Gran Turismo 7 Features in New Official PS5 Launch Trailer

Gran Turismo 7 is once again being pushed to the forefront of PlayStation 5 promotional materials, this time featuring in the console’s official launch trailer.

Sony released this trailer earlier today. Naturally titled “Play Has No Limits”, the minute-long clip focuses on the theme of exploration. Musician and record produce Travis Scott, who’s also PlayStation’s new strategic creative partner, provides the narration across the atmospheric scenes as people climb, fly, and drive their way into the history books. You might spot current world land speed record holder Andy Green in there too.

The video will act as the global trailer for the console. You’ll see it on television and websites everywhere over the next few weeks, but those of you who’ve already seen it might not have spotted GT7 in there at all. That’s because this isn’t a truly global trailer, and the game only features in a variant created for the Japanese market:

You won’t see anything new in the clip though. The trailer recycles a couple of scenes from that initial GT7 reveal trailer back in June, featuring the spinning Chevrolet Corvette Gr.3 race car, the garage scene, and a short flash of the Mazda RX-Vision.

However, this is another example of Gran Turismo 7 appearing alongside some launch and close-to-launch PS5 titles in official promo media. There’s five games in the sequence, and they include launch titles Demon’s Souls and Spiderman: Miles Morales, expected launch window title Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart, and Horizon Forbidden West which is planned for 2021. Handily these are also, along with GT7, the first five games on Sony’s PlayStation 5 sub-site.

It’s hard to draw any particular conclusions about GT7‘s appearance or positioning in this video, or why it’s confined to the Japanese version. With the recent comment from the official Gran Turismo Facebook page that the game is “coming soon”, we live in hope.

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