Kazunori Yamauchi on Gran Turismo’s FIA Online Championship, Future of Motorsport

July 6th, 2014 by Jordan Greer


EuroGamer has published an extensive article covering this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, which had a strong Gran Turismo presence and was attended by Kazunori Yamauchi himself.

It’s a good read, and they had a chance to chat with Kazunori directly, who provided a few interesting comments about Polyphony Digital’s plans for the FIA Online Championship in Spring of 2015:

“I’m not sure how we’ll do it right now. I think on Gran Turismo 6 it’ll be something like a pre-season series, and it’s more realistic to say we’ll have the complete series in Gran Turismo 7.”

Kazunori also addressed a question about what the FIA partnership means for in-game licensing of FIA-sanctioned series, such as the World Endurance Championship. He confirmed that “it will be easier” but remained focused on the fact that the real news here is how seriously executives in the FIA are taking virtual motorsport and how important it is to foster that relationship for the health of the sport overall:

“One of the important things for us, it’s beyond our expectation how much people in the FIA like Jean Todt don’t differentiate between the virtual and the real. They’re treating it on the same level.”

“This collaboration is really something that’s necessary for the industry,” says Yamauchi. “Without it, our car culture is really going to become much, much smaller than it is now. Of course, if we could reach the level of FIFA that’d be wonderful. But before we can see that dreamlike state, we need to be realistic and really work at what we have.”

He also notes that Polyphony Digital is seeking to arrange partnerships with not just the FIA, but over 100 different automobile clubs from around the world. Check out the complete article for more quotes.

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  1. Jul. 12, 5:41pm
    SZRT Ice

    “We want racing. Real racing with intelligent AI that actually race. We want an online mode that gives us the tools to easily create race series and sort out clean from dirty drivers. Until we get those things, there will be a lot of dissatisfaction with just about everything.”

    – Johnnypenso


  2. Jul. 9, 9:50pm

    WOW! There’s a lot of GT6-hate on Eurogamer! All citing the garbage that is F**kza as superior.

    • Jul. 10, 10:24am

      It is. In many ways. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Jul. 11, 11:52am

      In many ways- Everyone has to realize that GRAN TURISMO is starting to stagnate. I have played every Gran Turismo from 1 to 6 (and even the psp version). The rush of racing and driving was amazing at first. With competitors like Forza- I caved in and got an xbox and played that too. No reason to pick sides- I liked Gran Turismo- But I also liked racing simulators- so why deprive myself of something worthy and comparable to Gran Turismo? Forza blew me away the car selection- and awesome features. It was made by guys inspired by Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo 5 and 6 disappointed me with the same car selection from 4 and a few extra premium vehicles. Same car sounds- and the career mode seems to be getting worst! I am not one to give up on KAZ- I look forward to Gran Turismo 7 being a killer game. I remember seeing the intro CG vids on the ps one Gran Turismo and saying I hope I get to play those graphics realtime one day in Gran Turismo. I have a feeling Gran Turismo 7 will be the game where Kaz will show that he listens to the fans and acknowledges the competition. By looking at Forza and outdoing them in the car selection and getting RID OF STANDARD CARS- Gran Turismo 7 should be rocking. A career mode with hundreds of hours of racing- which is the best part of Gran Turismo. I dont want to do time trials- I like to come back from work and play a few races without people online.

      Gran Turismo has to bring back that feeling of racing and the intensity behind it. All the theatricals and concepts are fine- but its a joke seeing standard cars with a blacked out cockpit using ps2 assets in a late ps3 game. And they are threatening to use them again for the ps4? I would rather cut the car count in 1/3 and get some of the most amazing and consistent cars in the world- then have 1000+ cars with some of them looking out of place and/or short lived in a sense.

      The reviews are out and Gran Turismo is being outclassed recently– I want the best for this series and would love for 7 to address all the doubts and haters!! I myself- will always give the game a chance but will be honest so the developers know what they must do to address the dedicated fans!!

    • Jul. 13, 9:55am

      dude, the real and only thing GT series has going for itself. is a good car selection. other then that its juvenile in comparison to other Sims. and please, I love driving GT series cause the cars in it. it does not have the best Physics. and it doe not have a lot of things the other Sims have. and please. if you don’t see this, maybe its time to play something other then JUST this Half assed Sim.

    • Jul. 15, 6:29am
      SZRT Ice

      I think you meant “large” car selection? Some might claim it’s not really all that good since many of the current greats and classic legends are missing from the roster or not given premium-ification before some lesser desirable cars.

      And, because one hundred and forty three.

  3. Jul. 8, 5:45pm

    I’ve only eally played GT5 and GT6 for the most part since recently getting a PS3. I did play the earlier GT games on PS1 a little bit, but not to any great extent.

    People are complaining about ‘lack of car x,y,z’ o lack or tracks or the sounds etc.

    In the case of the lack of certain cars, thats likely very simply licencing. MS/T10 probably paid more than Sony/PD did for licencing of certain cars, hence in one not another. MS/T10 or other publishers might also of paid for exclusive rights to some cars/makes, for instance EA might hold the licences for their NFS series and have exclusivity, meaning some cars will never be in Forza or GT.

    Ever notice a complete lack of Porsche cars? that is annoying to me, would be nice to have Porsche cars from the classic eras to race against the Ferrari’s and Ford GT40 at Le Mans in Forza or GT (I play and enjoy both series).

    One thing I really don’t like is the lack of car damage and the ‘arcade’ or as I call it ‘Need For Speed’ style of racing I find in GT5/6, by that I mean hitting a car or wall just leads to a bang and a loss of speed. Whereas do that in Forza (dependant upon settings) and it could be race over time.

    That aside I love GT5 and GT6 as they’re the best racing games for PS3 I’ve found. I’ve already played F2/3/4/Horizon to death so a different style of racer in GT5/6 is welcome.

    Getting back to the FIA link up, I hope they add proper career branches for Rally and GT series and Formula series etc. But that might have difficulities with licences again, as I suspect other publishers have certain rights etc (ie Codemastes or the WRC games publisher).

    Looking forward to seeing what the 1.10 update promises though :D

    • Jul. 8, 6:13pm

      Actually, in GT5 you could set online to relaistic damage and the race would be over pretty much after one solid collision. Shame that was never really an option in arcade mode on GT5 or not yet in GT6.

  4. Jul. 8, 2:38pm

    Dear Kaz, the car culture is the main problem so many complainers have. People don’t care about cars at all. They care only about the game. There are still a lot of fans that buy every GT becouse it gives a unique oportunity to drive a vast number of different cars on a vast number of different tracks, they just don’t need to scream out loud every second. You should continue with your exelent work like you did in all this years.
    GT Accademy gives an opportunity to gamers take part in a real world racing, something we could only dream about in the past. With the FIA championship we wil get another opportunity to show the world our skills. For all this I thank you.

    • Jul. 8, 9:17pm

      Yep…the wonderment of computers is gone..now only expectancy remains…shame…
      Not for me though…..Kaz is inspiring!

  5. Jul. 8, 1:01pm

    This is good news, too good for some it would appear. What is this top gear s*** I keep hearing about. Absolutely nothing was said, promised or in fact delivered. Nascar, wrc? Show me the press release which states fully endorsed events for these events were forthcoming? No? We got tgtt, we got wrc cars, we got nascars. “They never delivered, this is no different”. It is.

