GT Academy Graduate Jann Mardenborough Wins at Brands Hatch

June 25th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

On the day GT Academy 2012 drew to a close the most recent graduate, Jann Mardenborough, showed the participants what it’s all about by taking a maiden win at the British GT series for RJN Motorsport – 365 days after he won Sony’s competition.

Starting the 2 hour feature race at Brands Hatch’s GP Circuit in tenth position, Jann’s teammate Alex Buncombe took the first stint and managed to take the big Nissan GT-R GT3 into the lead in yet another rain-drenched opening 2 laps. An ill-timed safety car period before the pit-stop window shook the order up a bit and left Jann with work to do for his session. He soon hit the front himself and, despite serious attention from the cars behind, brought the car home first – just. In what was the closest finish in British GT history, Jann beat the second place #007 Aston Martin by 0.022s!

The RJN Motorsport team are now third overall in the British GT standings, just half a point from second, with four races left of the season.

Images courtesy of Red Square Images.

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  1. Jun. 30, 10:43pm


  2. Jun. 28, 3:55am
    Lord Nicon

    I know I’m late but what a stellar job. I am very proud of Jann, the team and the program.

  3. Jun. 26, 6:13pm

    Was it filmed?, was it shown on tv/sky/internet?, thats one race i’d like to see

  4. Jun. 26, 5:18pm

    Hope you enjoy the pics folks. It was so good to see Jann take the win but more so for the dedicated team behind the scenes in particular RJN Motorsport. I will post more photos on my Facebook account ( and on my site for viewing. Please feel free to “like” my page.

  5. Jun. 26, 10:54am

    Now thats Hella-Cool!

  6. Jun. 26, 8:30am

    I don’t understand how a heavily flawed physics model can produce good drivers, they must be using RFactor on the sly.

    • Jun. 26, 11:03am

      I don’t think most of us have gone the speeds you can on GT5 in real life. Most of us probably only reach 100kph/63mph on a daily basis. Try driving a ZR1 up to 232kph, and start braking for a corner. Balls out crazy bro. Other than the lack of braking and steering feel at that speed on GT5 with the G27, I’d say GT5 is pretty darn close with the physics as far as vehicle feel on the track. I can ony speak from that one experience I had in real life. All other real life situations have been under 140kph, which I rarely do on GT5.

  7. Jun. 26, 1:21am

    Great job Jann!!! That was tight,0.022 seconds!!!! :D

  8. Jun. 26, 12:56am
    GT HP Nut

    Good job, Jann, but you’re still not getting the ‘Within One Hundredth” Trophy lol jk :-)

  9. Jun. 25, 11:42pm

    Fantastic Jann, that was a heck of a close finish.

  10. Jun. 25, 9:32pm
    Mac K

    Congrats Jann, victory must taste oh so sweet!

  11. Jun. 25, 7:34pm

    Representing!!!! I’m very happy for Jann and I can only imagine how it must have felt to all those who finished behind the gamer turned pro-diver. Haha respect!!!!

  12. Jun. 25, 7:11pm

    Wow Jann mardenborough is becoming my fav driver more and more every week keep it up hope the GRAN TURISMO 5 NISSAN GTR RJN MOTORSPORTS win the championship

  13. Jun. 25, 6:26pm
    Maddens Raiders

    This kid is good. Watch out Mr. Hamilton. :P

  14. Jun. 25, 6:21pm

    That GT-R and that livery now PD. Congratulations guys!!

  15. Jun. 25, 6:14pm

    Damn that is some close racing. This Jann is slowly becoming a legend.

    • Jun. 25, 8:24pm
      e30 freek

      Id say pretty quickly

  16. Jun. 25, 6:02pm

    Amazing! Congrats Jann & Alex!

  17. Jun. 25, 5:45pm

    That is what racing is all about!

  18. Jun. 25, 5:12pm

    0.022!! Well done guys (…Man that GTR is stunning)

  19. Jun. 25, 4:41pm

    Congrats :D

    Anywhere I can watch this online?

  20. Jun. 25, 4:37pm

    Congrats Jann :D

  21. Jun. 25, 4:36pm

    .022 margin win is better than -.022 loss, hell of a win. Love the photo finish.

  22. Jun. 25, 4:19pm

    Will there be another BGT race here????

  23. Jun. 25, 4:18pm

    Brands Hatch would be a nice track on GT5.

    Anyone listening @PD???

  24. Jun. 25, 4:14pm

    Absolutely superb. Bravo. Well done to Jann and the whole team. Ooooohh, Brands Hatch – what a great track. That is a track i’d pay for :)

  25. Jun. 25, 4:12pm

    I hope he’s there again soon, I might see him there!

  26. Jun. 25, 4:03pm

    Incredible stuff by the GT Academy team.they just continue to impress the racing world. On a side note to all those who complain about GT5 has too many R35’s, there is a very good reason why.IT iS A SPECIAL MACHINE!! Keep the R35’s coming PD!!

    • Jun. 25, 4:11pm

      I’m very impressed with the performance of the team and how they continue to improve. As in this years GT Academy event there were a lot of improved drivers this year. Let’s keep up the work.

  27. Jun. 25, 4:02pm

    Close finish! Great job Jann!

  28. Jun. 25, 3:52pm

    Wow!!…that was close. Congratulations to you Jann and your team, for your 1st win. Well done…:-))….

    • Jun. 25, 4:18pm

      Yup. What a rush it must’ve been.
      Well done, indeed.

  29. Jun. 25, 3:44pm
    Pit Crew

    Mardenborough…Jann Mardenborough The Natural

  30. Jun. 25, 3:30pm

    That’s a close race! There’s nothing more satisfying than winning by the closest margin. Congratulations to both Jann and Alex.

  31. Jun. 25, 3:07pm

    Congrats Jann! saw the pic on facebook on how close it was. Winning is winning as dom toretto would say.

  32. Jun. 25, 3:07pm

    Nice Jann! I´m still impressed how well the gt graduates are doing in the real racing world :)

  33. Jun. 25, 3:06pm

    Congrats JannTheMan!

  34. Jun. 25, 3:05pm

    Congratulations! that was a very close end :D

    • Jun. 25, 4:15pm

      What a cool weekend!

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