GT5’s GT Academy 2012 Prize Distribution Schedule Released

July 5th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Yesterday, the first prize (a Nissan Leaf) earned by participants in the GT Academy 2012 mini-game was distributed to players in Gran Turismo 5, but it wasn’t yet clear when the others would become available.

Earlier today, Polyphony Digital cleared up the confusion by releasing the following schedule which outlines the exact dates the other prizes will be distributed, once per week at approximately 07:00 GMT.

  • July 4 / All Golds in Round 1 / Leaf G (GT Academy) ’11
  • July 11 / All Golds in Round 2 / SILVIA spec-R AERO (GT Academy) ’02
  • July 18 / All Golds in Round 3 / SKYLINE GT-R V・spec II (GT Academy) ’94
  • July 25 / All Golds in Round 4 / 370Z (GT Academy) ’08
  • August 1 / All Golds in Round 5 / SKYLINE GT-R V・spec II Nür (GT Academy) ’02
  • August 8 / All Golds in Round 6 / GT-R Black edition (GT Academy) ’12
  • August 15 / All Golds in Round 7 / GT-R Black edition Tuned (GT Academy) ’12
  • August 22 / All Golds in Round 8 / 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy) ’08
  • August 29 / Bronze or Better in All Rounds / GT Academy 2012 Racing Suit

As noted in the announcement, once available, the prizes can be redeemed at any time between their initial release date and January 25, 2013. Thanks to RACECAR for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Des Foley.

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  1. Jul. 6, 2:05am


  2. Jul. 6, 1:15am

    At first, is schedule seems complete rubbish- why not just give us all the cars at once? But think about it like this, each week when we go to do the new seasonal events we will also have a new car waiting for us. The two go roger hand in hand. New prize car and new seasonal each week. That’s not so bad.

    • Jul. 6, 4:09am

      +1 I agree with you.

      After I looked over again it is meaningful for it to be done this way. The way they have done it was to follow the GT Academy schedule. We had to wait for the next round while we worked on our times know we had a car for that round we finished, though we still ran. Yes we are eager to see what the GT-A cars are capable of besides the Leaf, even though it is part of the final round at Silver Stone. Could some of you rethink and take advantage of this to per-pair for next year’s GT-A event.

    • Jul. 6, 2:23pm

      “what the cars are capable of”

      Really? You do realize that you can go to the Nissan dealership, buy them and test to see “what they are capable of”, right? Unless you haven’t tried any of these Nissans in the game, I don’t see what the difference could be. For the tuned versions, you can go to the tunning shop and get the same parts for them. The color? Bayside Blue… The stickers won’t make you go faster, and I hardly believe that there will be seasonals that would mae good use of this cars, other than the ones that are already there.

    • Jul. 8, 12:16am

      i was running tests on the nissan leaf and the gt academy version is definitely faster than the normal one. i am unsure if this holds true with all the cars but this car is a fact.

  3. Jul. 6, 1:13am

    These cars are stupid, as those that have the DLC have them already.. and so I believe most of us wanted that suit… which will be last to be gifted…
    Couldnt they have started this stupid charade by gifting us the suit?

    • Jul. 6, 8:08am

      Thats just the way they choose to update the game. It makes it look like they are doing something.

  4. Jul. 6, 1:05am

    Just skip to the Nür. Its the only car I earned that I want because its the only one that isn’t offered as a premium car.

    • Jul. 6, 8:03am

      Check the new Nissan dealership again – it’s there as a premium.

  5. Jul. 6, 12:44am

    People, STOP bitchin!

    Haven’t you read the official GranTurismo web site?

    It clearly states and I quote:

    The prizes will be distributed one week after all GT Academy 2012 events have ended, ON OR AFTER JULY 4TH. To add the items to your game, all you need to do is to start your copy of Gran Turismo 5!

    Read the caps lock words please and stop complaining. They never said anything about getting the prize cars immediately when GT Academy is over!

    Please be kinder. As you know and it’s been said many times, the game is almost two years old and we STILL get updates for it and new content and interesting stuff, etc.

    I have to say hats off to PD and Sony for making this possible. You have my respect and kind regards!

    • Jul. 6, 8:07am

      Doesn’t change the fact that making us wait ANOTHER two months to have all cars and the suit is ridiculous. It’s the principle here. I’m fearful PD may keep making decesions like this.

    • Jul. 6, 10:19am

      +1 MuoNiuLa.

    • Jul. 6, 10:28am

      I say if you’re so worried what PD is doing, then stop playing the game. Then there won’t be any problem left. It’s that simple! If you bitch to much, PD and Sony will cancel the GranTurismo series altogether and then we won’t have anything and that would make me sad :-(

    • Jul. 6, 11:13am

      +1 trillion.

    • Jul. 6, 11:30am

      People, people, people. GT is not dying. Even now, PD are working on GT6. There will be another GT, and this time, it will be much better than GT5. In fact, it will probably be the best installment of the series yet – yes, even better than GT3 *knocks on wood*. I thin k we’ve whined and complained enough for PD to know what we want for GT6, so now let’s just stop whining and go back to the way we were in the GT4 days – a friendly, close-knit community of GT fans who have come together to share their love for the series. From a gameplay and physics standpoint, we already have the best driving game in the world in GT5. Let’s unite around that and continue to share our passion for GT, shall we?

    • Jul. 6, 12:40pm

      @mick: I have stopped playing GT5, with the exception of checking for new seasonals every other Wednesday. So don’t worry. But just because I stopped doesn’t mean I’m no longer a GT fan. I just don’t want to see decesions like this mess with any future GT5 content, and more importantly, GT6.

    • Jul. 6, 1:25pm

      Infinity plus MuoNiuLa. Nothing can’t pass that.

      I still love GT despite me not playing GT5. I’m just not liking whats happening to GT5 at the moment. I just want PD to just focus on GT6 all together and forget about GT5, especially if its pissing everyone off, me included.

  6. Jul. 6, 12:34am

    SONY please get rid off Kaz and PD, hire someone else, can’t you see this is not working anymore?

    • Jul. 6, 12:45am

      If Sony gets rid of PD, there will be no more Gran Turismo. EVER!

    • Jul. 6, 12:53am

      then let it die, its dying anyway

    • Jul. 6, 1:42am
      Chad D.

      Why are you still playing if you think it should die then?

    • Jul. 6, 5:00am

      mikecustom……….. if you dont like the GAME then don’t play it and stop stop your whining

    • Jul. 6, 3:31pm

      you have it backwards my friend, Kaz should sell his IP to a new PC sim company, and let this game take off to another record audience in the waiting.

    • Jul. 6, 4:38pm

      @Lambob PD doesn’t own the IP. Sony does.

