PlayStation 4 Pro Launch Day: 4K Gaming Arrives to the Console Masses

November 10th, 2016 by Michael Leary

The PlayStation 4 Pro is the first of its kind to offer 4K gaming at an affordable price. Image courtesy of Digital Spy.

Confirmed earlier this year just days before E3, and revealed 12 weeks later by Andrew House, Sony’s better-equipped PS4 console with the intent of ushering in a new era has arrived: enter PlayStation 4 Pro.

Not to be confused with a generational leap, the Pro is simply a more powerful, advantageous evolution of the original console. While the intention is to offer an improved gaming experience harnessing both 4K and HDR technologies, the latest addition to the PlayStation family will benefit everyone regardless of their television choice.

Featuring upgraded hardware under the hood, the PS4 Pro supports up to 4K resolution and goes one further by supporting High Dynamic Range (HDR), all in the name of more detailed visuals. All games supporting the Pro will benefit from “higher or more consistent frame rates, increased environmental and character model detail, improved overall visual quality, and other related visual enhancements.”

PlayStation 4 Pro Console 1

For those wary of what this means for the brand’s future, it has been reaffirmed on multiple occasions that both models will co-exist alongside each other. The Pro will not fracture the current player base whatsoever, and is simply a viable alternative to those wanting the latest technology available in a gaming console, or to those that have yet to jump onto the platform.

Sony addressed such concerns and many others in a comprehensive FAQ in September following the official announcement. Among those concerns was the confirmation that 4K video playback via physical media would not be supported on the Pro, instead opting to rely on streaming services such as Netflix.

Like the original model before it, Gran Turismo has yet to make its official debut on the platform after being pushed back to sometime in 2017. With the game recently shown supporting the souped-up machine you can rest assured that GT Sport will support 4K and HDR out of the box once it releases.

Until that time comes there will be plenty of games to play that will benefit from the additional overhead offered. For the full list of games supporting the PS4 Pro today look no further than right here.

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  1. Nov. 10, 7:35pm

    Is this the only new PS4 coming out? Or will there be another one more powerful in 2017 to compete with the XBox Scorpio?

  2. Nov. 10, 4:41pm

    I will get this…but I assume there’s no point until I get the 4K HDR (wanting OLED) tele to go with it? – Or does any one know if it will have any worthwhile improvements on a 1080p non HDR tele?

    • Nov. 10, 4:43pm

      I suppose non HDR is SDR?

    • Nov. 10, 5:00pm

      On 1080p tvs the Pro will render games at the higher resolution and then downscale them to 1080p. This is called supersampling. It’s basically the craziest and most expensive form of anti-aliasing and will make games look as clean as they can possibly look at 1080p.

      That’s what most games seem to be doing but some give you a choice like render it at plain 1080p with 60fps compared to supersampling at 30fps. Some games have extra foliage and stuff in the Pro versions. You won’t get any benefit from HDR.

  3. Nov. 10, 2:35pm

    I just picked mine up a few hours ago and dumped a 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD into it, but can’t play anything yet, because I’m downloading many of the games I had on my previous PS4. :( Will have to wait after work to enjoy this beast. :)

  4. Nov. 10, 2:15pm

    After deliberation, I have decided to get this console once I can afford it. I am certain it will be my last console, though.
    As for GT Sport, I plan to wait for no less than 3 months after its release before I make the decision whether or not to purchase it. I want to see what the rest of the community has to say about it first. With my displeasure at Kaz and PD right now, the reviews here will be my deciding factor.

  5. Nov. 10, 12:16pm

    I’m slowly changing my mind about this. I think the £349 price point is pretty good, & they’re selling slightly cheaper than that already. Not a bad entry into albeit pseudo-4K gaming. The Digital Foundry review was very positive as well.

  6. Nov. 10, 10:00am

    My Track
    Mania Turbo updated to 4K last night as well.

  7. Nov. 10, 8:57am

    If it was possible to trade in the old PS4 for this one at GameStop for a slight discount, this is what I would do.

    • Nov. 10, 11:04am

      Define “slight.” It’s not as if your PS4 is worth nothing. Sell it to GameStop for some monies, then use those monies towards the 4K. Presto chango, you’ve got your “slight” discount.

    • Nov. 10, 11:05am

      Or better yet, sell it on Craigslist or something for the same price that GameStop sells used systems for so you don’t get shorted their profit margin.

  8. Nov. 10, 8:24am

    Typo alert: para 4 should be ‘wary’ and not ‘weary’ ;)

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