Bugatti Vision GT Stars In Latest Direct Audio GT Sport Gameplay

With Gran Turismo Sport being shown off in gaming shows all around the world, off-screen gameplay videos are coming thick and fast. Last week we had a look at the SRT Hellcat on Brands Hatch in an off-screen direct audio capture, and MotoGamesTV have shared more sound-centric gameplay for us to get our teeth into. This time, it’s the Bugatti Vision GT on Northern Isle Raceway — Polyphony’s fantasy oval exclusive to GT Sport.

The race shows a mixed grid race that includes both Vision GT and LMP cars taking on the high-speed circuit. The driver cycles between different camera views in the race so we get to see some interiors shots of the Bugatti Vision GT. However, the true aspect of discussion from this video is the car sounds and engine noises captured directly from the game.

The notes from the engine seem very similar to the Bugatti Chiron as pointed out by GTPlanet user JTB10000. At 1:10 in the below video, you can hear the Chiron’s engine noise for comparison to the GT Sport gameplay. It seems like Polyphony have nailed what a direct rip of the fictional VGT would sound like (the Chiron is it’s closest real-life counterpart) when being raced.

Compared to the Hellcat audio capture, the Bugatti appears to suffer a bit in terms of replicating the gritty sound heard from engines in the real world. The audio is definitely an improvement on previous Gran Turismo installments, but perhaps it’s still coming through a bit too clean for what we’d expect to hear from the mechanical masterpiece.

With all aspects of the game still being a work-in-progress, perhaps the VGT’s sound capture is not yet completely transitioned to the new system and may get on the level of the Hellcat discussed earlier in due time.

Gameplay-wise, GT Sport looks as we’ve seen it in the other recent gameplay videos. There’s a distinct lack of damage and the race still takes place in the lightest of day, so it appears we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the night racing Red Bull remarked upon earlier this month. Hopefully Polyphony are getting closer to showing us some race environments a bit less static than what we currently have.

Bugatti_VGT_20150914_1 (2)
Bugatti built a real-world replica of the VGT, and it was bought by a Saudi Prince alongside the Chiron.

GT Sport continues to be in development without a release date in 2017 being specified. The new audio design is bringing the series forward in an area that the fans have been wanting improvement in for a good while. Eurogamer were impressed in their preview, here’s hoping we get to hear more from Polyphony’s new audio design system soon.

Head to our GT Sport forum section for the latest discussions on the game.

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  1. Kazuya720

    C`mon!!!? Same stupid and NOT realistic tire squeaking, same stupid vacuum-cleaner sounds for the engines…
    PD, guys… I really, really love the GT series, but PLEASE!!! Open for ones your ears! How can you ever in this world think, that this is a good (race)car sound? For god sake, their are tons of YT videos with sport- and racecar sounds. Listen to them.
    And Kaz… you are a semi-pro race driver, whats up with your ears? Can you not realise the HUGE differences? :(

    I hoping better for GT 7 and forget already GT-Sport, so far so sad :(((

    1. Lambob

      please don’t be upset or surprised, there is one and only reason for this,

      GTSport is a PORT of GT6 from PS3, to PS4, with some minor brushstrokes to take advantage of the Video processor change. the game engine, and sounds, are PORTED.

      GT7 , if ever to be released, will be one that will be rebuilt (programmed) from scratch.
      ETA long long time to go, in our galaxy that is far far away.

  2. Johnnypenso

    A two ton behemoth of a street car racing side by side with some of the most technologically advance race cars ever built, weighing 900 kgs with massive downforce? Seems plausible.

  3. BrunetPaquet

    I’m one who’s crazy enough to try this game no matter what but I hope this “Sync to surface incline” camera gets taken off.

    I would get thrown off way too easily, it made me dizzy and gave me vertigo to watch this video even on chase cam.

  4. Jarmo

    For crying out loud… Building new sound systems, hiring new people and still it sounds like the same old Gran Turismo. How is this even possible?

    1. Griffith500

      This is the same old “sound system”, at least as far as the sampler is concerned. The samples do seem to be new, and may have been made by the “new people”.

