Kazunori Wanted “Another 2 Years” for GT5 Development

This interview conducted with Kazunori Yamauchi shortly after the release of Gran Turismo 5 has been flying under the radar since it was published back in February. It was just recently brought to my attention and, though there’s obviously no bombshells, it provides a few interesting details worth highlighting here:

  • The FIA GT and DTM racing series were both planned for GT5, but eventually had to be taken out.
  • When asked if GT5 is so big that it will be released in “stages”, Kazunori responded “The effect of complexity and size to the development time is very big. Practically speaking I would have wanted another two years of development time.”
  • One frequent criticism of many GT games – including GT5 – is the large number of Japanese cars with slight variations in trim (the various GT-Rs, Mitsubishi Evos, Miatas, etc. all come to mind). This is one of the first interviews which Kazunori has acknowledged the criticism, saying “…it’s true that there is a lot of variations depending on the model, and that’s probably because we’ve been affected strongly by the automotive culture in Japan from the 1990’s. […] Back then there was meaning to each of the fine differences, and the selection of which model variation to drive was important to a user. Looking at it now I also think that there’s too many.”
  • Kazunori also confirmed the PlayStation 3’s lack of memory was “a serious concern” during the development of GT5, saying that “we just have to do our best” to get what performance they can out of the hardware.
  • He also re-confirmed that “We [Polyphony Digital] are still continuing to work on creating premium models and new tracks, but whether it will be DLC or will become something like GT6, hasn’t been decided yet.” (Keep in mind this interview was conducted last year.)

The full interview is available in the PlayStation Chronicle, an online magazine assembled by PlayStation Forum community members in cooperation with SCEA. It’s available for free on Issuu – you’ll find Kazunori’s interview on pages 15-17. Thanks, Tesla, for the tip!

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  1. syclone666

    So it would have taken pd 90 percent of the counsel’s life to develop one game that at lest 50% of the data (more like 70% like cars tracks thank good they changed ( adjusted) the physics at the last second, tracks and cars of data that already was there(gt4 was the first in hd game 1080) and some were done off models an toys, all features in gt4 game layout and race layout car modification drag gt5 seems like a cut down version of gt4 with better graphics, cars should look like thay do in the replay while driving( glad they left the nos off unless they had a proper drag strip and race creater could limit the on/off drag only use. There is a total lack of car made from us and cars in general form 2002 and newer and the lack of alot of performance cars in general (except Japan), they could replacate real race series with more class race cars, there is just a general lake of events and poor online setup, I like the game but I got way more play and love out of gt4, we need real updates to bring gt5 on par with gt4


    Ive just realised that I spend a lot of time browsing the web hoping for new DLC news and reading pointless articles like “ooh, worlds largest gt collection” and/or constant “GT academy” crap…….rather than playing a game that promised so much and failed on so many levels.

    Where’s OUR “legends pack” like the need for speed boys……where’s our new cars like the forza lads…..where’s our new tracks?? new events??

    The amount of road/race cars cars that aren’t featured in this game is quite ridiculous. I shouldn’t be driving around in a Lister storm or toyota Gt-0ne re-hashed from an old game. The year is 2011 NOT 2001

    I know GT has some great cars and tracks but not enough for 5 years development. He’s now saying he wanted 7 years???? hello….hire some more god dam people then. I’M BORED ALREADY…A LONG TIME AGO!

  3. smthrlr

    Yeah, and I want two more weeks to finish my term paper but that just ain’t in the cards now, is it? Guess I’d better get a quality job done in the time originally allotted by my superiors. Because, you know, THAT’S HOW THE WORLD WORKS.

  4. Skython11

    I like it that they release the game and slowly update it, for the fact we get to appreciate the efforts more, if we waited 2 years, people would still complain, even now they complain, but they’ll at least almost appreciate what they do, we’ll see it improve and realize why it’s taking so much time

  5. DReAM GTR

    I think u should give kaz some slack
    His country has a lot of problems now
    And I think that they should take out at least about 200+ standard cars to make more premium.(: apart from that and lack of events this game is amazing

  6. DReAM GTR

    I think u should give kaz some slack
    His country has a lot of problems now
    And I think that they should take out at least about 200+ standard cars to make more premium.(:

  7. Anon.

    To be honest, I’d rather we waited another two years. Why? You’ve got to admit, the wait to GT5 was pretty damn exciting. Just waking up to good or bad news was fun. Two more years could’ve got rid of them standard cars, added more tracks and cars, better graphics. GT5 is an amazing game but it feels rushed. Cannot wait until GT6 is officially announced.

  8. DMC_S2000

    yes….more premium models with weak damage modeling and more tracks with green mountains, not mountains with grass or trees on it…

  9. sxy rider 39

    The game needs less polish and more substance IMO. The graphics in GT5 are impressive as they always are in GT games, but the number of tracks and very limited tuning options really pissed me off this time around. They listened to people’s suggestions and brought back racing modifications, but what good are those when only 10 or so cars can be set up that way. IMO, GT6 needs more high-end cars, or more tuning options for the slow cars.

  10. Macrend

    If I remember correctly Kazunori said like 2 or 3 years ago that the game was already complete and ready to be released at anytime. The delay was caused because he wanted to polish it more and more. I’m not sure what to belive now.

  11. Biach

    Ok, ill say it. 3D is a gimick! How much programing time was spent on making the game 3 frickin D?!! What a waiste!! i hope im wrong here but it seems kaz got caught up in the hype of 3D and just had to have it in his game. The guys i know who have 3D tv’s dont even use it for watching movies let alone playing a racing game!! Yeh, its cool to show off but at the end of a long day, im not gunna bother with glasses. I bet those crap smoke, shadow, dirt and rain effects are all because of the extra 3D codes stuffing it up!!

  12. dearlybeloved

    Had the game been delayed by a further 2 years, I believe firmly that I would have lost total interest in the game. Also, what else Kaz seems to forget IMO is that people expect product to be delivered on time. I am glad Sony took him firmly by the collar and said “get the game out mate.”

    One thing that I have learned from the whole GT5 fiasco is do not trust those folks at PD wholeheartedly.

