More Gran Turismo FIA Online Championship Details, Begins Spring 2015


Yesterday’s announcement of Gran Turismo’s partnership with the FIA has made shockwaves around the Internet and right here at home on GTPlanet, and now we have a few early details about the FIA Online Championship – the first virtual race event to be organized and sanctioned by the world’s governing body of motorsport.


As revealed during Kazunori Yamauchi’s joint presentation with FIA president Jean Todt at the ADAC headquarters in Munich, the competition will consist of three “championships”: the “National Championship”, “Regional Championship”, and an “International Championship”.


Other details include:

  • To be made accessible to all age groups.
  • A wide variety of racing categories.
  • Winner celebrated at FIA Prize Giving ceremony.
  • Delivery of a message emphasizing safety.
  • Final race to be supervised by FIA officials.

These details emphasize the high-profile nature of the competition – the “FIA Prize Giving Ceremony” is one of the most glamorous off-track events in motorsport. Typically held in Monaco or Paris, it’s where the Formula One, WRC, WTCC, WEC, and all other FIA-sanctioned world championship trophies are awarded, and next year a Gran Turismo player will be right there with them.

Check out the PitStop blog for more photos from the FIA announcement event.

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    1. tpark103

      I can’t say that they has been any documented players to date. That being said this news most certainly makes me and most fans of sim racing pretty excited.

    2. xirage faith

      None, and my guess is there won’t be any. Turn 10 will continue sucking money and selling “new current-gen” content cos that’s what gamers liked, infantile. I guess turn 10 forgot to mention Tanner Foust “plays Forza” but practices on his $130k industrial sim every day.

  1. infamousphil

    Lol… Jean Todt’s a real shorty. Look at him standing next to Kaz ;)

    Seriously though… Jean has been successfully directing global motorsports through some of it’s most difficult times. I am truly grateful for his interest in what Gran Turismo has to.offer.

  2. Monatsende

    Racing is entering e-sports events? Professional virtual race driver? Advertising money is all they want. Not my cup of tea. Milking the cash cow has just begun.

  3. VBR

    Sounds very promising! Seeing as the FIA are gonna be supervising the final race, PD have to implement a flag system & real world penalties, right?

  4. Magic Ayrton

    Fantastic, but with the way rules are applied in F1 currently, won’t this be completely and utterly a joke?

  5. BWX

    The AI still sucks and there’s no endurance races. No community aspects in GT6, no course maker, no nothing.. Not even one new Aspec championship inside single player.

    1. Croatian_STIG

      Not to mention constant online lobby issues with huge lagspikes, and not seeing people on the road (which needs to be solved before anything).

    2. Magic Ayrton

      Yes, the notion of jumping the gun seems more poignant than ever.. maybe this will be in GT7? where everything is magically fixed including all the people that won’t be buying it.

  6. JohnyPiston

    This is mind-boggling stuff. Real motorsport does not give any chances to just any Joe off the streets. The teams want sponsored drivers …or rich ones that can bring in the money. This keeps tens of thousands of hopefuls out in the cold. And now they get a chance – albeit online. Think about the consequences of winning: getting awarded along with World Champions in the room; the press in Monaco – you think they will not be interested in interviewing the “Virtual Champion”? And what about the press in your home country – you are representing the country in a true world championship – is there any editor that would not be interested? What about potential sponsorship from the manufacturer of the car you choose ..and I mean sponsorship for printed ads online and such? Wow …potentially life changing and all for playing a game. Amazing times we live in.

    1. infamousphil

      Wow… a ‘virtual championship’? Truly a direction Kaz and Co. can take Gran Turismo. Is this really something the FIA wants to do? Sanction virtual races?

      This could prove extremely difficult for all involved but truly remarkable at the same.time. Let’s make it happen.

  7. mickoafna

    Maybe they are indicating we’ll get Porsche’s or they’re indicating we’ll get F1 cars OR they’ll surprise us all and we’ll get all of the above including new F1 tracks :)
    Kaz, you the man!

  8. Amac500

    I always thought the FIA Prize Giving Ceremony was the most pompously named event in all of sports. Never the less, awesome stuff! I think I might actually get a wheel now, instead if waiting for the PS4.

    1. Normalaatsra

      Gran Turismo is now capable of being an e-sport. FIA’s twist will likely include their own set of racing rules (final race will be supervised) put to the gameplay. Those interested in it, it’s an amazing offer.

