Nissan GT-R LMP1 NISMO Coming to Gran Turismo

Nissan is making waves in the endurance racing world this year with a new car to compete in the top LMP1 category at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and you’ll be able to drive it in Gran Turismo.

“The LMP1 program will be completely tied into gaming. It’s great to see that last year’s YouTube NISMO TV car is now in the game, […] so that means the LMP1 will be in all the games that you guys want to play,” said Darren Cox, Nissan’s Global Motorsports Director, in an interview with GT Channel.

This won’t come as a big surprise to anyone who has seen how closely Gran Turismo, GT Academy, and Nissan have become over the past few years, but it’s still good to hear confirmation.


Much like the YouTube Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 Team RJN ’13 that was introduced to Gran Turismo 6 in the final round of GT Academy last year, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the LMP1 car introduced in a similar manner in 2015.

Of course, the GT-R LM P1 NISMO car will apparently be quite a bit different from the GT3 car – and just about every other car on the grid at Le Mans. According to well-sourced rumors, the car will feature hybrid power, with the combustion engine in the front – a layout the LMP1 category has not seen since the Panoz LMP1 and LMP07 raced in the early 2000s.

We still have to wait for the official design and specifications to be released, though current indications suggest the car will be revealed during Nissan’s Super Bowl commercial airing on Sunday, February 1st.

Thanks to fortbo for the tip!

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  1. apexpredator100

    And cue the “Another Nissan” comments even though the car contributes to the selection of modern LMP cars in the game.

  2. Kurei

    Is this an ‘actual’ confirmation for GT6/7 ?, or just future speculation with heavy emphasis ?

    Seriously, Do or Die PD/Sony/Nissan, patience is already thin as it is.

  3. Amac500

    Wait, I don’t see a story here, this is just speculation. The guy doesn’t even mention Gran Turismo directly having the car, he just said it would be in videogames, which is pretty much the fate of all factory Le Mans cars. I don’t think this was worth the story…

    1. Kurei

      Agreed, no confirmation – no point. Pretty sure this is just filler for PD’s slow progress (if any at all)

    2. Scheer

      Really? So you don’t think a car that may be driven by GTA drivers is coming to GT? I thought I was cynical. =/ Anyhow, when was the last time PD passed over a Nismo GTR?

    1. popz4470

      Ikr, the whole Koenigsegg brand would be epic, and I wish they would add the Honda Lmp1 also (I think it’s called Honda Lola)

    2. Scheer

      You’ll just have to get in the queue with that one. It seems that PD take longer to get new cars in the game than manufacturers take to get them on the road. They really need to up their game. I had a look at the DriveClub roster, and it really shows how far behind PD are.

  4. 05XR8

    Nissan want to win the big races. Dubai, Bathurst 12H, LeMans, Spa, Bathurst1000. There’s hope for the Altima V8 Supercar ;)

  5. DSUjoeDirte9

    I love LMP’s but with PD adding new lmp’s. They need to correct the performance numbers of the old ones. Im pretty sure the LMP/Group C’s arn’t supposed to have 1k BHP like they do in gt6 BEFORE you even modify them.

    1. Progress823

      Actually the Group C’s, LMP900’s and current LMP-1’s are fairly close to their actual horsepower output when you but from the dealer (don’t change oil). Remember that the FIA has lowered the power rating through the years, and the top class has gone from over 1,000hp in race trim (up to 1,400 in qualifying trim – Porsche 917) to just over 500 currently.

    2. DSUjoeDirte9

      yeah but arn’t the new cars still setting lap records? Were as in gt6 the previous cars are so fast they cannot even come close to the lap times.

    3. Progress823

      The LMP-1 record that the Peuguot 908 set back in 2009 still holds. I was able to duplicate the lap record on RM tyres on both GT5 and GT6 – ran it at 730hp as it did back then (that was probably the cause of all four 908’s retiring from the race due to engine failure).

    4. DSUjoeDirte9

      I feel like though if the lmps of the past wern’t fast enough to achieve that lap time that the 908 set, then why should they be able to shatter it in Gran Turismo with unrealistic HP numbers.

    5. Progress823

      The HP numbers on the Group C’s are accurate – keep in mind that those cars ran Sarthe without chicanes.

    6. Progress823

      The lap time without chicanes was 3:12.9XX. Most of the Group C’s could end up within a second or two of it, but their power surplus also meant for poor handling in the technical parts of Sarthe.

    7. infamousphil

      ‘… performance numbers’? If you were referring to PD’s pp system then the answer would be that it’s totally misrepresentative. They are ballparking to the extent of just being plain lazy.

      If you were referring to bhp and weight then their numbers are fairly accurate. Remember, most race cars built or designed to be adjustable or tuned. Newer designs are generally more tunable than older ones.

      Then you have lighter materials. Steel tube (NASCAR) frames, aluminum space frames of 90s GroupC days and carbon fibre tubs, suspension parts and even wheels. Generally, newer means better.Though not necessarily faster or quicker.

