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2020 Kia Soul Evolves the Box, Gets Sporty 201hp GT Model

With new compacts from Mazda and Toyota, Kia had a small vehicle reveal of its own at the LA Auto Show. Meet the third generation Soul. It’s hard to believe… Read More »

The Kia ProCeed GT Is a Sporty Shooting Brake Not Bound for America

In a world of crossovers and SUVs, finding a station wagon isn’t easy. Kia is throwing caution to the wind though with its new ProCeed. To make room for the… Read More »

With Kia SSZ, You Don't Have to Put Up With Other People's "Music" in the Car Any More

Ah, road trips. Being stuck in a car for hours on end, forced to listen to whatever the people in the front of the car settle on. Or shoving your… Read More »

Kia Stinger Turns Back the Clock on Steven Tyler in Super Bowl LII Ad

Super Bowl LII happens this Sunday. You know what that means: time for plenty of big budget ads. Kia’s released its new 60-second spot early, and it features a time-travelling… Read More »

First Drive Review: Kia pro_cee'd GT

Cars 13 Sep 18, 2017 by Andrew Evans

Upon reviewing the VW Scirocco last week, we said that it’s one of the most forgotten cars of its type. While still true, this week’s car is Korea’s version of… Read More »

First Drive Review: Kia Sorento KX-4

Cars 1 Jul 31, 2017 by Andrew Evans

As the Kia brand has been changing direction for a more European ethos, one car stands apart. The Sorento SUV has a distinctly more American flavor, and we’ve been driving… Read More »

Wednesday Want: Kia Track'ster Concept

Car Culture 3 Jun 14, 2017 by Andrew Evans

We’ve plucked this week’s Want from the ranks of the ideas that never quite made it. After all, nothing quite causes heated discussion like a good concept car. There’s nothing… Read More »