    2. vr6cas

      If this ain’t trolling I don’t know what is, stop feeding into it yall, this is someone who thinks Pcars and F5 is better than GT. This is someone who is excited about Pcars, horizon 2 and NFS arcade games than what was just announced by PD and the FIA. The FIA would laugh in their face if any of those would want an endorsement. This is coming from someone who probably doesn’t even play GT, the fans of GT I bet has more than 250 hours total driving time, I bet he has less than 20. I bet a lot of us is thinking how could one not be excited over this, KY said so himself that this is the biggest achievement in the 15 plus years of GT and this is one huge step in bringing the virtual and reality racing world closer. So do us a favor and do what trolls do and go hide under a bridge while the rest of us enjoy the fruits of Kazs dedication and hard work.

    3. NA

      “This is coming from someone who probably doesn’t even play GT, the fans of GT I bet has more than 250 hours total driving time, I bet he has less than 20.”

      You must be new here. 0_O

      Or trolling.


    4. TokoTurismo

      @NA Yep, he’s new here. I’ve been here longer than him and been playing GT since GT2. Let’s just say, he has a grudge against me.

    5. TokoTurismo

      Also funny he said he won’t be speaking to me, meaning his posts won’t have nothing to do with me, yet turns around and STILL talks about me… That really is a grudge.

    6. vr6cas

      No, I’m not new to GTPlanet at all, I signed up a little over a year ago but have been coming to the site faithfully since Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

    7. NA

      Well, that is new compared to Toko, (and myself for that matter), so that explains it then. You don’t know Toko’s history has a whole, but rather only in the GT5P and beyond years. A time when many opinions soured.

      The days of blind faith and worship of everything that Kaz says ended quite some time ago for many of us “old timers”. There was a time when many of those you would call “trolls” sounded just like you in their praise, devotion, and overall enthusiasm. Kaz could do no wrong, and all was “glorious”.

      But things changed over time, and a pattern developed. A pattern that many did not like. People began to hear the same hype over and over, but like our “coming in a future update” features, the reality never seemed to live up to the hype. Kaz started sounding like a broken record of unfulfilled promises, and empty hype to many. Not all of the members fall into this of course, but the change of heart in many of GT’s biggest defenders has been amazing to watch. (Some even argue that it’s a sure sign of the apocalypse.)

      It would seem there comes a time when even the most devout fan sometimes realizes that a broken record is still broken, no matter how good it sounded when it was new. You’ve joined us after the end of the era of rampant Kaz worship, for better or for worse.

      I’m afraid, while there are still enthusiastic fans around, it’s the era of the post Kool-aid hangover for many here now.

    8. Magic Ayrton

      Hey Toko, I agree with you again!! So many other issues not resolved.. but one day all this stuff will add up to something very special.. not sure I will be alive then but hey ho!!

    9. Marcs2606

      I too was once a great fan of Kaz and could never understand why so many people would complain about him. Whilst there were certainly faults with GT5 and now GT6 I still believe they are great racing games.

      However, the constant false promises (particularly in regards to GT6) has left me with a very sour taste. Although I felt slightly disappointed on GT6 initial release, I could have lived with it but we were told certain updates would be delivered and they simply haven’t. Yes I’m grateful for the recent batch that were free for everyone but they were not the updates I was waiting for e.g. Course maker.

      Maybe if I wasn’t expecting anything I would feel much more positive but it was Kaz who gave me those expectations.

    10. TokoTurismo

      @NA That, was beautifully written. Couldn’t have put it any better myself. Cheers bud. :) I hope @vr6cas reads your post and understands everything you’ve written.

      @Magic Ayrton By the time that happens, you, me and other “older” fans would have moved on to other games. ;)

  9. GTHEAD87

    man times are changing fast. this is a pretty cool thing to come out. the first online championship with FIA watching. I always dreamed of this when I was about 10 years old playing Toca Touring Cars 2, now I’m 26 and wish those cars were involved.

    hopefully this gives way for updated cars in WTCC, WRC etc. hopefully lol. the next couple of years are going to ve interesting.

  10. smskeeter23

    My God I haven’t seen this much rampant unfounded speculation and hype since before GT6 was officially announced.

    We’re NOT getting Porsche, we’re NOT getting a livery editor, and this WON’T be in GT7 on PS4.

    Calm down for the love of Chrysler and and enjoy the news as it comes in for once.

  11. infamousphil

    All complaints aside, this is good news. So what’s it gonna cost us to compete in these sanctioned events?

  12. biftizmo

    He’s trying to eliminate the need for AI opponents in events….this could be interesting endless posabilatys depending on how many new events we get.

  13. biftizmo

    What about team raceing? I smell team livery. Much like the academy stickers..why knot?
    And what about massive revenues from advirtizing sponsorship deals..why not?
    Pirelli championships…Yokohama Rubber…KW suspension. could be do-able..what about track side advertising in these events….could be comparable to real world deals,lots of dollars for content for the game. I’m sure…is this game ready built to incorporate this kind of futuristic thinking? Far out Kaz….