  7. Jul. 5, 9:59pm
    tube chaser

    I don’t care about the cars – I’ll never use them, just nice collectables really. The suit is cool because its new, but that too will lose its flavour (like the Stig suit) and be returned to my items folder. This drawn-out release schedule though is irritating because it seems unneccesary, but c’mon fellas – the GT5 loading screens have trained us ALL to be masters of patience.

    However, Nissan should be cheesed off to say the least! A brilliant marketing opportunity has been wasted. If the prizes were all gifted on July 4th, you can bet that for a week or so we’d all be zooting around in Nissan cars in our Nissan suits. Now not so much. I’m no marketing guru but this exercise seems as pointless as giving away GT5 Prologue posters, long after the hype has vanished.

    • Jul. 5, 10:14pm

      Same here I’ll never use these cars!!!

    • Jul. 5, 11:49pm

      Do you guys even think before you start typing?? Yes I agree some things pd do are questionable but how many company continue to support a game after 2 years released? Not many. Imagine sending one item to 1-2 million people at the same time? Now imagine sending 10 items to the same amount of people?

    • Jul. 6, 5:49am
      tube chaser

      Wrong. PD’s servers run on Dilithium crystals. 10-20 million instantaneous deliveries – no problemo.

    • Jul. 6, 6:34am

      At Kayoss : “but how many company continue to support a game after 2 years released”

      PLENTY companies!!!!

    • Jul. 6, 1:02pm

      @RobDoggy05 I think he means with DLC and updates. Sure, a lot of companies continue to support a game with tech support, but updates and new content typically slow to a stop before the first year after the game’s release. The only other series I can think of whose games continue to receive new stuff multiple years after release is Rock Band.

    • Jul. 7, 8:32am

      @Kayoss: Please. This game is only being supported because it was not finished at release.

  8. Jul. 5, 9:23pm

    This is a retarded schedule wtf gt5 I got to wait a whole mouth and a half before I can get all gt academy cars no wonder forza is betterb

    • Jul. 5, 9:24pm

      Month* and better*

    • Jul. 5, 9:56pm

      I love GT5, PD are both genius on one hand and completely counter intuitive on the other, even the most dedicated fan boy has to admit they seem both brilliant and incompetent at the same time.

      Mark another notch on the incompent meter.

    • Jul. 5, 11:05pm

      I have to wait a mouth and a half too!
      But I’m not going to complain about free stuff.

  9. Jul. 5, 9:21pm

    This is crazy! How many times do we have to be let down by this company before we realize nothing they say is concrete. You have to just wait until you actually turn on your PS3 and see it there in front of you. I’m completely disgusted. Pfftt,and they give us the Leaf….like thats going to hold us over?!?! C’mon!

    • Jul. 5, 9:29pm

      Ya it’s quite annoying of them

  10. Jul. 5, 9:08pm


  11. Jul. 5, 9:02pm

    Yeah..I was tearing it up in my Leaf yesterday. That’s one BAD-ASS machine. Well worth the wait.

  12. Jul. 5, 8:55pm

    I think PD just needs to create a schedule and stick to it. It obviously seems that PD is highly unorganized, and under staffed.

    • Jul. 5, 9:00pm

      True. :\

  13. Jul. 5, 8:44pm

    If they can be claimed at anytime why dint we get them now for us to claim at will? Look, I really don’t even care about the cars being once per week, the cars are already in the game, these ones just have a GT Academy badge. I think the 2 tuned ars are the only slightly different ones. What I’m mad about is waiting until the end of summer for my suit, that’s pretty annoying. The only thing I care about is the suit, it’s the only thing that will be new to people, yet were are waiting until GT Academy is long forgotten about. That really bothers me. But yeah, if we can claim them any time then why can’t we just get them all now or 1 per day or something?

  14. Jul. 5, 8:41pm

    Sorry all… I play this game everyday and I like it a lot for numerous reasons… The visuals are stunning. Some of the tracks are very well done. The premium cars are beautiful… Other then that, this game is a huge failure. I’m sick of being on the “support PD” bandwagon.

    We play GT Academy just so that we can receive our prize cars spread out over a month??? WHAT A JOKE!!! Drop all the prizes in our inboxes and be done with it. It’s not like those cars are so great anyway. Just give us what we won and stop stringing us along.

    PD drags their feet making new content. Things that should’ve been in the game at release, still aren’t. Lots of new cars (2010 -2012 models) IRL that would be perfect for this game will never be in this game. We still race on awful, out of date models of Cote D’Azur, Daytona (The bus stop chicane that PD has on the Daytona Road Course is not correct. It never has been) and Indy Road Course come to mind. The tire model is flat out AWFUL. The paint chip system is stupid. The sounds of the cars are mediocre, at best.

    Meanwhile, I get emails from Simraceway every week about new cars being added to their game. Last week was an Audi R18 Ultra. This week was a Mustang Boss 302. The only thing stopping me from completely abandoning GT5 is the fact that I don’t have a PC that would run a racing sim in the best possible way. Maybe instead of buying a PS4, I’ll get a nice desktop PC and go racing with Simraceway and iRacing so I can race some awsome new street and race cars on some awesome real tracks that PD will probably never put in their game.

    Sorry to all the people that believe the hype but this game isn’t that great and it’s been surpassed by leaps and bounds on the PC side. Time to jump ship folks!

    • Jul. 5, 9:57pm

      I must admit that I’ve been in the “support pd” bandwagon and still am, but you do have a point. GT hasn’t aged too well in my opinion. at this point either PD hands the game to another developer, or simply lets GT have an honorable death. I respect PD and Kazunori because they brought the wonderful world of automotive passion into the gaming world, but there are others who even though are not at the same technical level, they do seem to put more love into their games.

      For me the biggest problem with the game is PD’s side proyects. Yamauchi San is always doing other things besides working as hard as he should on the game which is what really matters. I know people are going to bash me because of this, but GT Academy is a waste of time for 98% of GT fans and I believe that this is one of the major factors that have lead to neglecting GT5. I’m glad for the ones that made it, but honestly WHO CARES! The rest of us just want to play the game and enjoy it.

      Right now the only choice for PD would be to hire at least one hundred new people, preferebly overseas, let them work on the game, maybe share ideas with other developers, create a forum dedicaded exclusively to listen to their fan’s ideas and suggestions, so that way he can take care of the thigs that matter the most for him and his old PD team; that would be racing and the Academy thing. If not, it’s time for My Favorite Game to rest in peace… I’m even starting to believe that GT6 (if it ever comes out) will be more of the same.

    • Jul. 5, 10:32pm

      Bla-Bla-Bla. Move along already, no one cares.

