GT Academy 2012 Prizes Now Appearing in Gran Turismo 5

July 4th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

If you achieved “Gold” times in the GT Academy 2012 mini-game, your efforts are about to be rewarded! Prizes earned in the competition’s time trials are now being distributed to players in Gran Turismo 5.

Here’s an overview of the cars that are being awarded; just start up GT5 and sign in to the PlayStation Network to claim them from the “Gift” screen in the game as they become available.

  • All Golds in Round 1: Nissan Leaf G (GT Academy) ’11
  • All Golds in Round 2: Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (GT Academy) ’02
  • All Golds in Round 3: Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V・spec II (GT Academy) ’94
  • All Golds in Round 4: Nissan 370Z (GT Academy) ’08
  • All Golds in Round 5: Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V・spec II Nür (GT Academy) ’02
  • All Golds in Round 6: Nissan GT-R Black edition (GT Academy) ’12
  • All Golds in Round 7: Nissan GT-R Black edition Tuned Car (GT Academy) ’12
  • All Golds in Round 8: Nissan 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy) ’08
  • Bronze or Better in All Rounds: GT Academy 2012 Racing Suit

As of writing, only the Nissan Leaf from the first round is available. The exact schedule of availability for the other prizes has not been published (Edit: It has just been published that the cars will be distributed at the rate of one a week); keep an eye on this topic in our forums or the comments below to see when new cars become available.

Thanks to Greg for the quick tip!

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  1. Jul. 14, 2:21am

    So im not trying to sound dumb, but where do you find this “mini game”?

    • Jul. 16, 7:02pm
      e30 freek

      PlayStation Store

  2. Jul. 12, 2:38am

    Because we all WANT more Nissans… yey.>.>

  3. Jul. 10, 12:06pm

    Now appearing slowly in GT5 the headline should read!

  4. Jul. 10, 4:05am

    Getting these “new cars” over a 7 week period has me as interested as….say getting past the second round of the academy. Not happening, great game but totally detached company from what most customers want. Maybe GT6 will be better, this game is done. Oh, fanboy’s it’s “whiners” not “whiNNers”…

  5. Jul. 9, 12:10pm

    I think everyone is forgetting the real point of this game. It is not about DLC or gift cars. We are lucky that PD have put this feature in for us to receive cars.

    GT1, 2, 3, and 4 didn’t have this and now that we have it everyone complains about it. Let PD do it’s work and if you whinners shut up, maybe they will listen to you.

    So remember what this game is about, RACING AND HAVING FUN WITH CARS!

    • Jul. 9, 12:12pm

      Oh and btw, it’s a ‘Driving Simulator’ not a crying simulator for whinners!

    • Jul. 11, 9:07am
      Pit Crew

      We haven’t missed the Point PD has, and babies whine adults speak their mind.

      Seeing as I have a1st ammendment right to do so I will feel free to complain till they show signs of getting it right, and not just giving up lip service telling the fanbase what they think they wanna hear.

    • Jul. 11, 11:47am

      Oh don’t worry, many have missed the point of the game. And I know PD hasn’t done the best job in the world, but give them credit for the first ever GT with dlc’s, internet access lobbies. I admit that I agree with some failures PD have produced over the years, but people do it constantly and when they or we have the stuff they want, they complain about again. It’s not easy creating, producing, updating (and whatever else there is) a game. I’d like to see them create one and see how tough it really is with people demanding dlc, updates, bug fixes, more content to the game.

    • Jul. 11, 2:19pm
      Pit Crew

      According to a AutoSport magazine (MotorTrend 2007 I believe but ill look through my collection) that featured thePD dev team who gave a synopsis on the Making of GT5, PD and Kaz already knew they would need to use DLC of some sort to provide gamers with a 1,000 plus car list. They were, according to article suppose to attempt to program 300 premiums with DLC to follow.

      PD makes bad MGMT choices as far as GT5 cuz they are scramble tasking between 2 games now. After playing GT1 thru 4 and looking forward to what we thought would be a vast improvement of those titles on an internet accessible console, then getting said product, after 6 dev years with more holes than swiss cheese, it stands to reason fans would be livid. Like Quakebass said, this games is not up to GT series standards, and PD can do better. You have to plan better with such a big projectt and limited workforce .

  6. Jul. 6, 7:33pm

    google translate: I understand!!! It’s just a test of patience and endurance. Question is who has not passed the test in comments???

