GT Academy USA Round 3 Complete, 32 Players Move On

Gran Turismo 5GT Academy 22 February 28, 2011 by

The third and final round of time trials in GT Academy USA finally came to an end Sunday evening after an intense (and thankfully drama-free) week of competition. Only 32 players (the top 8 from each region) remain, all of whom will be now be moving on to Round 4, the “National Finals”, next month.

Once again, I’m very happy to report that many GTPlanet members have made the cut! GTP_timeattack was the fastest GTP_tagged driver, holding the top spot in the West region. Here’s a tentative list of all the finalists (if you’re in this list, connect now with the other top drivers here in our forums).


  1. Gar529 (3:56.700)
  3. FixByWire
  4. Dr_3wide_skills
  5. embriodak
  6. blindsidefive0
  7. Kekambas91m
  8. z06fun


  1. Choate51 (3:56.784)
  2. GTP_CarlPKY
  3. chiefdnd
  4. GoskiOszolom
  5. GTP_potatochip
  6. Jonesy48Jimmie
  7. Conman_Skills
  8. plate88


  1. GTP_timeattack (3:56.877)
  2. gtp99
  3. GTXf_CudaMan
  5. R1600Turbo
  6. GTP_TheCheef
  7. CrymsonEcho
  8. TenhulzenAuto


  1. TX_Driven3 (3:56.939)
  2. Glenn_McGee
  3. L_Harrison
  4. jpe138083
  5. zerolm
  6. RounD
  7. SebaF1
  8. SpecMiata-JSW

User Rod_Sauzer has also put together a few graphs from each region yesterday to provide an interesting visual representation of exactly how quickly the times dropped throughout the week.

On a personal note, as a Round 3 participant myself who gave it my all (but obviously didn’t make the cut), I now have an entirely new appreciation for GT Academy and its competitors. These guys aren’t just the ones who can spend the most time putting in laps – they are a talented and highly skilled group of virtual drivers. As always, it is great to see their talents recognized in such a high-profile competition. Congratulations to all of you!

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