GT Academy Reveals Two Car Le Mans Assault

May 13th, 2014 by Andrew Evans


While we’ve known for a while about Nissan’s factory attempt at Le Mans this year with Garage 56 entry ZEOD, it turns out they had something else in mind for some of the other Nismo Athletes.

As an exhibition entry Lucas Ordoñez and Wolfgang Reip, joined by Lucas’s Super GT teammate Satoshi Motoyama, won’t be eligible for any class honours – but they’ve now been joined by an LMP2 entry that will be.

2014_LeMans_ZEODxrayDriving OAK Racing’s Ligier-Nissan will be 2012 winner Mark Shulzhitskiy and, on a break from GP3 duties, 2011 winner Jann Mardenborough. The third seat will be occupied by Alex Brundle, who formed part of Lucas’s 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours team with dad Martin. With an average age of 24, it’s likely to be the youngest driver lineup for the race – though by no means the least experienced!

Shulzhitskiy has in fact been part of the development team of the Ligier JS P2 chassis with Onroak Automotive alongside Le Mans legend Olivier Pla, so it’s a well-deserved chance to see the product through to completion and a baptism of fire next month.

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  1. May. 23, 2:51pm


    -I’ll be watching that race twice,. I hope they release a live timing app for the 24H Le Mans get down?,.

  2. May. 14, 12:06am

    “Ugly” is the word that comes to describe these late model Le Mans Champions. These triggerfish tailed prototypes haven’t appealed to my visual senses since 2006(?). Ligier-Nissan’s exhibition entry does look ok from that angle though.

    • May. 14, 12:23am

      If your referring to the fin then 2011. And I don’t know, I didn’t really like the fin at first, but it’s grown on me, I think the cars look cool.

  3. May. 13, 11:03pm

    Kind of weird seeing Liguer with such a Nissan partnership though, I must say. As French as Ligier is and with all their history, idk it just seems a little odd to me.

    • May. 14, 12:14am

      My first thoughts as well. Well, I don’t know how “French” Ligier is… but are they one of the last french teams to compete in F1? They do appear to be an odd couple. Hope they find some success in whatever they’re striving for in la Sarthe.

    • May. 14, 12:18am

      Yeah they were still competing in F1 as of like 1996 or 97 I think

  4. May. 13, 6:14pm

    I must say, the new upright headlights are a bit ugly. And that’s across the board, not just this one.

    • May. 13, 6:15pm

      But I wish them good luck and God speed! May they safely finish well!

  5. May. 13, 3:50pm

    Copy and paste… Something PD knows well..

  6. May. 13, 12:06pm

    That LM car looks like it’s just pounced on and eaten another car! Please be in GT6!!!

  7. May. 13, 11:52am

    One of my wishlist. That le man car. Love to drive it on nurburgring.

  8. May. 13, 11:42am
    Raggi Boy

    That front end is brutal! Best le Mans car in ages.

  9. May. 13, 10:55am

    cant wait to drive that P2 car in GT7

    • May. 13, 11:55am

      I hope in gt6..

    • May. 14, 12:20am

      I wouldn’t get my hopes up, they’ve never added the LMP’s ran by GT Academy winners, no idea why but they never had.

  10. May. 13, 10:50am

    goodluck guys

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