Director Tamir Moscovici Discusses GT Documentary, “KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide”

March 22nd, 2014 by Jordan Greer

The popular /DRIVE YouTube channel has published an interview with Tamir Moscovici, director of the Gran Turismo documentary, “KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide”.

He shares a variety of interesting insights behind the film’s inception and production, including what it was like getting to know Kazunori Yamauchi, as Tamir had a lot of time with him during the build-up to the launch of Gran Turismo 6.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the complete documentary is now available on a wide range of platforms, including Hulu, Vimeo, Crackle, and iTunes. You can also watch the film below on YouTube:

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  1. Mar. 25, 12:39pm

    imagine walking up to your car opening the door and getting in or doing a fast lap and glancing down at your speedo,,and dashboard…Virtual were its going…there saying around the net that this is the future of how we will play games…and it has to be a whole new way of building games from the bottom up…if look at how gt has come along from gt4 its not hard to see how gt has all these elements..outside car inside car…track even a world to drive it in…
    if this is the case it will surly be ambitious and revolutionary..
    as for a GT6 delay if there is one…i can only suggest it has something to do with web integration…all the social aspects..sharing chatting posting photo stream has been removed from gt5..but as yet we’ve not got any of these things in GT6..never mind all the futuristic things promised…we have lost a lot of social aspects of the game. im sure we will get them back very soon with a much richer internet experience..this one thing they said they were interested to develop..looking back at the internet exposition that came out of GT5.
    It was also said that GT6 has a touch screen interface…as anyone had experience of this?
    as i’ve only got a standard screen setup..unless this is also planed in the web integration..
    These dudes are all about building the best game ever…not ripping of customers. that is the Microsoft great things take time…so we will all just have to wait and see..
    if this was microsoft and there was such a delay then heads would roll and people would be fired never mind the loss of predicted revenue could put the whole project in jeopardy…as this is PD they will just get there heads down and sort it no matter how long it takes…Kaz has always had the freedom to do it right..

  2. Mar. 25, 8:44am

    Guys thanx for all these comments. I enjoy reading it, and would reply all if I could, cause, I can see that there are a lot of you who agree that up to now gt6 has not been what they told us it would be. And what is making me unhappy is the fact that no one in that team gives us any information anout what is going on. I work night shifts so during the day Im just bussy with gt6. But seriously they need now to come up with something. The 24h Nurburgring is getting closer, I also feel like wanted to make one in arcade mode, but I can’t. No tyres no fuel!!!?? Unrealistic. Plz Mr. Kaz give us something.

    • Mar. 25, 9:26am

      If you don’t mind me asking, what does working night-shift have to do with what you are asking? I ask as you have mentioned it a few times now. I mean, I work nights, but that makes no difference to how I play the game.

    • Mar. 25, 10:04am

      Yes MeanElf. Thanks for replying. Ya I just by saying that, I have plenty time during days spending my time on gt6 and by that, waiting on the edge of my seat for news. I try to stay on it all the time. But besides that, about the game it self, Im happy for what I can use, but hope u agree that they have to give us something soon. Thanks for replying. Regards

    • Mar. 25, 12:32pm

      Yeah, I keep hoping it’ll be popping up any day soon, usually around Wednesday as that’s the day the PS Store updates here.

    • Mar. 25, 7:19pm

      And likewise here. Its 01:13 in the morning now. So im exited to get home and find out if there are any new news. I have a feeling that one of these days we will be given something. As for now, I wana read about the new thing they have posted. Thanks MeanElf.

  3. Mar. 25, 7:36am

    Gtplanet can u do a sneaking mission and check what pd are doing for gt6

  4. Mar. 25, 5:23am

    I agree with Tenacious D , this is the most ambitious racing game ever and the content we will be getting is incredible, its not a stretch of the imagination to think that Microsoft have armies of shills coming on sites like this to do as much damage to GT’s reputation because GT6 makes their next gen title Forza 5 look very ordinary..

    • Mar. 25, 5:35am
      The Stig Farmer

      How is a big car and track list “ambitious”? GT6 is hardly revolutionary.

    • Mar. 25, 7:01am

      Be fair, ambitious and revoloutionary are very different things. GT as a rule has been very ambitious, though maybe not so revolutionary this past decade. I do agree that ambitious applies though, as they don’t just stick with what is safe – PD goes for the max wherever they can.