  13. sk0pe

    @ just cause. Yes im over it lol, no reward needed don’t be stupid and condescending. There was plenty of thanks in the original thread, i was merely pointing out that it’s usual etiquette to credit someone when you use information they provided to further your own cause. :)

  14. Thrasher

    For me the let down was all the expectations that was supposed to be integrated into the “finished” game… I bought so many gt mags from 08-09 and they all said the same thing… All will have interior views and all will have night tracks! the game is enjoyable, without a doubt. But we were expecting a little too much… The thing i did was i was expecting it to be completely useless and convinced myself i was going to hate it, and it turns out that it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be… Whih kinda makes me appreciate it a lot more if you think about it

  15. sk0pe_420

    Thanks to member Sk0pe_420 for bringing us this info….. oh wait there was no thanks but yet you use it on your webpage… Cheers dude.

    1. Just cause

      Some people will argue that the lack of ram has nothing to do with it because of the speed of the ram in the PS3. It is true that the lack of ram held it back , because if they wanted to push the game harder there would be a constant HDD / BluerRay access , because there isnt enough ram to hold all the data.

  16. Just cause

    They had to bring out GT5 unfinished because the impatient children couldnt wait and the bigger cry babies were cancelling their preorders. I can immagine those with no patience will start complaining GT6 isnt out yet soon.

    1. Sexy Tony

      Sony decided GT5 had to be released no one else…and after the money PD took to make the game who could blame them?

    2. Just cause

      What other choice did they have? There was people cancelling preorders really fast after the last delay. They were losing sales and it was getting worse the longer the game got delayed.

  17. Zuel

    Leaving out FIA GT and DTM was a costly mistake. With both Motor Sport Bodies coming to the United States, ( DTM 2013, FIA GT 2014 )it would have helped build a lager fan base in the states currently now. There are only a few cars than representing these Motor Sport Bodies. Hopefully we’ll see updates soon for this. I looking forward to the Endurance saves.

    1. AnPrionsaBeag

      Not just that: not a single group B car is a premium. They have a WRC licence but all the good tracks and races GT4 had were scrapped. Kaz is going in so many directions at the same time Gran Turismo is heading nowhere at all. B-Spec should be sold as a different game altogether or added as DLC: that would free a lot of space for a much better A-Spec experience. Not to mention museum cards and horns… And now he’s talking about some sort of C-Spec? I want Gran Turismo back!

    2. Skiddy

      @ AnPrionsaBeag
      What do you think how much space does B-spec take up on the Blue ray disc? Or Horns or Museum cards? I’ll tell you a little secret- not that much..

    3. AnPrionsaBeag

      I’ll tell you another: not that much is already too much. Is B-Spec what the vast majority of GT fans bought GT5 for? I seriously doubt it. And how long do you think it took PD to develop Bob’s GT5? Way too long, if you can afford one last little secret. Play B-Spec and collect museum cards all you want, I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys it: they all do it for cash and prize cars. Who buys a console for the sheer fun of watching dumb AI pilots crash into walls?

  18. praggia

    GT5 is a joke. And this article just proves it. It is not the finished product and a further two years? Its already taken 3 years longer than it should have taken. And as for Sony pushing for a release?? well Sony is a business and at the end of the day this proves that the bottom line is more important than the consumer no matter what they say…..

    1. AnPrionsaBeag

      Take GT5’s physics and graphics and all the rest from S2U and you’ve got the perfect racing game! It pains me to admit it but for the first time in my life, a GT title got me bored…

    2. stoney71

      The real joke is Kaz and PD and their unrealistic development time frame. You can’t expect Sony or the fans to wait 10 years before they release the next version of GT. It shouldn’t take that long to make a game. If they need a bigger team, then they should hire more people or fix whatever the problem may be.

  19. Normalaatsra

    This could’ve been combatted if PD expands their workforce by offering 2x their population of devs.
    Such shame my favourite company (Sony) had to push them. They could’ve expanded PD. After all, they own it (I think).

    If I were in his situation, I could’ve suffered gland problems from all this stress. Amazing how he manages to stay strong.

  20. Nerf22

    Like most artist, they never seem to be satisfied with their finished result. The thought of “it could be better…” tends to replay over and over in their head. Kaz was [seemingly] looking to make the end-all racing game. I admire his ambitions and drive, but the reality of it is for now, it’s a dream. But man, when…not “if” that becomes reality…

  21. TurboProp

    It is really ashamed that Kaz didn’t have another two years. He could have probably added another track or two, more horns, museum cards and 400-500 STANDARD Nissans and Mazdas. Maybe some Japanese bicycles and some rickshaws…

    1. infamousDee

      It’s hilarious that some people still don’t understand what standard cars are. They’re models from GT4 and GTPSP; no new standard cars have been or will be created for GT5.

  22. Cornelyus

    Why everyone talk about GT6, GT5 doesn’t have a year!! thats reveal the type of game is, i like a lot, but talking right now about the next inhiteration shows the shortcomings.

  23. Ryan

    Whiners of the Gran Turismo Community, Before & After:

    Before: “OMFG they need to just release the game already! I’m sick of waiting! If it doesn’t come out soon, I’m not going to buy it! They need to release it NOW.”

    After: “WTF?! Why would they release an incomplete game like this?”

    1. Imari

      I seem to remember comments from Kaz in 2009 to the effect of “we can release the game whenever we want”. When someone in Kaz says that, it’s fairly natural to assume that he’s talking about a finished product, not just whatever they’ve managed to hack together so far. Otherwise, everyone would be ready to release whenever they wanted.

      Given that, the “whiners” as you call them decided that they’d rather have a game with limited features rather than wait for extra stuff. DTM and FIA would be a good example of that.

      What we didn’t expect, was that Kaz was actually lying when he said they were ready to release any time. They weren’t ready to release a year later when they finally got around to it.

      So you can see why those comments were made at the time. Kaz provided false information. Had people known it still wasn’t ready, it would have been hard to justify pushing for an incomplete game to be released. I’m not sure anyone in their right mind would do that, because it would be pointless.

    2. Ryan

      I’m not talking about the built up expectations that the game was ready. I’m talking about the people who cried that the game was taking too long and threatened to abandon the series if the game got pushed back any more. Which I knew many people who weren’t going to wait much longer without cancelling their pre-order.

      Whether or not the game took too long to make aside, I’m merely pointing out the irony of spending so much energy complaining about PD taking a long time with the game, and then later complaining that they should have taken more time and finished it before release.

