Le Mans Esport Series Announces $100,000 Super Final Prize Structure

There’s now one month until the inaugural Le Mans Esport Series Super Final happens. In preparation the organizers have announced the prize structure for the event, which will run on-site at the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans.

With $100,000 in prizes up for grabs over the course of nine races, many of the 36 finalists will be able to walk away with a sizeable chunk of change.

For the first eight races, the winning team will earn $3,000. Second-place picks up $2,000, and third $1,000.

This ratchets up exponentially for the longer final race however. There the top spot earns a cool $25,000, with $12,500 and $7,500 for second and third, respectively.

The series organizers have introduced a handful of rules to shake up the format during the event too. Teams will be given an in-game budget to purchase all the cars in Forza Motorsport 7 needed for each of the Super Final seven categories. These range from classics like the Ford GT40 to modern prototypes such as the Porsche 919 Hybrid.

The drivers will get a small taste of the classic Le Mans experience for the first and final races. For both, they’ll have to make the run to their rigs and set off racing. Expect a few order changes right off the grid, then…

At the end of it all, the winners will stand on the same podium as the real-world drivers.

The nearly-complete list of drivers is below, courtesy of Autosport. It features plenty of ForzaRC regulars, drivers from Lazarus, Red Bull, and Williams, plus the Canadian WorldGaming Pfaff champion:

  • Shaun Arnold (JOTA Commando)
  • David Hoch (Harmonic) David Hoch
  • Christopher Stephen Farkas(JSR Craviator) Christopher Stephen Farkas
  • Jacob Bowkett (Aerox Bowkett)
  • Luis Felipe De Melo Helena (FRF SOLO)
  • Shoma Takaya (JSR AziDhk)
  • Alex Harrison(TPR_ChemicaL) Alex Harrison
  • Renan Negrini (FRF Prodigy) Renan Negrini
  • Matthew Gater(THR Nee) Matthew Gater
  • Tobin Leigh (LZR Racerz) Tobin Leigh
  • Paul Anthony Arevalo Jr (F4HREVS)
  • Iori Ohki (kamikaze110)
  • Robin Betka (bbbb0x)
  • Mariano Rubalcava Ocana (Eternitum)
  • Cian Llewconn Butler (LSEM The Butler)
  • Aaron Martin-Pilkington (TUS Mellish)
  • Koei Matsusaka (Ayrton Goki)
  • Hyuk Jung (TX3 Bilysoo)
  • Aurelien Mohammedi-Mallet (RBR Laige)
  • Alexandre Arnou (Asix)
  • Christopher Cabrera (ESC Chris)
  • Gary Mitchell (Williams Mitch)
  • Fabien Piffet (Williams Seven)
  • Michael Coyne (Williams RR)
  • Evan Thorogood (Raceboy77)
  • Daniel Nyman (LZR ForceOne)
  • Roberto Phelipe (Sauber ZooM)
  • Dai Lei (ADD Rocky)
  • Yuan Yifan (ADD Jhickson)
  • He MuYe (ADD DoctorH)

We’ll have full details on live stream coverage as the event draws closer.

Featured image courtesy of mazda787.

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