Introducing Time Extend Podcast on GTPlanet!

Hello there! My name is Adam, and you may have seen some of my ramblings on GTPlanet before. Well, myself and fellow GTP alum Brendan Rorrison run a little podcast called Time Extend — our feisty, mildly irreverent corner of the internet where we honor racing games of all kinds, of the past, present and future. (But more often than not, the past.)

Time Extend has been going on for a little while now, but we’re honored to introduce it right here on GTPlanet for the very first time! Going forward, new episodes of the show will appear here on the blog as they become available. You can also find them on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or whatever you use to listen to podcasts.

In our first episode of the new year, Brendan delivers his verdict on whether V-Rally 4 is the Switch racer we’ve been waiting for, I plead my case for an Out Run stage in Super Smash Bros., and we try our best to unpack the mystery that is the Mad Box. Soon after, the conversation derails into a string of brief mentions of racing games from 15 years ago you’ve likely forgotten about — but then that’s true of almost every episode of Time Extend.

Once you’re done with that, we’ve got an ever-growing catalog of past episodes to explore! We just closed out 2018 with our ranking of all the mainline entries in the Ridge Racer franchise, and back in October we caught up with GTPlanet’s very own Kyle Patrick for a deep dive into Forza Horizon 4. Our Sega Racing System series explores the diverse roster of racers on the Sega Dreamcast one by one, and you’ll surely feel one way or another about our favorite Gran Turismo original tracks.

Brendan and I are just getting started with Time Extend, and we couldn’t be happier to share it with the best damned community of gamers and car enthusiasts in the world. Please give us a listen, let us know what you think right here on the forums, give us a shout on Twitter, and if you like what you hear, tell a friend!