Racing Accident Spoils Sebring Debut for GT Academy Champion Jordan Tresson

March 18th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

2010 GT Academy champion Jordan Tresson was all set to make his FIA World Endurance Championship debut in the 12 Hours of Sebring this weekend, behind the wheel of Signatech Nissan’s new LMP2 car. Alas, it was not meant to be.

After qualifying fourth-in-class, the team’s first two drivers, Franck Mailleux and Olivier Lombard fought their way up to second.

The race was going well for the French team, until Olivier spun the car after hitting a fresh oil spill on the track. A following GT-class Ferrari was also caught off-guard by the hazardous conditions and collided with the Nissan, causing severe damage and ending their race.

Unfortunately, the accident occurred before Tresson’s driving stints, which means he will have to wait until the next round of the FIA WEC (May 5, at Spa Francorchamps) to go racing. Fortunately, he still got a fair amount of time behind the wheel during practice sessions, and Signatech boss Philippe Sinault was impressed with his performance.

“After all of the testing and training I was really looking forward to my first stint in the race,” said Tresson. “But a race incident changed all that and spoiled the party. I was not doing too badly, and was able to work with the team for the whole week. Even if the race is over for us, we are already thinking of the next race, studying our rivals’ strategy until the end.”

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  1. Mar. 21, 6:52pm


    • Mar. 21, 8:48pm

      …and how do you expect me to do that when there isn’t any “important news, from GT5”?

    • Mar. 21, 8:55pm

      So sad… Just waiting for some. Sick of GT Academy stuff.

    • Mar. 21, 10:43pm

      It is not his fault. He is just informing you.

    • Mar. 22, 10:48pm

      Yeah don’t blame Jordan, yell at PD

    • Mar. 22, 11:09pm
      SZRT Ice

      Hilarious, & Jordan…, I love your cool dude. Great representative of GTP to represent the GT community.

    • Mar. 23, 4:33pm

      I second SZRT’s comment. GTP is like a link between the game developers and the gamers. Even Kaz himself is greatful for this wonderful site! :)

  2. Mar. 21, 12:58pm
    lancashire lad

    So he had a crash,why did’nt he just bounce off like the simulation GT5?

    • Apr. 11, 3:22pm

      Reality hits you hard, bro.

  3. Mar. 21, 12:25pm

    so…… oils slicks in GT6?

    (couldn’t help it) : )

  4. Mar. 21, 5:06am

    There’s nothing to do on GT5 at the moment. Thats why they need to add an expansive aspec pack for free to keep us entertained until GT6. If not for free, at least very cheaply. Eg $1 for the Aspec pack. They will still get over 1million downloads and thats over a $million profit. Easy.
    PD need to add a car pack with lots of new and classic cars, some premium upgrades, better car customization, make maximum driving lvl 60 and take off the 20mil credit limit. The list goes on but those fixes in one big update will give GT5 another 1 year of entertainment for me. And then we will not have to wait for GT6 which will be even better from launch.

    • Mar. 21, 8:20am


    • Mar. 21, 11:31am


    • Mar. 21, 11:38am

      I agree with you. If they can update some of the standard cars to premium, just a few. I’d be more than happy…

    • Mar. 21, 12:18pm

      Hey Toyota guy, you do know they turned the Jaguar XJR-9 from standard to premium right?

    • Mar. 21, 3:29pm

      Cool Frogg, so I can pay more money to get a standard car upgraded to premium. That ain’t a hot deal if you ask me, but that’s just me. As for the original comment here, might be asking to much of them. They should add more premium cars or real tracks or improve the track editor so we an actually design tracks (then we wouldn’t complain about tracks as much because we can make what we want) or livery editor or livery chips or something. Allowing some kind of feature that let’s us customize our game more would be ideal, and for free. But what I dont understand is why I am paying for all these DLC, me who bought the game when it first came out, while people just buying now are getting, like, 3 free DLC’s. Thank us for our dedication or something PD!

