulator’ just to highlight the shift in focus?

    Will be interesting to see if GTS still has a career mode in the classic GT style. If there isn’t I think they’ll have a hard time convincing the fans that this is all the GT7 they’re going to get…

    1. YZF

      He said it very clearly, GT1-GT6 was old era, GT7-GT* will be ‘new era’. So you can think that ‘career mode’ is a feature of the past, and it may never be included again.


      If there is no career mode it’s not a single player racing game anymore … It’ll be more like online only & the AI will not be needed.

    3. YZF

      AI is not needed anymore… I don’t even remember last time I played against AI. When computer games started to be available, you needed AI because there was no network and especially no internet. But you needed competition. So AI was born.

      Nowadays, internet is part of your gameplay, when you need competition – it’s right there, one click away. And even better – these are real humans, which is what gamers wanted since day one. So companies should foreget AI altogether and start investing their efforts into improving online gameplay, setting restrictions for players in order to make them play better (higher quality, less childish nonsence, etc.) This is the future. AI is dead and that’s good.


      Ok so you’re telling me – it’s pointless to add AI – when AI was the reason for improving our skills & the AI in GT6 has started to act more like human & the best thing about AI that it is very careful for not to mess you up like other players online so it is useless even when the AI is used for a practice example ?
      Sometimes i find it more fun to play with AI because the AI tends to be accurate in gameplay which makes me comfortable rather than worrying of aggressive drivers online.
      I enjoy each in their own way – it is a concept in video games to have an AI which will give more ideas offline in order to know how to make a correct overtakes to help on improving the skills before racing online in every new game.
      It is seems that my point of view is just different than yours but still – the AI still has many reasons to be there.
      It’s ok if you prefer to race online but don’t forget the usuability of the AI.
      I still remember how difficult & fun it was in GT4 mission mode with SLR Mclaren on the nurburgring against the AI & thankfully it still happens in GT6 & more fun part is the AI of S.Vettel for Redbull challenge – also the AI is strong & fun to challenge in Redbull offline event :)


      I’ve almost forgot – remember that Skyline GTR R34 Pace car which was available in Gran Turismo Concept ?
      I remember how it was useful to follow it ( even in GT4 it was available in license ) to instruct you on picking the best lines :)
      I remember also in Gran Turismo Portable – when there were a certain challenges to try on overtaking AIs for a limited time which helps to improve on making a wise & early overtakes :)

    6. YZF

      @Imari I raced online many times, against humans which were very professional, who knew how to make race clean and stable, just like in the real world.

      If there are lots of “stupid kids”, then they must be taught or banned from racing in certain environments, but that’s just technicality, which can be easily implemented. High quality online racing is hands down the best type of experience you can get, better than any type of AI.

    7. ScotteDawg

      I don’t mind the AI, but it could do with a little bit of improvement. I’d like to see the AI “learn” from other online drivers that are encountered.

      I’d also like it if, when playing online and there is not a full room, the rest of the grid was topped up with these competitive AI. It would be better than having 5 people on track…

      Thank you @Imari, I have met quite a lot of idiot humans that have NO IDEA how to behave in a room or on the track!

      @letdown427 – What do you do when racing a car? Drive it very fast! As we are still driving the cars, the sub-title should remain “The Real Driving Simulator”!


      Took words out of my mouth ?
      I just thought about that today & i think that happened in Gran Turismo Portable X)

    9. Imari

      @YZF I’ve had similar experiences online. When it goes right it’s incredible.

      Unfortunately, getting consistently good players online is about as difficult as making a consistently good AI. Even on iRacing, which is very strict about such things, it can be the luck of the draw sometimes.

      Online cannot replace a decent AI, just as AI cannot hope to match the best racing available online. They are complementary and to throw one away is to miss the point.

    10. ynot

      As far as A.I. vs Real Humans…We have a group of people that have been racing together for 4 years now. I will race with them anytime over and A.I. Good clean racing every race. After this long they are sort of predictable. You learn their driving style, good and bad. How they take corners. When they brake. When you can take advantage of their weaknesses. Set them up over the course of a few turns so you can make a pass. I wouldn’t race any other way. I only race against A.I. for credits and licenses. You just need to find a group and stick with them through thick and thin or find another group that races the way you like to. You are welcome to come race with us anytime.


      Then the only case to be count is the preferrence & how to enjoy each in their own way as i mentioned before <:)


    “The title will remain ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ but the spirit of GT7 (whatever it may be) is definitely evident.”
    Now i’m getting confused … it is mind boggling ?


    He has said this many many times before I still think it’s more of a marketing statement that’s supposed to show: Oh GTS is so big that it is = to GT7… Obviously it’s not when you have “Carrer” mode that exists only to educate you for real online racing in Sport mode, the main mode for the game…

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