Gran Turismo 7 Will Add Buyable Engine Swaps and Special Parts in Update 1.34

In addition to the new car content coming in Gran Turismo 7’s 1.34 update Polyphony Digital will unlock new tuning abilities that have previously been restricted to chance occurrences, with engine swaps and special parts becoming available to purchase directly.

Revealed on the game’s official website and the PlayStation Blog, the new system takes away the random chance aspect of engines and special parts and makes them an easily accessible part of the game.

For the uninitiated, these components have been available on a highly limited basis as possible rewards from Roulette Tickets. These tickets are awarded throughout the GT Cafe Menu Books — and latterly the Extra Menu Books — but once you’ve completed the menus the only source is one ticket per day from the “Daily Workout” task of driving 26.2 miles in one day.

Aside from dedicated “Engine” and “Parts” tickets, which are rare rewards themselves, the probability of receiving one of the dozens of engines or parts is very low indeed. That means most players will have one or two reward engines and a handful of random special parts at most.

The 1.34 update will change all that, with the parts now directly available to buy — thus making your in-game purse and Collector Level the only barriers.

We’ll need to get our hands on the update to see precisely how this will work, but ultimately it appears that any car that has an engine swap available will have the option open in GT Auto alongside Widebody modifications. GTPlanet has been keeping a full list of available swaps since day one.

Special Tuning Parts meanwhile will appear in the Tuning Shop, under a new “Ultimate” tab, with “S” grade camshafts, stroke, bore, and supercharger, Stage 5 weight reduction, titanium con rods, carbon prop, and ultra-high turbo all available where applicable.

In both cases you’ll need to be Collector Level 50 in order to access the functionality, so you’ll need to have purchased or won a lot of vehicles.

It’s likely the game will continue to award engines and special parts through Roulette Tickets, which could be helpful in saving you quite a bit of money — and that can be in short supply in GT7

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