    • Jul. 5, 11:38pm

      @HuskyGT I don’t think either of the options you present for the future of the GT series would be viable for either PD or Sony. Handing the franchise over to another developer would just be unthinkable for anyone who’s ever been involved with the series at all, even fans – it would be like Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson, or Jaguar without an XK in its lineup; you’d be removing the very heart of the series (and yes, Jezza did resign from the old, pre-2002 Top Gear – it did not end well for anyone, so there’s your exception to prove the rule). As for ending the series entirely, GT has literally been there for PlayStation since day one. Of all the PlayStation-exclusive series, the only one which has endured to this day and still has half-respectable sales is GT. A PlayStation without a GT title on it, or at least the promise of a GT title, is no PlayStation for me.

      As far as GT5’s shoddy DLC support: let’s not forget that this is literally the first time PD has ever had DLC support in any of their games. I’m confident that come GT6 the DLC creation and release system will be massively streamlined and that PD will be pumping out DLC like no one’s business. I’ve always had faith in PD, and I always will, in whatever they do. I’m not happy about the fact that it’ll take eight weeks for all of our GT Academy prizes to arrive, but there’s probably a reason that it’s being pushed out so slow that you and I don’t know about. PD always does things for a reason.

    • Jul. 5, 11:51pm

      @TeamCZRRacing: Please take a look at Forza 2’s DLC. That was Turn 10’s first attempt at DLC and it had plenty of great cars plus a couple of tracks. Sorry, but saying it’s PD’s first time at DLC is not a good excuse for how lacking it’s been.

    • Jul. 6, 12:12am

      @MuoNiuLa I’d agree, but think about this. A lot of the time, the first time PD adds a new feature to GT, the first rendition of that feature is just horrible, but then they do a complete 180 and make the next version of said feature spectacular. For instance, compare GT5P’s online feature to GT5’s before it became as broken as it currently is. GT5’s online mode is *miles* better than GT5P’s ever was in every single way except reliability.

      Watch this: DLC support for GT5 was bad, but I can assure you that PD has kept an eye on Turn 10’s DLC strategy as well as us GT fans’ complaints, and even now PD is thinking up a way to not only match but beat T10’s strategy. Will they use this strategy for GT5 in the future? Probably not – perfection takes time, something many GT fans sadly don’t understand – but whatever DLC strategy they have in store for us for GT6, I’m sure it’s going to be miles better than GT5’s.

    • Jul. 6, 1:08am

      As much as would love to believe that, there are many things in GT that have been Terrible eer since te first game and have seen no improvement, example ring sound and AI.

  15. Jul. 5, 8:34pm
    Mac K

    That’s odd…

  16. Jul. 5, 8:25pm

    I don’t know why PD is doing this, but I guess I’ll just cope with it. It’s a pain though that I have to waith 2 months to collect all of the prize cars that I’ve earned fair & square.

    Oh well, I’ll stick with the classic GT games & Forza 4 anyway until the cars are released and the next GT5 dlc is reported, I’m curious what the next dlc will be if there’s a couple of new cars & tracks involved with the next one. I hope to get the Subaru Brz & Acura NSX Concept in the near future.

    • Jul. 5, 8:56pm

      When they add cars like the new NSX then I hope they make them race modifiable. Really what I’m hoping for in a DLC is a second race car pack with EUROPEAN cars this time. The only American cars in the game worth race moding that we are probably a the Viper, the GT40, and maybe a newer Mustang, so maybe through TC versions of those in. Then the only Jap car in the game I would want a TC version of is that 2002 Honda NSX. Then throwing in the cars that we all know GT racing for! Lets have a BMW M3 TC, Ferrari 458 TC, Ferrari 430 TC, Aston Martin V12 Vantage TC, Lotus Evora TC, maybe a Lotus Roadster like that Mazda one in the first race car pack because I know Lotus made something like that but I forget the name, a McLaren F1 or MP4 or both TC, Mercedes SLS-AMG TC, and an Audi R8 LMS TC or an Audi R8 Ultra TC. That would please me alot! Even if it isn’t the Audi R18 TDI I dream of it would make my GT5! Though I wouldn’t complain if they through 1 or 2 more resent Le Mans cars like some Nissan LMP2, R15 TDI+, R18 TDI, that would be cool. But honestly what I feel the game is most short changed on are European GT race cars.

  17. Jul. 5, 8:16pm

    Hey, I have an idea!! Instead of bitching and moaning about what isn’t in the game, BE HAPPY with what we have!!!!

    • Jul. 5, 8:34pm


    • Jul. 5, 8:34pm

      Hey I have an idea!! Instead of defending and blindly liking what’s being offered this month and next month which won’t be all that interesting and a waste of waiting, and not gifting out all prizes at once. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND WAKE UP!!!!

      Sorry had to be done… U_U

    • Jul. 5, 8:39pm

      Toko, you took that too far. Take a chill pill and go have a nap. Do you not think as to why they are doing this? Imagine they were all released at once, and everyone went on at the same time, and it slowed the servers to the point of crashing. YOU would be the first one on these forums complaining that they crashed and saying that PD did something wrong. Go sit in the corner.

    • Jul. 5, 8:59pm

      I know, and I’m sorry. Its just it makes me upset that each car are gifted at once in each week till the end of summer. :( Are you really going to wait for these to come? Well not really cause you’ll do other things while waiting. But like I said before, I’m deeply sorry.

      And no, I WON’T sit in a corner, make me. >:)

    • Jul. 5, 10:13pm

      Haha you guys are to funny! I for one am loyal to this franchise that is unfortunately showing its age. We all know that PD has the ability to keep the game fresh and competitive, but for reasons unknown refuses to do so. That being said, all the arguing, fighting, complaining, is pointless, but it won’t stop. I’m glad we occasion tease with content. Thanks PD your the bestest ever ever ever!!!! Haha

    • Jul. 6, 5:50am

      If you don’t want to sit in front of the screen for 8 weeks waiting for the cars then don’t,use the screen for other things for those 8 weeks then get all the free cars later or use the equivalent cars in GT5 already.

  18. Jul. 5, 8:13pm

    As usual, GT5 is a love hate relationship.

    When will PD wake the hell up, seriously.

    I don’t even care about these cars, but this is absolutely absurd. Actually the fact that no one cares about these cars is why we shouldn’t have to wait for them. They’re nothing special.

    Plus, they shouldn’t be giving away the 2012 Nissan GT-R. People who didn’t buy the DLC shouldn’t get to drive it, they don’t deserve it.

    • Jul. 5, 8:48pm

      “Plus, they shouldn’t be giving away the 2012 Nissan GT-R. People who didn’t buy the DLC shouldn’t get to drive it, they don’t deserve it.”

