Lucas Ordonez Scores Another FIA GT Podium at Zandvoort

July 7th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Racing by the sand dunes of Zandvoort in Holland, the No.35 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 of Lucas Ordonez and Alex Buncombe took second place in class in this afternoon’s main race, bringing the tally of podiums in Nissan’s last three GT3 races to three out of three.

As with all FIA GT Series race meetings, there is a qualifying race on Saturday afternoon, the result of which sets the grid for the main race on Sunday. Wolfgang Reip had a good start in the No.32 GT-R but after only one lap he was involved in an unavoidable accident when another car spun in front of him and left him with nowhere to go.

Al Buncombe also had a tough beginning when he picked up a puncture from all the debris that came onto the track after the first lap’s drama. After cruising back to the pits for fresh rubber he got back into the race where he, and later Lucas, made sure and steady progress to get up to 13th place, which would be their grid position for the main race.

After retiring from the qualifying race, the No.32 GT-R would start today’s race from the second to last row of the grid, just ahead of Sebastien Loeb’s McLaren. Mark Shulzhitskiy had the first run in the car during morning warm up after it was repaired overnight on Saturday and duly topped the timesheets. The Russian racer was at the wheel for the start today and he made a good getaway.

Further ahead Lucas had made a great start in the No.35 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 but after just five minutes of racing the red flags came out after a big accident on the start/finish straight.  All of the cars had to stop on the grid while the track was cleared.

The race restarted under the safety car and both Mark and Lucas made good starts. When the pit window opened, Mark handed over the No.32 Nissan to Wolfie and, leaving all the problems of the previous day behind them, they brought the GT-R home in 11th place overall, which was fifth in class.

Lucas had his hands full once the race restarted. He had made up a few places but was then battling with the Mercedes of Karun Chandhok.  After some hard racing the team decided to bring Lucas in as soon as the pit window opened so that Alex could join the race in clean air.

Alex’s drive to eighth place overall earned the duo second place in the Pro-Am class and another hard-earned podium.

“I was very pleased with the performance of all of the drivers today,” commented RJN team boss Bob Neville. “Wolfie and Mark showed that they can keep their cool in difficult situations like accidents and red flags. They gathered it all up and drove very well today, taking a good fifth place.  I should mention the team as they had a bit of a late night fixing the No.32 GT-R but I should also mention that the drivers mucked in to help! Lucas and Alex drove how they always drive. They make a great team and it was good to see them take another podium today. They deserve it after all of their hard work.”

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  1. Jul. 8, 5:19pm


  2. Jul. 8, 3:52pm

    Keep pushing Lucas!

  3. Jul. 8, 9:36am

    Congrats (again) to all 4 Nissan drivers on their performances! Just finished watching the replay and it was nail biting the whole time!

    Hopefully Riep and Mark will find more pace as their careers lengthen!

  4. Jul. 8, 12:36am

    Good on ya Mark! We talk alot on Twitter :D

  5. Jul. 7, 11:18pm

    Congrats to Lucas and GT Academy for getting another podium finish! And I love to see Zandvoot come to GT6 soon.

    • Jul. 8, 5:55am


  6. Jul. 7, 7:58pm
    Ittybitty Stigy

    Wow, going from playing a video game, to getting a podium in the first 3 races in one of the most popular racing series in the world. That’s just amazing.

    • Jul. 8, 5:27am
      The Stig Farmer

      On the same grid as Loeb… this is pretty surreal to me O.o

      Great job guys :)

    • Jul. 8, 12:03pm
      Ittybitty Stigy


    • Jul. 8, 4:53pm

      @ The Stig Farmer, to bad loeb didnt make it to the finnish this race :(.

    • Jul. 9, 6:10am
      The Stig Farmer

      Really? lol I don’t follow GT racing so I had no idea :P

  7. Jul. 7, 6:00pm
    Maddens Raiders

    Fantastic job guys. Very impressive achievements, no doubt about it.

  8. Jul. 7, 5:59pm

    They should add Zandvoort to GT6. Awesome track.

  9. Jul. 7, 5:52pm

    Good for Lucas. And good for us if Kaz/PD includes Zandvoort in a DLC. That would be a sweet real world addition.

  10. Jul. 7, 5:27pm

    I saw a big part of the race too bad i missed the podium, he did good and i gope our awsome tracks comes to GT at some time :D.

  11. Jul. 7, 4:40pm

    Good to know. Congratulations to them.

  12. Jul. 7, 4:39pm

    Damn. They’ve got it going on! :D

  13. Jul. 7, 4:21pm

    Cool. Great to see the GT Academy guys being so successful out there!! Congrats. :)

    • Jul. 7, 4:25pm

      I bet soon or later, the race organisers gonna do something unfair to Nissan drivers…

  14. Jul. 7, 3:59pm

    Congrats!!! :D

  15. Jul. 7, 3:46pm

    Well done and congrats guys :)

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