The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Roars in This Direct Audio GT Sport Gameplay

Way back in June after the Copperbox reveal event, we first broke the news that GT Sport’s sound design would be composed with an entirely new system. Then just recently we reported Eurogamer’s impressions on the game that included some high praise about improvements in the in-game audio. This area has never been the strongest suit in the GT franchise but that looks to be changing as we take a look at the above direct audio capture video uploaded by MotoGamesTV.

The drive of the day this time around is the devilish Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat ’15, taking on the omnipresent Brands Hatch circuit. The difference compared to previous builds seem large enough to justify Eurogamer and Kazunori’s comments. The engine sounds a lot similar to it’s real-life counterpart, capturing the supercharger accurately and a more prominent exhaust sound range. The below clip initially posted by ron86 captures how the real Hellcat sounds:

Aside from the capture of the engine sounds, a particular bugbear that has plagued the GT series appears to have been tackled too with tire squealing at a much lower level than previous clips and builds. Usually when pushing cars to the edge in the series, your ears are met with the squealing to aid players in reading the body language of the car.

Although a bit useful, it hasn’t been seen as a positive when mixed with Gran Turismo’s so-so approach to car audio. If anything, this latest direct audio capture shows multiple steps in the right direction for the series aiming to bring it up to the level of Forza, Assetto Corsa and Project CARS in this department.

With a new release date still to be confirmed, how far GT Sport is from completion really is anyone’s guess. Kazunori himself stated in August that he believed the title was at 70% completion at the time, though this was prior to the delay. With change being more noticeable than ever in recent builds, it doesn’t look like the development process has slowed with improvements in the HUD, sound design and other factors with each new video.

With the PlayStation Experience looming next month, perhaps Polyphony Digital could take to the stage and put GT Sport back on the release radar. Only time will tell.

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  1. z06fun

    Engine and tires sound a LOT better than GT6, definitely an improvement. Its interesting watching this how much easier it is to see the corners coming up compared to Assetto Corsa where they tend to be just a sliver until you get right up on them. I wonder if they will ever release this…

  2. SZRT Ice

    The tire screeching is the most annoying thing to me. It starts too loud too soon. Wheel slippage doesn’t immediately result in 100 screeching witches. It’s a bit more subtle of a noise that only really increases with the pushing of the grip threshold dependent on wheel spin & slip angle. Tire smoke is over done in the same way imo. Idk, just wish it was better somehow. It just doesn’t sound right to me.

  3. Sick Cylinder

    Personally not impressed, but hopefully they keep the feature where you can choose the sound from different viewpoints and at least one of those will sound ok. We had about 1 or 2 seconds of bonnet sound, the rest was interior view and rear view. Too little to judge, but that bonnet sound might have been ok.


    My opinion on the car sound – compared to both real & simulation – GTSport has about 70% of the real car sound.

  5. infamousphil

    To heck with an omnipresent BrandsHatch… l was thinking RoadAmerica was coming to GT.

    Anywho, l have yet to own a televison/sound system to fully appreciate acurate sounds effects.

    1. Just The Stig

      Dude all you need is a decent pair of headphones/a headset. Full-ear-covering headphones.

      I’ve got a Sharkoon RushCORE gaming headset, it’s very cheap, like, under $20 where I live and the sound is top-notch, it’s got the bass and everything.

  6. Just The Stig

    The problem with the sounds is, they’re not using the right sound engine, or not applying it properly/not using all its capabilities. If you look at/listen to Project CARS’ sounds, inside the cockpit you’ll hear not just the engine note, but the suspension knocking around, backfire sounds, gear change clunks, etc…

    What I’m trying to say is, GT Sport’s audio feels… like a zombie. It’s too dead, too boring, it needs more sound effects.

    It’s an improvement, but not an improvement, get what I mean?

    1. Johnnypenso

      I think Kaz said it perfectly when he said that GT sounds “too perfect”. Cars don’t sound perfect, they are a mishmash all the sounds you mention above plus wind noise, transmission loading and unloading, various intake sounds depending on throttle position, a different sound off throttle. GT has a long way to go to even be close to the worst of the rest of the genre, let alone catch up to anyone significant.


      So let me get this straight … you’re saying the engine does not sound right when there is no back fire sound – no suspension sound & no clutch clunking sound ?
      Or do you mean both engine & the rest of the sounds ?
      Speaking about backfire – GT used to have backfire since GT4.
      We’re talking about unreleased game, and it depends on the car because *usually* the cars which makes backfire are race cars … not the stock street cars *as much as* race cars.

    3. Just The Stig

      But still, when you’re in a car, the engine is not the only thing you hear, GT Sport has the supercharger/turbo sounds and tire sounds, along with curbstone rumble and wind sound, but there’s not even a single bit of other sound effects… like there are in PCARS.

    4. VBR

      Like I’ve been saying for years; PD are too focused on engine notes & not enough on car sounds. Cars make more overall sounds than just one engine note. This is one of the reasons PD’s audio sounds sterile.

  7. Isho

    The way the usual gears change in every GT so far has contributed to the horrible car sounds. The sound sample is very promising but they really need to change up the way the gear changes sound.

    1. letdown427

      Obviously if the Hellcat was an auto then this wouldn’t apply, but just look at how much better things sound when you’ve got a clutch pedal to help bring the gear changes to life.

