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KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide – Watch Free on Hulu

KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide is now available, premiering exclusively on streaming service Hulu (it will be widely released on Sony Movie Channel, Sony Entertainment Network, Amazon Instant Video, and Crackle starting February 5, 2014).

Gran Turismo Roundtable Live Stream: Nick McMillen, Tamir Moscovici, & GT Dev Team

On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 6:00pm PST (click here to convert this to your local time zone), I will be hosting members of the Gran Turismo production team, 2013 GT Academy U.S. champion Nick McMillen, and KAZ director Tamir Moscovici, in a roundtable discussion streamed live on the official PlayStation Twitch.tv channel.

GTPlanet Weekly Rewind: Breakfast of Champions

What an amazing week this has been. Not only has there been a steady influx of news regarding GT6 and things related to GT6 (with more coming!), but there was also the event of the week, the coveted special as it were; of course I’m referring to the Jalopnik Film Festival.