Peugeot Debuts Its Newest Vision GT Car, the L750 R HYbrid

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Back in May 2016, we got our first look at the Peugeot Vision GT car. The Peugeot L500 R HYbrid was exactly the kind of madness we expected. Now, for the launch of Gran Turismo Sport, Peugeot is updating the L500 with a newer version dubbed the “L750 R HYbird”.

While the L500 is more of a road-going car, the L750 is built for the track. Peugeot took the body from the L500 and gave it the full aero treatment. Now it looks right at home on Le Sarthe — in the year 2030. 

Peugeot is a little stingy with the specs, but what it does tell us is the car is fast. With 750hp on tap and weighing just over 1,800lbs, the L750 will be a rocket ship, making it from 0-60mph in just 2.4 seconds. And with a redline of 10,000rpm, it should produce a glorious engine note.

As the name suggests, the L750 uses a hybrid drivetrain. A 580hp gasoline engine mates to a 170hp electric motor to give the car its blistering speeds. Unfortunately, it’s unknown exactly what engine Peugeot used in the L750; looking through the current crop of Peugeot engines we didn’t see anything that fit the bill.

The entire drivetrain mounts to the rear axle of the car. This helps with weight distribution as the rest of the L750 contains liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries.

The brakes are a dual-circuit hydraulic setup and use large carbon discs with ventilation. The suspension is fully independent at all four corners. It also will automatically adjust the ride height depending on speed, but Peugeot is keeping the rest of the details under wraps.

The L750 is set to debut in Gran Turismo Sport at its release on October 17. Hopefully, the game gives us a few more details about the car at that time. The L500 will also make an appearance in GTS as well — be sure to check out the full GT Sport car list for the entire roster.

We look forward to taking the L750 out for a spin once we get our hands on the game. If it’s anything like the other Vision GT cars, it’s going to be mental.


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