Nissan Creates Gaming Chair Concepts for Nissan Fans

Car Culture 30 September 18, 2019 by

Car manufacturers spend a veritable fortune making sure that their seats are as comfortable and supportive as possible. After all, you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of miles — and thousands of hours — sitting in it.

Gamers spend just as much time sitting in their seats, but it’s usually just an office chair. Great for typing, not so much for long-term comfort. Luckily Nissan, which has recently partnered up with esports teams Faze Clan and OpTic Gaming, is coming to the rescue with a new set of gaming chairs.

They’re inspired by the brand’s own vehicles — and not necessarily the immediately obvious ones. Each has a different design to fill different functions.

The first is the Nissan GT-R NISMO seat. It’s a lightweight carbonfiber racing seat shell, with red leather and suede to mimic the flagship sports car and speakers in the headrest. That’s mounted to a brushed aluminum stand and, coasters aside, likely to be the racing game enthusiast’s choice.

Switching to the opposite end of the Nissan range is a seat based on the Nissan Leaf EV. It features leg rests and USB charging ports, as well as a design mimicking the Leaf’s color scheme — blue flashes and light-gray eco-friendly materials.

If you’re after something much more on the comfortable side, there’s a “captain’s chair” inspired by the Nissan Armada. This includes black and brown leather, lumbar support and a climate control system to heat or cool you if your gaming room is a little less thermally stable.

They’re just concepts for now, but Nissan is keeping an eye on public reaction to the chairs. If you want one, let Nissan know on its social media channels!

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