GT Academy Champions Join Nick Heidfeld, Kazunori Yamauchi for 2014 Nurburgring 24 Hours

April 28th, 2014 by Jordan Greer


Nissan today announced that it is bringing back the Nissan GT-R to the Nordschleife with an assault on the 2014 Nurburgring 24 Hours. The event, held on 21-22 June, is one of the toughest endurance races in the world, providing the ultimate test of man and machine as they compete on the daunting Nurburgring Nordschleife.

10155414_10152094790975197_7510776869899187462_aGT Academy Germany Judge, Nick Heidfeld, will race the No. 80 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3, numbered to celebrate Nissan’s 80th year. He will team up with the most recent GT Academy Germany winner, Florian Strauss, who was chosen by Nick to make the transition from virtual to reality just eight months ago. Florian will be glad to be racing with his mentor at the Nurburgring as this will be only the fourth international race of his career. Nick and Florian will be joined by the two men who know the GT3 GT-R better than most: another GT Academy graduate, Lucas Ordonez, and Alex Buncombe.

“I’m delighted to increase my involvement with Nissan from my judging role on the German GT Academy show to now also include racing the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 at the Nurburgring 24 Hours,” said Heidfeld.  “To be team-mates with Florian who I helped select as the 2013 winner of the GT Academy competition is quite incredible and is a great chance for me to continue the mentoring process with him at the Nordschleife. Together with Alex and Lucas we will tackle one of the most beautiful and challenging circuits in the world.”

The Schulze GT-R has another star driver from the virtual world, the creator of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi and the 2009 winner of GT Academy, Jordan Tresson.

“The Nurburgring 24 Hours is a special event for Nissan,” said Darren Cox, Global Head of Brand, Marketing & Sales, NISMO. “To compete at the Nordschleife will be a very proud moment for everyone involved as we think about the long line of road specification GT-Rs and now the GT-R NISMO that have grown up there. It is important to show our fans and customers again that there is cross over between road cars and race car development at Nissan. There is no better evidence of that than the Japanese based NISMO engineers huge commitment to this global effort.”

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  1. Apr. 29, 10:00pm

    Maybe someone needs to go to spec savers and have their vision checked ….. ;0

    • Apr. 30, 1:57pm

      That’s funny coming from someone with a username like that…;)

  2. Apr. 29, 2:16pm

    Have fun racing Kaz. Was waiting for some of those features you’d promised us but it’s ok, I’ll go buy grid autosport instead. Give me a shout if you release a properly finished game in the future mate, I’ll be sure to pause project cars for a minute and check it out.

  3. Apr. 29, 12:06pm

    So much for gt6 content:( comon gtplanet take some action!!!!

    • Apr. 29, 2:29pm

      Have there been any front page articles regarding the lack of updates?

    • Apr. 29, 8:49pm

      I wouldn’t hold my breath for a critical article. Journalists tend to not bite the hand that feeds them

    • Apr. 30, 3:09am
      SZRT Ice

      Haa! Wouldn’t THAT be an article worth reading!

  4. Apr. 29, 10:14am

    That car’s going for the overall win, right?

    Whatever the result, I WANT THAT CAR IN GT6!!!!!

  5. Apr. 29, 5:39am

    And there goes Kaz off to racing again… Look, if he wants to quit making games, he can. Why is he forcing himself? Get someone else who’s “fun” enough to make GT games, arcade or not.

    • Apr. 29, 7:56am


    • Apr. 29, 9:28am

      I think he is entitle to do whatever he wants with his time off work, isnt he?? It is not like he has to be 24/7 working on GT, i kn the game has many flaws and im not even playing it now days becouse of tha but the comment is a bit silly. Sorry

    • Apr. 29, 9:43am

      It’s even more silly when he doesn’t say a thing about the game. It’s always about himself and his “vision”…

    • Apr. 29, 1:08pm

      Well to be fair is his game (his company) so it is gonna be whatever he like it to be, obviously hes better off if everyone likes it and then buy it. Lets say you made a painting, then you have it for sale and then somebody goes like why do u made a painting about mountains i like cars or you had to use this particular color, not the one you used. At the end of the day is your painting and u made it whatever you like.