      I do the same as Progress did with all identifiable race cars. It’s very fun but finding a room to agree with your numbers is almost impossible. And I blame PD’s pp system for that. BTW, 5’s pp system was dummied down for 6. Talk about going backwards!

  6. Greasy07

    It’s Great and all to have another LMP1 car in GT6 but I would rather see PD get their act together and get the license for Porsche and add the 919 LMP1 instead of a another bloody Nismo Aswell as this game is getting very ridiculous with being bias to other manufacturers that do not come out of Japan excluding the VGT cars PD better start listening to their fans and what they want out of this game for now and into the future otherwise project cars could be stealing a fair bit of a fan base once they have proven themselves

    1. Halcyon925

      Look up information before you say something regarding Polyphony and Porshe. We all want Porsche, and so does Kazunori himself. Polyphony cannot add Porshe because Electronic Arts owns the only license that Porsche allowed certain people to buy years ago. As for Nissan, Nissan is Gran Turismo’s main sponser- so why would they not add something from Nissan that benifits Nissan as well as Gran Turismo? Gran Turismo is also a Japanese game, so don’t say you hate this and that because they are biased towards Japanese manufacturers. Japanese manufacturers are also more willing to do something for Polyphony than any other companies around the world would. Polyphony has always been listening to us, and just because they haven’t delivered your precious features doesn’t mean that they aren’t busy perfecting them for your own entertainment. I takes time to make things; especially on the PS3. And for a company that is full of perfectionists, they will take as much time as they want. Be happy for what you are given, and don’t rant on Polyphony just because they aren’t doing something different for once every so often. I bet there are issues with companies with they would like to collaborate with, too.

    2. 550

      Halcyon925,I don’t think you need to be so rude. GT still have many problems and we can’t just ignore then and be happy with the game the way it are don’t matter what. And this is just his opinion. But hey,everyone says that EA are the only one who retain Porsche license,but hell,why we can see Porsches in Forza 3 then? and in GT Legends and GTR2 from Simbin too,among others. I really can’t undestand this.

    3. Halcyon925

      550, I see your point. I do want things that every GT fan wants, but I don’t complain about the things that we have not recieved. I hate seeing people complain about things that we all know are not in the game; and seeing “Uuugh, another Nissan? Come on, PD. Give us the track editor, livery maker, X number of real cars, etc, etc.” Yeah, seeing that annoys me. And with the EA license, I guess the developers of those games that have Porshce maybe ponnied up a lot of money to EA for a few cars. Of course, it’s just my guess. And I’m pretty sure Polyphony would rather spend such money on other things for Gran Turismo since GT6 already came out. Porsche could possibly want to be in the GT series rather than be in Need For Speed. If that is true, then Polyphony could know about it and they are patiently waiting for that contract to end so Porsche can sign a deal with Polyphony.

    4. 550

      Hope you’re right about the Porsche thing… but hey,don’t need to bother with people asking for Track Editor,for example. This was an feature that was promissed since GT6 was released. Sorry for anything,but in my honest opinion,they need to honor their words. They should work on what people are waiting for since the release. You can’t blame people. You can blame PD for promisse what they can’t deliver.

    5. ///Mikucki

      Polyphony would rather spend such money on what other things? More gtr’s? Data logging for 1 or 2 cars out there? Or dream world cars? Last time i checked the gt6 box im pretty sure it had the word “real” in it. And its a safe bet that real car guys would rather drive real cars then spaceships on wheels.

      You also get mad about when people complain about not having a track editor? Really? Are you serious? It was advertised that the game would have it and was one of the selling points of gran turismo! You claim PD has always listened to us, when exactly was that? I think i missed it. Where are all the features fans have been asking for eg.standing starts? Where are all the highly demanded cars fans have been asking for? E30 m3 for example has been asked for i dont even know how long and was voted the most wanted car in gt right here on these forums.

      I could go on and on and on… Fact is i havnt touched gt6 since the bmw vgt and only come here really for pcars news but your claims are so rediculous and over the top i had to have a say. But who am i to discourage you keep drinking your koolaid and hanging on to PD every over promised, under delivered word.

    6. drag lab 101

      To answer why you saw Porsche in Forza.. Turn 10 paid a ridiculous “rental-fee” if you will, for use of the license rights ~temporarily~
      I do not know the exact figure but I know it was so high most companies wouldn’t shell out that kind of cash for temporary licensing.
      One of the main reasons Turn 10 would do this is because of the structure set up of DLC for $ in a pretty large and established user base. Which translates to them losing very little money overall in the end for this -temporary- license fee.
      EA has had that license locked for a great number of years now and anyone else who wants its is expected to pay a hefty price.
      As cool as it might be to have some Porsche in the GT series… Sticking with RUF under these circumstances is a better way for PD to go… They just need to grossly expand this field by a vast amount.

