Direct Sound Recording GT Sport Replay Shows Off the Pack at Northern Isle

Remember last week, when dropped a video of the Bugatti Vision GT taking to Polyphony’s new oval circuit? The video coverage continues, this time not from the perspective within the carbon fibre creation, but from various vantage points around the track.

The video gives us a chance to hear the various engine notes of the quite disparate Gr. 1 class. The Bugatti’s bassy hum is a familiar one, as is the quiet, turbo-muffled sound of sister company Audi’s R18 e-tron.

Mazda’s entry into the Vision GT project draws the most attention, with the high-pitched shriek we tend to associate with rotaries. It’s a stark contrast to Hyundai’s futuristic racer, which is practically silent thanks to its hydrogen fuel-cell setup.

Speaking of the Hyundai, sharp-eyed viewers will notice a red-liviried model making its way around the track. The car is typically shown off in the pale blue colour Hyundai revealed it with, but the red is just one of a few options that were shown off last year.

VisionGT_20150915_IAA (57)

The video also offers a rare look at the replay side of GT Sport. Sure, Northern Isle is just a tiny oval, but cinematic angles have long been a strong point for Polyphony, and this continues that tradition with lots of eye candy. Hopefully, more traditional broadcast replays will be available for the game’s proposed Sport Mode.

GT Sport is scheduled to appear at the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim in less than two weeks. As one of the first North American showings of the game since the news of the delay — and considering rumours it may be releasing quite early in 2017 — we’re looking forward to seeing what Polyphony brings to the event.

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  1. PiFace3142

    Looks great, sounds adequate. Not really sure why people are still saying Gran Turismo Sport is not a Gran Turismo game. Er, of course it is, it’s got Gran Turismo in the title and is by the same developers who brought you the original Gran Turismo. It’s a game, regardless of scope, and this it’s a Gran Turismo game, end of.

  2. CarBastard

    First, so the usual fanboy suspects don’t knock me down as a simple “hater”, I gotta give it to PD: the game looks absolutely great, more real than real life itself even! And at least they’re trying with the sounds.

    But it’s not enough and I stand by my previous opinion: GTSport will suck. Maybe it’ll sell in the hundreds of thousands on the merit of being Gran Turismo alone, but it will still leave us disappointed and will be a far cry in terms of quality from previous GT titles and competing racing titles even though it’ll be impressive in the technical department.

    The sounds still sound flat and uninspiring, the vaccum joke still applies. I hear no crackles, no whines, no rumbles, just hisses and swooshes at various pitches and that’s about it. AND WHAT ABOUT THAT STUPID MIXTURE OF CARS? Surely, Kazunori, with all the traveling and racing you’ve done you’d realize it’s idiotic to mix fantasy mad-up cars with LMP cars from one year and LMP cars from another. Racing the 908HDi against the R18 and the TS030 is a clear sign of PD still not knowing how the hell racing works in the first place, such a disparate mixture will result in either artificially capped cars or the traditional “catch the rabbit” format we all love. And they expect me to buy a new console AND a new wheel for that? How stupid do they think I am? Are they really expecting my loyalty and love for GT, the memories and the nostalgia, to trump over my reason? I’ll just put my money towards a gaming PC and enjoy Forza Horizon 3 for all my arcade, car-collecting needs and Raceroom for serious sim-racing.

    Gran Turismo is dying and Polyphony killed it.

    1. leeboy910

      Well done, compare the noise of a prototype car going full chat around an oval, with the 787B that is cruising around on a demo run.

    2. byoung

      Another thing that drives me nuts is that I all these videos there are 4 or 5 of the same car running around with only about 4 actually different cars on the track. Could they not at least have some different liveries so all the cars don’t look the same?

  3. XXI

    Anyone else take note of the Bugatti smashing the wall in lap 2 or 3? Immediately after it pans to replay view… No damage at all.

    Sounds a little better. At least I can differentiate the cars.

  4. RHAtatouille

    If i were kaz or PD i will hire the sound engineer from cars 3….THAT is race cars should sound….
    Ok guys, they make great progress but come on, it’s the end of 2016, still no gt (gt sport is not a gt)… I can’t understand how sony can be so “gentle” with Kaz and PD when i remember how they were with Evolution Studios….

  5. DYLAN777-is-not

    It’s hard to make sense of all the sounds coming from all that. It’s sound decent though. I think some cars sound better then others though

  6. MrWaflz55

    The guy driving really sucks. Can’t they get a decent player behind the wheel on at least one of these recordings?

  7. snowgt

    More importantly than sound (ok, that’s subjective), if this is a race of one human driver in the Bugatti against a field of AI, the AI does actually look like it has improved.

    Might be too early to call it, but my hopes are up.

  8. silicon1138

    If you listen carefully i think there is some tannoy/commentary going on buried deep in the back ground. I thought i heard an air horn too. I’m listening on headphones (good ones) and that oval is so small that it makes the sound / panning / doppler shift really dizzying.


      That’s the high pitched sound of the Mazda LM55.
      The rotary engine of the Mazda 787B in reality does sound nearly like that :)


      Who you’re referring to ?
      If you’re referring to me then i can assure you that it’s almost like the 787B because i heard it from a video of the same driver who won with it on 24h of De La Sarthe Le Mans in 1991.

