GTTV Documentary: Racing at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring

August 21st, 2010 by Jordan Greer

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  1. Aug. 22, 10:36pm

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed that so much. Can’t wait fit GT5. few more months!

  2. Aug. 22, 7:06pm
    Alex p.

    Just watched it and I have to say it’s a really great documentary they made, really enjoyed it.

  3. Aug. 22, 3:48am

    Don’t they need a license to say PORSCHE?

  4. Aug. 21, 1:54pm

    in the 3rd vid… at 10:11… thats a nice parking lot…

  5. Aug. 21, 1:43pm

    i hope they have some of the cars they saw at the race in the game!!!!

    i know for sure the Worlds Car Award IS-F is going to be in the game 8)

  6. Aug. 21, 8:12am

    I thought GTTV on Prologue had shut down now

  7. Aug. 21, 7:28am
    Magic Ayrton

    Nice to see BMW achieving something and of course the feedback that Kaz will have gained is invaluable for GT5’s future success.

    Porsche clearly don’t know what they are missing in terms of advertising.. I’m certainly staying well clear of the brand because of their fuddy duddy image!!

    They need to wake up and get included in the Game.. even if they can’t win races anymore lol

    • Aug. 21, 9:52pm

      Thats because Porsche keeps engaging in exclusivity contacts that give EA total control. Its not worth trying to get Porsche at the moment. Better to stick to Auto RUF and possibly whatever remaining Gemballas that are around.

  8. Aug. 21, 6:17am

    I already saw those videos on playstation website, one wod : incredible !

    Hopefully they will release the HD versions of those videos

  9. Aug. 21, 6:01am

    The videos, well first one, seems to be corrupt.

  10. Aug. 21, 3:58am

    He understands english perfectly fine, but he doesn’t want to speak because he isn’t content with his speaking.
    He is a perfectionist after all ;-)

    • Aug. 21, 10:19pm

      I think he’s like that dude from LOST, he doesn’t like the way English tastes on his tongue =P

    • Aug. 22, 12:00pm

      what does english taste like?

    • Aug. 26, 12:45pm

      I couldn’t tell you, I was quoting a TV show.

    • Aug. 31, 7:32pm

      @Paulo HAHAHAHAHA LMFAO I know who you’re talking about & I remember that episode. Dogan right? I love that show

  11. Aug. 21, 3:03am

    In the at 3:16 in the first video, Kaz doesn’t seem to have much trouble at all understanding what I assume is English being spoken at the World Car Awards Team meeting. Looks like translator-san is just to add to the mystique.

    • Aug. 26, 1:05pm

      I can’t remember where but an article I read talked about how he can readily understand most English and is sub-fluent at speaking it. He could get by on his own but chooses to have a translator for any press interactions so that the conversation runs smoothly. Perfectionist. At. Everything. Lol

  12. Aug. 21, 2:54am

    Nice to have a guy like Kaz making the game over a fat man behind a desk.

  13. Aug. 21, 1:59am

    Ok, after installing GT5P and then having to update and then the long wait for GTTV to load up… nope. This is not on there; the most recent is the “Concept Movie Vol.2” from March.

  14. Aug. 21, 1:39am

    Wow, what a great video. I think both Polyphony and Codemasters are both trying to bring the player into the world of racing and not just the race itself. I can’t wait!

  15. Aug. 21, 1:32am

    LOL G-Ram, no worries. Appreciate the help and good luck!

  16. Aug. 21, 1:18am

    Is this actually on GTTV in Prologue?

  17. Aug. 21, 1:08am

    Anyone know if this documentary is available in GT5P?

    • Aug. 21, 1:22am

      lol I hadn’t refreshed it before typing the same question! I am loading it up right now to check but it’s gonna take a couple minutes due to having to install Prologue. This is the first time I’ve had the game in since my HDD got all messed up and I had to reformat a few months back.

  18. Aug. 21, 12:46am

    I thought Kaz raced at Nurburgring last year as well?

    • Aug. 21, 12:48am

      He did other VLN races with that team, but not the 24 hour race.

  19. Aug. 21, 11:02pm

    carl.vain QUIT SPAMMING GTP!! Especially the same post over and over.. damn.

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