    • Jul. 8, 4:20pm
      SZRT Ice

      That’s like having an NBA license for your game, yet not having a season. Or NFL license yet no road to the Super Bowl. What’s the point of licensed content with no arena or virtual tournament to make use of it? It’s not to say we’re not happy with the content, just give us a place and purpose to use them constructively while working towards a goal. (Career modes) Is that really so much to ask?

    • Jul. 8, 6:31pm

      I see what your saying ice. I’m just pointing out no plans were ever announced for any of this content. People are using this as a precedent for FIA partnership being a complete waste of time. This is entirely different

    • Jul. 9, 7:46am

      You are proving the point with your own ranting Carlton. No plans, nothing promised, nothing announced. I didn’t say they promised and failed to deliver, I said the content/licenses were obtained and in the game and very little was done with it. I’m glad you agree.

  6. Jul. 8, 10:03am

    It would be most impressive if GT worked something out with more grass roots organizations like SCCA and NASA, SCCA is one of the oldest organizations that’s both club and pro racing using the same format.

    Bit the real value here is someone could put down the controller and go race for real, or volunteer as a marshal by the following weekend…

    Older car organizations are WAY behind the times and this is a leading reason racing has fallen way out of the main stream… Beyond a few Facebook pages and twitter, these organizations still use snail mail and physical materials. In fact, to register for a licensing is so old that its hard for younger people to understand. When a web site tells you to mail a form with medical records the ‘?’ Go flying…

    Anyway, the grass roots groups are much closer to the core user base than pro and would offer a great Segway to educate and encourage more interest in the sport.

    • Jul. 8, 2:37pm

      The motor Raceing industry can be a bit of a mans dinosaur world….I like anything that attempts to update it…has gotta be good for everyone. GT can suit everyone…all ages men and women…

    • Jul. 9, 1:52pm

      I like the sound of this, Lawndart. Since Bathurst is already in GT6 so maybe more from Aussie touring car championship? GT’s been holding onto that lone Ford Falcon for yonks now. Bring me some Holdens and FPVs. Especially the utes, ta very much.
      On a side note being a marshal in a full-blooded race sounds like my napalm smell in the mornin’. Smells like Victory…

  7. Jul. 8, 5:18am

    Future is bright PD . Now bring it on!

  8. Jul. 7, 11:10pm

    I really hope this deal with the FIA really does ‘revitalise motorsport’. I say this because I race go-karts, right, and whenever I bring up go-karts in a conversation my friends will immediately say ‘How is that a sport?! All you do is sit down, move your feet and occasionally turn a wheel, it requires no effort at all!’ They have no idea how much mental and physical effort goes in to driving karts or most of all, fully blown racing cars. If this deal goes through it will teach (hopefully) a whole new generation about motorsports and that its more than just ‘sitting down, moving your feet and occasionally turning’. I hope you all feel the same as I do and support this deal with the FIA instead of criticising it in a time of need for a group of dying sports.

    • Jul. 8, 9:31am

      The FIA has great potential. But you have to realize we’ve been around a while. Top Gear Test Track had a lot of potential. Nascar had a lot of potential. WRC had a lot of potential. How well were they integrated into the game?
      At this point we are skeptical. We’ll believe the FIA association adds anything to the game when we actually see it and, and this is a big AND, it’s something meaningful. IMO another TT type contest to win a trip to an FIA banquet is not meaningful. I’m sure lots of people here will go crazy over it, but for the vast majority of us it’s just another TT.
      We want racing. Real racing with intelligent AI that actually race. We want an online mode that gives us the tools to easily create race series and sort out clean from dirty drivers. Until we get those things, there will be a lot of dissatisfaction with just about everything. It’s a driving game that pretends to be a racing game…without racing.

    • Jul. 8, 10:32am

      Well that’s very sad and ignorant on their part. I think a sport is an activity were not only you require extensive skills and knowledge to even participate in it, but also an activity were you risk your life for your passion. And they can bash about motorsports not requiring physical effort, but even if I myself have never raced in real life, I’m pretty sure you need to be pretty fit if you’re driving a race car in a full nomex suit for a couple of hours with all the intense noise and heat while you try and focus constantly in not only keeping yourself alive and on the race, but also beating others that are doing the exact same thing.

      That’s when I laugh when people call baseball, basketball, soccer or all those boring games “sports.” Regarding the level of skill, any child can grab a ball and go play any of these at a park.

    • Jul. 8, 12:00pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ Husky, the level of ignorance in the latter part of your comment is amazing. After 15 minutes of trying to keep up with a professional athlete of any of those sports you mentioned you’d be spent, let alone an entire game/season. These people work their hardest to keep themselves in shape and be the best the world has to offer at what they do. I may not watch sports, but I can still acknowledge the talents these men and women have above my own.

      You sound hella ignorant or like a jealous hater. Try and jump out there in any of these sports and take a wrong hit and you’d likely find yourself paralyzed for life. You gotta be built for it. You have to train hard. It’s definitely not child’s play as you claim. You can be injured critically if you’re not professionally trained.

      Racing is more like a high speed chess game. You have to be tactical in your movements, set up your opponents for the take down, monitor your pacing so you don’t over exert yourself/vehicle/tires/gas/etc., and focus on precise steering, throttle, and braking movements as you lay down your set course of action through the battle field, and even so, to win the GT Academy, they put you through harsh physical and endurance exercises to make sure your body can take the beating of an and exertion of an automotive athlete. You gotta give credit where it’s due fam’.

    • Jul. 8, 7:03pm

      You seem sour about something I said, SZRT. Your response seems almost as if you took it personal. Please tell me what part of my comment is inaccurate? Tell me where in earth a child can’t grab a ball and go to the park to play some football? Now tell me where in earth anyone, and I mean anyone can jump in a race car and take part on a race just because? What I’ve said is nothing but the truth, like it or not.

      And sorry, but a bunch of guys running behind a ball trying to prove who has more balls than brains has never been appealing to me in any sense. I actually dislike that kind of people and openly admit my disgust for any kind of ball game.

      Now, motorsports, even though I don’t really follow it, I can certainly say I would’ve love to be a race car driver, but as many it’s something very hard if not impossible to achieve even in a non-professional and just-for-fun way.

    • Jul. 8, 8:37pm

      Thats funny I have relatives and neighbors that are beer drinking chain smoking fastfood eating overweight walks of life that race every weekend 3/4 of the year. If you have money and a car you can race. Im not putting anybody down but thats just truth and as for playin at a park well around here we have a thing called a fairgrounds where people pay a little money and go drive a car around A circle on a weekend or a wednesday night. so whats the difference. Theres no facts in what you said just hate. Sounds like the old highschool argument that cheerleading isnt a sport. Basically any of these sports anybody can play anytime they want now to play at an eliet level no matter the sport all takes the same thing, commitment/dedication, skill/ coordination/focus, training/practice, physical and mental preperation,endurance sacrafice and maintenance. I and everyone else ive been lucky enough to associate with that have play a sport at an elite level will stand by that.