      I’m sure there will be those who do not agree, but who could seriously disagree that PD have shown a lack of ambition?

    • Mar. 25, 7:23am
      The Stig Farmer

      *tired old TopGear quote*

    • Mar. 25, 7:29am

      You’ll have to explain that, Mr Clarkson isn’t my favourite person to have to watch.

    • Mar. 25, 8:13am
      The Stig Farmer

      Gran Turismo is ambitious, but rubbish.

    • Mar. 25, 8:26am

      Ah, now that is a matter of opinion, surely.

  5. Mar. 24, 2:35pm

    The only thing kaz is pushing thesedays ‘is the divide between himself and his customers’.

    • Mar. 24, 3:25pm

      I agree buck. Seems to me thats all he is pushing. Also read my comment on wich I posted. Jacogt5.

    • Mar. 24, 3:42pm
      Magic Ayrton

      I would laugh it that wasn’t true.

    • Mar. 24, 8:25pm

      I totally agree.

    • Mar. 25, 3:26am
      Stitch Jones

      Well said buck1. Kaz is so unbelievably in love with himself and out of touch with reality it’s crazy.

  6. Mar. 24, 8:17am

    I’m working night shifts, so during the days I enjoy playing GT6, or, let’s say I try to. I love making my own races in arcade mode and try to find the most competitive 10 cars as I look over and over. No problem, it takes a little bit time finding the right field but once I get one, I enjoy racing. All I’m asking is juts to activate the tyers and fuel depletion plz Mr. Kaz, please. And I dont think brining back 16 cars will make that big difference. Regards

  7. Mar. 24, 3:25am
    The Stig Farmer

    Woo /DRIVE

  8. Mar. 23, 8:42pm
    SZRT Ice

    Hey, Anybody here ever see Dragon Ball Z? You remeber when Goku had to do his “Spirit Bomb” attack? How that panned out?

    His opponent/s would be bashing him out, stomping him in the ground, belittling him, and saying how he was nothing, all while kicking mud in his face while he was down, and all Goku would do was stand right back up each time, lift up his hands, and get right back to work on his attack.

    He didn’t do much talking about how “bad-ass” his attack was gonna be, or complaining about the attacks he was taking, he would just sit there and take it while working on his attack, with maybe a few friends to back him up while he gathered his resources on making sure it was powerful enough to do the damage needed and devestate the mother-sucker into oblivion…

    Do any of you guys remember that?

    Hmm, I wonder what Kaz/PD is working on right now?…

    • Mar. 23, 10:31pm

      YES, I LOVE IT!!!
      What about Dragon Ball GT when Goku pass Super Saiyan eight?

    • Mar. 24, 3:29am

      So true!!

    • Mar. 24, 4:50am

      I like your thinking!

    • Mar. 24, 12:26pm

      Those are probably the best words i’ve seen on here in a while

  9. Mar. 23, 8:39pm
    SZRT Ice

    ^This was meant to be an OP.

  10. Mar. 23, 8:37pm
    SZRT Ice

    Hey, Anybody here ever watched Dragon Ball Z? You remeber when Goku had to do his “Spirit Bomb” attack? How that panned out?

    His opponent/s would be bashing him out, stomping him in the ground, belittling him, and saying how he was nothing, all while kicking mud in his face while he was down, and all Goku would do was stand right back up each time, lift up his hands, and get right back to work on his attack. He didn’t do much talking about how “bad-ass” his attack was gonna be, or complaining about the attacks he was taking, he would just sit there and take it while working on his attack, with maybe a few friends to back him up while he gathered his resources on making sure it was powerful enough to do the damage needed and devestate the mother-sucker into oblivion… Do any of you guys remember that?


  11. Mar. 23, 5:27pm

    You know, it’s like I check the website every 5 minutes (NOT LITERALLY, it’s actually every hour) desperate to find ANY GT6 news or updates and yet nothing happens. It’s kind of sad actually.

