Live Stream: FIA Gran Turismo Championships Nürburgring World Tour (Nations Cup)

EsportsGran Turismo Sport 283 June 22, 2019 by

The fastest Gran Turismo players in the world are ready to face off at the Nurburgring in the latest FIA Championship World Tour event, and the stage is set for plenty of drama.

Can Mikail Hizal finally put his costly mistakes in Paris behind him and secure a ticket to the World Finals? Will Igor Fraga see a return to form and dominate the competition like he did in 2018? What happens if Nico Rubilar — who already qualified for the World Finals in Paris — wins again?

There are plenty of storylines that are about to unfold, which you can read more about in our comprehensive event preview.

Watch what happens in the live stream below, starting at 16:00 UTC (convert time):

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