Get $50 Off Logitech Wheels Until April 16

Logitech G is celebrating the arrival of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) with a promotion that should grab the attention of racing game fans, offering up to $50 off across its entire range — including racing game wheels like the direct drive G Pro.

The promotion is called “Spring for Savings” and offers $20 off store purchases of $120 or greater, increasing to a $50 discount if your order pushes past the $250 mark. That offers gamers the chance to spruce up your gear as the busy esports season looms.

All of the items that might pique your interest as a racing game fan qualify for the higher discount. Naturally that includes the most expensive offering Logitech has, with the $999.99 Logitech G Pro Wheel. If you already have that, you could augment it with the G Pro Racing Pedals at $349.99.

The beginner level wheels also come in above the threshold, with the older G920/29 at $299.99 and the G923 with Trueforce priced at $349.99. In fact the only thing that doesn’t is the $39.99 G Racing Adapter, but you could add it to any other order and effectively pick it up for free!

Of course Logitech G also offers myriad other items to suit sim racers, gamers, and general computer users, with mouse, keyboard, headphone, and streaming gear options — so if you fancy a mechanical keyboard with more LEDs than a searchlight, now would be a good time to take the plunge.

Whatever you choose, you’ll need to tap in the code LOGISPRING at checkout — in North America, Europe, and the UK — to get the discount, and the promotion runs only until April 16.

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