Live Stream: FIA Gran Turismo Championships New York World Tour (Nations Cup)

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With a place on offer at November’s World Final at stake, the fastest Gran Turismo players from five continents are set to do battle in the Big Apple.

The New York event marks the halfway stage of the World Tour. We’ve already seen events in Paris, to launch the season, and at the Nurburgring, and each has seen its share of dramas.

France saw Chile’s Nico Rubilar take the win and the qualification spot, with a crestfallen Mikail Hizal of Germany in second — for his second successive event — thanks to a crucial mistake in the pitstop of the final race. Jonathan Wong of Hong Kong rounded out the podium in third.

The racing in Germany came down to the final corner, with Spain’s Coque Lopez coming so close to victory. However, world champion Igor Fraga took victory and a second berth for South America. Australia’s Cody Latkovski stood in second, with France’s Rayan Derrouiche claiming third, again splitting the podium among three continents.

All seven drivers return for New York, along with 16 colleagues — some familiar faces and some new to the World Tour. There’ll likely be some scores to settle, some wrongs to right, and some drivers desperate to win through to the World Final without having to rely on the online rankings come November.

We’re sure to see some fireworks, so tune in below. The action gets underway at 1800 UTC (convert to your time here).

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