      This comment had nothing to do with Kaz’s comments regarding the game coming out whenever they wanted. Long story short: I was saying that people will whine if you take too long, and people will whine if you don’t take enough time. The folks on the internet who like to whine are never happy.

  24. Colonelcool

    I would have waited for premium DTM and GT cars, but those are the sorts of things you say as you’re telling us you need a delay. If you say, we need a delay to put the DTM in the game, I’m cool with it. But just saying, out of the blue, GT5 will now come six months later, is lame.

  25. DawgCCCP

    All I have to say is that the SONY is the reason we all are bragging about the “how bad actually GT5 is then we expected”. The only thing Sony cared about is the money, they needed the GT5 to make a new bundel of PS3 with a great gaming title to crank the sales and get more money.

    Problem of Kaz, as what I learned doing my course of game design in a year, Limits are quite important. He forgot about them. I really would be glad if GT5 was the GT4 reworked with some new high end modeled models and new engine.
    Time is not an excuse for not getting more then 200 models ready for the game! Since there are always a modeling team and team of programmers. At least thats what I learned from a teacher that gave me 3D lessons. You will have a team doing enviroment, a team doing cars, a team doing graphical parts of game such as menu and all u see when you are not racing. And then there is a team of programmers that is working on the engine, others on how the menu will work etc. So I think the people doing car models were slacking and thats the reason Kaz did not want to release the game yet, and get few more years to get a better optimized end product to all of us.

    But I am still happy that game is out, I do enjoy it although I still haven’t played it with the wheel, since I don’t had the money for it yet, and now I do, I will get that freaking T500rs and enjoy GT5 even more!

    I think DLC’s are a bad idea he should go with free patches as he is doing now, but more like, this is how GT5 should be, and we are making it complete now! Or just get a DLC for all, for a small price, that include like 100 “new” premium cars and few tracks, I would pay for it!

    my $0.02

  26. ubergill

    IMO, all the game needs is the online mode re-worked and new tracks and cars introduced periodically – that would do me just fine!

    1. mobiletone

      i can’t see why they dropped the match making online mode of Prologue… that worked, now you haven’t a clue who’s driving what when you enter a lobby.

    2. mobiletone

      one of the best laughs i’ve had in GT5 so far is getting half a dozen people together with tuned Volvo 240 Estates racing 20 laps of the ‘ring GP track.

  27. JasonMann

    man, if they did get 2 years they’d make a hell of a game, but who wants to wait that long for a game? I could make an entire kit car in that time!

  28. BWX

    The problem with GT5 is not the amount of content, it is the lack of game play and depth of gameplay. GT4 had 522 A-Spec races, it was a great game but crappy resolution, even in “HD” it had no antialiasing. The physics were ok, but not great. Stupid Kaz/PD spend 5 years making INSANELY detailed premium car models, 3D TV compatibility, STUPID RETARDED B-SPEC Driver AI.. but not enough tracks.. Then they make A-Spec F’ing TINY with 127 races compared to 522 in GT4. 2 more years? WTFPD? You could give us a more in depth A-Spec right now. You would have waited 2 years for what? 50 more premiums, 8,000 more teaser vids and 2 more tracks? You made GT5 FOUR TIMES SMALLER/SHORTER than GT4 and you need 2 more years? You’e FIRED old man. WTFPD WTFKAZ Expand A-Spec 4 times, or STFU about time limits. Copy GT4 events over to GT5, done. Give us endurance race save points and 3 setup save files per car, per track, Done. No, we get 3DTV and retarded B-SPEC Drivers. Thank you Kaz, you fading old man.

    1. mobiletone

      you forgot to add, change to a b-spec driver during a-spec endurance pit stops. a-la GT4. damn i miss that very useful feature.

      GT5 is all looks and no substance. GT4 was tougher by a mile.

  29. GeekCred

    I think the interview offers some confirmation that the man is clearly stuck in the past: Inordinately long dev cycles, walled garden development with no interaction with other studios or the community that supports them, and obsessive detail into things that simply don’t matter to anyone, like mileage, washing cars, a museum, and oil changes.

    I’m sure if he could get away with it, he would want a decade long dev cycle.

    The future is in iterative and agile development, keeping engaged with the end user and dev communities, and a sharp focus on the overall gaming experience.

    It’s sad to see the franchise sink deeper into irrelevance while other franchises evolve, and inevitably pass them by.

  30. AnPrionsaBeag

    Think of those who can’t afford an internet connection or just live out of the network. It’s a friend of mine’s case. You wouldn’t think of buying a half-finished car: why would you a game?

  31. CDJW

    Even though there are frustrating aspects to GT5 and it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did I can totally see where he’s coming from. People scream about GT5’s unfinished feel but they would have complained even more if there was another 2 year delay. Really puts the developers in a tough spot. I actually like the idea of releasing a game gradually, patching it and adding more as it’s created. This way people can enjoy what has been done sooner and the developers don’t have this pressure to have some sort of finality to the release. I think it would be great if GT5 was it for the PS3 rather than always worrying about the “next game” but it could be constantly renewed and updated as an ongoing project that we could pay for as it was available. Hopefully we’ll see more updates and paid dlc in the form of cars, tracks, events etc. Either way GT will always be a fun experience despite any drawbacks.

  32. 99EKB18

    I don’t think there is a producer that is a BIG car enthusiast as He is. Also can pilot a real race car.

  33. GMW

    I honestly hope they give us a few big updates of cars and tracks but leave GT6 for the PS4 launch! Even with all the ‘faults’ people say the game has, I believe it is still the best racing game in the market by far!

  34. GTSK

    If they were supposed to spend another 2 years in GT5 development, they could, now that GT5 is released, finish the game that GT5 was supposed to be naming it GT6, with DTM and all those things:)

  35. Noname

    The problem is, if they would implement FIA GT and DTM they would make 2 races and that´s it… You don´t get the series feeling…

    The same with Nascar, they implemented it. But there are a few Nascar races and that´s it… Also WRC, Kart racing and so on…

    1. HKS racer


      Nascar? We have Trollscar.
      SuperGT? 3 races and that’s all folks, TrollerGT that’s what we have.
      Rally? Hmm… Trolly is a better name.

