GT Academy USA Round 1 Complete, 512 Drivers Progress

After more than a month of grinding away at Tsukuba, Rome Reverse, and Cape Ring, the top regional drivers in GT Academy USA have finally crossed the finish line – see here for all of the official results. I’d like to congratulate all GTPlanet readers and members who made the cut, and a special thanks to everyone using their GTP_ “tagged” PSN accounts which can be found throughout the leaderboards (nice work, GTP_potatochip for being the highest-placed tagged driver).

A quick member profile survey shows that 17 of the top 25 nationally ranked players are registered GTPlanet users – a great accomplishment for our community that, hopefully, will ensure we have plenty of representation at the national finals and Silverstone. Head on over to our GT Academy 2011 forum for more discussion. Congratulations, once again, to everyone moving forward in the competition!

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  1. Fredzy

    Oh man, I thought they were taking the top 32 from each region so I didn’t even bother beyond getting a lap down to get credit for competing (in hopes of getting some bonus content.) I could have made it to round 2 if I tried! lol

  2. BigMackAttack

    I did it a few times then realized i wasnt 1337 enough.
    Now, im just wondering what Digital Content the partisapants get is?

    (Most likely a non-dynamic theme and the 350z Academy)

    1. Jordan

      The top 128 drivers from each of the four regions made the cut, for a total of 512. Though you can’t see them all listed on one page, you can view each regional leaderboard individually.

    1. Zuel

      Yes the car is in the game. You can only get the car by receiving a car ticket. Either by driving a track 100 time or driving a track over 2000k. Though the tickets are still random.

  3. Jump_Ace

    #250 on the nose, lol. Once I saw the top guys start to cheat to get faster I stopped trying. Great to see so many GTP’ers on there! GL in round 2, I hope it’s better than Round 1 :s


    1. Tvensky

      I think you can, it thats similar to Seasonal Events, lol look at drift events, all top 100 places are Buick Special.. lol WTF that is drift or what? :D In drift you should be able to drive any good drift car and do good points not just one.. same for Time Trial..

  4. chriz00

    I am #117 in the West, I start school next week …gonna have to squeeze in as much time as I can for Rd 2.

    Good Luck to everyone!!

  5. Crispy74

    Congrats to everyone who made the cut, good to see the GTP tag in abundance in the top 25…makes me feel proud to be part of such a great community, well done guys!

  6. CaptainSquirts

    I feel like crap :( i got 144th in my region.
    I should of gave it my all, only .4 off to of made it to top 128

  7. Any Girls Competing?

    Looking forward to how this pans out. I hope Sony and Polyphony Digital have got their act together for the remainder of the virtual part of the Academy with regard to track choices and in-game-penalty-systems.

    1. Tvensky

      lol.. I cant even register my country (Latvia) and drive GT online with my flag, but no You cant create proper gaming for all Europe! thanks Sony! Anyway congrats to all GTP users who made it, and all others :))

  8. cairnz

    I was under the impression the top rankings were a bit closer time-wise than what it is there now, interesting.

    1. Rob

      Yeah.. Congrats to the drifters who move on.
      Whoever wins this will be one hell of a Drifting race driver.

      When are they going to have a competition for drivers?

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