      I never even thought of that. Good point. It’d be funny if they pulled a Forza and let people view it in their garage but not drive it until it was bought. haha

    • Jul. 5, 9:21pm

      So not even the people who actually golded the events should have GT-Rs because “They didn’t buy the DLC so they don’t deserve it”. How do you bitch about the illogical decisions of a developer with illogical comments like that?

    • Jul. 6, 3:00am

      @crcn11, They allow you to view DLC cars in the NCD, but won’t allow you to buy the car without purchasing the DLC first. So in a way, they already ‘pulled a Forza’ as you called it.

  19. Jul. 5, 8:07pm

    We don´t live for the game we live for our life.

  20. Jul. 5, 8:00pm

    I’m almost literally the last person to complain about what PD does it doesn’t do but this is absurd. Yes its “free” but this waiting game is ridiculous. This should be motivation to keep playing the game?

    I dont really care about the cars either but I am with a lot of others here in being PO’d about the way they are going about this.

    • Jul. 5, 8:02pm

      Why didn’t they just release them to us as we got gold like it would be in GT5? Stupid.

    • Jul. 5, 8:05pm
      e30 freek

      Yh just release them as we get golds good but a little to late

  21. Jul. 5, 7:53pm

    im going to predict the future here,

    after PD is done releasing the GTA cars, Kaz will make an announcement stating that the GTA cars are the ”new” DLC he confirmed a couple of days ago and that there won’t be further support or DLC for GT5, then he’ll tell us that GT6 will be a PS4 title and that we are gonna have to cope with GT5 for 5 more years,
    I’m gonna be so pissed that i’m gonna have to burn my PS3 and lose any interest in gaming for the rest of my life

    • Jul. 5, 8:14pm

      are you kidding? All of that is way too far off. PD will never let us know what’s going on until the last minute. That’s how they always do things.

    • Jul. 5, 9:25pm

      “I’m gonna be so pissed that i’m gonna have to burn my PS3 and lose any interest in gaming for the rest of my life”

      Again, fighting illogical thinking with illogical thinking. To top it off, you’ll “lose interest in gaming” over ONE game. Geniius.

    • Jul. 5, 9:54pm

      I would say he was exaggerating, but then it would be less funny.

    • Jul. 5, 10:22pm

      Also, burning plastic is unsafe.

  22. Jul. 5, 7:38pm

    I’m glad they released the distribution schedule so that we can all settle down and get back to our regular complaining. :-)

  23. Jul. 5, 7:35pm

    Now I regret not playing GTA. No way I’m buying the DLC for the Leaf and GT-R, so there goes my last chance. Well, like three months ago.

  24. Jul. 5, 7:16pm

    Tedious and boring. That’s all this is.

  25. Jul. 5, 6:58pm

    Oh, does it not matter whether we delete the GT Academy game file? It seems that it no longer lets you load the demo now anyways…

    • Jul. 5, 7:02pm
      BolgOfThe North

      No doesn’t matter, I deleted it the other day and still received the Leaf.

  26. Jul. 5, 6:56pm

    They’re doing this to make sure we keep playing the game. Pretty simple really.

  27. Jul. 5, 6:56pm

    The upsetting thing for me isn’t the cars, (which we already have minus the sticker)! I wanted the “NEW” Racing suit the most. Anyways, of course it is what we have to wait the longest to get… go figure!

  28. Jul. 5, 6:48pm

    When it was announced we get all these cars on July 4th I thought, ‘hey nice gesture, thanks’

    Reading this ‘release schedule’ changed my mind. All this waiting around is kind of pathetic.

    They should’ve just gifted that cars and be done with it. Instead we get another waiting schedule. Whatever..

  29. Jul. 5, 6:45pm

    I’ve been reading the comments and seeing majority of the members stating they are unhappy with the ‘new’ cars coming in over a period of two months, claiming that they are just cars that are already in the game and they just have a sticker, so they should be given to us who worked for them immediately. But honestly, I’m thinking in the reverse here. If they are cars that are already in the game with just stickers with no special anything about them, why complain? What do you plan to do with the GTA cars? Show off? Drive more often than the ones you already have?
    I mean, I could understand if you complain about obtaining golds in GTA for cars that aren’t in the game (let’s say a Koenigsegg) only to find out you have to wait weeks to get it after you ‘worked’ for it. I would work with you regarding that. But common guys, you’re letting this get to your heads. It shouldn’t matter if you get cars that we already have tomorrow OR the next month. Sure PD has slipped up plenty times, but this is nothing to get worked up over.

    • Jul. 5, 7:01pm

      I think you need to look at the bigger picture here. Sure this isn’t the first time they’ve made us wait substantial amounts of time, but the more and more they keep doing it, the more angrier people will get.

      We shouldn’t have to wait such a ridiculous amount of time, especially knowing PD could’ve given us all our ‘prizes’ within a weeks time.

  30. Jul. 5, 6:36pm

    1 car per week…why PD do this? Easy, to cover their backs with no release of new DLC. So we are going to see a car per week so we can be “happy” during the summer…

    Amazing. Hope i can live forever till the day GT6 has a release date at least…


    I´m glad because i live in front of the beach so…;)

    • Jul. 5, 6:44pm

      Totally agree with you mate!

      Except the fact that I don’t live next to the beach… :(

    • Jul. 5, 6:45pm

      1 car per week…why PD do this? Easy, to cover their backs with no release of new DLC. So we are going to see a car per week so we can be “happy” during the summer…

      I’m seeing this too. Kaz does it again and thinks we’ll be okay with it. FORGET IT!

      We all should enjoy our summer and not wait for things like these. Lets ingore this and ENJOY OUR SUMMER GUYS!!! HIP HIP, HURRAY!!!! :D

    • Jul. 5, 8:01pm

      Yeah Toko, at this point we can complain about this type of decisions. I don´t like to wait anymore…i prefer to do other things or just play other things. With the 200% thing they made me turn on my PS3 day after day till i said to myself…WTF i am doing?? Really they are rewarding those who play everyday but at the same time is like saying…”hey if you don´t play the game every day you are not going to be rewarded so keep playing it for ever” and to me that is not good. I play games every day if they are good enough to keep me playing.

      I still play games from 2007 like rFactor and Race 07 because they are just great. Have something what i call substance and coherence.
      You can´t put tons of cars in a game and then don´t have clear what to do with all of them. And that´s is the problem with GT5.

  31. Jul. 5, 6:26pm
    e30 freek

    This is baby bag bullpoo

    • Jul. 5, 6:28pm
      e30 freek

      ^ i thought first one didnt go through so i put it in a less offensive way

  32. Jul. 5, 6:26pm
    e30 freek

    This is baby bag bullsht!