    • Jul. 6, 10:12pm

      Where did you get that from?

  7. Jul. 6, 11:06am
    Will miller

    This is not what people wanted to hear !!!!!

  8. Jul. 6, 2:52am

    Calm down a bit people – it’s just cars that most seem to be compaining about anyway. Gods, you are a grumpy lot…

  9. Jul. 5, 5:36pm

    It’s this kinda thing that makes me think “forza, not all bad” but bit late with nxt gen coming out next year

  10. Jul. 5, 1:54pm

    What? I´m not going to wait until August 29th for my racing suit…..

    • Jul. 13, 8:29am

      Well, you’ll have to.

  11. Jul. 5, 12:16pm
    i have a flat

    So there basically the same as the original just with the gt academy stickers in them ?

    • Jul. 5, 12:48pm

      No they have more power usually and full downforce adustment

    • Jul. 12, 2:11pm
      Pit Crew

      Pretty much. You can paint but no rims or aero. you can add tune to all but the leaf.

  12. Jul. 5, 11:28am

    *GT Academy 2013

  13. Jul. 5, 11:27am

    Great! By the time we get the GT Academy 2012 prizes, we’ll be ready for GT Academy 2012 -_-

    • Jul. 5, 3:59pm

      You mean 2013?

  14. Jul. 5, 10:16am

    So, why is PD having it’s fanbase wait 8 weeks for every prize car to be released? Why can’t they just gift each prize car 1 per day for only 1 week instead?

    • Jul. 5, 11:24am

      They should make multiple accounts like alot of people do so they can send more…lol

  15. Jul. 5, 10:02am
    GT HP Nut

    Arrghh! GT Academy just posted this through Facebook:

    July 4: release of Nissan Leaf GT Academy
    July 11: release of Nissan Silvia GT Academy
    July 18: release of Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) GT Academy
    July 25: release of Nissan 370Z GT Academy
    August 1: release of Nissan Slyline GT-R (R34) GT Academy
    August 8: release of Nissan GT-R Black Edition GT Academy
    August 15: release of Nissan GT-R Black Edition (Tuned) GT Academy
    August 22: release of Nissan 370Z (Tuned) GT Academy
    August 29: release of GT Academy 2012 Racing Gear


    • Jul. 5, 10:04am


    • Jul. 5, 10:18am

      Because they can only gift 1 car a day…

    • Jul. 5, 10:32am

      so if i were to go on at augest 29 would i get all these cars at once?

    • Jul. 5, 11:20am
      GT HP Nut

      @nascarfn probably yes…

    • Jul. 5, 11:27am

      That’s crazy for people to wait another month 0_0

    • Jul. 11, 11:53am

      @Jason_B: it’s not that problem and if it was it wouldn’t take 8 weeks. Do you know how many people played the demo m? Over 1 million people times that by 8 cars (not that everyone got all 48 gold medals, but roughly). That’s 8 million cars to give out!!!! That would take ages if it was one per day.

      There is obviously another reason towards this.

    • Jul. 12, 2:26pm
      Pit Crew

      @Mikey006 A car a day, assuming we started on a monday of 1 week we would receive all cars that nxt monday.

      PD Should have made it an 8 car DLC pack with a 1 time use redeem code unique to all players Gold Silvr Bronze accomplishment while inadvertently making it an option to even Download the cars.

      Code could be sent from SONY/PD the same way they sent us PM bout GTA registration.

  16. Jul. 5, 8:52am

    did all events and races in gold and only recived nissan leaf. I knew something would go wrong with this.

    • Jul. 5, 8:59am

      Why don’t you read the article instead of posting stupid comments… Sick of the complainers…

  17. Jul. 5, 8:35am

    the stickers make the car go faster,funny because the regular leaf is lighter and you can change the rims :)

  18. Jul. 5, 8:34am

    what a waste,i was expecting to get all the cars in one shot but 1 car at a time? really? i can short of understand because there was alot of people who did the academy races but dam come on 7 cars big deal…8 if you count the last car which was the 370Z tuned academy car which i think alot of people did not earn like me but i mean come on 7 cars in 7 days or 7 weeks..oo well you get what you pay for sit and wait paid=you get it on time for your money

  19. Jul. 5, 8:19am

    It would be funny if the GT Academy GTR’s you get come with big horsepower after your tune them. something like 1100 to 1500 hp.LOL

  20. Jul. 5, 8:17am

    what purpose does sending a car a week sustain? this is highly aggravating waiting for one a car every 7 days how about getting your sh*t together polyphony

    • Jul. 5, 8:34am

      Well, that is supposed to keep us happy for 2 months and after that we get a huge DLC…a premium Daihatsu Sirion! Wow!!!