      But it still uses very few samples across the rev range, and does nothing (besides volume changes) to show the difference between on and off throttle. Still screams “stop-gap” to me.

      The new sound system can be heard fairly clearly from that Mazda VGT…

  5. DYLAN777-is-not

    The graphics are actually incredibly impressive. Watch the video with the sound off and imagine good sounding tire screeches and engine noises, it feels like an impressive, new game if you do. Also got to point out that annoying sound glitch from gt6 is STILL in the game -_- where the cars around become louder then your own car. Where is this new sound guy PD hired and when does he start?

    1. USERID_77a23

      The cars around you being louder is not a game glitch . the sound you hear is based on the view you use unless you go into the settings and change where you want the sound to come from. When using the chase came the other cars sound becomes a problem unless you go to the options where i chose the sound to come from the hood cam. Adjust your settings , you’ll see there’s no glitch.

      I agree though , they need big changes in this sound department

  6. Just The Stig

    There’s not enough of… how do you call it… Burble? It sounds too pure, no rugged exhaust note like the Chiron has. Feels boring.

  7. Haitauer

    Not halfbad.. I do hope theres more detail at the down low end of the sounds, but then theres all kinds of quality of “direct audio”. Take it from analog headphone jack and it might be that very same “direct” audio cutting out the low frequencies.

    Compare here.

    For the guys wishing more drama in shifting – its pretty darn clinical in real life also. Its the sheer quickness of the gear shift that doesnt leave much time for boom and bang.

    1. occasionalracer

      This is true. The digital-to-analog converter behind TV headphone jacks are mediocre at best. The signal then passes through the analog-to-digital converter of whichever camera is being used (microphone jack, which generally are tuned slightly favorable towards picking up speech as good as possible). Then comes the YouTube compression, then comes your PC’s own digital to analog conversion outputting to whatever speakers or headphones one happens to be using. All that’s of course vastly different to the audio being converted from the digital domain only once at home.. and even then should only be judged with a pretty decent surround setup to see how well the audio engineers have simulated the sound field in and outside of the cockpit..(impressions will be incoming when the game releases so it’l be interesting). And of course it must sound exiting enough in simple stereo mode using cheap headphones or tiny built-in TV speakers so the majority don’t cringe and complain.

    1. Johnnypenso

      A Nascar is a full blown race cars with racing slicks and they spin all the time on these courses. Surely a two ton street car with a much softer street suspension and much less downforce would spin once in a while. If you’re at the limits of grip, any contact while cornering should produce at minimum a massive slide.

    2. sinof1337

      NASCARs are RWD, have narrow tires, limited downforce, and are some of the heaviest race cars around. Yeah, I wonder why they would ever spin out.

      Meanwhile, the Vision GT(you know, the car in the video, NOT the Chiron) has at the very LEAST:
      -A LOT more downforce than a stock car(as does any sports car honestly)
      -Wider wheel width(NASCAR is 290mm, Chiron is 285/355 front/back, not a stretch to think the VGT wheels would be wider, especially in the front)

      But hey, why use logic and facts, right?

  8. ynot

    I guess I’m the only one that does not care too much about the engine sounds. Its all about the playability for me. Just release it already.

  9. Will McCloude

    Bland and tasteless, the shifting is just pathetic. It just seems like a refurbished Gran Turismo 6, quite boring. I’ll just wait for the full game cause I don’t even own a ps4. Haven’t had the spine chills since Gran Turismo 5 :(

    1. breyzipp

      agree, and that track seems to be one of the most boring tracks I’ve ever seen. Heck even Richmond in RR3 (also a very short oval) looks more interesting.

    2. Szuper

      GT6? Why? You have play 24 MINUTES of lemans? GT6 is very bad. If something remastered, better is GT4 + online, lot of AI race! An much better AI than GT5 or 6…

  10. lancashire lad

    Same gear change sounds as gran turismo 1, when will they learn. Pretty graphically, but in 2017 a current gen console racing game without damage or good ai and sound is unforgivable.

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