Kia Stinger Turns Back the Clock on Steven Tyler in Super Bowl LII Ad

Car Culture February 2, 2018 by

Super Bowl LII happens this Sunday. You know what that means: time for plenty of big budget ads. Kia’s released its new 60-second spot early, and it features a time-travelling Steven Tyler.

Tyler stars alongside Kia’s new sport sedan, the 2018 Stinger. It boasts 365hp — a strong corral for a car in its class, and a surprisingly tame number for something capable of time travel.

After Emerson Fittipaldi pulls up — because this is a Super Bowl commercial — current-day Tyler hops into a red Stinger. He throws it in reverse, and takes the Stinger around the seemingly abandoned oval at what can only be slightly quicker than the Stinger’s typical 167mph top speed, considering the results.

As the Demon of Screamin’ performs a clean 180-degree stop, he steps out to a gaggle of fans. They all look suspiciously like residents of the ’70s, and as the camera returns to Tyler, we see why: he’s now a 25-year-old version of himself.

Of course, an Aerosmith track backs the whole video: “Dream On”, rather appropriately. Watch the ad in reverse, and you’ll find a hidden message from Tyler as well.

Unfortunately, there’s no other hint of Fittipaldi; we can only assume he’s been left in the present to keep building his Vision Gran Turismo.

Saad Chehab, VP of Marketing Communications at Kia, explains the reasoning behind the ad:

“The Stinger is the dream car driving enthusiasts have been longing for with its head-turning design, premium amenities and heart-pounding power at an incredibly value-packed price. As one of the youngest mainstream car companies in the U.S., our youth – and the fearlessness that comes with it – is Kia’s strength, and the youthful mindset we share with Steven Tyler and Emerson Fittipaldi is on full display in our Super Bowl ad.”

No driving game features the Stinger yet, but that may soon change. Last month, a GTPlanet member spotted it buried within the code of Forza Motorsport 7.

Super Bowl LII gets underway with a 1830 EST kick-off time Sunday, February 4. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the best automotive ads.

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