    1. watchclockgit

      GT is already full of advertising – for car manufacturers. This is why FIA chose GT over more realistic sims – because it advertises auto industry to more people, this is the principle rationale the FIA sees for Motorsport – hence current hybrid fetish etc…

    2. MeanElf

      Watchclockgit – your comment reeks of conspiracy theory…

      Biftizmo – I’m sorry, but i doubt team racing will be workable. Just think of the logistics.

    3. biftizmo

      sangdude82 meanelf…b-spec mode aloud more than one driver in a race….i.m reckoning it’s more do-able in GT rather than drive club based on what we already know for sure.

    4. watchclockgit

      Meanelf – what has that got to do with a conspiracy theory? I mean it’s not even vaguely about a ‘conspiracy’ is it – where is the crime?

      What I said was about the obvious fact that car manufacturers get into Motorsport because it advertises their brands, and that Motorsport wants car manufacturers to be involved. For example Honda is now joining F1 because F1 is now hybrid. Why is F1 hybrid? Because the FIA want it to be more ‘relevant to everyday cars’.

      Now, how does that very straightforward case of mutual interest ‘reek of conspiracy theory’ putting aside the fact that a conspiracy by definition involves a crime. Conspiracy theories tend to be nonsense because most people will not go along with criminal activity – and conspiracy theories almost invariably require LOTS of people to do just that.

      What I was talking about isn’t even especially ethically questionable – it’s just how advertising works.

    5. Johnnypenso

      @watchclockgit Don’t worry most of us get it. The less informed among us just shout random phrases like “conspiracy theory” as an attempt to make you look a little crazy. But most of us can separate the idea that this is a business relationship at it’s heart, and may, or may not have a positive effect on the game. This whole competition thing is just a glorified TT same as GTAcademy, within the game that is. Great for the winner but for the rest of us just another Time Trial.

  14. AlexFFM1991

    I like the Porsche cars out there … ;) imagine we´ll get em in GT … OOMMGG waiting since gran Turismo 3 and im sure that imnot the only one haha


    screw it I’m down.even though I’m not good enough for gt academy,i’ll throw my hat into the ring

  16. HuskyGT

    Ugh, online… I thought they would actually add something to the game. PD, you’re again drifting away from the actual game…

  17. NART512

    Anyone else notice the cars in the 1st picture? All the GT3 cars including a Ferrari and a Prosche (not to mention the other 2 Porsches). Also I see a 2013 Ferrari F1 car in there.

    1. watchclockgit

      Yep…got my heart rate up a little. But it might be that those cars were just in the building they used.

    2. liv4hardstyle

      nice spot, your right. here’s hoping they make the virtual transition.. the way PD is pumping out cars at the moment its conceivable. please god.. (PD) ;)

  18. vr6cas

    I wonder how the car selection is going to be. They will definitely need to add some more racing cars to the game with more livery options or will everybody be using the same stock cars. Then if people can use the car of their choice, everybody will try to choose the best car for the race. I see it being a spec race with stock setups to give everybody “with a wheel” a fair chance.

    1. watchclockgit

      Possibly try-outs for ‘teams’ with a couple exclusive cars – better teams ‘better’ cars – like real life

    2. vr6cas

      You have a point there, this is where a custom livery editor would come in to play. Imagine hundreds of teams out there racing with there own unique cars. Something like the crews in gta5, and this could be why the community features is yet to come, they did say we would be able to create and join clubs before the launch of GT6.

    3. vr6cas

      Not saying we are getting a livery editor by this FIA endorsement, I’m saying one could be useful if this online is set up to where one could create a team of let’s say four cars and four drivers, you could paint your car with your team name, color and I guess imaginary sponsors. Then your team could compete in the online FIA races with cars that’s unique to your team. That goes for GT3, Rally, touring and LMP or whatever. Your team could be represented in a variety of races with specific logos, numbers, colors and people of all skill levels. Just a speculation and thought.

  19. sircarltonlotus

    Well I’ve always loved gtacademy but this looks like something else! Best to wait and let the news come out naturally over the next half year or so. Excitement is a cruel mistress, and I’m having a job to keep mine in check. Apparently fittipaldi has a proper rig for gt at his pad! Nice!

  20. Hypergolem

    All nice but where are the community features, track maker? Where is the offline gameplay? Where is the fun? OK some really fast guys will manage to get something out of it, the rest? Nothing.

    1. Doodle

      I’m with ya buddy. I’ve been playing too much GTA V recently. I certainly hope this championship becomes super competitive. :)

    2. Jett_Racer

      Haha, from the sound of it, it should be the most competitive thing to date! Fun times will be had! Need to join ya guys in the GT Academy rooms, shake some of this rust off.

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