    • Mar. 24, 3:27am

      Hey Counterstreet123 I think I check in every 4 minutes!!! Seriously I am so desperate to find out what is the latest news, new dlc cars, the track we are waiting for since February and ENDURANCE RACES??!! I also posted a comment on the previous comment about that GT7 ( you must read). But I don’t care about that now. We want to play GT6 that’s what we wana do. I hope that we will find news this week. Im working night shifts so during the day Im home. I keep staying login on gtplanet.

    • Mar. 24, 12:30pm

      I usually check at least once a day. I remember when GT5 was coming out, I think I was on here every chance I could for new pics and info. Constantly on youtube looking for gameplay footage. I understand your determination to get some answers.

  12. Mar. 23, 2:48pm

    Best rallying game money can buy. Well, besides RBR.

    • Mar. 23, 2:49pm

      That was supposed to be a reply. >_>

    • Mar. 23, 4:41pm

      I wonder if it released in the CAD. hmm. :)

  13. Mar. 23, 11:04am

    Watched the Movie, It was great, It really offers and insight of everything that is related with GT and Its Studio.

    But In my Opinion, PD should Really Hire more workforce, More programmers, Sound designers, Graphical Modelers etc, this way they can bring complete content faster and of course delivering games; more frequent DLCs, updates, Patches.

    Because I think for a game this big and Ambitious, you need more than 100 men to deliver your product complete and on time in this new era.

    • Mar. 23, 2:08pm
      Tenacious D

      This is a common lament, and a really valid common lament. PD does need some more workers because, as you say, this is the most ambitious game ever, racing or otherwise.

      I will say though that the employee count is over 130, and PD has been posting notices for serious employment opportunities like network engineers, modelers, software engineers and the rest. Plus, the last time we got numbers, roughly 130, was just before GT5 launched. So PD is growing in the background, we just don’t know how much. But the modeler count really needs beefing up.

    • Mar. 23, 5:20pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Common sense, let’s hope PD realise this in time.

    • Mar. 23, 8:35pm

      “most ambitious game ever, racing or otherwise”

      You don’t half talk rubbish.

    • Mar. 25, 9:27am

      Oh, Simon…you card.

  14. Mar. 23, 10:51am

    Great movie, great game. We all knew going into this that it was not 100% fininshed and that there would be updates coming to get it complete. I for one like the fact that there are supposed to be some updates coming. Makes the game last longer in my opinion. A lot of people are already done with it. Will keep the game fresh for the rest of the year until GT7 comes out. Now the complaint – SONY, please just send out some sort of notice on the status of the rest of the game. We dont really care that it is not done. We just don’t like not hearing a word from anyone at SONY or PD. If its not ready till MAY then so be it. Only thing we have heard it that you all are working on GT7 Prologue. Makes us feel like you are spending your time on that and not doing anything on the rest of GT6.

    • Mar. 23, 3:03pm

      Ynot I agree 100% with you, thanks so much. I hope every gt6 player reads this. Its true, we all knew that it will not be completed 100 % but they must talk and keep us up to date about what is to come on gt6. Because im not yet interested in gt7. I love making my races in arcade mode etc. I need the tyres and fuel to be working and many, many more. Thanks Ynot. Plz read my post also on the previous post. Jacogt5. Hope u will enjoy gt6 as much as I when its ready.

  15. Mar. 23, 9:35am

    I wonder how the people in Spain feel there town still not in the game and they named a st after kaz lol

    • Mar. 23, 12:11pm

      Well, not entirely true as it is a photo-travel location. the course creator will come.

  16. Mar. 23, 3:45am

    Finish GT6 first THEN release a self congratulatory film.

    • Mar. 23, 7:56am


    • Mar. 23, 10:03am


    • Mar. 23, 10:37am

      Tell the director of the film that…oh wait, he’s just making a film about Kazunori-san and has nothing to do with the production of GT6…

    • Mar. 23, 2:04pm
      Tenacious D

      +1 MeanElf
      You guys really have no clue, do you. Unless it was sarcasm, in which case, didn’t work.

    • Mar. 23, 10:52pm

      I take your point, but Sony and PD have invested heavily in promoting Kazunori as a figurehead for the GT series. In PR perception is more important than reality, so whether or not the doco delayed the production and updating of GT6 matters little. The perception, and the vitriol aimed at Kaz is pretty clear.

