‘Road to Vegas’ $1,000,000 eSports Tournament Finalists Decided

Esports 2 December 10, 2016 by

As far as sim racing eSports prize money goes, you’ll be hard stretched to beat what the Cloud Sport organized ‘Road to Vegas’ championship is offering – a staggering $1,000,000. Through a collaboration with Formula E, racers from the biggest and best virtual racing teams have been locking horns on PC title rFactor 2 throughout the season to be in contention for the championship – and the finalists have been decided.

The ten best virtual drivers have earned their place to join 20 professional Formula E drivers in the final this upcoming January and it promises to be an exciting event. Those who will be going head-to-head with the Motorsport stars are listed below:

  • Graham Carroll
  • Olli Pahkala
  • Greger Huttu
  • Enzo Bonito
  • David Greco
  • Bono Huis
  • Petar Brljak
  • Aleksi Uusi
  • Patrik Holzmann
  • Aleski Elomaa

The outright winner of the Vegas event will take home $200,000 whereas the other podium positions will receive $100,000 and $50,000. However, even in qualifying, stakes are sure to be high. Achieving pole position will net a competitor $25,000 and the best possible starting position, as if there wasn’t incentive enough!

Click here to watch all of Race 4 on Youtube (embedding is disabled).

The last event in the championship which confirmed the top 10 took place on the Formula E London Circuit. Enzo Bonito took home the victory ahead of Aleski Uusi and Graham Carroll in a closely fought race you can catch the link to above. If Race 4 is anything to go on, the finale should prove just as close.

The ‘Road to Vegas’ tournament blends a roster of high-quality Formula E drivers, sim racers and a capable sim to show off what the future for sim racing could be in these big championships. Although sim racers may feel like they have the strength over their fellow enthusiasts, taking on actual racing drivers offers a different element than what they’re used to.

However, with gamer-to-racer programmes like GT Academy, and Team Redline’s Max Verstappen moving from the real world to digital, there is evidence that the core racing values apply both digitally and in reality.

As with previous races, these races are sure to be streamed so we will be keeping you up to date on the ‘Road to Vegas’ as the championship draws to a close!

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