    • Apr. 29, 2:02pm

      Toko, you surely aren’t being serious about accepting an arcade version. No…just no.

    • Apr. 29, 2:10pm

      Why not? It’ll be awesome won’t it? :) I think GT will be perfect as a arcade racer, but Kaz will have to go first though. Wasn’t GT1 that before?

    • Apr. 29, 2:36pm

      I never had a PS1 so can’t really say about arcade physics on the first game – but I don’t think GT would benefit from it now. I certainly wouldn’t be so happy about losing the physics we’ve gained with GT6 – so much more control over acceleration around bends and I can feel that torque!

    • Apr. 29, 2:47pm

      True. I kinda wish GT can be a racing game that isn’t a jack of all trades. :P

    • Apr. 30, 3:18am
      SZRT Ice

      Sim physics + arcade tracks & jumps would/could be fun. Dirt 2 styled tracks with cross-section
      jumps, waterfall backgrounds, caves with stalagmite or icicles, etc. It would sprucin up the mundane environments GT has.

  6. Apr. 28, 7:51pm

    So I suppose we’ll be getting this GT3 car too? Lol, I don’t mind, just give base models to the German GT3 cars in the game and fix the mucked up Audi R8! When they added the black #71 GT-R in GT5, that’s what GT3 cars are suppose to handle like. GT3 cars are known as being easy to drive and very forgiving and the cars do have TC and ABS. It’s like they just went ahead and gave the cars they’re own handling to make them different which I very much didn’t like. The SLS AMG seems to be the only passable one.

  7. Apr. 28, 7:42pm
    Fat Tyre

    This is all very nice but I’m getting tired to hear more news about the Academy and real racing than news about developments for the actual game, which must be what really interests most of the GT6 users out there.

    • Apr. 28, 9:11pm

      +1. At least I have Grid Autosport to look foward to now. PD could learn a thing or two from Codemasters about communication.

    • Apr. 28, 9:39pm
      SZRT Ice

      “GRiD Autosport” you say?!? First I’ve heard of this!


    • Apr. 29, 5:55am

      first I’ve heard of GRID Autosport too, it sounds like it has the potential to be a great return-to-form. Codies seem to have had a habit lately of taking one or two ideas for a successful game of theirs, and then losing focus of everything else.
      e.g. Colin McRae Rally led to DiRT 3, a game about Ken Block, Gymkhana and Energy Drinks
      TOCA Race Driver led to GRID 2, a game about corporate sponsorship, social media fame, and short endurance races around the streets of Dubai. These games are both quite fun in their own right but GRID 2 would have benefited greatly if it didn’t feel like it was designed by focus groups.

      I’m semi-glad they’re releasing it for PS3, but a bit confused and disappointed that it isn’t getting a PS4/XBO release after hearing about how the vastly superior PC version will run at 4K60, and probably be an almost entirely different game to the console ports, but that is a discussion for another thread.

      Best of luck to Yamauchi, Heidfeld, and our fine GT Academy champions in the big race!

  8. Apr. 28, 7:01pm

    Still puts a smile on my face every time i hear “virtual to reality”. Such a cool concept they have brought to life. The fact you can go from playing your ps3 in your bedroom to behind the wheel of one of these beast is amazing. Good luck to everyone this year. This is a life changing event for someone.

  9. Apr. 28, 4:22pm

    Cool to see Heidfeld involved with GT Academy… I haven’t heard of him in a while, so I was sure he had retired… but no, he’s racing the N24. lol

    • Apr. 28, 5:13pm

      He races for Rebellion Racing in the FIAWEC

  10. Apr. 28, 3:48pm

    You specify that there are three Schülze Motorsport GT-Rs; what of the first two?

    • Apr. 28, 4:20pm

      I was wondering that too… not only that, who arte the other drivers that are racing together with Kazunori and Tresson.

      By the way, on the paragraph that starts with: “The third Schulze GT-R has another star driver from the virtual world…”, you mispelled Kazunori. It’s written Kazanori on the text. ;)

    • Apr. 28, 4:21pm


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