  21. Jul. 5, 8:16am
    Diogo G.

    Whats the differece :

    Nissan GT-R Black edition (GT Academy) ’12
    Nissan GT-R Black edition Tuned Car (GT Academy) ’12

    • Jul. 5, 8:20am

      probably hp and weight…

  22. Jul. 5, 7:54am

    One car a week. So we need to wait another 2 months in order to have all cars. How stupid.

    • Jul. 5, 8:11am

      I hear you MuoNiula and I agree.. but i cant wait.. LOL

  23. Jul. 5, 4:38am

    PD need to release good quality DLC packs more frequently (let’s say once a month with the occational bonus) and be easier on the pricing because there are so many complaints saying DLC is too expensive (I mean seriously, there aren’t going to be any consumers complaining if the price is lower).

    • Jul. 5, 5:37am

      It doesn’t matter how much you complain about the price if you still buy it. I mean, by buying all the DLC you give PD (or rather Sony, they do the pricing pretty much) a message that you are willing to pay that price for the DLC, therefore nothing will change.

    • Jul. 5, 6:12am

      thats why i havent bought the latest track. its just not justified.

    • Jul. 5, 6:17am

      Considering the price of other games’ DLCs it actually is pretty cheap.

    • Jul. 5, 8:14am

      Yeap… Uppmas the DLC are cheap.. $3.99..$4.99…$7.99 etc is not going to break me. I will buy as long as PD put a DLC out!!

  24. Jul. 5, 4:36am

    Well, fu–
    I was not interested in GT Academy 2012, so I don’t get these.

  25. Jul. 5, 4:25am

    I just realized this means there is some kind of update coming that allows us to have and change our driver numbers on our suits and helmets. Look at the sleeve on the suit and the side of the helmet, #00. Why would they just put #00 there if you can’t change it? So by the time we get the suit in Septemeber, which still pisses me off, there will be some weird update for that. Personally I’d rather be able to change the number on any car, drivers don’t often have numbers on their suits and helmets and what if I have cars with different numbers or no number? That’s right, I do have those because you can’t change the number of premium LMP’s and so on.

  26. Jul. 5, 4:19am

    OKAY that is seriously going to piss me off. Nothing special about these cars worth spacing out, and I honestly couldn’t care less about getting the same Nissans with a GT Academy badge smacked on the side. The ONLY thing I want is the driver suit and I won’t get that until when, September?????? That’s absurd!!!! You can do a car a week but just give me my God dam driver suit!!!! Hell you can keep the cars, I ONLY WANT THE SUIT!!!!

  27. Jul. 5, 4:19am

    Hey guys about this car Nissan 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy) ’08 i already had this one in my garage is the new one the same as the old just asking.

    • Jul. 5, 8:21am

      the only difference is the “GT ACADEMY 2012” decals on the side and on the windshield

  28. Jul. 5, 4:08am

    Is this something we will see carried over to GT6? Win a car in an event and wait a week to receive it?

    That’s one way to extend the playing experience I guess…

  29. Jul. 5, 4:01am

    One a week? Seriously. I have to wait like 4 weeks for any cars I’m interested in. At least we get some new cars though.

  30. Jul. 5, 3:52am

    I got Nissan Leaf only?! WTH?

    • Jul. 5, 4:15am

      Hey that was my reaction when they put it in the game to start with. I love switching to that car and hearing that engine roar…..

    • Jul. 5, 9:16am

      Read article maybe?

  31. Jul. 5, 2:25am

    Gran Turismo probably has the worst and whiniest fanbase out of all games/simulators. These cars don’t really count as DLC, they are just car transfers from GT Academy.

    And by the worst, I mean the worst.

    Right now they’re complaining over reward cars that’s not really DLC.

    And if they didn’t give the GT Academy cars as rewards, then a bunch of other “fans” would be complaining.


    • Jul. 5, 3:03am

      I really have to agree with this. There has to be some line between acceptable constructive criticism and whining.