    • Mar. 21, 3:40pm


    • Mar. 21, 3:48pm

      It’s okay. I don’t think $10 dollars will hurt that much.

  5. Mar. 20, 11:18pm

    Where is Jordan from?

    • Mar. 21, 12:26pm

      the Green Forest.

    • Mar. 21, 8:49pm

      Jordan Tresson is from France.

    • Mar. 21, 9:33pm

      yes but you, Jordan, are from the Green Forest. Don’t front..

  6. Mar. 20, 3:43pm

    News News News My go crazy crazy crazy

  7. Mar. 20, 2:00pm

    This Nissan for GT5 ? very nice car :P

    • Mar. 20, 2:01pm

      and more LM cars! Prototypes?

    • Mar. 20, 3:31pm

      Like I’ve been saying, of they put so many Nissians in the game then what if one time they don’t add another GT-R and add the Nissian Signetech Oreca LMP2 car. Yes, yes, yes, more premium prototypes and how about some Le Mans GT cars. And if it is upgrading a premium car to standard how about not having us pay for it. But it would be great if to honor the 80th anniversary of Le Mans they added, FOR FREE, the winning Audi R18 from last year and the second place Peugeot 908, from the closest finish in the history of Le Mans! And the other class winners to. If adding the class winners for free became a standard I would be pleased!

    • Mar. 20, 5:59pm

      the same words!

  8. Mar. 20, 8:20am

    so unlucky to all them, but wouldnt it be great to see the synatech nissan seen included in a DLC pack for in game play ?

  9. Mar. 20, 4:05am
    SZRT Ice

    Rough stuff. Glad everyone is ok. Kinda hurts seeing these real life GT races. Constant reminder of what we don’t have for the trade off of a higher poly count. “Less is more”, I’m starting to get a grasp of the concept.

  10. Mar. 20, 12:44am

    so car damage exists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mar. 19, 6:50pm

    Ouch! That was an abrupt stop to say the least!
    Sorry,I know it’s off-topic But you guys see the number 7 car in 8th place? Dyson racing? I’m friends with the crew chief,Randy Kelsey. Well,I grew up with his brother and got to go to a few events at Limerock and hang with the family/crew in their super-rich luxury tent. You guys should see the way these guys relax when they are at an event. A dining tent like you’ve never seen. People walking around playing violin, flat screens everywhere. All in a giant tent mind you. Even the race trailer is more luxurious than my house. It was quite an experiance.Those guys (Rob Dyson) are billionaires. Literally. You’ve got to be loaded to race in these ranks. The Dyson’s ranch is about 20minutes away from my house. It’s huge. When you drive by it takes several minutes to actually pass all the property.But to be honest,Rob Dyson the owner is a really nice guy. They don’t drive fancy cars (I think his son Chris,one of the drivers,has an Impreza. The parents have a BMW last I heard) they have a mantion but they don’t flash the cash like rock stars. Very nice people.I spoke with Rob Dyson for like an hour about my drag car. He seemed facinated just as I was with the P2 car.

    • Mar. 19, 10:23pm

      Nice I met Jeremy Mafeilds(former NASCAR) folks at a Super Bowl event when we stayed next to each other. They were the same, extremely wealthy and unbelievably generous. Had to be one of the most fond memeries of my life.

    • Mar. 22, 8:54pm

      That’s sweet. A lot of those guys are good guys. I like Dyson racing too.

  12. Mar. 19, 6:39pm

    Still no news…i come here everyday hoping to see any news about DLC…PD should say something this week. I don´t even care if we are not going to get more DLC but the wait is so (stup**) stressing…
    Addictive hobby…

    • Mar. 19, 6:50pm

      Now I know I am not the only one lol

      and about the accident, i am glad everyone walked out in good condition. That is one thing racing sims will not be able to simulate, an actual crash.