    • Jul. 8, 9:26pm

      Spot on @Johnnypenso, you have really nailed, in the last half of your comment, want the majority of the people want GT6 to be, myself included. The first half of your comment has really made me think about this deal and how it will be integrated into GT6, well said there.
      @HuskyGT, I’m really impressed that someone with, as you said, “no real racing experience” can appreciate such a sport, that’s a first for me. You also pretty much nailed the requirements of a racing driver. But in regards of the end of your comment, you say something that catches my eye, now I’m not ‘trashing’ your opinion just saying, yes the sports you listed might be ‘boring’ but at some point or another they require some physical effort, but in my opinion, having played soccer for a few years, they don’t quite match the physical effort you require and strain you get in motorsports. But that’s just my opinion!

    • Jul. 9, 6:57am

      Whoa @HuskyGT did you catch match between Brazil and Germany? Man those Brazil boys are gonna get murderised after that showing. It was BRUTAL.
      Anyway yeah I get what you say. Motorsport tends to have very high cost of entry and equally high risk factor when you muck it up unlike most other sports (excluding of course rugby, American Football, hockey etc). Still, respect is due where it’s warranted and last night German boys deserve it. 7-nil!!!

    • Jul. 9, 6:59am

      Corrections for myself. Definitely not 7-nil. It’s 7-1. Time to eat my foot again.

    • Jul. 9, 3:07pm

      I so agree, it’s my story, exactly. Motorsports has to become big, more exciting and more known among people. Otherwise we’ll always be the elite few who can appreciate cars and racing. That might be a good thing to keep it as a close community but I’d love to see motorsports at the same level of popularity as football or basketball.

    • Jul. 10, 12:41pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ Husky:

      This is a joke? Right? Do you think you just proved a point with that rant? I can’t believe how serious you are about it too… Incredible…

      First off: “Tell me where in earth a child can’t grab a ball and go to the park to play some football? Now tell me where in earth anyone, and I mean anyone can jump in a race car and take part on a race just because?”

      What? That’s the equivalent of me saying: “Tell me where on earth a child can’t go to an amusement park and race some go-karts around a track? Now tell me where on earth anyone, and I mean anyone can jump in a major league baseball, national basketball, or football game just because?”

      Your comparison’s just don’t make sense. A ball is far more accessible than a race car, granted, just as a go-kart is more accessible than playing in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and FIFA! My three year old races his ATV around the park, people drive cars every day, doesn’t make them professional drivers. And a kid playing ball doesn’t make him contestable with pro athletes. This is a pointless statement. But if you have the money, you can go to a local race track as long as your vehicle fits regulations, and have some runs a couple days a week. Same way any person can pick up a basket ball and practice on their jump shot. With both, you can have a natural talent for it, and with both it would take a lot of practice, hard work, commitment, and dedication to be the best.

      “What I’ve said is nothing but the truth, like it or not.”

      What you’ve said, is actually just your opinion. And your argument, isn’t really a sound one. So I’ll choose “Not” on the like status for this one.

      “Now, motorsports, even though I don’t really follow it, I can certainly say I would’ve love to be a race car driver, but as many it’s something very hard if not impossible to achieve even in a non-professional and just-for-fun way.”

      Start with karting or some lower-scaled racing league, practice and see if you can improve your times enough to get noticed, seek sponsorship and see if you can get licensed, and take it from there. I’m sure there are many ways to do it. If it was actually impossible, the sport wouldn’t exist. If it was only for the rich, Senna would never have became a legend. Your excuses are weak. If anyone has a passion for it, and it’s their dream, pursue it! Have faith and move forward any way you can! Work hard, and stay determined! It all comes down to the individual. It’s your life, and it’s your choice what you do with it, and how hard you push towards your goals is a decision only you can make.

  9. Jul. 7, 8:50pm

    Uhh..that’s great.
    But, what about the sound & track editor?
    C’mon Kaz. Before you get waist deep in some other gimmick..

  10. Jul. 7, 7:44pm

    I’ve been playing GT since the second game waaaaay back in psx era. Now, not so much – you know,life happens. Still, it’s great to see this franchise have such a passionate following. I’m still on the fence about GT6… I play GT games because I love cars and yeah, GT’s got loads of them. For me at least “course maker” promised or not is unimportant, but cars are and if PDI had a similar approach to delivering dlc cars post-launch as Turn 10 with Forza then I might be happier with GT6. As it stands I’m just drooling at the trailers of Forza Horizon 2 – I might just pick up a Xbone for it. If this FIA thingy is as ground-breaking as I imagine then maybe not. Mr.Kaz, fire whoever picks cars for your games ‘cus he/she doesn’t know squat about interesting/cool/relevant/just-plain-awesome cars. I really want to drive the Ariel Atom V8 or a Morgan 3-wheeler or a Hennessey Venom GT…..you can on Forza 4 you know. This sucks Mr. Kaz. Please fix this before aaaaanything else.

    • Jul. 9, 5:43am

      The absence of a course creator for 6 is my biggest gripe. The flip side is that I don’t have to search for whips. Lose some, win some.

      I’ve purchased the XBox AND the 360 in the past just for joys of driving Ferraris. But as soon as 5 came online with their, admittedly short list…, it was ‘via con dios Turn 10 and friends!’ Hope you find what you’re looking for on the other side.

  11. Jul. 7, 6:52pm

    I see complaining.
    Week in and week out nothing but it. People saying they paid for promises. Promises that haven’t been delivered. People saying they lost faith, lost hope in this series.
    Here’s the thing that we have overlooked in all of this complaining, broken promises, and all of this other bullcrap. It’s the reason why we continue to play this game. GT6 is the best simulator currently available for console. And as for cheap alternatives rather than paying a week’s worth of pay per month just to play the game, it is possibly the best thing available period. It has been for the past 15 years.
    Why give up just because the didn’t put a track or a car in the game?
    Why give up just because they didn’t update the sounds?
    Why give up just because course creator hasn’t come out?
    The game is still 100% playable and enjoyable even with out these features. Every single one of us need to just accept what we have an be happy with it. Would these new features be nice? Sure, but are they real reasons why we should just stop playing something that we’ve played for years, a decade or more in most of our cases?
    And then there will be the people that are probably flaming this message right now saying that it’s people like me that PD isn’t doing anything. It isn’t our fault. We are just a little more grateful for what we have rather than just demanding more and more. PD has a gameplan that has certainly worked. Hell, they sold a decent amount of copies of GT6, didn’t they? Let them take their time to figure things out. I think he’s overextending himself a little bit and trying to make everyone happy, which we all know is impossible. I think if we just get off his rear end a little and let him focus in on what he wants to focus in on, we may be surprised with a few things we had no idea was coming, and then maybe we will get the stated above content, maybe we won’t. The fact of the matter is that he is the game’s creator and it’s his decision what goes into the game.