    • Jul. 5, 3:31am


    • Jul. 5, 4:34am
      Maddens Raiders

      Amen. I’ve been playing this series since PSOne and I thought I’d never see the day. These kids don’t know how good they have it. GT5 Fkn rocks. Period.

    • Jul. 5, 5:28am

      some people are only happy when they’re moaning, get something for nothing & still not happy, sign of the times i feel

    • Jul. 5, 6:13am

      I feel the same , it’s hard to read this forum sometimes… If it was at least constructive whining I could maybe at least sympathize with them, but these people seem to be doing it just because they think it’s the cool thing to do here and that makes it that much more annoying

    • Jul. 5, 8:22am

      Agreed samuelesm!!!

    • Jul. 5, 8:54am

      Well said Samuel!
      They should separate the forum… one for the whiners and complainers and one for the rest of us… Sometimes is such a pain to read the forums, everybody seems to be entitled to make requests and complain about this and that. It takes pages of comments to find finally somebody who makes a real comment

    • Jul. 5, 9:39am

      @Hyper: Yeah, let’s separate the website just because some don’t know how to tolerate a differing opinion or viewpoint from theirs. Wondeful idea…

  32. Jul. 5, 1:50am

    I’m in North America, USA and do NOT have the Nissan Leaf DLC but I received my GT Academy Leaf today.

  33. Jul. 4, 11:46pm

    Hell yeah I have my third version of every one of those cars now! LOL

  34. Jul. 4, 11:38pm

    Expert Level Ferrari Formula Challenge: Rome City / 10 Laps
    Expert Level Ferrari Formula Challenge: Indy Road Course / 10 Laps
    Expert Level Ferrari Formula Challenge: Tokyo Route 246 Reverse / 10 Laps
    Expert Level Ferrari Formula Challenge: Nürburgring 24h / 2 Laps
    Expert Level Ferrari Formula Challenge: Eifel (Circuit) 110A / 10 Laps

  35. Jul. 4, 11:21pm

    By the way, new seasonal is Expert Ferarri Formula Challenge but at 4 track with nothing to do with f1

    • Jul. 4, 11:32pm

      I was just about to mention it,

    • Jul. 5, 1:31am

      You seem to have forgotten about where the last USGP was held: Indianapolis.

    • Jul. 5, 12:17pm

      Ah yes 5 years ago, even then not a great race, compared to Monaco, spa, Fiji, suzuka or silverstone (which we still don’t have) to make it worse, not even nurburg GP track
      Now it’s the newly built Circuit of The Americas which we should get too before the other game gets it.

  36. Jul. 4, 11:00pm

    I know people are complaining about the frequency of GT5 DLC packs, but think about this: GT5 was released almost two years ago and yet we’re still getting updates and new content packs. Will Forza be getting the same amount of new content it’s getting now in another year’s time? My guess is probably not.

    • Jul. 4, 11:16pm

      Well atleast they get quality DLC! We just get Nissans for crying out loud!!

    • Jul. 4, 11:46pm

      ” Will Forza be getting the same amount of new content it’s getting now in another year’s time? My guess is probably not.”

      Mine is FM5 will be out by then.

    • Jul. 5, 4:26am

      we are only getting what we should have got in the first place. and yea, forza may not get dlc in a years time but gt5 didnt get ANY in it’s first year. sorry for being so anti- PD, but i am a fan of theirs. right now though, im running out of reasons to be one of thier fans.

    • Jul. 5, 6:24am
      mister dog

      Just gaze upon the July car pack the forza boys are getting, and then gaze upon the rebadged nissan duplicates you are receiving as a “gift” from mister Yamauchi and his GT academy. I think the winner regarding which cars actually excite people, and which developer that listens to it’s fanbase is quite clear…

      But still, be grateful! ;)

  37. Jul. 4, 10:39pm

    I hate to bring this up gents,,, just checked our sister site and looks like T10 put out another very nice DLC pack TODAY. :-(

    • Jul. 4, 10:58pm

      Forza gets all the good DLC.

    • Jul. 4, 11:42pm


    • Jul. 5, 6:35pm
      e30 freek

      I dnt like

  38. Jul. 4, 10:32pm

    another crap made by PD…Good job!

  39. Jul. 4, 10:23pm

    I don’t know if anyone has though of this, but you guys realize that there is a 1 gift car per day limit, right? I know that PD is PD and that they could jump over this limit, but who knows… Just saying.