  36. MitsuStigi

    He said it! It was rather clear that Kaz was pushed by Sony to release the game. Anyway, GT5 is still good but I just hope they would release more patches and maybe even DLCs.

  37. HMSMotorsport

    What I find really funny about all this bitching and moaning is that you would all be complaining more if we didn’t have GT5 at all!

    It’s a great game, yes it still needs development but if this were called anything other than Gran Turismo then it would be considered an epic game!

    I mean really if its that bad why don’t we all go back to playing GT4, with no premiums, online etc?

    /rant over

    1. Imari

      Some of us have. I’m mostly playing other racing games, but if I want to play a GT I don’t put GT5 in. I go back to working on my GT4 completion, that I’m still plugging away at after 6 years. As opposed to GT5 in which the only things I have to do are the ludicrously long endurance races, and just the thought of those makes me want to do something else.

  38. Spaghettimonster

    I would have liked to know who made the decision to release an unfinished product if kaz wanted another 2 years? i mean imagine a better game design, fia gt and dtm and lots and lots of additional cars and tracks in about 12 months time. wouldnt that be great? would have been ok with me if they simply had said what was coming.

    1. stoney71

      The game needed to be released long before it was, Kaz could still do some of the things he is talking about with DLC, but it doesn’t seem like he can do that in a reasonable time frame either. This interview was done months ago and still no DLC or anything besides a few small updates that mostly only fix glitches. He obviously has no time management skills at all, I’m not sure how he keeps his job.

  39. RXD

    What’s wrong with a lot of duplicate cars? Its not as if they modeled every car all over again and again, they just used the same model and changed the properties of the car. I don’t think that took a lot of time.

  40. ryanb98

    PD really need to increase the size of their team, make the premiums a slightly lower quality (the cars look great in Forza, the only thing letting them down is the lighting engine) which means more of them, and add MORE events, more tracks and a few exclusive licences to give it something over forza.

  41. GTP_african_kat

    Surely PD had a say in the Ps3 spec department when the PS3 was originally developed – cant believe they were happy with the memory back then. Oh well i guess thats the past now.

  42. Thrasher

    And please pardon my english… Yes it ia my 1st language but it’s 12 am and im on an itouch and i just dont care…. You can understand it cant you?

  43. Thrasher

    The ps3 just couldnt handle what kaz initially wanted in time.. Thats the way i see it… Is that a reasonable excuse? Idunno we all have diff opinions… Some people like onions some people dont… Me, personally, would be willing to wait the 2+ years that kaz needed but i would expect to see te short 1:30 sec clips he showed us in he past…. Do any of you remember how excites you were to see weather on Eiger Nordwand…. Or how about the beutifull 360 turn on cape ring… Atleast kaz gave ua something to look forward to.. And i got a 6:09:435 around the green hell in a ’10 xanavi nismo gt-r with 633 hp no aids… And for those of you that find the ai boring? Try using the standard sports hards or racing hards, and de-tune the vehicles to he lowest pp range when doing seasonal or special events… Pre-pare to be amazed when u have to swerve around the ai spinning out infront of you at 130+ mph ;)

  44. Jamaicangmah

    Kaz i love you like a uncle but if you took 2 more years i would’ve eaten your children. Just do what you did release it then build on it i’m fine with that.

    1. Masonite

      hes great at making games but to make the perfect game you need A. perfect hardware B.a ton of time he had nether of these

    1. mobiletone

      don’t! i bought that, it ended just as it started to get good. i mean, when the credits rolled i thought it had glitched and missed out the rest of the game. *sad face*

  45. whiteman

    another two years and i wouldn’t have been in the market any longer and most likely will be done with consoles by the time the next GT comes out.

  46. GTRhater

    premium models and new tracks, but whether it will be DLC or will become something like GT6, hasn’t been decided yet

    GT6 GT6 GT6 GT6

  47. GTRhater

    I see whats gonna happen GT6 is gonna be what we have now but with what we should have had and will be out next year. I cant get over how the did not put FIA GT and DTM racing in it. THAT IS LUDACRIS. Why not. They must not think like normal humans out there @ PD. Dont matter Shift 2 is awesome see ya GT5

    1. Masonite

      GT6 won,t be out next year it,ll have the stuff planed 4 GT5 & more. i,d wait for the PS4 to realease GT6 if i was kaz

  48. Paulyee

    I say, keep developing GT5, new tracks, cars(premiums) and races. And release gt6 for ps4. But if history serves right, gt6 will be a ps3 title.

  49. GTP_fueled

    I knew the PS3 hardware was seriously being challenged and the two years of additiional development time sounds right based on what was completed when the game was released. Hopefully E3 sheds some light on GT5 updates, GT6 and PS4. Keep up the good work Kaz!

  50. Catalysis

    Of course the real loser in all of this is the good old consumer, in terms of a game that was hyped as the second coming, but in reality was a half-baked work in progress, presumably released because Sony finally lost patience with PD’s apparent dithering. You can actually understand how they must have felt.

    It’s clear that Kaz is profoundly guilty of over ambition. To say that the PS3 was a design stumbling block is ludicrous. The design specification for the game should have been within the capabilities of the console it was designed for. Anything more adventurous than that should have been saved for the next game.

    I may be completely wrong, but I get the distinct impression that Kaz and PD have been on some sort of grandiose ego trip, funded by Sony on the strength of previous triumphs.

    GT5 is so obviously incomplete and, though it stretches the term, rush released.

  51. SimRaceDriver

    Another 2 years? Seriously???

    If the time between GT4’s release and that of GT5 wasn’t long enough, Kaz wanted another 2 years? FFS that’s retarded!

    If you can’t get a new release completed in at least 2 years, HIRE MORE STAFF or start setting more realistic goals of what you CAN complete in the shortest time W/OUT sacrificing time lines!

    Of course, this is all just MY OPINION….and I’m also w/apey75 and his comment about Six-of-Nine and a holadeck! :D

  52. IceMan

    Kaz needs to be replaced with someone who can actually get work done. He already had far too long for the game. Other studios could have done twice the work in half the time. In fact, Turn 10 already has. You don’t get the luxury of dragging your feet for a decade on a single game. Sooner or later people want to stop talking about and fantasizing about a game that’s coming a decade down the road and just play it now.