    Start flamin’ vv

    • Jul. 7, 9:16pm

      Practically no one here is giving up, Nine Two. We’re just genuinely concerned about what’s coming next and how the latest news effects or delays its release. IFO have had this love/hate relationship with GT since 2s career disc replacement and 3s omittion of many of 2s fabulous whips… glad the Shelby is back ;)

    • Jul. 7, 9:25pm
      SZRT Ice

      People aren’t really playing as you claim.
      Those are 4 BIG “Just because”-s. What’s a racing game without decent cars, tracks, car sounds, & features? I’d be flaming if I said “Gran Turismo”, but I’ll give PD a oil’s more credit than that, can’t speak for everyone else tho’.
      We don’t “need to accept” anything. You “need to accept opinions different than yours exist in the world.
      I’m not on his rear end or rushing him for the release of content, but some definitive statements would be nice. I do agree that if he needs time he should take it, but if that’s the case, say so. Stop saying “soon”, “could possibly be done”, “up in the air”, etc. and instead say things like, “might not be possible”, “temper expectations”, “within a few months”, “end of the year”, “3rd quarter”, “holiday season”, “1st quarter 2015”, “moved to GT7/PS4”, etc. Transparency goes a long way.
      You’re right about one thing, the ball is in his hands and it’s up to him to decide what to do with it. What he does now is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, his next shot will be a “game changer”. God knows he needs some points to be scored with his fanbase. Good luck Kaz. It’ll turn around sooner or later. Keep pushin’ man.

    • Jul. 8, 5:33am

      No mate its not the best but it do not mean we don’t love it ..

    • Jul. 8, 11:09pm

      @WilliamsRCN92 -I know what you mean. I’ve seen it already in groups. This issue occured
      with Halo, but it was over glorification.
      Fan bases are breaking down as if they are turning into spectators rather than a community.
      My analysis, over & over again shows this one thing, that fans are trying to control how the
      game is being built. (Some of them.) If they succeed, what happen to Halo 4 will happen to
      Gran Turismo 7. TRANSLATION; Gran Turismo will be a disappointment for the PS4 is some
      The only things that matter are the game’s core gameplay elements ;like rain, fog, daytimes,
      etc. Remastered tracks, Better UI, garage lobby, dealership setup; standard cars/Premium
      care filter. (You know what I mean? It’s like a switch tab that only shows either Ps or the S.
      ) Splitscreen & multiple PS4 account garage data loading. P1 Garage data, P2 Garage data.
      dedicated Splitscreen mode for the original fans. That’s all we need.
      Somethings, like parts, when purchased, like tyres or certain parts should be in an inventory in your garage. JUST LIKE GT3. What you buy is yours. What happen to unlocking
      bonus or secret cars?
      I still believe in GT man, if you’re hearing me, you’re not the only one. I see what’s going
      on. I just wish I could get a little message out about the game & I’ve said my peace…
      Superdirector out.

    • Jul. 9, 7:54am

      You left one thing off your core element list Superdirector. RACING!!!
      A great many people aren’t happy with a better UI, garage lobby, dealership setup, standard cars/Premiumcare filter etc. etc. etc. if we can’t race the flippin’ cars. Who gives a crap about the user interface when the AI behaviour is so unrealistic you can’t have anything resembling a real race and online is a wasteland of racing tire nonsense. The game will be broken as a racing game as long as the racing is broken, no matter what features are included.

  12. Jul. 7, 4:33pm

    First time writing here…lots o’ fire in comments sections. I love it. I hope this FIA thingy will mean more licensed race cars in categories LMP1, LMP2, GT1, GT2, GT3, etc. although there may be a bigggg problem with Porsche licenses. GT1 racers like Gumpert Apollo would be awesome. Oh and what about Ascari? Or Maserati MC12? Even McLaren MC12 GT3? Man I really hope this FIA thing is not just inflated balloon ready to be popped…

    • Jul. 7, 5:52pm

      Hello and welcome. As most members here, I’ve been around the GT franchise long enough to know that unfortunately will never happen. Most of the rage comments you see here is because we know PD almost never delivers, and knowing how much promised content the game is still missing, most of us feel that this is yet another whole bunch of empty words, as Yamauchi himself shamelessly admitted that he doesn’t even know what he will do with this partnership. In the worst case scenario, this will be another thing that PD will be busy on for months and that at the end will bring little to nothing to the actual game.

      I hope for the love of cars and GT, that I am dead wrong.

    • Jul. 7, 9:32pm

      Welcome JK,

      That was Kaz that said… ‘I’m not sure how we’ll do it right now. I think on Gran Turismo 6 it’ll be something like a pre-season series, and it’s more realistic to say we’ll have the complete series in Gran Turismo 7.’

      Me thinks we won’t see any FIA certified events until 7. When it does happen, I hope they sanction more than one series. Here’s to GT historic racing.

      I hope so too, Husky ;)

    • Jul. 8, 3:57pm

      @infamousphil I don’t take Mr. Kaz’s words too seriously. This here’s a guy who publicly stated that GT5 won’t have dlc cars yet one year after the release et voila, there they are. Anyway I see him more as a figurehead of PDI rather than a through and through developer. Otherwise how can I explain all the side trips this dude takes monthly? He pops up at SEMA, Pebble Beach, Nurburgring, Lord March’s lawn (that’s Goodwood FOS) and god knows where else. Come to think about it, no wonder some of many stuff promised never arrived yet…he’s never home!!! Absentee Dad Syndrome! Probably.

    • Jul. 9, 5:23am

      So true JK. I am thinking the same thing. Then again, if I had gotten my sim racer coded, I would have taken some of the profits and gone racing too ;)

      He’s more than a person pent up in a cubicle. Yup, he’s more figure head now. Gotta respect that.

  13. Jul. 7, 4:08pm

    Before DLC was invented Gran Turismo used to hit the shelves as a finished product. Never again it will happen. How much time people need to understand that?

    And besides, it took almost one year for Spec II to arrive for GT5, so I don’t think there’ll be any major update (including “postponed” features) in just 7 months. Now, if they release GT7 before putting out those features advertised for GT6 on the official site, THEN I’ll get disappointed.

  14. Jul. 7, 3:41pm

    I would speak my opinion, but after seeing the throat cutting of a lot of these comments, I really feel genuinely ill. Why can’t people just accept the fact that we all want something different from PDI? Admit it, we all have a wishlist of things we want in the game, some more realistic than others, but to go out bashing all that don’t have your similar views it burns my eyes to start reading it. People “asking” for the “promises”, maybe you don’t quite understand the strain GT6 already puts on current hardware. They may have overjudged the ability of the PS3 and now their trying to make it function right from scratch. Yeah, PDI could help themselves by explaining what is going wrong, but we as consumers are showing why we don’t quite deserve these things. Actions speak louder than words, and our actions have given them little reason to answer us. We need to be more acceptable as a group of concerned people, not filthy, angered animals looking only for ourselves.

    • Jul. 7, 3:46pm

      With this aside, I am not targetting anyone, but as a group, we fight way too much over things we really can’t control. That does nothing but make me feel sorry for PDI for having such an unforgiving fanbase. Just looking at the comments, if I were Kaz, I would personally say that until the fanbase can behave as more mature people, you will wait for the content. But that’s me. All of the whining does nothing.

    • Jul. 7, 6:21pm
      Magic Ayrton

      That’s just it.. we are bored of waiting. Times are changing and things have moved on.

    • Jul. 7, 11:48pm

      Okay, what if everything they’ve been working on turns out to be more than we expected, and it makes up for the wait? That’s the thing, we don’t know how good it will be, but as the recent patterns show, things are ticking up at PDI, so the shot that the wait and anticipation will be paid off immensely. Impatience is what aggravates me, especially when it comes to the notion that they suddenly are th all seeing beings that can predict if a game or a feature will be any good. That is what I’m going at. Sure, we’ve had a long wait, but when people start judging content that hasn’t even been screenshotted yet, it gets out of hand.