    • Jul. 4, 10:27pm

      good point.

    • Jul. 4, 10:42pm

      Yeah, PD kind of kicked themselves in the ass when they implemented that long ago.

  40. Jul. 4, 10:10pm

    This is ridiculous, PD always does this…..

  41. Jul. 4, 10:09pm

    in Australia,got nothing yet.was there a PAL and NTCS version of GTA.i done gta from US download but i have EU GT5 game.

    • Jul. 4, 10:10pm

      after searching i found a leaf

  42. Jul. 4, 10:07pm

    It would have been awesome if we got all our gta cars on 4th of july

  43. Jul. 4, 9:46pm

    So.. everyone’s a winner..

    • Jul. 4, 10:16pm

      What percent of the world celebrates the 4th , other than us?
      You’re right though….would have been nice.

  44. Jul. 4, 9:16pm

    i only got the nissan leaf whats going on ?

    • Jul. 4, 9:20pm

      yeah same here.. WTF PD??

    • Jul. 4, 9:30pm

      One by one I guess, will check tomoz

    • Jul. 4, 9:31pm

      Sooo received sprayed and never to be driven, next!

  45. Jul. 4, 8:19pm

    AWESOME!!!! Cars that are already in the game with a sticker on the side! I’m soo excited!…

    • Jul. 4, 8:24pm
      e30 freek

      Me too yay

    • Jul. 4, 10:09pm

      what do you mean?

  46. Jul. 4, 8:04pm

    What is the 00 number on the helmet and suit? At first I thought is was just a mark on the suit but then I saw it on the helmet to. Are we going to be able to change that to any number we want or something, or do we all just get double zeros?

    • Jul. 4, 9:49pm

      i think we can change it

  47. Jul. 4, 7:43pm
    e30 freek

    I think by the time these gta cars have been handed, we might get dlc or atleast a date to next dlc or maybe just silence

    • Jul. 4, 7:55pm
      e30 freek

      I watchd the amazing spiderman today :-D

  48. Jul. 4, 7:41pm

    The thing is why do we have to wait more for cars that “we already have”? Has no sense at all. I am about to full stop playing the game since i am having fun in other PC simulators…and yes even playing against AI.

    I bought all DLC´s and stuff but it is not giving it more life as i though it would. I still love the game because of the graphics and some other cool things…but after all this time of playing day after day (worth it of course) i feel the need to see something new, fresh and complete. Yes GT6 for sure.
    Don´t like the idea of having more cars in future DLC´s having the awful engine sounds, that at least by now seeing how all developers are including realistic sounds, are making me to stop playing because i can´t feel emotions with this sounds at all. While i am playing it makes me yawn no matter if i am in a Mazda 787b at full speed at Nürburgring. It just feels wrong.

    Don´t say “oh, and you started to notice this now after playing for more than a year and a half!!”…no but i use to combine different racing games with GT5 just to keep playing it, and lately in games that i used to play less than GT5, now is the other way around. (Race 07/GTR Evolution + all DLC´s , GTR2, rFactor, rFactor 2…pCARS just to test it but i don´t like the handling at all)

    Again i came with the sounds lol but the thing is that PD loves to keep us waiting (as if we live for ever…) even for cars that we earned during 2 months and now giving it one by one…makes no sense to me…same with DLC´s that could be the unique things for a lot of people that can keep the game “alive”.

    Also i feel that we don´t need more cars (convert standard to premium only) and came back the old tracks in a huge pack but the real DLC should be a new feature or more events.

    Oh yes now i am the one who complains now. Just me.

    • Jul. 4, 7:52pm

      I WANT GT6 RIGHT NOW!!! I want i, I WANT A IT WHAAAAA!!!! DX lol

    • Jul. 4, 7:54pm

      ^ WOW I messed that up. :P

    • Jul. 4, 8:54pm

      LOL Wow you too Toko…so we are 2 now haha.

    • Jul. 4, 9:05pm

      I agree with most of that, but come on, it’s only been a few hours… we don’t know yet if we’re getting all the prizes today, or if we wait a day for each. The only reason I could see for the prizes taking a while to distribute is PD having to go though and check who’s gotten which medals on which events (not manually, theres other ways to do it, but with 1,000,000+ players it still takes a while).