    “Oh, give me until 2021 for Gran Turismo 6 and just you wait and see how awesome it is, with a bunch of content that would have been fine in 2015 but ‘last-gen’ by the time the game is finally released in 2021. It will be totally awesome five years before it’s finally on store shelves but largely sub-par by the time it’s available. It’s totally worth waiting a friggin’ decade for my game…, right?”

    1. Masonite

      half the time maybe twice the work? no Kaz does a good job he just needs someone else to help speed up the process.

    2. Sum Yung Guy

      Wanted for hire at notable software developer company: One Sumo Wrestler with electric cattleprod experience…

  53. EAGLE 5

    I don’t think the hardware and the programmers can quite keep up with his ideas.

    Realistically speaking 2 more years would have produced a thorough game that unfortunately would have been either too much for the PS3 to handle and/or outdated since its framework is based on an 8 year old engine at that point.

    If things don’t change technology wise he may have to reconsider how he goes about making GT6 lest his newest leviathan never get off the ground altogether.

    1. Achtung2011

      Agreed… But then again, working on a console, Kaz should have realized that it’s not the hardware and programmers that have to keep up, it’d have to be him. Limitations are a great way to separate great “visionaries” from great “developers”.

    2. EOD

      If the problem is that you need to levitate a leviathan, the awnser is to use large quantities of C4. No problem is so big that it can’t be overcome through the liberal use of high explosives. XD

  54. Imari

    The man is insane. Had he taken another two years, then there would have been two more years worth of progress by other racing games, and he would have wanted more time then to try and catch up with all the parts that would then be outdated on his 8 year old game.

    Kaz has no idea how to run a project. He’s a great ideas man, but he should stick to that. Have him come up with the ideas for what *could* be in GT5, and then give control of the development and implementation of those ideas to someone who actually has the ability to finish a project.

    1. Biach

      Agree!! The ps3 is better than the ps2 so be satisfied with what you have to work with. Save the massive ideas for the better consoles in the future. He should be looking at 2 full gt titles per console as has been done in the past.

  55. Achtung2011

    A lot of folks may see this as a “Poor Kaz, he was hounded by Sony to release on the PS3 so that the console can sell. He should have released it a PS4.” Evil Sony… trying to push PS3 sales no matter what the game quality is…

    Nearing the end of a console’s average lifespan, I get the feeling this is an ad… “Buy a PS4. the game will be great by then. It’ll have more memory” Then once it’s out it may still be “Oh if only I had a PS5 to work on… So much I want to put in the game…” :D

  56. Moey1484

    Kaz shud just get over himself and make the gamers happy, stop worrying bout gt5 the name and put some beef in da meat. Updates dlc’s is all part of what makes a game better. Catch a wake up kaz

  57. Limelight788

    No wonder why we’ve received three major updates so far and hopefully a forth one in a matter of months.

  58. BWX

    We need more updates with major content and another a-spec single player campaign NOW- not a year from now. Hurry the F up Kaz, release this stuff now, I will pay more if you want, just do it.

    1. Grog96

      Give him abit of slack for now his country has been destroyed and is on the brink of a nuclear crisis.

    2. Gorg69


      To ruin completely; spoil
      To do away with; put an end to
      To kill
      To subdue or defeat completely; crush
      To render useless or ineffective

      None of these sound like Japan

    3. BWX

      If GT6 has a crappy and tiny A-Spec like GT5 I will not buy it, might as well just keep playing GT5, or better yet, something else.

    4. stoney71

      If Kaz doesn’t learn better organizational skills you probably won’t have to worry about ever playing GT6, because it will never be finished enough to release.

  59. Biach

    Graphically i think prologue was better than gt5.
    The smoke, dirt, rain and shadow effects are all crap compared to prologue.
    I do a fair bit of drifting and all my replays are ruined by that blocky smoke bug!!
    Also, all the interior views that they spent sooooo much time on look positively ps2’ish any time a shadow moves into view!!
    Prologue with extra cars (just the premium thanks) tracks and enhanced physics would have been fantastic!

    1. Biach

      Smoke and shadow effects were in prologue, and they were MUCH better!
      They shouldnt have even bothered with dirt and rain, it just looks pov!

    2. stoney71

      I sort of agree with Biach, if PD couldn’t make the smoke, rain, shadow effects work correctly and look good on the PS3 because of memory problems maybe they should have just left them out. I would rather them spend the time it took to make those effects work as well as they do on something else like better AI, or more tracks.

  60. Ezekiel76

    Why are people talking about GT6 already? This one hasn’t been out for a year and it took four years or so for it to come out! Relax, play GT5 and hope for some good updates (endurance saves for me). When this game turns 1 year old, then start talking about GT6, please

    1. Butters

      hell yea. that makes a lot more sense to do. I, honestly, expect GT6 to come in 2-3 years. Closer to 2 years than 3.

  61. Devedander

    I am sure throughout the whole develpoment he always wanted just one or two more years and two years from now he would have wanted just one or two more years…

    The guy is like a kid daydreaming… got tons of great ideas but is no good at managing the execution of a project.

    He would be perfect as one of those guys who’s hobby it is to program and spends his whole life working on a game, releasing updates and new features when he feels like on his website or something… an indie dev… but the problem is his mental methods are not compatible with production requirements to crank out product in a reasonable manner.

    I doubt we will EVER see a “finished” GT get launched… GT for him is a life long project that would only culminate in a 1:1 simulator of real racing so reality is it would just be a work in project forever.

    What we get when they release GT games is basically tech builds at certain points in the dev process of a never ending game development.

    1. stoney71

      I agree completely, Kaz needs to get real about what can and should be accomplished in a reasonable time frame. He also needs to realize that some of the things he daydreams about doesn’t need to be in the game at all, so stop wasting so much time on them and work on the important things more. We don’t need 1000+ standard cars, how about 500 premiums, or more tracks, or better AI, or one of the many other things we have been asking for. He should have had plenty of time to make a great game that was finished. He shouldn’t have to make excuses about not having enough time.

  62. Geo_212

    Seriously… Turn 10 created a beyond fnished racing sim in two years. If it would take Kaz SEVEN years to make a just-finished sim, I don’t think I’d stick with him.

    1. Grog96

      Well first of all I wouldn’t call anything beyond finished, but with no day night transitions, weather, official race series like NASCAR or wrc, cars that are too capable in terms if grip, bad car interiors and bad damage (I know gt5s sucks too), I would not call it beyond finished even if it is a good game.