  15. Jul. 7, 2:42pm

    Now that I see the Vision Nissan relative to a person, that thing is freaking huge.

    • Jul. 7, 3:08pm

      Indded, a good point.

    • Jul. 8, 6:16pm

      Actually, considering how big pretty much all of the VGT cars are, I’m dreading how big the concept Mini is going to be, especially considering how the latest models are rapidly approaching the size of a Range Rover…

  16. Jul. 7, 2:16pm

    A vast ocean of negativity again
    What must PD do to please thee
    Anger cursing through their veins
    Still upset about the course maker I see

    Kaz talks about FIA coming to PS4
    People say hes far too vague
    They want to here more and more
    But it’s far too early at this stage

    So stop worrying about the FIA stuff
    And get on with playing the game
    Moanin and actin tough
    Won’t change PDs aims

    He said its 2015
    When we will the FIA
    So stop being so keen
    Chill out and have a beer

    Course Makers and Sounds
    The popular complaints
    are still inbound
    This might be late
    But I must bring the fact round
    That you’re on the wrong article mate

    I will now sign off by saying this
    We all have our gripes with GT6
    But this negativity is taking the piss
    Peace to all and put it in sixth

    • Jul. 7, 2:40pm

      Not complain about PD?

      Nobody got time fo’ dat.

  17. Jul. 7, 1:44pm

    Gran Turismo doesn’t feel like a game anymore.

    • Jul. 7, 2:41pm

      It feels like warm jelly.

      Wait…Nevermind that’s just me getting into my jam.

    • Jul. 7, 2:47pm

      Lol sumbrownkid.

  18. Jul. 7, 1:11pm

    for the last 10 years Yamauchi is just a figure who talks talks talks and talks. But only empty words and takes really small and slow actions.

    Do something with GT7!

    • Jul. 7, 1:52pm

      Don’t buy the game then…

    • Jul. 7, 3:10pm
      Magic Ayrton

      funny you should say that.. just took out a new phone and decided to not go the PS4 route which I could have easily done for a few extra pounds a month.. what has happened? Lost all interest and faith that’s what.

    • Jul. 9, 12:02pm

      @MagicAyrton Sounding salty Mr Senna fan. PD just gave a free track and the usual whiners are at it.. — BIEBERNINJA

  19. Jul. 7, 12:54pm

    @aussie-Hsv and @mister616

    Is it unreasonable for the people who did pre order and bought the anniversary edition on day one of release to be sceptical of kaz and the Gran Turismo series when its 7months to the day we still haven’t received what was being promoted to receive our pre-order cash?

    Granted they have given us content but it not what is advertised, what we would really like for PD is give us direct answers we don’t need exact dates we need to know exactly there plan, so many years we have been left in the dark and to me personally it has only gave me skepticism and mistrust of PD not sony. Now there telling us all this stuff about the fia etc , but were are the features that were going to distinguish between GT5 and GT6. The wool has been pulled over our eyes if truth has been told

    Granturismo 6 is nothing more than gran turismo 5 spec 3 without these features. We had the spec 2 update with GT5 and anyone who was around at that time will remember how much the game changed after that DLC then turned up things were going ok… Then bam silence from pd spec 3 update never materialised. Then all of a sudden they start talking about 6. They held back all the cars that were probably intended for gt5 dlc then spec 3 cars dlc. So there clever we paid for a update in my opinion if they do not implement these features.. We just want some shuffle races ability to make some sort custom track and a way to stream line how we find and play with others online aka the community features. Personally bspec was the worst part of the game but some people loved it … And are awaiting for that too… So please don’t think we are complainers just want what we paid for and the best or the franchise

    • Jul. 7, 1:15pm

      You may or may not be interetsed to know that I too pre-ordered and bought the 15th Anniversary edition.
      And I too are waiting for feature to be brought online.
      I have nothing against people complaining, if I did I’ld be here 24/7.
      If I think people go over the top, from time to time I’ll let them know.

      But the endless over-riding of every single news item with the same 2 or 3 complaints is wearing thin.
      And for this news item, IMO it’s way to early to making judgement calls.
      Simple as that.

    • Jul. 7, 1:44pm

      For most this is the go to place for gran Turismo and if I am honest no disrespect to Jordan and the staff but shouldn’t our point of contact be polyphony digital, but pd has made this near impossible with there secrecy no support as in a forums unless there playstation forums and they don’t cut the mustard… So the people are going to vent were they may be listened too and that is gtplanet were the most annoying and brilliant people merge. And considering there now trying to convince us yet again about brilliant features that may be implemented, when people stand up and say hang on wait just one moment, then reel off not one or two missing features but an entire list , people are going to be skeptical.. I try to ignore them but ultimately most of them are right , even if they do bang on a bit…I wasn’t personally attacking you I hope you know that. But as much as I dislike people who moan on on on I also hate people moaning about the moaning … So now I am moaning about you moaning about other people moaning….

      The paradox continues

    • Jul. 7, 1:53pm

      I understand what you’re saying, but IMO if you think that PD read these news items to get a finger on the pulse of GT players then I think you’re a bit misguided.
      I also would doubt that the majority of off-topic complaining is done with the intention of hoping PD reads it.
      More often than not it comes across as complaining for the sake of complaining.
      Particularly when it has no reference to the news item it’s posted in.

      And sorry, butI also don’t go with the complaining about complaining scenario.
      It’s not as if the first complainers have some sort of monopoly on it that makes them untouchable.
      I find that general comeback nothing more than a weak attempt to shut down the opposition.
      Speaking in general terms now.
      But hey, that’s just me.

    • Jul. 7, 1:56pm

      I didn’t put that very well.
      What I mean is people are allowed a rebuttal.
      To be told you can’t because you are complaining about the complainers, doesn’t rub with me.

    • Jul. 7, 2:26pm

      No I was just point out the irony of me complaining about these things. I like debate it wasn’t intended to silence anyone, if anything can we agree that this is polyphony digitals own doing and creating these false hopes and dreams? For me gt 1 2 3 4 were perfect for there generation and times….something changed from 4 – 5 and its become almost comical what goes on in that office and mind of his I do not know, but don’t promise things time and time again to your fans and not deliver. It’s just not cricket

    • Jul. 7, 2:43pm

      Yeh sorry, mine was a more general comment, not specific to this one in particular.
      I think we’re on the same page in a sense.
      Perhaps a different view of the same page, but at least there’s some common ground hidden in there somewhere. :)

      But I’m happy to let this FIA business unfold.
      I won’t tarnish this new development with the same brush as previous disappointments.
      There’s more to this than just PD afterall.

    • Jul. 7, 5:00pm

      +1 vasiliflame

    • Jul. 7, 11:38pm

      -2 vasiliflame

    • Jul. 8, 5:35am

      Childish pitbull that was constructive….

    • Jul. 8, 12:05pm
      SZRT Ice

      He’s one of many Toko’ haters! Lol : )
      Toko’, these guys are makin’ you into a celebrity man!

    • Jul. 8, 2:07pm

      ^ I know right? :D You know what they say. “Keeping hating, you’re only making me more famous.” lol!

