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Vote Now to Decide GTPlanet’s GT6 Track of the Week 29

We’re entering the final day of April now, and I’m seeing my favourite number everywhere. I’m writing this in the twilight hours of the 29th day of the month. GT6 will celebrate it’s 29th month on the market next week. Oh, and it’s the 29th iteration of Track of the Week!

GTPlanet’s GT6 Track of the Week 26: Yas Marina Circuit

After the challenge of trying to perfectly land all the jumps at Oakhill Road, the 25th GTP TOTW, it’s with a slight sigh of relief that we arrive at this week’s featured track. Crafted – as many replicas are – on Eifel Flat, we’re at the lush Yas Marina Circuit, care of member Cole Morgan.

Vote Now to Decide GTPlanet’s GT6 Track of the Week 26

Sundays are meant for relaxing. Maybe that’s taken the form of playing your favourite PS4 game straight on your PC. That game might even be DiRT Rally (read Brendan’s excellent review here). Or perhaps you’re still trying to tame a car’s airborne tendencies at Oakhill Road, last week’s Track of the Week.

GTPlanet’s GT6 Track of the Week 25: Oakhill Road

We’re a little late this week, but have no fear: the Track of the Week is here! Last week’s Complex String turned out to be a big hit, and the community has followed it up with a decidedly different track: Oakhill Road.

GTPlanet’s GT6 Track of the Week: Complex String

Gran Turismo first showed up in racers’ PlayStations way back in 1997. Over the almost 19 years since, there have been tracks that have fallen by the wayside, but few of Polyphony’s original creations have achieved the level of prominence that Complex String enjoys. 15 years young, its one and only appearance was in Gran Turismo 3, as far and away the longest track in the game at that point (and a precursor for the even longer Nordschleife in GT4).

Vote Now to Decide GTPlanet’s GT6 Track of the Week 24

Call time-out on the chocolate egg hunt (or the hiding of them): it’s Track of the Week voting time! Last week’s winner was Maple Valley Raceway of Forza fame, and while you won’t find a track from that franchise this week, you’ll certainly find a bounty of variety amongst the options.

Vote Now to Decide GTPlanet’s GT6 Track of the Week 23

It’s that time again! Members of the community have done their inner track designer proud and come up another sixteen ribbons of tarmac. Ranging from race track replicas, fantasy circuits, point-to-points, to even tracks borrowed from other franchises, there’s something for everyone.

GTPlanet’s GT6 Track of the Week: Whitetail Raceway

Here we go! It’s the start of a new approach for Track of the Week here at GTPlanet. We saw 16 entries last week by our community, which then went to a vote a few days ago. As decided by his peers, WRS regular Whitetail has secured the title this week, with his eponymously-named Whitetail Raceway.

Vote Now to Decide GTPlanet’s GT6 Track of the Week 21

We asked, and you answered. Last week, Track of the Week was opened to community suggestions, and the response was better than we could’ve even hoped. There are sixteen ribbons of tarmac waiting for players to enjoy, all plucked from the GTPlanet Track Database. You can drive any or all of them, but only one will get the TOTW title this weekend.