    2. Geo_212

      I’ve tried Forza 3 with a wheel and all aids off, and I’m pretty sure I spun out a million times with the Ferrari 330 P4 (if my memory serves as correct), so I wouldn’t say that the cars are too grippy. If anything, the handling is quite good, and it’ll be even better in Forza 4. And you’re right saying that the damage is bad in both games. The car interiors may not be as detailed in Forza 3 as they are in GT5, but Forza 3 appears to have a solid polygon count whereas in GT5, some interiors are smooth while others are noticeably blocky. But Forza 3’s tuning and engine sounds are far above Gran Turismo’s, not to mention it has a livery editor. I never said GT5 was bad, but more like just really disappointing. I do prefer Forza 3 over the two, but for simulation, iRacing is definitely the best of the best though it can be quite expensive.

    1. Razor

      Codemaster and SMS can’t do proper sim-racing game at all.They never even managed to get close to that.

    2. Lol

      “Dream on”

      Impressive. He just managed to sum up what every GT fanboy has been doing since release day with two simple words.
      I can top it with the use of one word though. That word is “Denial”.

    1. R1600Turbo

      Just as good. There are a lot of diehard GT fans out there that will buy each version, no matter what.

    2. Imari

      Maybe so Turbo, but there’s a lot of people who felt burned by GT5. GT6 will sell and be a success, but I’ll be surprised if it sells as well as GT5 did.

    3. mobiletone

      i’ll buy the next GT, but for me (who owns them all even Concept 2002) i felt that GT5 seriously lacked on the content/events. i played GT5 for years and only completed 40% of the thing, GT5 i hit 90% in around 8 weeks…

      sod thinking about GT6 give us TT2 this generation.

    1. GamerGT5

      Nah he’s not going anywhere. He did an awesome job in terms of sales. GT5 prologue = 5 mill and GT5 = 7.3 mill. That’s over 12 million! PS3 consoles got their sales increased because of GT5.

    2. freshseth83

      fired from his own company? i doubt it. 7 million games sold as well? he ain’t going anywhere. dlc please kaz, and thanks for the track editor and online, at least we have that and accurate looking cars.

    3. brainfade

      fire by sony, they own polyphony and they’re looking at fully absorbing polyphony and getting rid of this nutjob

    1. GamerGT5

      Yea alot of the community critisize the GT5 for an unfinished product. It’s sony and the communities fault to blame.

  63. Moglet

    “Back then there was meaning to each of the fine differences, and the selection of which model variation to drive was important to a user”

    Nothing to do with tweaking existing models being a lot faster than creating new ones entirely then?

    Nah, of course not.

    1. Madman Apex

      you missed the point completetly. they are talking about how there is a Japanese, US and European version of say, a 1999 Mazda Miata or say a dozen different R34 Skylines. The 3D models probably barely vary in slightest bit.

    2. CyborgGT

      I completely relate to Kaz with that line about appreciating the slight differences between trim levels of one model of car. It’s like that in the Honda tuning community, for example. I’m big into fourth-gen Accords (damn you, Polyphony, for including a third-gen, sixth-gen, and two different markets of seventh-gens, but never a CB!!!); Some of us get a sedan or wagon vs a coupe, or prefer an LX or an EX over the other because of something like the lack of ABS, or the addition of secondary intake butterflies. Or in the later generations where you can have a V6 over a four-cylinder. The tuning in the game is too generic, so you simply boost the power and suddenly there’s no point in needing the two extra cylinders, so these differences don’t matter in-game. In real life these seemingly tiny things are huge to us, but they’re just impossible to communicate through a video game where you don’t get the full experience of actually driving a car. So you end up with what feels like the exact same car over and over again.

      My only real complaints about this game is that (1) you can’t turbo or supercharge certain cars because the system seems to be based off what’s most popular to do in real life. I’d like to twin-turbo a Mustang or supercharge an NSX! And (2) horsepower upgrade limits are too low on most cars, again seeming to be based on what’s generally ‘acceptable’ in real life. FWDs and older Japanese cars top out at around very roughly 300hp, at least from the cars in my own collection, when there are people in the real world tuning their 1.8L Hondas to over 1,000hp. No you obviously can’t expect this to work on a circuit with a front-drive car, but there are some of us that just want to mess around speed-racing others on a straight track like that Wangan Midnight-looking place in our preferred car body.

    3. Moglet

      @Madman Apex – I know that. I was making a joke about the 3D models barely changing. Read my post properly and you’d see that.

  64. Corey

    In another two years, two more Forzas would have come out, and one top of that would have put the GT series so behind in the times it wouldn’t even be worth playing. Double your staff and learn what a reasonable development time is……

    1. O'Reilly

      Correction: One Forza, for which the biggest new feature seems to be that you can drive with your hands in the air. Apart from that it doesn’t seem much like a new game, and although I like Forza III very much I doubt that Forza IV will be a huge improvment. At least to judge from the trailers I’ve seen and from the information on their website:

      “•Forza 4 will feature Kinect AND controller support.
      •This is the biggest Forza yet.
      •Forza 4 is coming Fall 2011.”

      Wow. Doesn’t sound much like a title that will put the GT series so behind in the times it wouldn’t even be worth playing…

    2. Flavio Briatore

      I agree with Corey. He couldn’t get the game finished to the required level in a reasonable amount of time. There are no excuses. I’m sure any game designer can flaunt the “if I had more time” line. Either way, the game is pretty good in isolation, but not as good as previous versions.

    3. Da

      From what i have read, the kinect support is to look around in the cockpit and not for driving with your hands in the air…

    4. t.o.

      @DA don’t bother explaining what Kinect and Forza 4 will bring. Let people live in the land of Fanboyanina surrounded by Hate Forrest. Those of us who like RACING over brand loyalty already know what the real deal is.

      O’Reilly how does this one sound for a bullet point:
      Forza 4 is coming out COMPLETE

    5. Sam

      For the 10000 times! Forza is not a Simulator, Forza has permant driving aid there is nothing sim about Forza,

      The driving is extremely easy in Forza 3, you can hardly moving the wheel, just back and forth to the same position and the car never loses control or spins out.