    • Jul. 4, 11:45pm

      GT6 will be released just in time for your grandchildren to play it lol also, i guess australian’s who only have aussie accounts won’t be getting these….cars with stickers??

    • Jul. 5, 8:28am

      i don’t want GT6 if its gonna be this sh*tty and kaz has his head up his ass for all i know it could be worse than GT5

  49. Jul. 4, 7:37pm

    It keeps telling that it failed to download or something. I have the notification but I can’t download the car. Any ideas?

    • Jul. 4, 9:08pm

      How’s your internet connection? And are you signed in? Try restarting the game or PS3, then try.

      Did you get Car Pack 3? It might not allow you to have a Leaf if you didn’t get the DLC… which is strange.

      If none of these are the issues, I don’t know what it is… It may mean that you can’t collect this specific prize, and I’m sorry if that’s so…

  50. Jul. 4, 7:07pm

    I’m glad to see that we are finally getting the GTA cars. I hope the distribution scheduling gets sorted soon so that the fans can all have an idea when their favorite will be arriving.

  51. Jul. 4, 7:02pm

    Hmm.. so I get gold in every single event in every single round and I get a leaf…

    • Jul. 4, 7:12pm

      Here is something that had me confused, if you get all golds in round six and seven and rounds four and eight, do you receive two 370Z’s and two GTR’s?

    • Jul. 4, 9:12pm


      Obviously you didn’t read this thoroughly; “As of writing, only the Nissan Leaf from the first round is available. The exact schedule of availability for the other prizes has not been published” – we’re not ONLY getting a Leaf, that’s just the only car out right now; more are coming.


      Yes, but you’re getting tuned versions as well. One stock, one tuned.

  52. Jul. 4, 6:52pm

    Woulda been nice if they let us download/enter GT Academy here in New Zealand……..

    • Jul. 4, 7:58pm

      They let us download it after a while in NZ but there was no notification on when it was available to download. obviously we couldn’t participate on GT academy but at least we were able to claim gold trophies and get the GT academy cars as prizes.
      Sorry to hear that you’ve missed out and hopefully PD gives those cars away as free DLC for people that couldn’t play GT academy.

    • Jul. 4, 8:57pm

      I’m from NZ as well and I just made a US account for my PS3 in order to participate, it might be worth doing the same if you have the free space for a second account ^_^

    • Jul. 4, 9:15pm

      ^ You can still play GT Academy on your original account if you downloaded it from a different region… At least that’s what I’ve gathered… That’s why the NZ flag is on the GT Academy website. I don’t know if you can still play or GT Academy now, but I got gold on 8-5 after GT Academy ended, and it still claimed that I had won the 370Z, despite not recording my time… You may still be able to get your rewards if you can download and play the Academy…

  53. Jul. 4, 6:43pm

    So they are being given out in stages? wtf? Damn…. and to think I saved up a couple million to be sure I’d tune them all at once…

    • Jul. 4, 8:19pm

      But a couple million only takes a couple 6 minute races. I’d understand if it were 10 million credits for a certain car or whatever, but not for 15 minutes of spare time.

    • Jul. 4, 8:31pm

      I did too lol

    • Jul. 4, 9:18pm

      There’s not much you can do to a leaf, and I’m not sure how thoroughly tuned the tuned 370 and GT-R is… And as stated, you don’t need THAT much to tune the cars (but it’s still easy to get), unless you’re purchasing every tire type…

    • Jul. 4, 9:32pm

      no, I know jakhole, I was mostly joking lol. The credits I have are from the TT’s and DT’s… lol

    • Jul. 5, 1:42am

      I figured :l

      Maybe you should make it more obvious next time, huh, smart guy? :P

  54. Jul. 4, 6:32pm

    WTF!!!!! what about us that not had access to GT Academy. how the hell can we get these cars..??
    If we dont get access to these (as dlc is ok) i will get very furious…
    im collecting all cars in game, (or am i?)

    • Jul. 4, 7:05pm
      GT5 Level 41

      DLC them? Same goes for the chrome line and stealth models. I have zero chrome line and just two stealth’s.

    • Jul. 4, 7:23pm

      Do you not play online? or didnt download GTA?

    • Jul. 4, 8:08pm

      Why didn’t you download GT Academy then? I’m in a non-participating country and I downloaded it, got all golds and I just recieved my first GT Academy Nissan a couple of hours ago.