      So much of what’s sterile about the GT ‘engine sounds’ is actually the gear changes being lifeless pitch shifts with nothing ‘analog’ sounding about them. Although admittedly with dual clutch gearboxes, the real world is catching up to how awful GT gear changes sound!

  8. Oreca 1998

    There’s another video by MotoGamesTV showcasing the BMW M6 GT3 engine sound. Generally speaking, the engine sound of the M6 GT3 isn’t better than this one, you can say it’s at 50%, but still I couldn’t hear a high note when reaching high rpms. Nevertheless, PD is doing a great job with the sounds & with just a few fixes here & there we’ll be having a real racing experience. I felt happy to hear the sound of the supercharger in that hellcat!

    1. Just The Stig

      If you scroll down in the comments section of that BMW vid you’ll find a comment with the link to a real-life BMW M6 GT3 in cockpit view driving around Spa, they sound very much alike, it’s just that all the other sound effects are missing from GT Sport, suspension clatter, gear change clunking, etc.

  9. markituh121

    It sounds much much better! There is still a lot of room to improve, but hey, they are pushing the right buttons! The car sounds really nice, but unfortunately it still sounds very muffled, it lacks that “throatiness” the real car has, but fortunately that can be down to the audio engine itself as the samples are really nice. They’ve always been nice, it’s just that they didn’t know what to do with them, but yes, definitelly a great move in the right direction!

    Also, the car does sound like the real thing, so i’m not sure what some guys are talking down bellow…

  10. Robin.

    Still sounds wheezy compared to competitors, especially NFS games which hand’s down have the best engine audio. It’s like PD took the old vacuum cleaner sound and just added a bit on top of it.

  11. celtiscorpion73

    Much better, although it isn’t perfect. For those who still aren’t happy, may I suggest walking away from the games for a bit and find a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Maybe if you “get a little”, you might not be prone to nitpick so much…

    1. 2clickswest

      Don’t be like that. If someone(and it’s a lot of people) doesn’t like those sounds, it doesn’t actually mean that they don’t have a life. It’s rather.. oh I don’t know, competitors can do it better.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Agreed 2clicks, it usually means they’ve played other games and realize just how poor the overall sound package still is in Gran Turismo.

    3. Johnnypenso

      A joke about people being lonely social misfits who aren’t getting **** because they have the audacity to discuss the audio of GTSport…on a discussion forum.

      Great joke. Can I use it?

      Donald J. Trump

  12. R1600Turbo

    Car sounds good, much closer to the real thing. Tire sounds are a step in the right direction, they sound more like a tire struggling for grip than the constant annoying squeal they’ve been in the past. Improvements all around.

  13. TheAdmiester

    These are the NEW sounds? As in these are supposed to be the improvement?

    Jesus christ it sounds like GTA San Andreas and that game has the excuse of being 12 years old. There’s no “thrill” or loudness to the car at all. It just barely sounds like a V8 but still not at all like it should.

    1. Octopuss_911

      I’m full with you @TheAdmiester. Yes there is an improvement compared to other GT series in the past I have to agree. But please GT fan boys, don’t attack other only because the may played other racing games (and I don’t care which) where you set sucked into the game because of the sounds. This here is way far away from the original video. Nothing exiting where you meant to play with the throttle. I’m done with this game but still respect others who get exited for the release but at the end only dropped like a home potato because of a next release delay. And I this video shows only heavy over steer?! Such a big heavy car entering every corner like a big wing iso attached to the front.
      For me it Sounds like a vacuum cleaner 2.0 Not impressed. If this is what GT will sound, nothing got Realy improved.

    2. TheAdmiester

      @shurnster My ears are very much fine, thank you. That’s exactly why it sounds so bad. If the audio quality was bad or I had bad hearing then maybe it’d be passable, right now it’s just same old GT.

  14. Haitauer

    Hint to PD after comparing these – put a big throaty speaker inside a empty metal barrel and turn it up. Thats how you get that deep smoky metallic echo to the growl one can hear in real life video. Then add charger/drive train squeel and turn down / filter those tire squeels. What has happened here to the tire sounds is the same thing what happens to amateur bands with a strong drummer. They tend to bring up the drums in the mix. Yes – one can hear all of them cool drum loops, but it makes the song sound unfinished and less natural..

  15. Oyashiro-sama

    I think it sounds really good now. At least that car is very accurate, lets hope the others will be as well. Finally a positive thing about GTS.

    1. R1600Turbo

      Disagree. There was none before, damn near every car in GT6 had a super fast shifting transmission. At least now there is a pause during the shift.

    2. karelpipa

      Agree, seems that they are giving back gear change pause (not as good as in GT1, but theres some improvement) But i meant the sound. It lacks the sudden cut in power as seen in the real video.

  16. 2clickswest

    Engine itself sounds good. But then there are those annoying screeching sounds, and.. nothing else actually. Sounds kinda isolated and empty.

  17. Rotorist

    Agreed on big improvments on sound. Handling-physics engine seems pretty nice as well. Competitive AI, a big carlist with variety and a single player career mode with many races might do the trick to make people get PS4 and GTSport.

  18. TeamCZRRacing

    Ooh, that sounds nice. Could use a bit more rumble and overall aggression, but I’m just glad we live in a day and age when even this is considered poor compared to the competition.

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