    7. drag lab 101

      @JP.. You know I don’t exactly remember.. For some reason I want to say both.
      It’s something I remember reading on IGN years ago when they’d made that like 30 car Porsche pack for FM4.

    8. wudy201

      Actually course creator says coming in a future update as did the data logger and visualizer and community and quick races did and we got them so it only makes it pretty much a go that the creator is coming.

    9. Johnnypenso

      And so long as you are ok with getting something 13, 15, 18 or maybe more months after you paid for it, then you’re probably fine with it. I bought a house once and it only took 4 months to go from a hole in the ground to moving in. I guess the Course Creator is more complicated than that. I guess BSpec is too.

    1. Scuderia Paul

      The Toyota TS040 is a 987bhp 900kg hybrid. Does that qualify as boring?

      Hybrid does not always equal boring – LaFerrari, 918 and P1 prove it.

    2. TamasToth

      Khm. “Hate to fight” is quite far from “boring”, in my opinion.
      “Hate to fight” can be a consequence of inability – among others -, and continuous inability can cause “boring”, though.

  7. FosterG

    I’m not crazy about some of the Forza practices, but a least they listen and give you options. If for no other reason, the sound that comes from LaFerrari is enough reason for me to fire up Forza5. This new car is interesting but I think the only thing that will draw me back in is GT7. In the meantime I am having a ball with Horizon 2, I hope GT7 proves itself to be the home run it needs to be.

    1. kollosson

      well I got an Xbox One for myself, mainly for the Master Chief Collection but my son bought me Forza 5 for xmas and I have to say, not impressed especially when going through the cars and you click to buy one to find out that its DLC ( that’s if you can negotiate the ridiculously confusing and complicated interface ) so i’ve had a few goes at it with the over slippy handling and i’ve shelved it, I’m back on GT6 which is better in every department IMO other than the backrounds but hell this is PS3, pretty remarkable really. A lot of new cars are hybrids that’s just the way its going, nothing to do with GT6 or Polyphony, better get used to it…

  8. Garage13

    550 at least Gran Turismo 6 isn’t like Forza 5 and you have to PAY for the old cars from the previous game

    1. Johnnypenso

      You have the option of buying cars that are new to this generation console and rendered in high definition, no one forces you to buy them. I’d rather have the option to buy 100+ cars than get 8 or 9 free non-fantasy cars in a year. You realize that you paid $60 for GT5 and $60 for GT6 and 2/3 of the content was either 6 or 9 years old?

    2. 550

      Agreed with Johnnypenso,too. Good point. I’m still don’t think we should pay for contents we had before…but on other hand,like he said,2/3 of the GT content are things we had years ago with PS2.

    3. drag lab 101

      JP nailed it, I as well as many others I’d guess would much rather have an -option to buy- VS free stuff that’s basically fluff you’ll never see in the real world.

  9. Riblo72

    Finally a REAL car after several prototype only VGT…
    Can’t wait to have a new LMP car in my garage…

  10. JASON_ROCKS1998

    A GTR LMP? Have we ever seen an LMP based on a normal road car before? I’m interested in this one

    1. Scuderia Paul

      It is just a marketing ploy as eluded to by Darren Cox. There will not be any road-to-racetrack crossover. We will perhaps see some of the LMP1 hybrid tech go back to the GT-R successor though.

    2. infamousphil

      My fav Nissan prototype is the 90s Lola built 300ZXTT. It was ran against Gurney’s (Toyota) Eagles with some success. Been wanting PD and Kaz to recognize those battles for a very long time.

  11. Scuderia Paul

    It is fantastic to hear this from Nissan although I cannot help feeling we will be waiting until GT7. Having said that, and considering the strong GT and Nissan relationship, it is quite possible GT6 will see the GT-R LMP1 NISMO first.

    The silhouette of the car screams mid-engine layout though. The cabin is surely too far forward for a front-engine configuration. I am properly excited about WEC 2015 as my favourite motorsport welcomes back another legendary name.

    1. TheProRacer

      Yes indeed, it does look like a proper MR vehicle. However, (I’m going technical) you can fit a 2.4 – 2.8L 90* V6 in that kind of space, assuming the oil was located elsewhere in the vehicle instead of under the engine. 90* V6 would not have the space needed to fit a turbo or compound setup. So, in theory, it will have a 2.5L 90* V6, naturally aspirated, with 250hp and then 150 more from the electrical engine. (Estimate) The top speed could be around 165-170 mph, and the 0-60 would be 2.8 seconds, given the fact that the vehicle weighs 750kg. (Calculated precisely.)
      I’m finished. :P

    2. Scuderia Paul

      That clears it up then! ;) 750kg might be difficult to get through scrutineering when the minimum for LMP1-H is 900kg while 400hp might struggle against the 1000hp 200mph+ Toyota at 24h du Mans too.

      I know the car under the cover is not it but I cannot imagine it being a front-engine configuration. I would be amazed as from a racecar packaging aspect mid-engine is the optimum approach. All should be revealed 1 Feb…

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