  33. Jul. 5, 6:24pm

    Ah, this explains why I only got my Leaf. I thought I was getting them all at once. Oh well, a few months of free cars here and there won’t be bad either :D

  34. Jul. 5, 6:21pm

    I don’t understand most of the people on here.

    He creates the academy and says that if you get gold you will receive the cars for nothing,some complain(which is becoming norm) and now that it’s going to take longer than one week to get them, it’s the end of the world,even though you could just use the ones that are in the game already if you are that impatient to drive a 370z.

    • Jul. 5, 8:07pm

      It’s not about being impatient, personally I don’t even care about these cars, IT’S THE PRINCIPLE OF IT.


      When the hell is PD going to wake the hell up, and get with the times. Everything they’ve been doing lately is just ludicrous. I love GT5, but I hate PD. They’re such a stupid developer.

      They’ve done so many patches to fix things, but they ignore everything else.

      Being a GT fan is a love hate relationship for sure, and I know I’m not the only one who’s tired of it

    • Jul. 5, 8:45pm

      Well said TomBrady.

    • Jul. 5, 10:11pm


      You couldn’t have said it better. I don’t care about the cars either, nor I wil be driving them at all. It’s the situation. They are basically admitting that there won’t be more content at least in the next month. And after that, who knows…

      Although I’ll keep playing GT5 occassionally, and PD will always have my support, I must admit that I’m also tired of all this.

    • Jul. 6, 5:55am

      So because it seems that some people just assumed that it would be one DL and now it’s PD’s fault.

  35. Jul. 5, 6:16pm

    If Toko, Quakebass and another_jakhole are all unhappy with this….. then I can say with confidence…. PD, Yalls f*#ked up….BIGTIME! LOL

    • Jul. 5, 6:57pm
      Nissan Lover

      LOLZ. And those 3 are the same people who defend GT5 on every post.

    • Jul. 5, 7:53pm

      ^ I didn’t defend GT5. But I know you are in this post, Nissan Lover.

    • Jul. 5, 10:41pm

      I don’t ALWAYS defend PD, I only defend it where I can – for another thing, why the f*** haven’t they attempted to increase their workforce, and why haven’t they focused on more replay-value centered additions to the game? Cars and tracks don’t add NEARLY as much fun as additional features. I’m talking some minor livery editor, more track editor options, more aero kits, a paint shop of sorts, more rims, more events (either 50+ new events, or even better, an event designer), more leaderboards (like in GT Academy, or at least allow some sort of time filtering system for your friends; I.E. select track, performance range and/or car used, and other qualifications), and/or more trophies either for the general game or for the DLC’s. Some of these are INCREDIBLY simple (to my knowledge) and would add SO much more gameplay time!

      I really only defend PD where I can; like when people are saying that “if T10 can get big DLC’s out every month, so can PD” – I combat that with the workforce claim, though I still don’t understand why there hasn’t been as many attempts to increase the workforce, which is getting me upset. And also, why is PD so silent? If they just told us the reason for so many delays with new GT5 content was because of GT6’s development, I’d be fine. The silence is killing me, and many of the other fans and users.

  36. Jul. 5, 6:04pm

    Gran Tursimo: The Real Waiting Simulator


    • Jul. 5, 6:13pm

      hahaha :D

    • Jul. 5, 6:16pm

      GTPlanet: The Real Whiny Community

    • Jul. 5, 6:30pm
      e30 freek


  37. Jul. 5, 5:54pm

    I’d love to meet Kaz in person and really express myself to him. This is seriously a joke..Does he really think we’re all waiting on the edge of our seat for these cars THAT ARE ALREADY IN THE GAME. And they’re going to take 2 months to get on top of that? I’m tired of defending this game…Especially after PD do idiotic things like this. Makes me wonder if they work as hard as they say they do…Yeah yo0u have a cot under your desk…You probably spend more time in it than you do worrying about the game..

    • Jul. 5, 5:58pm

      PD work hard? Nah. If they really did work as hard as they say they do, GT5 wouldn’t feel like it only took 6 months to create.

    • Jul. 5, 6:12pm

      Yes they work hard…They cancelled the release date of the game not only 1 time so they could improve it and they now give us a dlc almost every 2 months not only to make money but to make the game better too. They think we have money to pay. But we haven’t only money and patience to wait these cars. They think they will keep us interested in the game. But the best way to do this is to update with additional cars, tracks etc. not to make us wait for something more unimportant than important…

    • Jul. 5, 7:10pm

      no, they kept changing the release date cuz they never started working on it until Sony pushed kaz and finally on early 2010 they began to develope GT5, Turn 10 took 2 years to develope Forza 4, and look at it, are you seriously suggesting that GT5 took 6 years to develope even when its half done?

    • Jul. 5, 7:16pm
      Nissan Lover

      Rotex,there is no such thing as a free DLC,especially since you gotta consider everything from licensing to making the bloody car.And then there’s the bills they have to pay.Why does everybody always complain about not getting free cars because they don’t have money to buy it and if they do,they want it free?They’re just like us everyday people who has bills to pay as much as we do,so
      :Madea pun:Suck it up and shut up

    • Jul. 5, 9:57pm

      Scion FR-S was literally free dlc. In the dlc section, listed as “free”.

  38. Jul. 5, 5:49pm

    Gran turismo is the best simulator
    All should be satisfied whit just playing this incredible simulator

    • Jul. 5, 7:11pm

      yo kiddin me aight?

    • Jul. 5, 10:44pm

      We are. We AREN’T satisfied by the strategy of giving us our rewards for GT Academy over the span of 2 months, when they could do them all in one day.

  39. Jul. 5, 5:47pm

    Gran turismo is the best simulator
    End of the story
    All should be satisfied whit just playing this incredible simulator

    • Jul. 5, 5:52pm

      And that’s why most of us are not satisfied. GT is a jewel and has always been the best car game ever, but it seems that PD either doesn’t want to prove it, or they simply can’t for some technical reason.

    • Jul. 5, 8:04pm

      I think GT5 is the best sim overall, but not the best or most realistic simulation. That goes to netKar PRO for sure. But like I said, overall, GT5 is the best racing game/sim period.

      Still doesn’t change the fact that PD is completely stupid.

      I mean seriously, making us wait for a bunch of cars we already have, and already have driven?

      It’s the principle of it. I thought it was ridiculous that they didn’t give them to us while GTA was going on, but one car a week? Are you kidding me?

      Not to mention, the ridiculous lack of DLC.

      When is PD gonna learn not to piss of it’s loyal fans. They’ve done a lot to fix things with patches, but what about everything else?


  40. Jul. 5, 5:46pm

    You know what’s worst? The people from Turn 10 and their group of little fanboys who must be laughing their a** off at this moment.