  20. Jul. 7, 12:35pm

    OK. I now have the “comment” window ;)

    By my recollection, 6 is about 80% of what was promised prior to it’s release. Course creation is what’s first to come to come to mind. So, while Kaz and Jean publicly are schmoozing each other we must keep in mind that, at this point, they’re simply testing the waters for public opinion at this point.

    I’m glad to see the sceptical here at the Planet. It should serve as a reminder to Kaz that the Planet ain’t fallin’ for that cheap talk any more… and a perfect course creator, next month, ain’t gonna change that.

  21. Jul. 7, 12:06pm

    This is still in the planning stages. We already know GT6 is pushing the limits of the PS3, so how do you plan something this big when there are already system constraints? I’m willing to wait this one out, because they are finally showing forward progress with this game. Anyone who can say otherwise is blind.
    With this partnership, it will allow for more people to be brought in to PD to do the work as well. I admit, even I have been quite impatient with this game at times, but I understand that I need to be or I truly did waste my money on it.

  22. Jul. 7, 11:58am

    This seems so vague… I don’t really like where PD is going. It’s like they start something, then leave it unfinished and jump to another thing without even knowing what they will do.

    As a Gran Turismo fan since day one, I’m really sad and worried of what the franchise has become and it might become. This no longer feels like a game but a test bed for unfinished projects.

    • Jul. 7, 12:40pm

      I think it’s because PD was trying to do too many things on GT 5 & 6. Other racing games focus on certain things and deliver. That way, they don’t have to face any broken promises or incomplete features. For example, Turn 10 has never promised weather and/or day/night cycle on Forza 5. That’s why they don’t have to feel bad and pressured from media & fans.

    • Jul. 7, 12:43pm

      Welcome to Kaz’s mares, Husky. He is literally dreaming out loud. We all know what he can do. But, can anyone tell him how? Profitably?

      For now, we want the course creator, they want certification, all want Kaz to shut the hell up.

    • Jul. 7, 1:05pm

      Well said husky

    • Jul. 7, 1:51pm
      SZRT Ice

      +1 Husky.

    • Jul. 7, 4:57pm

      +1 @Husky and @sangdude.

    • Jul. 9, 12:04pm

      @HuskyGT, @TokoTurismo @sangdude None of these guys platinumed GT5 or GT6, maybe their frustrated by their lack of pace. — BIEBERNINJA

  23. Jul. 7, 10:38am

    Firstly ide like to say that fia going online is awesome and I’m glad GT are doing it, BUT… I think it would definitely have to be a separate game to still be a viable sim racer thrasher that GT is as a lot of the games heart is from the people that play it and I believe it could put off the less serious people who just want to thrash and mod cars but prefer the realism and choice of cars in gt over mods and “glamour” of forza, GT definitely has lost its direction a little in recent two with mish mashed game extras of varying relevancy like moon buggy to rally which come and go I’m just not sure past the general car game title what gran turismo is anymore or where its going and to put fia in with 7 would to me spell the end of GT of old and a lot of people expected gran turismo to grow more into 6 yet the only thing growing is weeds here and there with no real direction or move towards expansion of the games limits in versatility of vehicles and ways to interact with them, so yeah via good but separate platform please as I really don’t want my face rubbed in it everyday that I can’t race pro because I got in trouble 10 yes ago when I was on my behind as I doubt ile be allowed to enter that either and I use GT to be my flat out fix and keep my heart from crushing so please find your feet and keep up the good work with new tracks and cars and work on expanding the old GT rather than making a new one please use all I have GT :(

    • Jul. 7, 12:11pm


      anywho… I’m with you Bob on the difference between GT and Forza gaming experience. But I believe PD is fully capable of producing FIA sanctioned events on the normal GT disc. A NASCAR special event could have easily been certified by the FIA if they had chosen to do so. Requiring a seperated purchase could easily cut into manhours AND profit.

      Also, I prefer cars and tracks over body mods and silly driving habits.

    • Jul. 7, 3:25pm

      Wow. I think you may have just written the longest run on sentence in the history of the internet!

    • Jul. 8, 12:09pm
      SZRT Ice

      Lol, oh man! “History of the internet”! Too funny! @ ALB123

  24. Jul. 7, 9:51am

    I’m sorry but, I doubt PD can complete even this one, yet some people are all over it… Does anyone not remember what happened with GT5’s WRC, NASCAR, Sebastien Loeb’s Rally Challenge, Top Gear, and GT6’s Vettel X Challenge? This won’t be any different. Looks like Gran Turismo really is being taken to a different direction, a diraction I can’t blindly be positive about…

    • Jul. 7, 11:50am

      Whine, moan and complain. This game is moving in a different direction and if you don’t like it, jump ship (it really is that simple). I’m sick of reading “spoilt brat” comments of “we were promised”…. “Missing content” “I want, I want”. The consumer isn’t always right and PD doesn’t owe anybody anything. If you don’t like the product stop buying it, and stop with all the cry baby adolescent moaning. I love the GT series but have put 6 down for a while. I’ll wait for content that interests me and jump back on and enjoy it. I won’t check the game everyday then jump on here to complain that “MY” content that “I” wanted isn’t there yet. Grow up.

    • Jul. 7, 1:48pm
      SZRT Ice

      I’m sick of arrogant pricks telling people how to feel and think.

    • Jul. 7, 4:50pm

      Agreed @Ice. It’s a like a crime if you write out something that isn’t positive or something they don’t like. They need to understand that not everyone is a blind worshipper of GT and Kaz.

    • Jul. 7, 6:31pm

      It isn’t all chocolates and roses if you do either Toko. :p
      In fact I think it might be safer on your side of the fence. :)

    • Jul. 7, 6:33pm

      @Aussie_HSV Sweet. ;)

    • Jul. 7, 11:17pm

      Thank God Mr616 showed up to tell us all how to think and feel. Not sure what I would have done if he didn’t come along.

    • Jul. 8, 12:26pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ Mr616:
      If you’re really sick of reading complaints about GT6’s short comings, your best bet would be to go complain to Kaz and PD, and see if you can get them to do the things people are complaining about, so that people will stop complaining about them.

      That’ll likely be a better solution than complaining here about people’s complaining. Because people will only complain about your complaining about their complaining. Which in turn, only equals more complaints, of which you initially complained about. So yeah, go to PD and get to complaining! : )

      Btw, j/k. Complaining is bad. Don’t do it guys. : )

    • Jul. 8, 5:42pm

      GT is going for the more adult consumer alot of us grew up playing the game now we can buy sport cars compare lap times and what not. It’s a good direction and will work out in the end. If you like kiddie games stick to Project Cars. GT’s has always been catered towards adults.

    • Jul. 9, 12:41am

      Justin Bieber can aid in your distress towards GT.

    • Jul. 9, 8:02am

      HA!! You assume Project Cars is a kids game? I’ll like to see you say that in the pCARS thread tough guy, and Justin Bieber? Get lost dude…

    • Jul. 9, 11:50am

      Bieber Fever is taking over. As long as you love me or better yet as long as you race Project Cars.

