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How Codemasters Records Dirt 4’s Authentic Car Sounds

If there’s one thing Codemasters does right in many of its racing games, it must be the audio. The developer’s latest release, DiRT Rally, has received plenty of praise from reviewers for its quite accurate representation of vehicle sounds. The recreation of these beautiful sounds is not an easy task, though.

GT Sport vs. Forza 6: Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Sound Comparison

The strapping Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat has become the subject of another audio evaluation in GT Sport. Carried out by MotoGamesTV once more, the footage puts together GT Sport’s latest direct-capture audio sample of the car against the one found in Forza Motorsport 6.

Bugatti Vision GT Stars In Latest Direct Audio GT Sport Gameplay

With Gran Turismo Sport being shown off in gaming shows all around the world, off-screen gameplay videos are coming thick and fast. Last week we had a look at the SRT Hellcat on Brands Hatch in an off-screen direct audio capture, and MotoGamesTV have shared more sound-centric gameplay for us to get our teeth into. This time, it’s the Bugatti Vision GT on Northern Isle Raceway — Polyphony’s fantasy oval exclusive to GT Sport.

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Roars in This Direct Audio GT Sport Gameplay

Way back in June after the Copperbox reveal event, we first broke the news that GT Sport’s sound design would be composed with an entirely new system. Then just recently we reported Eurogamer’s impressions on the game that included some high praise about improvements in the in-game audio. This area has never been the strongest suit in the GT franchise but that looks to be changing as we take a look at the above direct audio capture video uploaded by MotoGamesTV.

GT Sport Audio is ‘Big Improvement’ says Eurogamer Editor, Yamauchi Comments on Efficiency

Last month, the GTPlanet community was quick to take note of what sounded like an improvement in Gran Turismo Sport’s vehicle audio design. Sure enough, amidst all the latest conversation about image resolution, HDR, and PSVR capability, a report from Sony’s PS4 Pro event in London seemingly confirms Polyphony Digital’s progress in the audio department.