    It’s really enranging since for most of us, GT has been like a familly that we faithfully belong to since the 90’s. But you can’t help to feel that the other people are right about laughing.

    • Jul. 5, 6:44pm

      You know what’s best? Owning both games and laughing at both sets of fanboys and their stupidity.

    • Jul. 5, 7:13pm

      you know whats more stupid? bragging about having 2 consoles and think you’re superior

    • Jul. 5, 7:39pm


      I wasn’t bragging about having 2 consoles; I was bragging about not being a lowlife fanboy. The fact that you took the comment that way makes me wonder if you’re a fanboy desperately trying to get revenge for being slighted.

    • Jul. 5, 7:55pm

      I highly agree with varmintx. What’s so wrong about not owning both console and both games??? Fanboys these days. O_O

    • Jul. 5, 10:13pm

      @ varmintx


  41. Jul. 5, 5:42pm

    Really PD? Everyone has to wait almost two more months so they can get their ‘prizes’ they earned from the GT Academy? It seems all it ever is with PD is just one big old waiting game. I’m getting tired of waiting ridiculous amounts of time for very simple things like this that could’ve been done in less than a week.

  42. Jul. 5, 5:26pm

    Until now I thought people whining about DLC were idiots.. now with this tho even me hardly playing gt5 atm feels like PD is playing games with their fans to keep them happy with ‘regular activity’ .. this just doesn’t make any sense..

    Great game, poor dealing..

  43. Jul. 5, 5:12pm

    What for?

  44. Jul. 5, 5:06pm

    NO, I’m not waiting for these duplicate cars to arrive. I got better stuff to do with my summer instead of waiting to waste my time with this stupidness by PD. I’m sorry PD, but you guys seriously gone WAY to far with us on this. I’m had it with you making us wait for months. This is by far the most stupidest idea they planned.

    Just say your done with GT5 and move on to GT6, so you guys at PD won’t have to embarrass and piss everyone off like you have so far… PD will never change from this whole waiting crap they have right now. SO not inspiring…

    • Jul. 5, 5:34pm

      Wow, Toko is angry with PD… They were right about 2012 being the end of the world.

      Seriously man, I gree with you. It’s very hard to find a possitive reason of why they did this. I mean, it’s not like we are waiting for new cars (even the Scion was kind of worth the wait), but it’s cars that are already in the game and are basically only worth as some sort of trophy due to the GT Academy badges.

      Seriously PD. How hard it is to say “We are working on GT6 now. GT5 won’t be supported anymore other than seasonals.” Trust me, that would be huge news and it’s WAY better than keeping our hopes high for recieving new quality content like other games recieve periodically.

    • Jul. 5, 6:13pm

      wow… all hope is lost. :)

    • Jul. 5, 6:24pm

      Oh you bet hope is lost if PD doesn’t something. >:) But really. I really wish PD could cut the crap of making us wait, its so annoying…

    • Jul. 5, 8:03pm

      We are in the same boat Toko. Is the truth 100%. And i am mad with all this because i love Gran Turismo and i am a fan of it. Wake up already PD.

  45. Jul. 5, 4:51pm

    I’ve been very patient with the way GT5 is headed but this is a bit of a stretch. 2 months to receive the content that is already on my system that I have already earned? I’m okay with waiting for a good DLC, assuming it will be good. I’m okay with limited support due to development of GT6, but PD really is falling behind. I’m starting to resent the game because of things like this. In the grand scheme, waiting for a few restickered cars isn’t going to bother me that much, but the principle is unjust. I’ve actually started looking for a used 360 just to have a chance to drive some of the cars GT5 is missing. I love the franchise and I keep trying to find things to keep me amused with GT5 but I’m running out of ideas. GT Academy was nice but that was seperate project, not an excuse to prolongue work on GT5.

    /End Rant

  46. Jul. 5, 4:43pm

    This is sad way to reward everyone. At the end of this period of receiving the gifts, PD will announce the BRZ to the 1 car lineup list. As always, there isn’t much we can do to just wait for it. Atleast its SUMMER!

  47. Jul. 5, 4:43pm

    Of all things the racing suit is last? What kind of game? Really though. “do this and well giNve you can collect your prize July 4th.” not an actual quote but that’s how I felt. Is there seriously any reasoning behind the long ass wait for our stuff?

  48. Jul. 5, 4:41pm

    It’s not a fun kind of wait because you’re really excited, it’s just a tedious kind of wait, like having a slow internet connection.

    • Jul. 5, 10:04pm

      This is kind of like someone saying maybe someday, you taking it as a yes and then suing them for not carrying it out. If I said that I decided GT6 has to be out tomorrow, wouldn’t it be unreasonable to post a comment in a GTP news section about how angry I was that it wasn’t?

  49. Jul. 5, 4:37pm

    i would bet money that at the end of the release period there will be a DLC pack. I am not going to get my hopes up but I think that might be there strategy.

    • Jul. 5, 4:37pm


    • Jul. 5, 4:44pm

      I agree!

    • Jul. 5, 5:50pm

      As for me, I’m starting to think that these rewards are somewhat a part the DLC…. :\
      PD must’ve though that with these reward cars the players would be happy enough, and that might be the reason as to why we only got one car as DLC.

  50. Jul. 5, 4:36pm

    I golded freaking everything and I deserve my rewards, as well as everyone else. what is teh problem that they release it over a period of time?

    • Jul. 5, 4:39pm

      the “I want errything right NOW! or else!” mentality of a 4 year old that people have these days. That’s really it.

    • Jul. 5, 4:52pm

      @MÜLE_9242: Do they wait a week before they give you each item you purchased at walmart? no.

      Does an employer get to wait two months before he gives you your complete paycheck? no, they don’t and frankly this is the same situation, PD has undermined anyone who supported them, players had to put in effort and time to earn these prizes. and PD is making their supporters wait TWO MONTHS to get cars that are already in the game, but these just have stickers.

    • Jul. 5, 5:02pm

      Hey, I was right!
      People are complaining about free stuff!

    • Jul. 5, 5:07pm

      @Dooblewasur: Its free, BUT you had to work for it, meaning it should be handed over to those who earned it IMMEDIATELY just like it would be if you paid for it.

      Quit being a idiot and open your eyes, I didn’t even play GTA but I still think this is utter BS.

    • Jul. 5, 5:10pm


      This is true, I did play through over half of GTA.

      Free is defined as “Without cost or payment.”
      Did you really pay for these cars? Was it work?

      I suppose you have a different mindset.

      So you can choose to be unhappy about free* cars.

    • Jul. 5, 5:35pm

      What peoples point is, is that the principe of it is just wrong.. I don’t even care about these card but it shows how they deliberatelly expell everything to keep us bothered to the game.. after nearly 2 years they should stop getting us excited.. just be an opened book: we work on this we have that many ppl on it and you can buy it when we are done with it. Simple as that

    • Jul. 5, 9:43pm

      I’m not Dooblewaser.