  13. Mar. 19, 5:25pm

    we need silverstone and i timer for all tracks so we can set the room up as either laps or a timer for series races and stuff

  14. Mar. 19, 3:34pm

    WE WANT SEBRING! It’s the next track they need, so historic and unique. On a separate note, I thought th article heading was funny. Like we need to say “Racing Accident”. It could have been worded so many better ways. Could have just put “Crash” or anything more comfortable and shorter, just saying, lol

  15. Mar. 19, 11:40am

    Yeah, I saw that real time, nasty. Ironic that I have to watch ESPN3 on the XBOX. The PS3 has some catching up to do with video apps like ESPN and Epix. Crackle looks better on the XBOX too.

    • Mar. 19, 12:25pm

      PS3 has catching up to do? You have to pay 60 bucks to use Crackle. A free service LOL! I think I’ll stick with lower quality without paying for gold. Anyways I feel bad for him wrecking.

  16. Mar. 19, 11:17am

    It wasn’t the Ferrari’s fault the Oreca got smashed. Six other cars flew off that corner also due to that oil spill. Just a case of wrong place at the wrong time.

  17. Mar. 19, 10:25am

    PD see that damage…hint hint.. how cool would it be to have that level of damage in GT.

    • Mar. 19, 11:54am

      And there won’t be any licensing problems hurr durr.

    • Mar. 19, 3:36pm

      What licensing problems? Companies are fine with the level of damage in arcade games, same difference. They SHOULD have that legit damage.

  18. Mar. 19, 9:44am

    oh god, when i see tracks like that, i realise how much i miss tracks like Motegi or Ifineon Raceway on GT5.
    Please PD bring those tracks back. I am bored by fake tracks like trail mountain or deep forest.
    I want real cars on real tracks.

    who finds a spelling error can keep it, ;)

  19. Mar. 19, 9:35am

    Wish they would add Sebring circuit to GT5! All those bumps and changing track surfaces, as well as having the sun eventually directly in your eyes. Sure would make for some unique racing.

  20. Mar. 19, 9:07am

    he wasn’t prepared for it…no oil slicks in gt5 8D

    • Mar. 19, 3:44pm

      That’s what PD should do. Mechanical failures, oil on the track, stuff like that! Or at least let me get a tire puncture, lol

    • Mar. 19, 8:56pm

      agreed amac500. it would definitely make it more of a simulation

    • Mar. 20, 3:47am
      SZRT Ice

      Some tarmac, mud, sand, gravel, dirt, and puddle/water variations on rally wouldn’t hurt either. Give us some cliffs, wooded areas, and tight windy roads and we’ll be money.

  21. Mar. 19, 8:37am

    Good to see it wasn’t driver error.

    Better luck next time guys.

  22. Mar. 19, 6:33am

    Sorry to hear. Let ’em have it next time.

    Am I the only one that thinks the ALMS made a horrible decision by swapping to ESPN3? I’m sure they aren’t making money like they expected to.

  23. Mar. 19, 5:31am

    Seemed like a good Race, Great GT battle for many laps, Unlucky for jordan really, next time….

    BTW wens the next GT Academy??

  24. Mar. 19, 2:53am

    Always a Ferrari…

    Well, it’s things that happen in racing, I hope they have better luck next time!

  25. Mar. 19, 2:48am

    Now why isn’t that car in the game?

    • Mar. 19, 4:15am

      yes, why?

    • Mar. 19, 8:41am

      it wouldn’t surprise me if they have already made ALL the GT Academy cars and they are on Kaz’s own private PS3.

      In fact, I bet they have a whole bunch of cars that they have made for fun. If I was a programmer for PD, I would whack my own car in there for plops and giggles.

    • Mar. 19, 3:37pm

      I would race them online just to be an ass hole. Just to go “hey, check put this sweet car I have and you don’t. I know ya want it!”

  26. Mar. 19, 2:15am

    Very sorry to here about Jordan’s race ending by the incident. But what’s more importent, is that he’s okay and no ones hurt.

    Better luck next time. ;)

    • Mar. 19, 7:04pm

      But Jordan never even had a first stint. He’ll have to wait till the next race at Spa.