    • Jul. 9, 11:51am

      The Project Cars thread haha sounds like something Directioners would talk about. Team Bieber

    • Jul. 9, 8:07pm
      SZRT Ice

      I smell a Troll…


  25. Jul. 7, 9:29am

    So much negativity.
    No-one here has any real understanding of the implications of this partnership.
    And I think it’s fair to say that the FIA will also be having a major input as to what is included and how things will run.
    And yet, and it’s no surprise I guess, here we go with the complaining already.

    Considering the partnership has only just been announced and anything coming from it is a long way into the future, is there any chance people can hold off their criticism until there’s actually something to criticise?

    • Jul. 7, 10:11am

      And how long should people wait before they can start criticising? Just like all other broken or unfulfilled promises that we have been waiting months for, but get counter criticised for not showing blind faith! They have an official partnership, but don’t know exactly what to do with it or divulge any solid details about it? Just trying to gain more fans with what can only be called big talk. Probably just an attempt to sell PS4’s. I do not doubt that an official online championship will appear, but they have squandered all previous potentially content and quality rich licenses – sounds familiar? Until they show something concrete – I will remain sceptical. Have had all my 10 fingers burnt by trusting PD, repeatedly. Their track record in the last few years says it all! PD have had as much chances as Luis Suarez!

    • Jul. 7, 12:22pm

      How long have you been waiting for the FIA ‘content’ (or whatever it will be)?
      What exactly are you criticising about the FIA partnership at this early stage?
      Surely it’s fair to say it’s a bit early to be hammering anything FIA related.
      Being blindly negative is no better than ‘showing blind faith’.
      Let’s give it some time to play out, is all I’m saying.

    • Jul. 7, 12:45pm

      Been waiting 8 months for community features, course creator, Zahara track and the proposed monthly dlc. The squandered licenses that PD has had at their finger tips: Nascar, WRC, Super GT and Top Gear. How blind is my negativity?

      Now give me examples of why people should show clear vision positivity. Their blind faith. What promised features have they given on time? What licenses have they used to good potential? Give me an example of why I should trust Kaz’s words? In the same way I have given you examples of why not to trust? Why your trust isn’t blind, but justified?

    • Jul. 7, 1:05pm

      None of that has anything to do with the FIA partnership.
      That’s what this news article is about.
      Why must every single news article be flooded with negatives about other aspects of the game?
      You want to complain about the course maker?
      Then there’s an appropriate news item waiting for you.

    • Jul. 7, 2:25pm

      This has everything to do with PD or Kaz making an announcement that we should be looking forward to something – in a vague manner, and then being let down; by it arriving way too late, and/or the content being too little and a waste of potential. Why should I believe them this time when they have consistently failed? I mentioned examples before. Now please provide me with reasons why I should believe them this time. Second time of asking. I am waiting?

    • Jul. 7, 2:48pm

      Who do you think you are?
      I don’t have to justify my opinion to you or anyone else for that matter.
      You responded to my post if I’m not mistaken.
      I’ve explained the origins of my post.
      You believe what you want to believe.
      But the last thing that’s going to happen is you dictate to me what I must do.

    • Jul. 7, 3:02pm

      His point is right though. This is by far not the first time Kaz makes very vague statements. All those licenses they had in GT5 (those fatkid named, + Ferrari F1 and probably more), and they still have some of those. But in fact it doesn’t really matter that they brought the WRC license (and cars) back to GT6 last minute because they don’t make use of it.
      So, looking at the recent past of Gran Turismo there is no reason to expect no disappointment.

    • Jul. 7, 3:14pm

      And yet you felt you could tell me that one of my posts was of no relevence?And I quote: “None of that has anything to do with the FIA partnership”

      But considering PD’s track record as I mentioned before, I told you what it has to do with the FIA licence announcement.

      A reply option is available under every comment. Yes I responded to your comment first, but you left the option of someone replying by posting a comment on this site. If you can’t take criticsm or answer my questions then that is down to you. I would gladly listen to you comments as to why we should show faith in Kaz and not be negative. If you can’t except the opposite, then why comment on people’s negative comments?

      I am out. Peace!

    • Jul. 8, 1:45pm
      SZRT Ice

      “Now please provide me with reasons why I should believe them this time. Second time of asking. I am waiting?”

      @ The Aussie:
      You call ^that dictating??? Sheesh, coming from a guy who’s always blabbing on about other’s comments you sure find a way out of responding to questions when your backs against the ropes! Dictating…, exaggerating…, Over the top responses… yatta yatta, what’s your next excuse gonna be??? Hilarious. Communication is not your strong point bro’ham. Your hit & run tactics are feeble.

    • Jul. 8, 1:51pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ fatkid:
      Good arguments, strong backing points, and well said.

    • Jul. 8, 6:59pm

      “Your hit & run tactics are feeble.” Lol. Ironically it sounds like playing an online game of GT against a bunch of noobs, taking advantage if it’s limited visible and mechanical damage system. Infamously known as ‘bumper cars’. But that is another story of another comments section.

      And thanks for understanding where I am coming from, ZRT Ice.

    • Jul. 9, 2:41am

      @SZRT Ice
      And clearly reading what someone wrote isn’t your strong point “bro’ham”.
      I said FIA time and time again.
      Every post I went back to FIA.
      I said “hold off their criticism until there’s actually something to criticise” referring to FIA.
      I said “Let’s give it some time to play out, is all I’m saying.” referring to FIA.
      I said “Surely it’s fair to say it’s a bit early to be hammering anything FIA related.”
      And if you read any of my other posts on this news item I’m sure you can probably see a theme forming, such as “And for this news item, IMO it’s way to early to making judgement calls”. Guess what … referring to FIA.

      And all I get back is ‘give me examples of this’ and ‘give me examples of that’ and ‘what about this feature’ and ‘what about this license’ and ‘why should I this’ and ‘provide me with reasons that’ all followed by “Second time of asking. I am waiting” … and it’s all about anything other than the FIA.

      So yep.

      And I’m not “a guy who’s always blabbing on about other’s comments”
      I don’t post in the news section very often at all, but at least when I do it’s on topic.

    • Jul. 9, 5:45am

      @Aussie_HSV. So I guess we should blame NASCAR for only a couple of sprint championship tracks in GT and limited camber and suspension settings available to their stock cars; which is an important part of the cars setup? We should blame the JAF for a stupidly small list of GT300 class cars? Maybe we can at least complain to the FIA about the lack of any real rally stages? And I guess the BBC is to blame for the Invisible barriers on the Top Gear track; which hark back to the days of Micro Machines on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis? I While we are at it; I guess we should blame car manufacturers for making their cars out of too many panels, that it takes 6 months to model their cars?

      PD are the ones obtaining these licences and implementing them into theid games. If the license agreements themselves are very limiting, then why agree to them, and why as an example was the Top Gear license put to better use by Turn 10? It all all rests with PD and as of this moment they have repeatedly failed. Like I said before; give me an example of a well implemented license by PD. Track record counts for everything, wishful thinking does not! That is my opinion.

    • Jul. 9, 9:23am

      I would suggest the partnership with Nissan to hold the GT Academy has been successful.
      I would suggest the partnership with Red Bull and Adrian Newey has been successful.
      And I would suggest the partnership/collaboration with car manufacturers in the Vision Project is also proving successful.
      But of course invisible walls at the Top Gear test track means the FIA partnership is doomed to fail.