  9. VBR

    It still sounds very “Gran Turismo”, & thus pretty awful. I’m 100% certain that I will not be buying the game if it’s shipping with poor sound design such as this.

    1. 2clickswest

      Come on, dude. This guy just voiced an opinion and whether you like it or not, what’s the point of making this sort of “who cares about you dissagreeing here”? It’s just an opinion, the game won’t get worse because of it.

  10. BLADErunner80

    Love having a short oval added to the GT series, but hate seeing these amazing cars racing around it, looks really stupid IMO, same as a video showcasing Silverstone with stock cars.

    Hope they add some newer NASCAR’s to the car roster, or a base model Truck from the truck series or Indy Lights car that we can paint up with the livery editor.

    And how about a couple classic cars from NASCAR history Kaz?

  11. Stylin

    if it is an improvement but still easily the worst sounds of forza, assetto corsa, project cars, automobilista – is it really and improvement? if you would put this side by side another game and you were blindfolded, you could still pick it out as gt because the shifts/skids have that vintage gt sound.

  12. greenlightning

    Graphics look like some of the best: like they usually are.
    Sounds: Well they are finally starting to try.

    I am sure that I will be getting this one the week it releases. Finally purchased a PS4 and Project Cars (final edition of whatever it is called), despite knowing that my G27 would not work on the PS4. Also purchased Assetto Corso, however kind of wished that I did not. Try to play now and then but the driving views are poor compared to project cars. Maybe try again when some of the very desired car packs are out on PS4. I am sure things would be much better with PS4 wheel – any great black friday deals? Not sure if would buy one unless really great deal. With my work schedule 50 plus each week and other non racing activities, GT Sport might work better for the time that I have. Do enjoy Project Cars even with controller though, so many settings to allow you to play it how you want to. Could you imagine Project Cars with GT and or Forza car list?


    Still not habby with the engine sounds. When all the housewives in a block of flats use there vacuums a the same time? I think it sounds like that.
    And all what that racetrack is good for, is for grinding credits to by the good cars. Who doesnt remember the old controller/match/rubberband routine. Cos i dought they allowe asymetric settings in GTSport like in pCars. But thats what you need for NASCAR. My heart bleeds when i see LeMans Prototypes on an oval track.

    1. MeanElf

      So, only women do the housework in your world ROFFATI? I can tell that you’ve never done much in that line as you don’t seem to know what a vacuum cleaner sounds like.

    2. ROFFATI

      @MeanELF. The thing with the vacuums was ment to be a joke.
      And someone, who judges one, without knowing one or the facts shouldnt point fingers.

    3. leeboy910

      The only high pitched noise is the Mazda. It does sound different, but this is what rotary engines sound like. Listen to the sound on this video of the Mazda 787B

      The sound is reasonably close, and some of the other videos floating around with the Corvette and Hellcat sound great.

    4. Slurm

      “Reasonably close” – I’m sorry but it’s nowhere near. We hear all kinds of transmission whines and clunks in the real thing, and the engine sound is far more three-dimensional – it makes very different tones under load to when the throttle is lifted etc.

      Anyway, re: this replay – A field of cars like this, in such an enclosed space, IRL would mostly just make one big roaring sound. The fact that we hear each little whine and whoosh of all these cars fading in and out over the top of each other is just same old, same old GT. I’m sure there’s some subtle improvements, but I honestly don’t know if they’ll ever get the sound right.

      And yes for god’s sake can’t they get someone who can drive an oval without hitting the wall every 5 seconds?

    5. MeanElf

      Yes ROFFATI I’m aware that the vacuum thing was meant to be a joke, the same, old and tired joke that has been circulating around this and other racing games for the past ten years or so.

      And the judgement thing was based on information alright, which you provided yourself – so, presumed to be a fact. Or maybe you are just bad at jokes.

      Me, I’m just very fed up of hearing that sad, old joke. Sometime this place feels like the kind of local pub where you can hear the same, bad old jokes circulating in the corner between the usual suspects.

    6. Johnnypenso

      Like all good jokes and satire, the vacuum analogy is funny because it rings true. There are cars in GT5/6 that sound exactly like vacuums, that’s a fact. With these new Dyson Blade hand dryers for comparison, PD has to step their game up a bit so they don’t fall behind.

    7. leeboy910

      Why would transmission whine and clunks be audible from an outboard shot with the car at full chat around an oval?
      Some people just like to bash GT for the sake of doing so.

    8. Slurm

      There’s some onboard footage from the replay leeboy. Though the technology is quite different from an early 90’s LMP to a 2016 concept racer, so we’re not comparing apples to apples anyway. Nonetheless I think the sound is missing a lot compared to reality. It’s not bad. It’s okay. It resembles race cars. But the real sound of race cars is incredible and hair-raising, and though of course it’s not the same as IRL, it IS possible to hear that magic even in compressed audio of youtube, so it must be possible to re-create it on the hardware they have.

      I’m not bashing just to be a jerk. I think each little drop of feedback in the sea of internet forums counts in it’s own small way.

    1. Jarmo

      Yes I noticed this as well. At certain points when the camera was away at a longer distance it sounded really good and gave the feeling of a race track full of roaring race cars.

      But then again at some other points it sounded like the good ol’ GT.

  14. JASON_ROCKS1998

    That red Hyundai looks absolutely stunning, colour scheme fits the car perfectly. Can’t wait to see what colour/livery options are available for all these VGT cars.

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