      And I honestly don’t know what you are trying to get across to me.

  51. Jul. 5, 4:35pm

    Frankly, I don’t care. Any new content at this point on is purely bonus, and nothing to drink a gallon of hateorade over.

  52. Jul. 5, 4:32pm

    Oh joy! MORE WAITING!

    This will feel like an eternity ;-;

  53. Jul. 5, 4:31pm

    Nice a new car to look forward to every week :D

    • Jul. 5, 4:32pm

      that’s the spirit!

  54. Jul. 5, 4:31pm

    Some extra hateorade being drunk in here it seems.

  55. Jul. 5, 4:29pm

    Seriously considering switching to XBox and not buying a next GT…

    • Jul. 5, 4:31pm

      nise overreaction.

    • Jul. 5, 5:09pm

      xbox f*g

  56. Jul. 5, 4:28pm

    Omg, pathetic PD…. Really pathetic. Making us wait 2 months just for a color/livery!

  57. Jul. 5, 4:26pm

    You know honestly I don’t get it. We worked hard for these cars and we couldn’t atleast get 1 day but a week gap instead. Tsk tsk PD………………………………Meanwhile Forza just a 10 car pack.

  58. Jul. 5, 4:16pm

    It takes 2 months to send me a car I already have 3 of?
    Hahahahahahahahaha This game becomes more of a joke every day, keep your cars Kaz, I don’t need them. I really don’t.

  59. Jul. 5, 4:12pm

    This is absolutely pathetic.

  60. Jul. 5, 4:07pm

    People have no rite to accuse Kaz of anything, There doing there best, there workforce is halved between working on GT5 and GT6, DLC will come in time, just wait and if you don’t like it don’t buy it, besides PD could just stop supporting GT5 altogether but they choose not to, there are other companys that wouldnt care about fans at all do I personally am greatfull for the continued support.

    • Jul. 5, 4:19pm

      That has nothing to do with this – it shouldn’t take two months to give out 8 cars that already exist in the game.

    • Jul. 5, 4:25pm

      the data for the GT Academy prize cars was included in the last update, they’re making everyone wait on their 10kb unlock files for no real reason.

    • Jul. 5, 4:39pm

      If they stop supporting GT5, like they are basically doing at this point. GT6 will be the last title of the franchise.
      Japanese game developers needs to adapt or some of the best japanese titles will die.
      What I’m saying about Kaz is, Stop liying and remove those pink tinted glass.
      You just lost another milion customers for gt6.
      The die hard fan are surely switching allegiance.
      Its sad but its clear that NO ONE is playing GT5 at PD.

  61. Jul. 5, 4:07pm

    Hey guys, is if really ok to delete gt academy 2012 demo? Even though I have the leaf?

    • Jul. 5, 4:22pm

      yeah dude… I deleted mine like 2 weeks ago and I still got the leaf.

  62. Jul. 5, 4:06pm

    can anyone honestly still defend PD at this point? LOL they’re literally digging their own grave with this bulls**t.

  63. Jul. 5, 4:02pm

    Can you hear that??

    TURN 10 ROTFL there asses off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I give up GT has become a comedy show really

    • Jul. 5, 4:05pm

      I agree

    • Jul. 5, 5:42pm

      It’s so sad, because GT5 is such a great game, and it has much more potencial than Turn 10’s game. But I said it once, I’m a car enthusiast as many in this site, and the other game is delivering much more. Yes, it isn’t as good a Gran Turismo in some technical aspects, but the game is solid and well made unlike other games which are… trash really… (*caugh* nfs *caugh*)

  64. Jul. 5, 4:01pm

    that is a bit lousy tbh… we had to wait until july 4th as it is, when the competition ended ages ago… sad times

  65. Jul. 5, 3:59pm

    Got some good news for those who would like to see Porsche in GT5 (i guess everyone). VW owned Porsche!!! ITs your opportunity PD. Unless VW doesn’t want to give us the license…

  66. Jul. 5, 3:24pm

    I just hope Kaz is looking at the Forza page sometimes.(he`d better)

  67. Jul. 5, 3:20pm

    due to not really having any DLC content left we will the release the cars very slowwwwlllyyyyyyly.

    Anyone wanna bet next DLC will be around November ?
    I freaking hate when i’m getting lied to.
    You know that you are a fuureaking liar Kaz.

    • Jul. 5, 3:33pm

      As much as I dislike people disrespecting Kazunori, I have to agree with your point 100%

      This feels like an excuse to make us think that we are recieving extra content in a regular basis. It’s sad, but more sad is people like me who feel happy when recieving these “gifts.” (especially when looking the other game is doing now…)

    • Jul. 5, 3:41pm

      I really hate to say this, but the reason I’m not playing the other game is just becasue I can’t afford the MS console… As for now I avoid watching anything related to that game, because it sparks my passion for cars in a way that GT is starting to fail to do so.

  68. Jul. 5, 3:20pm

    not cool really, i dont go buying your dlcs in weekly installments :/

    • Jul. 5, 4:25pm

      lol, right on. best comment so far. XD

  69. Jul. 5, 3:18pm

    8 more Nissans or not, they shouldve had the decency to say so.
    Mark my words, before the 29th of August, their going to release a DLC pack of racing suits that look like the GT Academy one anyway.

  70. Jul. 5, 3:17pm

    Thank you PD for clearing up the confusion :-) I can hardly wait for 1st of August :-)))

    • Jul. 5, 3:32pm

      Yeah, me too. I had pretty good results in round 5.

    • Jul. 5, 3:54pm

      Me too :-) especially in round 5-4 when I was in the top 200 :-)

  71. Jul. 5, 3:14pm

    We got all of these cars about 20 times, so don`t worry. It`s only 8 more Nissans.

  72. Jul. 5, 3:08pm

    That makes sense?
    what a stupid schedule. I didnt pay for anything, but I feel cheated.
    I just want that suit. I got the damn dlc’s already !

  73. Jul. 5, 2:58pm

    Ah who cars, its just some stickers and a few extra perks per car, get a life

    • Jul. 5, 3:11pm

      Oh I see you are informed! Good, good! Would you please inform me of that life shop where you got your life? Are they expensive? Is this a discount season? Also, where can you learn the profession of “Life Giver”?

      Thanks in advance!

  74. Jul. 5, 2:58pm

    Well, looks like i’ll get my racing suit one day after i buy Transformers fall of cybertron.. =D

  75. Jul. 5, 2:55pm

    How peculiar.

