Data Leak Reveals GT Sport Sold 12.7 Million Copies, Generating $355M in Revenue

Gran Turismo Sport, Gran Turismo 7, and Driveclub sales data has been leaked as part of a massive data breach at Insomniac Games, a first-party PlayStation Studio. Assuming the data is correct, it offers an unprecedented and fascinating look at the business side of the industry.

GT Sport

According to the leak, GT Sport sold 12.726 million copies worldwide as of what appears to be March 2019, around a year and a half after its release in October 2017. This is the “sell-through” number, which represents copies sold to customers. The “sell-in” number, which is the number of copies sold to retailers, is reported at 12.977 million.

Regional sales data has also been revealed, showing just how relatively popular Gran Turismo is in Europe. 65% of GT Sport’s sales were in the EU, followed by 24% in the US and 11% in Japan. Another — perhaps surprising — statistic shows that 31% of the game’s sales were digital.

In terms of revenue, the data reports GT Sport earned $355 million USD in worldwide sales. The regional breakdown of that revenue was slightly different from sales, with 63% coming from Europe, 24% from the US, and 13% from Japan. Using the numbers, we can calculate the company earned an average of $27.35 USD per copy sold.

Because the data includes PlayStation’s entire first-party games catalog around that date, we can see GT Sport ranked as the sixth-best-selling first-party title on PS4, behind Spider-Man, God of War, Horizon, Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us.

Relative to other Gran Turismo titles, GT Sport’s performance is impressive. If the data is correct, we can compare it with Polyphony Digital’s previously-reported sales data from 2017 to find Sport is the second-best-selling GT game of all-time, behind Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec’s 14.8 million copies and ahead of Gran Turismo 5’s 11.9 million copies sold. As of the series’ 25th anniversary in December of last year, more than 90 million copies of Gran Turismo games have been sold.

Gran Turismo 7

The leak appears to contain data valid through the end of February 2022, around one week before Gran Turismo 7 launched on March 4. As of that time, the data reports GT7 had received 580,000 pre-orders, 37% of which were digital. No other specific information about GT7 has yet been discovered in the leak.



Another interesting footnote in all this is the inclusion of Driveclub in the leaked data, a beloved and still-referenced driving game released on the PS4 in October of 2014. It sold an impressive 4.7 million copies, over 72% of which were in Europe, followed by 18% in the US and 11% in Japan, and earned an impressive $124 million USD in sales.

What makes Driveclub’s data so surprising — and for its fans, heart-wrenching — is that Sony closed its developer Evolution Studios in 2016 and shut down the game’s servers in 2020.

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