      Don’t comapre arcade game (Forza) to a console simulator(GT)

      Forza 3 is an arcade racing game, and Forza 4 will be the same “kinect”

      deal with it fanboy.

    6. t.o.

      I don’t know what version of Forza you played Sam but everything you just said was a steaming pile of you know what. You CAN and WILL lose control of your car in Forza if you don’t drive them properly. I’ve heard some misinforamtion in these forums but that has to take the cake. Plenty and MANY of us have sent cars nose first in guardrails. GT5 is NO MORE simulator than Forza. Sorry to bust that fanboy bubble but it is what it is. Like somebody is really going to sell a hardout simulator to the nth degree for 60 bucks on a console.

    7. Alex

      @t.o. Listen man. Kinect is for people that like driving with their hands in the air like a 2 year old. GT5 is for people that have a life and don’t pretend to drive with their hands in the air. They actually use a good Logitech G25 and use 3 monitors for a real cockpit view. Forza will never support that.


    I will be really disappointed if GT6 comes out on the PS4. I wanted a PS3 just for GT (all the other games I play are available on XBOX and PC as well). Hopefully GT6 will be built on GT5’s foundations, meaning it’ll have to be on PS3.

    1. KFM

      I bought a PS3 just for GT5, and I realize the PS3 has some major shortcomings as far as the GPU is concerned. I’m surprised that GT5 looks and runs as well as it does, as I’ve noticed the Xbox is much better at texturing, bump mapping, and.. well.. most things. However, unlike most people, I was not at all upset about how this game turned out, and I think it’s been one of my most worthwhile game purchases ever.

  66. Paulo

    The problem with the game isnt the lack of tracks, or premium cars, or even content for that matter. The problem is gameplay involvement. The formula has been the same since the first GT, pick a car and do this series, buy another car and do this series, and so on. Its missing that X factor that makes you want to come back to it over and over. Once you do all the series its done. This is where GT is seriously falling behind. Theres no involvement for the player, no randomness. Its the same thing over and over again. the ability to create your own series or career path or something that hooks you. The career mode needs a major overhaul. Period.

    1. Vu

      Try competing with REAL people online. It will give you a reason to come back and play it over and over again.

    2. Paulo

      Yes, but as you can see I am talking about GT life mode and the basic formula used, not online, thats an entirely different topic.

    3. Pedz

      I agree with Paulo. It’s all well and good having 16 cars on track, but when your only ever racing 2 of them at most in single player, is it really necessary?

    4. Vu

      Once you compete online, you really don’t want to play offline races…..
      It’s way tooooo easy to beat the AI.
      Beating real players is another matter.
      Try the Nurbugrin track with all driving aids off with any car you like and see if you can get low 6’s or high 5’s minutes….

      tell me if it’s boring….

    5. Paulo

      @ Vu: I never said that GT was boring, I’m saying that it hasn’t evolved in terms of the career mode. I play GT because of the physics and feel I get when driving various cars. I love it. However, in terms of gameplay, its lacking. Not everyone likes to compete online, I do from time to time, but i don’t live online like other people do. Enhancements to this part of the game I think would appease a lot of people and will increase the longevity and involvement of the game as a whole. Online was a new feature and a welcome addition to the series, but PD cannot forget about the core of the game, which is GT Life.

    6. jacoja06

      I really agree with you, Paulo. Polyphony need to look back at what made the old games so great. The ‘GT mode’ in Gran Turismo 2 is what initially made the GT series so special to me. Tonnes of events to choose from, each with power restrictions to make the racing fun and fair. I spent years replaying the same races over and over. GT5 does not do this at all. The special events in GT5 are easily the most disappointing of all. Go-Karting and Rally are very fun (if the AI is challenging), but where the smeg are the events to support them?

      Also, I think PD need to double the size of their team. 7 years for a finished product is too long. I’m not getting any younger!

  67. Lambob

    PD, you are forgiven for the minor shortcomings for GT5 is the best “car game” I am playing non-stop since it’s release. I just ask please, to make some seasonals based on fan vote / suggestions, to make things much better. Take your time with GT6, give us some GT5 DLC tracks please!
    Oh and please, followup on Logitech G25 / G27 wheel / licensing / support, it would be greatly appreciated by “many”.

    Long live PD, bless Japan.

  68. Vu

    I’ve enjoyed GT5 since day one.Stop biatching so much…..
    If you guys don’t like it, don’t play….

    1. Alex

      I agree with you guys. If you don’t like a game, then don’t get it. Most of them are MS fanboys just trying to screw up PD’s reputation. GT for life!

  69. Niels

    Off course Sony forced him! They need something to sell their overpriced/underpowered console. It’s a shame Yamauchi-San is limited by the PS3!!!

    1. Pedz

      The PS3 is by no means underpowered, its just Old now :P. Back in the day it would dance around £1000 PCS of the era, but as with all technology, it moves quick, and unfortunately consoles haven’t gained the quick upgrade scheme that PCs have.

      To put it in another way, fresh bread will always be better than 5 year old bread.

    2. pc weenie

      You have to get a $300 graphics card to run Shift 2 on full on the PC. Keep spending $$$ upgrading a PC each time a new game comes out? No thanks.

    3. Mani

      PC= constant updating and upgrading that costs hundreds of dollars every other year. All the newest games will always be running something more advanced and eventually its basically paying twice the money to play a game.

  70. Mr. Boy

    I think GT6 will only be out for the PS4. Obviously the game Kaz wanted to make was way too big for the PS3.

    1. Snaeper

      NASCAR was a political move to attract the dwindling American audience. A good one I would say, considering the amount people play NASCAR online, however I would also/rather see Grand-Am Daytona Prototypes and GT cars featured. IRL would be another American series that would be nice to include.

      Bummed that the FIA GT cars and DTM missed the cut, but at least there’s a good chance they’re still coming.

  71. BubbleBelly542

    Wow this is seriously disappointing. Unless Sony FORCED the release, you should have waited. It would have made people mad, but so does an incomplete game.

    1. J-KiLLA24

      Sony DID force them to release the game. Kaz said that he would’ve liked another year or two to work on it…

  72. Pedz

    Another two years and there would be roughly 1 year until the PS3 is released(assuming a 2015, which is more than likely if they go with Nvidia for their GPU again, maxwell series is set for 2015 release) Which would be silly really..