    • Mar. 24, 5:10am

      Indeed, there is vitriol out there, when isn’t there these days? A lot of it appears to be from fly-in, fly-out members though, ones who only stay long enough to crap on the branch they’ve landed on before going away again. Their comments hardly seem rational either, and that gets wearisome.

  17. Mar. 23, 2:52am

    After watching the documentary, for some reason, I started to hope again and have regained some faith in Kaz that he can do this for us, especially GT6. Sure there may be some other or even better simulators out there such as Project CARS and Assetto Corsa, but Gran Turismo will ALWAYS (IMO) have the HEART AND SOUL compared to other racing games. Please don’t let the GTWO (Gran Turismo World Order) go extinct.

    • Mar. 25, 9:47am

      “After watching the documentary, for some reason, I started to hope again and have regained some faith in Kaz”

      …not me.

  18. Mar. 23, 2:24am

    Kaz pushing people’s patience,refuses to change,and is stuck in the 90’s

  19. Mar. 22, 8:04pm


  20. Mar. 22, 8:03pm

    Damn, that’s 90min I wont get back!

  21. Mar. 22, 6:30pm


    • Mar. 22, 6:47pm

      Great documentary, the detail that PD go into is amazing, take heed MS fanboys, the best and most popular racing sim on the planet is going next gen soon on the most powerful console on the planet, I think e are in for something special.

    • Mar. 22, 7:35pm

      Uhhh… I don’t get it. (‘T_l)

    • Mar. 22, 9:23pm

      Oh Zuel you poor poor deluded person.

      ” I think we are in for something special.”

      That’s what we used to say about GT5 and GT6. It’s getting a bit old now

    • Mar. 22, 9:24pm


      Idea – allow editing of comments for idiots like me plz -_-

  22. Mar. 22, 6:30pm

    KamiKAZe: Pushing people’s patience for 15 years making car games where one can wash a car but can’t change tyre pressure. Let’s make a movie about that.


    Human Drama: How PD boss takes the piss spending people’s money racing cars at Nurburgring while his customers unsuccessfully try to do the same in an unfinished game while brown nosed henchmen applaud PD’s omniscience.


    • Mar. 22, 6:57pm

      you”re right

    • Mar. 27, 12:53pm


  23. Mar. 22, 5:46pm

    Let’s hype up the mastermind behind the worst adaptation of Gran Turismo since its inception! Far be it for this (insert expletive here) to actually address any issues concerning the so-called game they call GT6 and give the dwindling fan base some sort of idea why this game is such a piece of $#&+!

    • Mar. 22, 9:26pm


    • Mar. 23, 4:19am

      An adaptation would be another game developer’s version of PD’s work, not PD’s – like a film adaptation of a book. So I think you meant something else.

  24. Mar. 22, 5:38pm

    Nothing about gt, wow, well done
    Just like the game, unfinished

  25. Mar. 22, 5:14pm
    SZRT Ice

    It’s a really good and @ times moving documentary. PD’s passion for GT is only matched by their fanbase. It’s the primary reason we complain, yet haven’t moved an inch. Waiting for the next article so we can complain again, yet hoping for the best every time. GT6 quams aside, watch this documentary. It’s really good and very well made, and will make you realize why it is you care so much for the GT franchise & it’s improvement. I like how they included the D1 Champion in it as well. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

    • Mar. 22, 8:19pm

      +1 Bravo.

      Not to mention GTP’s very own Jordan Greer in the film as well ;-)

  26. Mar. 22, 4:53pm
    Stitch Jones

    An interview with the guy that made a 90 minute advertisement on why Kaz thinks Kaz is awesome, preseneted by Kaz himself no less….no thanks.

    • Mar. 22, 7:34pm

      That’s absolutely nothing what the documentary is about. It’s nothing about him thinking he’s awesome. It’s just a look into what he did to get GT where it is today. Sometimes, the maturity of posts from people like you really upsets me. I’m as upset as anybody that there aren’t any updates, but this is just pathetic.

    • Mar. 23, 4:22am

      Did you not see how embarrassed Kazunori-san was when the folks in Ronda named a street after him during the GT6 opening party – that is humility and like KinLM says, more the norm with Kazunori than what you think it might be about…

    • Mar. 23, 4:36am

      I also agree with you KinLM about the number of idiotic posts, irrelevant to the news item. We all would like the updates, it’s a given, but the world does not revolve around GT6.

