Jaguar to Reveal New Vision Gran Turismo This Week

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Jaguar has revealed on social media that it will be unveiling a new Vision Gran Turismo car this week. It’ll take the virtual covers off the car in a special live event on Facebook this coming Wednesday, December 16.

The car would be an unusual second Vision GT car from the brand. Jaguar revealed the first at the World Tour Tokyo live event back in October 2019, and GTPlanet was on hand to win the car’s first ever public race as site founder Jordan Greer teamed up with finalist Kin Long Li to take the victory.

When we spoke to Jaguar Land Rover’s director of design Julian Thomson at the event, he said he wanted to do another one. Now it looks like his wish has come true:

We don’t know that much about the new car, and the image Jaguar has chosen to tease us is of little help either — with the car in the far distance of what looks like the Hunaudieres straight at Le Mans. One thing we can probably count on though is that it’ll be a pure electric car.

That’s largely given away by the wording of the social media posts, but also in keeping with the Vision GT project itself and Jaguar’s previous entry. The “Vision Gran Turismo Coupe” was a battery electric vehicle (BEV), packing some 1,005hp from a three-motor set-up.

For now, Jaguar’s remaining quiet on exactly what form the new car will take, but we’ll find out more when the official unveiling takes place at 1800 UTC on December 16.

That’s likely when we’ll also find out what game the second Jaguar VGT is destined for. Gran Turismo fans are still waiting on the Lambo V12 VGT, unveiled at last year’s World Finals, and a Porsche Vision GT. With Gran Turismo 7 just around the corner, they may not make it to Gran Turismo Sport at all…

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