GTPlanet Awards: The Winners!

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After a month of nominating and voting, we finally have the results for the 2016 GTP Awards!

More than 2,000 votes were cast across all of our categories, making this a true picture of what our active community thinks of some of our best, brightest and funniest members – along with the best-received racing games and game features from the past 12 months.

The results are as follows:

Most Helpful Member

While GTPlanet is a helpful community all round, a few members stand out and few more so than the winner here. You may know him from his work right here on the GTPlanet News section, but he’s always easy to find in the forums too, particularly if there’s anything to do with Photomode or design (in fact he designed the logo for this year’s awards).

GTPlanet’s Most Helpful Member in 2016 is… SlipZtrEm!

Friendliest Member

Alongside being one of the most-nominated categories, this was the most closely fought this year too, with the top two separated by just a single vote. Our winner also sits on the moderation team and has one of the shortest names on the site (itself the subject of much speculation).

GTPlanet’s Friendliest Member in 2016 is… TB!

Funniest Member

There’s more than a few jokers on this site – one only has to look at some of the awful punfests and captions in the F1 Picture Caption competition thread – but this year’s winner is one who can always be relied upon for a spot of mirth or a pithy status update.

GTPlanet’s Funniest Member for 2016 is… Danny!

Nuttiest Member

We had quite a few selections for nuttiest member this year, from the funny to the just plain weird, but there could be little doubt about the winner’s identity. Making it a rare GTPlanet Awards double, with his unhinged sense of humour proving sufficiently appealing to take the previous award too…

GTPlanet’s Nuttiest Member for 2016 is… Danny!

Most Knowledgeable Member

It was a predictable landslide in this category, with the winner on an unbroken run for so long – 12 years now – that it’s been mooted to name the award after him and ban him from being nominated.

GTPlanet’s Most Knowledgeable Member for 2016 is… Famine!

Most Opinionated Member

The winner of this year’s Most Opinionated Member got more votes (95) in the category than anyone or anything else in any other category, and it’s little surprise. You can commonly find him holding court in the Opinions forum, but members who frequent other areas – particularly the Motorsport forum – will be familiar with him too.

GTPlanet’s Most Opinionated Member for 2016 is… prisonermonkeys!

Quote of the Year

While sometimes this award is taken by something to make you go “Hmm”, this year it’s a throwaway quip about the unusual maturity level shown here at GTPlanet that tickled you in sufficient numbers to vote it as the most memorable submission to the site for 2016.

The winner of GTPlanet’s Quote of the Year is… homeforsummer!

Thread of the Year

There have been a number of smash hit threads here on GTPlanet this year, but ultimately the nomination that garnered the most votes was a philosophical dilemma. An honourable mention should go to a Premium forum thread documenting a prominent member’s health woes – it’s unusual to see a restricted-viewing thread getting so much attention – but more than a third of you voted for one of the most important questions of our time.

GTPlanet’s Thread of the Year for 2016 is… Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich, posted by Joel!

Best DLC of the Year

We haven’t recognised the wider gaming world in the GTP Awards before, so this year’s gongs are the first. DLC is a thorny issue, but when it works it works well, and you felt that this particular DLC pack was the best this year. Bringing a much-desired marque (for the first time on a PS4 game) with seven vehicles and a classic race track layout, this pack struck a chord with you more than any other.

GTPlanet’s Best DLC of the Year for 2016 is… Assetto Corsa’s Porsche Pack 1!

Car of the Year

Content is king in video games, and not just quantity but quality too. There are some cars that every gamer – every driver even – wants to drive, and when they’re made available they make headlines. You voted for a car that arrived in our games in 2016 via DLC, but which made its bow more than 45 years ago and took a first Le Mans victory for its marque.

GTPlanet’s Car of the Year for 2016 is… Assetto Corsa’s Porsche 917/30!

Track of the Year

A good racing game needs good tracks, and with the quantity of titles released in 2016 we’ve almost been spoiled for choice. It takes a truly memorable circuit to pique the GTPlanet community’s interest though and this year it’s not so much a traditional racing facility that’s grabbed your attention, but one of the toughest point-to-point tracks in the world.

GTPlanet’s Track of the Year for 2016 is… DiRT Rally’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb!

GTPlanet Game of the Year

It’s certainly been a rich vein of racing game releases in 2016 and it’s little coincidence that GTPlanet’s News coverage has expanded to fill many more titles than when the blog was first founded. But there can be only one Game of the Year and this year – the first we’ve awarded such a prize – that’s gone to a game not based on the usual track format but an open world motoring adventure.

GTPlanet’s Game of the Year in 2016 is… Forza Horizon 3!

New Member of the Year

We have thousands of new members joining GTPlanet every year, with well over a quarter of a million user registrations since the original site launched in 2001. Not all of those contribute, and of those who do not all of them contribute well! This year we’ve had some excellent new members – people who you’d swear have been here longer than they have – but one in particular stood out for you. Coming to the site in a very roundabout way when they bought a rather unique performance car at an auction – thanks to the previous owner’s rather over-the-top comments on the same vehicle – you’ve voted by massive margin to attest that they’ve taken to the site rather rapidly.

GTPlanet’s New Member of the Year for 2016 is… Burn Fossils!

Member of the Year

Previously this award has been known as ‘Most Likely To Be Crowned A Moderator’, for the member that you think represents the site so well that we’d want to have them on the site staff. That would have been rather superfluous this year as not only is the winner a member of staff, but the person that the staff themselves take direction from. Overseeing the rapid expansion of the GTPlanet News section along with updates to the site functionality – and the rather thankless task of being the very top of the chain for complaints – the winner is the father of GTPlanet itself!

GTPlanet’s Member of the Year for 2016 is… Jordan!


Congratulations to all of our winners and everyone who was nominated. We’ll see you again for the GTPlanet Awards in 2017!

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