      This isn’t a license where it’s now a free for all, do whatever you like, no more approval from anyone needed so long as the FIA are the sanctioning body deal.
      It’s a partnership, which at this stage is planning on holding FIA sanctioned online racing, conducted by the FIA through Gran Turismo, on FIA certified tracks, with FIA officials supervising the final event, and the winner going to the FIA Prize Giving Ceremony.
      That’s it.
      That’s what’s been announced.
      And at this stage the FIA are obviously committed and are playing a major role, clearly some ground work has been done regarding the format of the online events, and 4 tracks have already been certified.
      It would seem to me that things are off to a pretty good start.

      Yes the partnership may make life easier to access licenses related to the FIA.
      But what’s been announced isn’t an FIA ‘License’.

    • Jul. 10, 5:28am

      I didn’t mean just licenses. I meant collaborations and partnerships with other parties. The GT academy my be a sucess in real life but for “GT the game” all we get is boring time trials. We haven’t even got the Nissan LMP2. Another missed opportunity. The Red Bull collaboration is of hardly any use as the cars aren’t very popular, as the aren’t real, and are only competitive against each other. And the Red Bull challenge is criminally short, with hardly any replay value other then to grind for credits. Plus it has no reference point to real life unlike other real race licenses that have been wasted by PD. The VGT cars also as well as being unpopular for not being real also have a limited amount of tuning options. None of the above are features have kept me hooked for long. Kaz admitted to having the license to the FIA GT Championship and the DTM but decided to not implementing them into GT5. Imagine a 16 car grid of GT3 cars with proper rules and between 5-10 GT championsip tracks to race on, with a real points system? Or even something similar, with the already used NASCAR and Super GT licenses? The replay value – especially online – would be huge. And how hard would have been to implement?

      And yes the invisible barriers is a sign that future licenses, collaborations, partnerships or whatever could be as you say “doomed to failure”. As it is the same PD that implemented such a stupid feature and the same PD that are now making use of the FIA partnership and squandered all previous partnerships. PD haven’t al of a sudden become experts of making the most of their gifts. You just fail to understand that PD have been given so many good opportunities to make the most of the privileged and envied relationship with car manufacturers race governing bodies etc and have repeatedly squandered them.

      It seems to that you are prepared to pay for anything with a PD/GT badge. Ignorance is bliss…

    • Jul. 10, 12:58pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ Aussi_HSV:

      BS man. There are numerous times that while I was discussing a topic on an article, instead of discussing your pov, you came in and told me how “OTT” I was, or how “you don’t respond to exxageration” with your “I’m superior and you’re inferior” demeanor, and I’ve witnessed you do it to others as well. On topic my asparagus. You’re constantly going off topic to criticize the comments of others. Out of the “DTDF” (Defender Troll Defense Force) I have more respect for Kolloson than you. At least he attempts to make observational comments while he defender trolls you. You just nit-pick away at people. Half the time, it’s without a purpose.

    • Jul. 11, 5:50am

      Jeez Ice! You ain’t taking any prisoners. Would hate to get on your bad side!

  26. Jul. 7, 9:05am

    As usual, so much expectation and great vision…. so few and limited results at the end.

  27. Jul. 7, 7:01am

    Like getting Liberty Walk and Rauh Welt cars in the game!

  28. Jul. 7, 6:22am

    “But before we can see that dreamlike state, we need to be realistic and really work at what we have.”

    Yes Kaz, how about that Course Maker? Zahara? Community features? No? Ok…

  29. Jul. 7, 5:53am

    Kaz reminds me of a well trained politician, he speaks many words but actually says nothing.

    • Jul. 7, 9:03am


    • Jul. 8, 12:28pm
      SZRT Ice


  30. Jul. 7, 5:10am

    I am not sure? Says kaz

    Here we go again same old crap just a different game ….. Do he get his inspiration from politicians to his answers? Be direct for once in your life please

  31. Jul. 7, 3:02am
    Magic Ayrton

    This is very interesting news, but given that most things aren’t complete in the game that we have now even, very very over optimistic.

  32. Jul. 7, 12:42am

    This. Will. Be. The. Future. Of. Simulation. Racing. Gran Turismo will dominate if they accept this many partnerships. Oh GT7, please come quicker!!!

    • Jul. 7, 10:43am

      Given that GranTurismo is not a racing, or a driving, simulator, how can this be the future, or the game the dominant force, of racing simulation?

      FIA can not give exclusivity to a console or a developer, any one of them can ask for the same kind of partnership and for certification of their tracks.

      FIA need to establish their standards for virtual racing quickly (should have done that before this announcement), before find itself embroiled in a cascade of bad decisions and with a very difficult mess to clean in their hands.

    • Jul. 7, 6:13pm

      However, the FIA can deny other publishers the licences to things. PDI beat everyone to them, and FIA can be VERY exclusive to PDI. Their business decision.

    • Jul. 7, 7:06pm

      BRRT_Angel, you are totally wrong, FIA is not a business, it is a federation.

  33. Jul. 6, 11:59pm

    Yes, quite. I say. Indeed :).

  34. Jul. 6, 11:26pm
    SZRT Ice

    Seems like one day, Gran Turismo will be the place to get your fix for all officially licensed motorsports virtually. Hopefully, with Morpheus it’s made even better. I’m curious as to how all of this pans out. But when Kaz starts a statement by saying “I’m not sure how we’ll do it right now…” in typical Yamauchi fashion, it’s hard to not take a step back on my expectations.

  35. Jul. 6, 11:03pm

    This is exciting! I can’t wait for the FIA stuff to start rolling in!

  36. Jul. 6, 10:52pm

    Kaz is an okay dude.

    • Jul. 6, 11:54pm

      Yes he is

    • Jul. 7, 5:23am

      I guess we all agree, but he has to understand that, before dreaming of to add of bigger new features in any version of Gt, he has to finish one of these versions; from, at least, GT4 on, we never said: “the game it’s perfect!”; it’s always a “work in progress” that never ends; “we will complete it on GT(next)”; I know the PS3 hardware it’s brought to its limits from GT6, but it’s about time to complete one version (as announced) before go with the dreams to the next.

    • Jul. 7, 7:05am

      I thought GT5 was complete. GT6 will be, which was forewarned about.

      First give PD and GT7 on the PS4 a chance before condemning it with assumptions.

    • Jul. 7, 10:03am

      Both GT5 and GT6 has half-assed features. GT7 featuring won’t be any different as well… Kaz needs to learn that he needs to finish his first creation he worked on first BEFORE moving on to the next, instead of leaving his last creation as it’s incomplete.

      Some people say he’s a perfectionist, well I say he’s not if he’s rushing.

    • Jul. 7, 10:50am

      Toko get outta here man!

    • Jul. 7, 10:54am

      No! I have every right to post in the news section just as you can. So if you don’t reading my posts, than simply ignore them. Is that too hard for you?

    • Jul. 7, 3:06pm

      Chill, Toko man, you’ll blow a gasket. I’m sure IneedSchool was being light-hearted.

    • Jul. 7, 4:53pm

      I doubt it. He only said that because he must have felt offended what I’ve said, he can easily not read it but chose to.

    • Jul. 7, 11:41pm

      Mum, Toko has thrown all his toys out of the pram again.

    • Jul. 8, 12:01am

      I’m still throwing them, and no one will stop me!! DX<

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