    1. Lambob

      screw Nvidia, and screw AMD/ATI/Radeon.
      Sony best make PS4 with their OWN graphics engine. ala cell powerhouse, custom. the above GPUS are for PC games, no need to copycat and end up getting Limited RAM and features because of the “name:

    2. Pedz

      The Cell is the CPU (central proccessing unit) and is made by IBM. The hard pixel grinding graft is given by the Nvidia RSX( Based on the 7800 series GPU’s) So it is most likely they will go with Nvidia again when they have maxwell out(22nm die size). Also the Xbox 360 has an AMD(used to be ATI) GPU attached. The limit in ram was a choice of cost cutting and not a limit by the GPU. Sony do NOT make their own processing chips.

  73. GMW

    I’m happy it came out last year than next year! I’ve enjoyed it immensely and am still enjoying it immensely. Nuff said. GT6 should come out next year or year after if PS4 is out then too. :-)

  74. GTracerRens

    It’s nice to hear that they are working on more premium models and more tracks. Probably they will release it as DLC, GT6 is still too far away I think. But I hope they don’t make us wait 2 years for this DLC, I think many people are playing other games by that time.. I mean, games like DiRT 3 or something.

    1. LeeC2202

      Right there with ya on that one… although not in the “at the same time” sense, that is. ;)

      Two Seven of Nines though… there’s a thought. :D

  75. Mr. S

    The Duke is in development since over 10 years – and it won’t even be a good game. Kazunori would make the best game ever within 10 years. :p

    1. Pedz

      I believe the duke changed studios through his creation so not really comparable, as it would have taken a while to transfer anything that was made or even start from scratch.

      But back on topic, a mixture of our impatience and their marketing/leaks released it too early, however I do think it has taken too long compared to other studios, most of which wait for new technology, and that being the reason for the delays (BF3 has only been recently developed because there is now the technology on PC), but for GT5 a game always meant for the PS3, I think they put their bar too high, the PS3 has too small of a memory to overcome problems in graphics and effects. If it was developed for PC instead, it would probably have been released, as there would have to be less optimisation to get it in the 500mb memory the ps3 has(compared to an average 2GB+ on PC)

    1. Tvensky

      Good games take alot of time to make… So I think yes.. and 2 years is nothing for software development. If you want make something good you have to work on it for a long time! Sad but true.. I hope PD will update GT5 with free updates, DLC for money would make GT5 unplayable, esspecialy online! If there is some DLC it have to be for everyone for free. Or just take it to GT6.. and I hope GT6 will be on PS3……

    2. GamerGT5

      Remember the game has been developed from ground up. They started a brand new engine. PD decided not to use GT4’s engine. That takes alot of time. Especially if the whole community expects GT5 to be a huge jump compared to GT4.

  76. BLuNT

    I”ve all but stopped playing. Level 40, all the cars. IT’s just now sitting around collecting dust as there is nothing left to do with it. YEs it’s fun, yes it has great phyics. No it doesn’t have enough content. And we may have to wait til GT6 for new cars and tracks! No wonder it’s 25 bux on Ebay, lol

    1. Nastradamus87

      A-spec is a complete bore to me; The AI is just too awful. Online is fantastic though. Since joining the GTPlanet’s Honda Integra RM race league I’m playing the game more than ever. I spend several hours a week practicing and tuning my car for the weekly race.

  77. GregTheStig

    I had a feeling Kaz wasn’t ready to release GT5 yet. There were just so many aspects of it that felt unfinished at first. Even after all the updates it still feels like there was supposed to be more.

    1. GamerGT5

      Actually Kaz didn’t want to release the title. At the Tokyo Game Show he apologized to the community stating that there were so many features he wanted into the title but he didn’t have enough time implementing those features. Sony wanted Polyphony to release the title to increase the ps3 sales.

    2. SKOT Free

      Yep you could tell they rushed The game out. They could have easily took another 5 years but look at This way at least we have an above average realistic race game to play! Forza is just going to copy everyone and capitalize on GT5’s shortcomings. Such is the way MS does business!

    3. Alex

      @ SKOT Free

      Forza doesn’t take anything Gran Turismo does. Not since the first ever. In fact, the only real similarities between the two are the fact that they’re both simulators.

      Forza went in a completely different direction. One with a focus on community and customization, and focused on giving you the best possible racing experience with what they had.

      Polyphony tried to do everything and give you everything, and in my opinion, with the exception of the cockpit view, nothing particularly great.

  78. BLuNT

    He also daid he didn’t want to release it on the PS3 due to its limtations, I don’t think it wouldn’ve mattered how long it took, it would still be released in the state it’s in, as if 5 years wasn’t enough to release an incomplete game lol

    1. Vasichko

      This game was a huge let down for me. It sucks, I don’t see myself buying another GT product, they have no directions. Im all about forza now, it’s not a beta…

    2. DareR76

      I think Kaz tried to do too much with GT5. Not saying he’s unrealistic, but you have to work with the limitations of the system. Another 2 years of development would have only led to more de-contenting of the game or a project that would have ultimately not seen the light of day.

  79. Gran_Turismo

    If another two years would have corrected all the mistakes and short comings with the game, I would have given it to him, so long as they never spoke about the game again until it was ready for launch…

    Oh well. Lesson MAYBE learned for the next time.

    1. cliffatron

      I just wish they would be concise and make some executive decisions! There is nothing more frustrating than being kept almost completely in the dark about what they plan to do with any additional content. I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for additional content but they need to hurry up and release patches for being able to save during endurance races soon. Absolutely no fun in grinding the same material over and over.

    2. Aces & Eights

      I just hope they will add this so called C-spec (free roam around a big city hopefully) because I believe this would be the cure to peoples boredom. I find free roam lots of fun and it would be nicer than race tracks all the time.

    3. GT5Canuck

      Have they started talking about GT6 yet? Set a release date? If not, I suspect it will be next E3.

      And, of course, it will be a little off…one can only hope by years, and not decades.

    4. Razor

      Yeah right…ask yourself if you really would have said that last november.

      The only words you could see on this forum were “NOW! FASTER! I WANT GT5 SO BAD NOWWW”

    5. zedfonsie

      I’m just hoping they finish/improve this game before forza 4 comes out. This game is fun and all.. but they left out some tiny details that when combined are actually a huge part of the game.

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