GT Academy Winner Jordan Tresson & Team Win Blancpain GT4 Championship

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Last weekend, 2010 GT Academy winner Jordan Tresson became the second of Nissan’s graduates to win an international championship. Along with his RJN Motorsport team mates, Alex Buncombe and Chris Ward, he took the Nissan 370Z to the GT4 title in Sunday afternoon’s season-closing Blancpain Endurance Series race at Silverstone.

Consistently strong performances from the entire RJN Motorsport team throughout the season meant that all the driving crew had to do today to seal the championship was to finish the race. Aside from one tense moment early on when Alex Buncombe pitted so the team could solve a small problem with a sensor, everything ran like clockwork and the new champions have just been crowned.

“It felt like a long race today but it is great to finish it as champions,” said Jordan. “To win it in my first full year is fantastic so thanks to Nissan, to RJN, all of the mechanics, the drivers, everyone! They have all been so supportive to me. I’ve learnt so much this year and enjoyed the battles we have had on the track. It hasn’t really sunk in yet but I think it will hit me tomorrow. What else can I say other than great season, great year, great feeling!”

Alex Buncombe joined Jordan in summing up a fantastic season for RJN Motorsport and the Nissan 370Z.

“We knew what we had to do today,” said Alex. “Of course it’s a shame we couldn’t push but we knew we had to do a safe job and bring the car home. The Spa 24 Hours was definitely the highlight of our year as we won the hardest race of the season. We had some great fights along the way, especially with the Lotus boys. The car has been a pleasure to drive and always kind to its tyres. I am delighted for the entire team.”

The man in charge at RJN Motorsport and a very important figure in the GT Academy family is Bob Neville, who tonight is a very happy man.

“I’m still soaking it all up,” said Bob. “It feels good to take the Nissan 370Z to a Championship win. Jordan has done an amazing job this year, especially when you consider that he only won GT Academy in 2010. He has been so consistent and done exactly what we asked him to do at every step of the way. He has improved throughout the year and shown that he is a great team player. Great job!”

Watching from the wings, this year’s GT Academy winner, Jann Mardenborough, was an avid spectator at Silverstone this weekend. The 20 year-old British driver who is well into his preparations for his prize drive in the Dubai 24 Hours in January came along to Silverstone to support Jordan.

“I wanted to come here this weekend to support the RJN guys,” said Jann. “It’s a good opportunity for me to watch and learn, especially to study how the professional guys do things like driver changes. One of the things I have to learn is how to pace myself and be mechanically sympathetic and that is what the guys were doing today, making sure the car made it home. I’m very happy for them and delighted to be driving for a Championship-winning team in a Championship-winning car.”

On behalf of GTPlanet, congratulations to Jordan and RJN Motorsports!

Photos courtesy of Kevin Mc Glone of Red Square Images.

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