    • Mar. 23, 2:39pm

      @MeanElf No but this website does.

      Of course it’s an ego thing. Is it called Gran Turismo: pushing the virtual divide? Nope, it’s called KAZ, in bloody big letters too.

    • Mar. 23, 2:46pm

      Oh and I would be embarraced too if people started naming streets after me knowing full well the product I’m about to release is broken in about a million ways

    • Mar. 23, 3:24pm

      Broken…oh deary me…here we go again.

      Broken implies that something does not work – the game clearly does. I think the word you are looking for is ‘incomplete’ – if you’re going to gripe, at least get your words straight.

    • Mar. 23, 8:53pm
      Stitch Jones

      @MrSulu – well put on how it’s “KAZ” in the title. I’ve said it before on the forums here that yes I understand this is a site dedicated to GT so blind fanboys are going to be the norm, but some of y’all need to open your eyes even just a tiny little bit. This “documentary” was one of the most egotistical, self-fulfilling things I have ever seen. If you can’t see that, then you’re the same person that believes all the “GT is the greatest driving sim ever made…because we say so!” rhetoric from PD. Yes Kaz took the next step in driving sims like 15 years ago now, how long does he plan on congratulating himself for that?! If he didn’t do it, the next person would’ve have. Way to go on being first, but OMFG get over it already! And the part in the movie where Kaz is walking around some trees and pretends to be spiritually moved by some leaf was enough to gag on. Then he continues to talk about how ‘spiritual’ it is to laser scan tracks. Huh?! Pretty much every racing sim out there laser scans tracks Kaz, sorry to burst your ‘spiritual’ bubble. This ‘documentary’ was so utterly ridiculous and absurd.

    • Mar. 24, 5:23am

      Well, you’re one up on me there as I haven’t seen the film, mostly because I’m not that interested, so I can’t really comment on that part of it.

      You don’t have to answer this, but are you happy in your life right now? Responses to things like films can be tainted by events around you – good or bad – turning your perception in another direction. I say this as your description isn’t a happy one and as I’ve heard almost no similar critique of the film from anyone else, I think you might be unhappy right now.

    • Mar. 24, 8:58am

      @ MeanElf How about YOU open your eyes, not only is it imcomplete it is also BROKEN. Try doing long races online and half the people in the room get no pit options, effectively destroying their race at the end of the very first stint. Gamebreaking.

      It Seems you are happy to go with the definition that if you put the disc in and it loads it’s not broken. I say bollocks.

    • Mar. 24, 11:54am

      Ahh, Mr Sulu – now you are making yourself clear, and that helps. You didn’t mention online when you went off on one about the game being broken. Personally, I don’t have the time right now to play online like I did with GT5…so I have no real experience of that.

      So I stand by my earlier comment that the game itself is not broken as offline works just fine.

      As for complete, it was stated before release that updates would be coming and those features not on the disc would arrive later. So it’s as complete as it was ever going to be at that time. So give it a year before getting all hot and bothered about that.

    • Mar. 24, 2:55pm

      Wait a YEAR for content that’s written on the box???? I don’t know in what universe that would be an acceptable timeframe, certainly not this one.

    • Mar. 24, 7:14pm

      You are aware that they said the updates would continue for at least one year, not just the DLC – but feature updates too…

      So it is this universe, like it or not and those who were interested could have found that out before release.

    • Mar. 25, 1:15am
      Stitch Jones

      @MrSulu – don’t even bother man. MeanElf is obviously one of the GT and PD sheep that blindly believes anything they tell him and is apparently perfectly okay that PD shipped an incomplete and most likely never even close to be complete game in GT6. GT6 is so outdated and stale that a 20 year old Twinkie would be more fresh. The menus and navigation are from the 90’s, the music is from the 80’s, the sound effects are from Hoover and Dustbusters greatest hits, over 75% of the cars are carry-overs from the friggin PS2….ugh.

    • Mar. 25, 1:38am

      @MeanElf is not any of that. If you and @MrSulu actually take the time to READ what he’s saying, instead assuming crap like “oh you’re just a fanboy don’t care herr derr”, than you two will understand…

    • Mar. 25, 4:34am

      Cheers Toko, appreciate the support.