  76. Jul. 5, 2:55pm

    Hope this long wait to get the gta cars is for the upcoming DLC…. AND PD I HOPE YOU REALIZED THAT WE WANT CONSTANT AND BIG DLC’s, NO MATTER OF WHAT.

    • Jul. 5, 3:12pm
      Pit Crew

      If PDs workforce was bigger we could get DLC quicker and more consistent, but they split between GT5 and GT6 so probably not gonna happen unfortunately. I would guess in order to program spec data for a vehicle from EU OR the USA PD would have to travel.

      An Updated ASpec Mode to go with those upcoming DLC packs is much needed or an Event Creator. I have enuff garage “Divas”.

  77. Jul. 5, 2:52pm

    The Forza guys are going to be sooooo jealous

    • Jul. 5, 4:02pm

      haha this amused me :-)

  78. Jul. 5, 2:48pm

    Oh wow, I ll get a normal 370Z AND a tuned version! And they both have stickers on their doors! STICKERS!!! Dunno if I ll be able to sleep until late August, I just cant wait to drive my new… wait, what was it again? Ah, who cares, its got stickers! STICKERS!!!

    • Jul. 5, 2:49pm

      Welcome to the Gran Turismo World.

  79. Jul. 5, 2:43pm

    how hard would it be to release them all at once, typical PD, everything takes forever! even the FREE stuff

  80. Jul. 5, 2:38pm

    Kazunori Yamauchi, Kaz Hirai, and Translator San are watching the designers apply the Nissan GT Academy 2012 stickers and license plates to the Nissan Leaf. KY demands:
    “See if you can enhance that license plate.”

    **Designer enhances license plate, position is precise**

    “Got it-” then Translator San cuts in.
    “Wait, zoom in on that screw.”

    **Designer zooms in on the screw, scratch marks are seen**

    “Those tool marks match the opposite screw!” said KH.
    KY resumed “Now zoom in on that reflection.”

    **Designer zooms in on the screw’s reflection, picture of Honda Insight appears**

    KY: “Looks like our designer, is screwed.”

    ^Same thing repeats every week for every new Nissan.

  81. Jul. 5, 2:33pm

    So we are having to wait a long time for cars that are boring any way and just have an academy sticker on them……. Nice PD, might be worth it if the cars were any good, but no. FAIL.

  82. Jul. 5, 2:33pm

    well still not got my Leaf but wont hold my breath

    • Jul. 5, 3:38pm

      :lol: lolololol Made my day after seeing this depressing schedule

  83. Jul. 5, 2:28pm

    I want it all, and I want it now!

  84. Jul. 5, 2:20pm

    I don’t understand this schedule… Why a WEEK to wait for each car? It wouldn’t seem that it would take that long to determine who’s eligible for which prizes…

  85. Jul. 5, 2:18pm
    obsessive rules

    I get the black edition on my birthday. Thanks pd!

    • Jul. 5, 2:21pm

      Awesome, Tuned Black Edition 2 days before my birthday=D

  86. Jul. 5, 2:12pm

    I’m still confused as to why they didn’t just give you the prizes when oh I don’t know, you earnt them!!??

  87. Jul. 5, 2:11pm


    • Jul. 5, 2:18pm


  88. Jul. 5, 2:10pm

    I can’t complain about free stuff.
    But a bunch of other people will!

    I must say that I don’t quite understand the thought process behind this.

  89. Jul. 5, 2:10pm

    Sheesh! Why only one per week? This is getting out of hand. They need to just release them all at once.

    • Jul. 5, 2:14pm

      Just shut up dude Im tired of people like u

    • Jul. 5, 2:16pm

      ^ No, he has a point – why does it take so long to send the prizes out? I don’t see any reason why it should be less than 1 car per day…

    • Jul. 5, 2:46pm

      I don’t know how credible this theory is as I’m no computer wizard, but could it be possibly down to the sheer number of releasecodes/tickets that need sending out to everyone who entered? I’m not sure exactly how many people took part, but I’ll bet that’s a hella lot of stuff to send out. Hey don’t flame, just throwing an idea in the pot.

    • Jul. 5, 2:58pm
      Pit Crew

      @roflcoptor Sounds feasible

    • Jul. 5, 4:27pm

      It shouldn’t take a week for that; there’s computerized methods of doing this. Some guy at PD isn’t just individually sending out the prizes, otherwise, some people would only just be getting their Leafs up to July 10th. Everyone is getting/got a Leaf on the 4th, so PD can get the other prizes to everyone each day or two. Unless there’s some other way, I don’t know.

    • Jul. 5, 4:30pm

      @roflcopter do you honestly think someone is manually sending out these prizes? LOL that’s not how it works when you have millions of active users, one click and a prize car can be delivered to everyone. no excuses for this nonsense.

    • Jul. 5, 7:01pm

      I’ve built very VERY simple databases that can spit out millions of results at a rate of over 37,000 per second on a base model laptop.

      This is not the problem.

    • Jul. 5, 7:18pm

      Missed a 1… 137,000

  90. Jul. 5, 2:05pm

    Don’t get me wrong. Still love this game. Especially the GT Academy competition part. Still hoping for implementation of this kind of racing/ranking within GT 5. Cheat proof, just as GT Academy (not as the seasonal events).
    But to stretch the rewards just to hope people will return to the game up till august is a bit pathetic.

  91. Jul. 5, 2:00pm

    I can’t say I understand the logic here.

  92. Jul. 5, 1:58pm

    I’m not sure I’d want to see that 370Z ever again.

    • Jul. 5, 2:15pm


    • Jul. 5, 6:56pm

      +1 ha!

  93. Jul. 5, 1:58pm

    This would make sense if it were actually cars worth waiting for.

  94. Jul. 5, 1:56pm

    Do players still get the LEAF if they haven’t purchased for the Car Pack 3 DLC, the one with the Aventador?

    • Jul. 5, 2:18pm

      I don’t know – It’s in the game, but it requires a download of a code to unlock it… So I think you should be able to use the Leaf if you are given one, but you still won’t be able to purchase one from the dealer. That’s just my guess.

    • Jul. 5, 2:59pm
      Pit Crew

      Just the Academy Leaf

    • Jul. 5, 10:19pm

      ^ Yeah thats what I meant to say…

  95. Jul. 5, 1:55pm


  96. Jul. 5, 1:54pm

    This is going to get a lot of people heated.

    • Jul. 5, 1:56pm

      It’s the same cycle as GT Academy.

  97. Jul. 5, 1:54pm

    Thats a pretty long schedule of when you get your prizes but hey at least we get them.

  98. Jul. 5, 1:54pm

    How cute PD!

  99. Jul. 5, 1:54pm


  100. Jul. 5, 1:53pm

    Haha I Knew it!!

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