GT Sport FIA Certified Championships Taking Place in Monaco November 16–18

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It’s a secret no longer: the World Finals for the FIA-certified GT Sport Nations and Manufacturers Cups are happening in two weeks. And they’re happening in stunning Monaco.

The last month has featured three regional Nations Cup finals across the globe. It all kicked off in Japan the first full weekend of October, with Ryota Kokubun leading the 10-strong lineup in the Asia-Oceania region. Only two weeks later, we witnessed the dominant performance of Germany’s Mikhail Hizal in Europe. Last but certainly not least, Igor Fraga stood atop the podium in Sin City earlier this week ahead of the rest of the Americas’ fastest drivers.

Monaco has a long history with the franchise. While the famous Formula One circuit hasn’t officially been in the game — due to licensing rights — the Cote D’Azur track is essentially the same.

We last saw Cote D’Azur in GT6. The location of the finals, as well as the recent trend from PD’s live events, has many believing it could be the next track reveal. After all, we’ve only recently seen Catalunya circuit, before it arrives in next week’s GT Sport update.

The action will kick off November 16, starting at 1800 local time. Once again, GTPlanet will be on the ground with our finger on the pulse of the event, so stay tuned for plenty more in the run-up. While we don’t have a full list of all the Manufacturers Cup participants yet, you can check out the recap on the 30 Nations Cup finalists below:

Drivers qualified to World Final

  • Kai Hin Jonathan Wong — saika159- — Hong Kong
  • Yat Lam Law — NegiFISH_NaF — Hong Kong
  • Cody Latkovski — Nik_Makozi — Australia
  • Matt Simmons — MINT_GTR — Australia
  • Ryota Kokubun — Akagi_1942mi — Japan
  • Tomoaki Yamanaka — yamado_racing38 — Japan
  • Yuki Shirakawa — yukiku — Japan
  • Shogo Yoshida — gilles_honda_v12 — Japan
  • Dan Holland — TRL_holl01 — Australia
  • Adam Wilk — Adam_2167 — Australia
  • Adam Suswillo — GTP_Aderrrm — United Kingdom
  • Martin Grady — GTA_Tidgney — United Kingdom
  • Patrik Blazsan — TRL_Fulvaros — Hungary
  • Anthony Duval — RC_Atho — France
  • Jorge Lopez — Williams_Coque14 — Spain
  • Mikail Hizal — TRL_LIGHTNING — Germany
  • Giorgio Mangano — Giorgio57 — Italy
  • Carlos Salazar — pcm_stj — Portugal
  • Pierre Lenoir — RC_Snake — France
  • Florent Pagandet — Jomas_74 — France
  • Igor Fraga – IOF_RACING17 – Brazil
  • Nicolás Rubilar – FT_NicoR – Chile
  • Jeffrey Gallan – FT_LLOYDZELITE – Canada
  • Andrew Brooks – deafsun96 – Canada
  • Andrew McCabe – TRL_doodle – USA
  • Nick McMillen – GumballCGT – USA
  • Jacob Goertz – JGOERTZ5 – Canada
  • Jay Szkoruda – Z28 – USA
  • Fabián Portilla – FT_Mcqueen91 – Chile
  • Adriano Carrazza – CRT-Didico15 – Brazil

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