Gran Turismo 7 Update is Now Available, Adds Four New Cars, New Menu Books & Races

The latest update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available, bringing new cars and events, more races and new engine swaps, and a selection of new Scapes locations.

Version 1.25 comes in at 1.65GB on PlayStation 5 and 1.1GB on PlayStation 4, and is available for download now.

As the file size hints, there’s no new circuit content. However to go alongside the four new cars there are three new menu books — including two collection-type Extra Menus with special ticket rewards — and five new race events, and a special new livery for some vehicles…

Update 1.25 New Cars

The announcement yesterday confirmed the four new cars coming in the update, although now the update is available we know how to acquire all four.

  • Maserati Merak SS 1980 – Legends Cars – 75,000cr
  • Mazda Roadster (ND) NR-A 2022 – Brand Central – 31,000cr
  • Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 2018 – Brand Central – 600,000cr
  • Nissan Skyline (KPGC110) 2000GT-R 1973 – Legends Cars – 542,000cr

Although slightly down on power, torque, and performance points compared to its 2013 stablemate, the 2018 GT-R is the most expensive car in the selection — and one of the most expensive Gr.3 vehicles. Nonetheless, it has a number of upgrades inside and out over the original, including the new MY17 body shell.

A little less expensive is its distant ancestor, with the 1973 “Kenmeri” Skyline GT-R coming in at 542,000cr in the Legends Cars dealer. Real-world prices have been climbing for this car, and the Hagerty-branded store uses a dynamic pricing tool to reflect this — although it does seem on the high side considering the last car sold at auction fetched $320,000. Nonetheless, it’s one of the rarest GT-Rs ever made at 197 units.

It’s a small surprise to see the Merak SS also in the Legends Cars section, with around 1,000 examples of the higher-performance Merak sold. However it does sit at an enticing 75,000cr.

That leaves the cheapest car in the selection with the NR-A version of the fourth-generation Mazda Roadster. This track-ready version of the Roadster has upgraded brakes, suspension, and differential to withstand the stresses of the race track, and a roll cage and race seats to make it a cheap way into racing.

In addition to the four new cars, there’s also new livery options for two others. Like the Roadster NR-A, the RX-Vision GT3 and Atenza Gr.4 are now available with a separate “Mazda Spirit Racing” livery in addition to standard colors and liveries. This marks an esports event in Japan, but the liveries are availabe to all players.

Update 1.25 New Cafe Menu Books

There’s three new Menu Books available in update 1.25, with two collection-type Extra Menu Books and a new race series book.

  • Menu Book 46 – Historic Sports Car Masters
  • Extra Menu 8 – Honda NSX
  • Extra Menu 9 – Nissan Silvia

Historic Sports Car Masters adds three races at Goodwood, Nurburgring Nordschleife, and Spa-Francorchamps. Any road car can enter, so long as it’s at 580PP or less and 1960-1989 model years. There’s a four-star Roulette Ticket prize.

The NSX Extra Menu requires you to collect 1992, 2002, and 2017 models of the Honda NSX, with a six-star, engine-only Roulette Ticket as a reward. You’ll need to pick up S13 (1990 K’s Dia Selection), S14, and S15 Silvias for the Nissan Silvia book, with a six-star, parts-only Roulette Ticket prize.

Update 1.25 Other Changes

In addition to the three new Menu Book races there’s two other new races. These consist of a Silvia Sisters race at Tokyo Expressway South Clockwise, and a new Gr.1 Prototype Series race at Fuji Speedway.

Two new Scapes collections have also been added, with an Autumn Leaves collection taking in various locations in Japan, California, Oregon, and New England, and ten Scapes all in and around the small North Yorkshire town of Whitby.

Other highlighted changes include an update to the game’s vehicle physics, with new values for tire heating and wear, and adjusted suspension geometry and standard values for suspension and differential components. That’s also resulted in a change to Performance Points.

One probably welcome change for those who race online regards vehicle damage. Contact is now less likely to result in mechanical damage, with the damage system turned down a little. Players can also now select vehicle styles when using loaned cars in Daily Race events.

New engine swaps are also available, although not mentioned within the patch notes. Players have discovered four so far — most recent updates have added five, so there may be others to find — with a particular highlight being the Honda Beat receiving a K20 turbo swap.

There may be further unannounced changes which the GTPlanet community will dig out in due course!

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