      It’s okay though – if these guys don’t want any discussion, then that’s cool.

    • Mar. 25, 4:39am

      No prob MeanElf, what are bros for. :) And I agree.

    • Mar. 25, 5:53am

      @MeanElf I am all too aware of the situation and have been since before launch. They may have said updates will continue for a year, not START in a year.

      To suggest waiting an entire year before showing dissatisfaction is to be utterly ludicrous. In that time the damage done to their reputation as a company would be well and truly beyond repair and the active population would be a tiny percentage of what the have now, and is already dropping fast.

      It would be reasonable to expect at least 1 of the features on the box by now, but nope nothing, not even serious bug fixes and not an ounce of news on the horizon.

      @Toko I have read and understood every word he has said thankyou very much. Also I have never called anyone a fanboy and would never resort to such cliché.

      I love GT dearly, and that is why it’s so distressing and hard to accept when people act like everything is fine, when it clearly is NOT. My copy Isn’t going anywhere and I will wait as long as it takes. A hell of a lot of others won’t and thats the real danger to the series.

    • Mar. 25, 7:26am

      No, I wasn’t suggesting that it would be a year before the updates happen, merely that by a year, they should be all in place.

      Don’t you think that PD are trying to get the features sorted. I get miffed at the amount of people here who think that PD are purposefully laughing at everyone. Also those who feel that it’s a ten minute job.

      Nor am I casually accepting the situation – I just don’t think getting all pissy about it will achieve anything as I do have faith that the updates will come. You are a long time fan by the sounds of it, so you must know that PD aren’t exactly the best when it comes to communicating. They are not alone in that as you will know if you play other games. With the drive to increase staffing there, I’m sure some thought has gone into that area, though Sony also don’t seem that inclined to update people every day, so maybe not. Generally though, the result of some patience will make those who wait quite happy.

      Essentially though, to explain why I am willing to wait and see and not bother myself with getting all worked up in the meantime – I have been playing games since the mid-70s and am ecstatic at what we have nowadays. It is truly wonderous compared to the 8-bit era.

      If a particular game franchise does not survive for whatever reason though, I still count myself lucky that I have, and can still play the games that they made for us. Time will tell on that score, if PD survives – but judging by the things they say they are focusing on, I am sure they are aware of what the players want and are trying to correct that.

      If, after they have done their best, people still complain – then I can only assume that it is the expectations of those people that might just possibly be at fault.

      …of course, I don’t expect those complainers to understand that line of logic, as it appears to be all about them and what they personally want…I’m just laying my own resoning out, that’s all.

  27. Mar. 22, 4:53pm
    Maddens Raiders

    Excellent article about a beautiful documentary. I was just able to watch it today and my God is it well done. long live Gran Turismo!

  28. Mar. 22, 4:25pm

    good post…a behind the scenes documentary would of been good too..maybe it would show how hard these guys have been working on this for so long…there not lazy people…and passionate at what they do. complaining is not what they do. they just get on with it…
    on the other hand we complain best off all and price are selves out of anything good..££££££££££

  29. Mar. 22, 4:08pm

    Making movies, racing 24 hours of Nurburgring, testing new fancy cars…
    what about working on the game!

    • Mar. 22, 5:18pm

      That is how he works on the game. ;)

  30. Mar. 22, 3:48pm

    And another news article is about get flooded with complaints about GT6.

    • Mar. 22, 3:52pm

      pCARS! Bet you didn’t see that comin. ;)

    • Mar. 22, 3:58pm

      Well, looks like the comment section is getting off-topic again..

    • Mar. 22, 3:59pm

      By the people who don’t realise this is a fan site.

    • Mar. 22, 4:30pm

      pCars is silly anyways.

    • Mar. 23, 2:39pm

      WRC 4! Anybody…. no?

    • Mar. 23, 2:44pm

      Yes! I do! :D

    • Mar. 23, 2:49pm

      Best rallying game money can buy. Well, besides RBR.

  31. Mar. 22, 3:43pm

    did nt watch it; does he say when he releasing the missing content for GT6?

  32. Mar. 22, 3:12pm

    Booooring…. Improve your game!

    • Mar. 22, 4:48pm


  33. Mar. 22, 2:36pm
    All Your Base

    Cool interview!

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