    • Jul. 4, 8:35pm

      Ya won’t be in a DLC, if your so panicked and have been getting all the cars like you say then you should have downloaded GT Academy. I mean I downloaded it the day before it ended and got all golds in about 3 hours. Don’t get all upset now you clown, I know how badly you want a Nissan Leaf with a GT Academy sticker slapped on the side.

    • Jul. 4, 9:20pm

      I got only Gold on 8-5 after GT Academy ended, and it still said I was eligible for the tuned GT-R… So you may still be able to get your prizes if GT Academy is still downloadable and open… Your times won’t be recorded, though.

  55. Jul. 4, 6:19pm

    I’ve wanted my very own Leaf GR Academy since day one of the competition, no lie. lol

  56. Jul. 4, 6:09pm

    Kaz said they would be given all at once. Why separately???

  57. Jul. 4, 6:08pm

    Yes! The Nissan Leaf… now i will pwn some noobs.

    • Jul. 4, 6:26pm


  58. Jul. 4, 5:58pm

    Enough with the caps lock. Its not that serious. *shoots off complaint to PD*

    • Jul. 4, 6:05pm

      True. True.

  59. Jul. 4, 5:43pm



    • Jul. 4, 5:46pm

      Just like the rest of us you will have to wait. Stomping your feet and shouting your mouth off like a spoilt brat ain’t gonnna get you the cars.

    • Jul. 4, 5:55pm

      Tipical GT fan. e.e

    • Jul. 4, 6:14pm


      Patience and understanding, my friend, would save the world a lot of trouble.

    • Jul. 4, 9:22pm

      ^ Oh come on, give him credit, he used SOME punctuation…

  60. Jul. 4, 5:30pm

    I golded all events and still havnt got the leaf. :(

    • Jul. 4, 5:44pm

      Check the community section of Your front page of GT5, if you have a red star next to it click on it. It will take you to the community page and you should see a 1 or star (can’t recall which) next to the gifts icon. Click on the gifts icon and click the receive all link/button. The car will be in the car delivery lorry on the front page. Although it won’t show a number or star next to the lorry. After you click it you should have a car ticket become available. If you don’t then there could be two reasons.

      1 The rollout has reached your local area yet. Give it time
      2 Are you 100% sure you golfed the event.

      By the looks of it the cars are being released 1 day at a time.
      That’s all the help I can offer.

    • Jul. 4, 6:01pm

      Thanks for the help.
      100% Sure i have golded all events. even the gt academy game save says 40 golds.
      I check tommorow when i wake up. Around 7am gmt

  61. Jul. 4, 5:06pm


    • Jul. 4, 5:18pm

      Ever heard of caps lock and punctuation?
      Anyway we’ve waited this long so why a little longer. They are no different to the models that are in GT5 apart from the colour!

    • Jul. 4, 8:32pm

      What are you 6?

  62. Jul. 4, 4:21pm

    I got gold on all events and topped ttop 107th on the last and i only received the Nissan leaf! £$%$&$^%&*^%&*^£&*^!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jul. 4, 4:27pm

      same but i got top 300 on everything

    • Jul. 4, 9:24pm

      Exactly. This is what the article states – only the Leaf is out at this time.

  63. Jul. 4, 4:13pm
    obsessive rules

    It seems pd can only trade 1 car a day like the rest of us.

    • Jul. 4, 4:37pm
      Mac K

      Hahahaha I actually laughed at this one, :P

    • Jul. 4, 4:49pm
      Pit Crew

      2Funny lol

    • Jul. 4, 5:16pm

      “I actually laughed at this one,”

      QFT for me at least lol

    • Jul. 4, 5:46pm

      lol xD… that was funny xD

      pd made the law of sending 1 car per day and pd is obeying too xD

    • Jul. 4, 7:24pm

      * Please note that the arrival timing of the prizes may vary slightly from user to user.
      * Please ensure to receive your prizes during the following time period. If you do not start your Gran Turismo 5 game within the following dates, any uncollected prizes will become invalid.
      Prize Collection Period: July 4th, 2012 – January 25th, 2013

  64. Jul. 4, 4:13pm

    Thanks PD for a great challenge. Will be driving the 370Z Tuned Car for a while ;)

  65. Jul. 4, 4:07pm

    I only got the Leaf, I have to wait for the others? :(

  66. Jul. 4, 4:05pm

    I only got the leaf do we get it one by one or what

    • Jul. 4, 7:04pm

      That’s what it looks like.