  27. Mar. 19, 12:31am
    Maddens Raiders

    Yeah but what about that podium finish for McLaren Mercedes in the Aussie GP!? I know I know, they weren’t GT guys but I’m a huge fan of the Hamilton/Button team. Amazingly S. Vettel almost pulled it off (again) with that wreck I think on lap 38 or 39 but Button was imperious from the very beginning.

    Audi was brilliant at Sebring, but it’s so unfortunate what happened to Jordan. Wish we could get all the GP and ALMS tracks in to GT but maybe on the PS4. Did you guys get a look at that NISSAN Delta Wing car 0_0?? Anyway I’m just glad to be here w/ so many fans of motorsport. Take care!

    • Mar. 19, 3:42pm

      I saw the delta wing, I’ve seen it since the indycar prototype. It shouldn’t be aloud to race. I’m not saying that being an anti-change biggot, it just isn’t a safe car. The driver gets hit by another car in the nose area his legs are as good as gone, there is NO protection. It’s also a fill joke that it is called Nissian. Nissian doesn’t make the chassis, actually it uses the cell from the Aston Martin AMR-One. The only thing with Nissian on it is the engine and it isn’t even a Nissian engine. It is the engine from the Chevrolet Cruz WTCC with Nissian badges on it.

    • Mar. 19, 7:06pm

      What’s a Nissian?

  28. Mar. 18, 10:52pm

    There are a couple of Ferrari drivers who I shall not name that should be removed from the ALMS (and the WEC) at that.
    They’ve caused so many incidents both this year and last.

    • Mar. 19, 2:18am

      I couldn’t believe my eyes, and he wasn’t even fighting for position. He was like 50 laps down or something. Even if it had been the Ferrari fighting for 1st place that would have been a dirty move, and he ran off the track and spun at the same time anyways. That is not how you pass someone. That only happens on GT-5…lol…or Forza 4 or whatever your poison is.

      I will say this though, those Italia’s were fast as hell in qualifying and ran some super fast times and once they get the car reliable, the 458 will run but that was messed up. I’m glad BMW and Joey Hand came back and took 1st place and Corvette 2nd in GT class…well done.

  29. Mar. 18, 10:40pm
    Mac K

    Bad luck… Good luck at the next race.

  30. Mar. 18, 10:33pm

    Darn…sucks. They must be bummed.

  31. Mar. 18, 9:16pm

    Man. The team must be bummed out right now… Too bad.

  32. Mar. 18, 8:40pm

    That is MARIO KART

  33. Mar. 18, 8:06pm

    Oliver wasn’t a GT Academy racer. That’s why he crashed :P. But in all reality I’m glad everyone is ok and I hope to see Jordan in the next race.

    • Mar. 18, 8:22pm

      Probably a forza racer. He thought there was a rewind option

  34. Mar. 18, 7:59pm

    Good thing he was ok… That looked like that could’ve been insanely horrible

    • Mar. 18, 9:46pm

      Don’t start the forza bashing on gt planet it gives us a bad look

  35. Mar. 18, 7:56pm

    I recorded this race yesterday, watching it right now….Don’t really like Sebring tho.

  36. Mar. 18, 7:56pm

    Ouch. Very unfortunate. On a side not having any of those cars, especially an Audi R18 in GT5 would be awesome, even though there’s no R15

    • Mar. 18, 8:00pm

      The R10 is pretty nice

    • Mar. 18, 8:53pm

      Well yeah, but more LMP cars would be amazing!

  37. Mar. 18, 7:55pm

    Hmmm… That’s why D1 is more fun to watch… When they wreck the other person keeps on going :)… But that does suck though, too bad

  38. Mar. 18, 7:52pm

    Unlucky :D. Always another time

  39. Mar. 18, 7:39pm

    Damn that sucks ass

  40. Mar. 18, 7:36pm


  41. Mar. 18, 7:32pm

    That sucks, I just watch their 24hrs of Dubai run on, and they did great there!

  42. Mar. 18, 7:31pm


  43. Mar. 18, 7:28pm

    That’s a bummer.

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