  67. Jul. 4, 4:02pm

    Yay, I got a tip! :D

  68. Jul. 4, 3:58pm

    I am thankful to have these gifts on the 4th Of July. Happy 4th July :D

  69. Jul. 4, 3:57pm
    HKS racer

    LOL at the suit.

    • Jul. 4, 7:03pm

      How do you mean?

  70. Jul. 4, 3:56pm

    Hey that suit has numbers.

    I wonder if we can change them like number plates??

  71. Jul. 4, 3:56pm

    huh, Too bad I quit at round 5. I wonder if I can do it now?

    • Jul. 4, 5:05pm
      GT5 Level 41

      Sorry, event closed 7-1-12. (I tried on a sub-account)

    • Jul. 4, 5:11pm

      u can still get it

    • Jul. 4, 5:17pm

      “u can still get it”


  72. Jul. 4, 3:55pm

    I’ll steal that suit to put on my driver. >:) But yeah, got my LEAF too. ;)

  73. Jul. 4, 3:52pm

    I think i can stay 1 month non stop on a timetrial for win a Costa di almafita TRACKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!
    But for win cars…. booohhh.

  74. Jul. 4, 3:49pm

    I am very thankful for the prizes earned for participating in GT Academy 2012!

  75. Jul. 4, 3:49pm

    I deleted the Leaf because I Didn’t want it all, plus it wasn’t tunable apart from the colour of the car and suspension. I would’ve just gave it away for to anyone who wanted it, but it looks like the Academy cars are not available to trade.

  76. Jul. 4, 3:44pm

    The leaf is one of the easiest cars I ever tuned

    • Jul. 4, 5:18pm

      it sounds like your calling the car “easy” as in a slut. Then, “I ever tuned” sounds like the sexy time.

    • Jul. 4, 5:19pm

      I’m sorry, but that’s just funny to me.

    • Jul. 4, 5:50pm


      loooool xD… funny… the car is easy as a slut xD

    • Jul. 4, 6:04pm

      I had to look up the word for a person who has sex with cars and it’s a “mechanophile”.

    • Jul. 4, 8:13pm

      heh heh :D

  77. Jul. 4, 3:33pm

    Give it a couple months, the will be part of the next DLC for sale.

    • Jul. 4, 5:20pm

      the what will be when why and all of a sudden?

  78. Jul. 4, 3:33pm

    Aww man, I wanted these but I was just to late getting a new PS3 to fully experience this.

  79. Jul. 4, 3:29pm

    I wonder if you can change the numbers on suit/helmet from 00 to something else?

    • Jul. 4, 3:43pm

      That would be cool. I personally wish the helmet had no numbers or the academy logo on it, and was just pure white.

  80. Jul. 4, 3:29pm

    Can’t wait for the helmet! We need more open helmets!

  81. Jul. 4, 3:29pm

    Whew!!! Good thing i never entered this cos my garage is closed to any more NISSAN’s…thanx but no thanx

  82. Jul. 4, 3:28pm

    Sooo… we’ll be getting two copies of the Nissan 370z? o_O ?

    • Jul. 4, 3:52pm

      Yes you get two. Same with GT-R too.

  83. Jul. 4, 3:24pm

    Na…. Next?

  84. Jul. 4, 3:19pm

    Very nice. ;)

    • Jul. 4, 3:34pm

      YES i have my LEAF!! lol

  85. Jul. 4, 3:18pm


  86. Jul. 4, 3:14pm

    Awesome, I didn’t finish GTA.
    Too bad they aren’t tradeable.

  87. Jul. 4, 3:12pm

    Got my Leaf! Yeah!

    Can’t wait for the suit.

  88. Jul. 4, 3:07pm

    i hope i can use that suit and a different helmet.

    • Jul. 4, 3:13pm

      Totally agree. That helmet would look great for driving classics like the Shelby Cobra.

  89. Jul. 4, 3:06pm

    I wouldnt be surprised to see them delivered over the next few days. Try and keep the load on the server to a minimum.

    • Jul. 4, 3:07pm

      otherwise people would be moaning about how slow GT5 is etc etc etc etc…..
      You know what some people are like :)

    • Jul. 4, 5:23pm

      That’s what I was thinking.

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